Chapter 1

"For the hundreds of thousands of Californians in gay and lesbian households who are managing their day to day lives, this decision affirms the full legal protections and safeguards I believe everyone deserves," he said in a statement.

"At the same time, it provides an opportunity for all to consider our history of leading the way to the future, and our growing reputation of treating all people and their relationships with equal respect and dignity."

Governor Schwarzenegger

The historical manifest trajectory states that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has not recognized the legal and historical injury to Californians and his person. I have been under attack by both a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Gang Stalking since April 16, 1986. Then President Reagan was made aware of this event near June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. The formal name of this operation is Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. This is not subject to discretion. I am formally claiming that Cambridge Law School is the Origin.

What has occurred is that an informant creates a system of informants in his own image. This apparently has been derived under the color of law by the legal caretakers and planners of the United Kingdom. It appears that these actors orchestrated peerage for the Royal Crown. Eventually they too desired a percentage of commonwealth outside their rights. At this instance usurpation leads to blackmail, intimidation, extortion, violence, and purges.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had forehand knowledge of these breaches in national security interests. He was a highly paid actor in 2003 before attempting a recall on then Governor Gray Davis that was successful. The new governor should have used his emergency powers to address the Chemical Assault. This event is truly a Crime Against Humanity.

The construction of Storyboard Half Life, the title is allegedly by Cambridge Law School is to gauge the effectiveness and fitness of their state planning. The Governor and LAPD appear to be highly Scripted. I am the variable in the research model which is live experimentation on humans.

It is prudent as a member of my Hare Krishna faith, natural person, and citizen to contrast my knowledge of what has happened with failed heads of states as President Ronald Reagan. Here there is a defection pattern in place to attempt to Script a movie regarding Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Right to Marry. This is nexus with emergence of the LGBTi movement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the best athlete in the world in the 1970s. I am referencing the skills of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Muhammad Ali as two other superior performers of this era. In irony but truth, I am probably making a statement as one the greatest survival or endurance athletes. I am overwhelmingly the most stalked person in the History of the World having fought LAPD and the United States government through five presidencies:

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

I have been attacked with improvised chemical and biological weapons. There is no surface water or running tap water in my immediate vicinity. In my estimation there are contaminated products from the factory from at least Oregon to Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and into Mexico. California is definitely in a very strong blanketing of despoiled tangible goods.

Endurance athlete and billionaire Steve Fosset crashed his plane while flying into Bishop, California on September 3, 2007. I was sitting in the field about two miles in view of the airport where he should of landed. Fosset holds the record for being the first balloonist around the world and the land speed record amongst a plethora of plane racing records.

As the governor’s term ends these small towns and counties are focalized as well as areas in Nevada and Arizona.

Bishop, California

Big Pine, California

Westwood, California

McCloud California

Desert Shores and Salton City, California

Blythe, California

Ehrenberg AZ

Historically these towns are important:

Cambria and San Luis Obispo, California

Crescent City, California

Humboldt County, California

Carson City is the capital of Nevada. Mojave and Barstow, California also points of transit that have histories that are compelling.

There is a dual tournament between species that is driving the conflict.

This homosexuality same sex LGBTi and heterosexuality or opposite sex individuals are locked into a Hate Crime authored by the LGBTi Cambridge Law School.

LAPD has a Gay Militia, this is their choice of identity and is within the LGBTi paradigm. I have been a continuous heterosexual my entire life without any same sex partner or activity.

The western folk mythology is steep in law enforcement. LAPD is the failure in this brotherhood.

The Texas Rangers, United States Calvary, Pony Express, Wells Fargo, and United States Marshalls all share in this legacy. The creation of informants within the culture and promoting such to positions as code enforcement is paramount. At this point policeman are part of Homeland Security headed by Janet Napolitano of Arizona who is also an excellent target in substitution of the governor.

What prosecutors, social scientist, philosophers, and historians need to study is how did Cambridge Law School recruit same sex males to attack me, a Japanese American and Hare Krishna with impunity from prosecution under five presidents. In creating this confrontation two systems may be analyzed the environment and socialization.

Most of these small western towns contain less than 5000 persons. The true story unfolding is that 10 percent of the population fights against 90 percent. In degree one family fights the entire town. For the Pauite Indian Nation this is extremely important as well as other tribes.

The construction of MOEC is no more than a novel elaboration of a Defection Model based on Prisoner's Dilemma. Current Positive law statutes as RICO will adequately gain secure convictions. These statutes should be strengthened. MOEC is also designed as an artificial religion as Scientology. It is religion in disguise. It is Irrationalist with provocateurs being first sent in to social wreck. The following excerpt is from Origin. An original book based on a briefing I was given over twenty years ago in June 1987.

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law


The Alienation of the Individual is an important perspective to comprehending many social systems models. I will consider such here mainly in the stance taken by a cell of Los Angeles Police Department, California, and myself.

At a higher structural level I argue that Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom has most likely designed this event. I will not attack such here because the chance of getting any sound legal opportunity is decreased.

One facet of Totalitarianism is that such seeks to isolate the individual or collective incommunicado from the whole. This is artificial alienation or the feeling that one is not offered an equal opportunity, recognition, and dignity by the whole in one's social setting.

Here one has to consider the identity of LAPD. They are homosexual or bisexual police officers. There are perhaps twenty plus in the main cell and 250+ in other cells of the department itself which is commandeered by Chief Charlie Beck at the present.

A consideration to be deliberated on now is the Theory of Extinction. This states that a species will become extinct due to a static role in open texture. One could argue that the Dodo bird became extinct because it did not have an aversion to humans. Portuguese explorers eventually drove this awkward bird into extinction. This is a static role. The continuum of weather systems is open. Dinosaurs perhaps during a cataclysm most likely a meteor impact, may not of had the intelligence or the motility to escape a global freezing event.

Here we have to examine the needs of human life. One needs four essential elements to sustain or survive:

Hierarchy of Biological Needs


Clothing Shelter




One could argue the fourth as optional for the individual but essential for the continuation of species life.

Here the next issue is the role of heterosexuality and homosexuality. I am going to argue bisexuality, transgender, and other issues herein taken as LGBTi. This is current as of this writing and it too is in open texture and will most likely evolve.

The rule of law is of utmost importance. Is the cosmos and the world of our experience being upheld by laws? Do we have to obey to such laws? Can humans amend these laws?

In short LAPD is committing a fallacy of ad bacuulum, rule of force, and loving one’s self by accident.

The military and police are agents of social control. The police are a paramilitary designed structure. In advanced Homeland Security Systems the Military is used to defend the borders of the state and the citizens from attack. Military and policing are separate but are converging. In many simple systems the police are during heightened threats are converted into the military. Hence, they return to their stations and pick up heavy armor and their command structures may or may not be changed.

Big Pine October 13, 2010

Yesterday Judge Phillips ordered an injunction for the Department of Defense to cease enforcing Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT. The small town of Big Pine, Bishop, Independence, and Lone Pine in Inyo County all have severe histories of Gang Stalking me during a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Owens was the first major white settler in the valley which bears his name. He was the major cartographer or map maker. I continue this tradition by developing the social territoriality at the sketch to rough finish level for mapping out the territories.

Education is a territory. The LGBTi platform especially through LAPD officers code named The Fly and Dodo are damaged. The Male Same Sex Male or MSM culture is also being degraded as are all persons. Manzanar, A Japanese internment camp north of Lone Pine is perhaps 50 miles south of Big Pine. I have done well representing the heterosexual alignment.

The Scripted arc of lifespan profile for me at this reflects Erick Erickson to some degree but is eclectic and other systems as the Vedas of which I follow are also inclusive. At age 55 in this system one should accept varnaprastha or renounce marriage life. This is technically called disengagement. I am 49 years of age at present the same age as President Obama. Representative Mary Bono R Palm Springs will be 49 on October 25. I will likely retire just outside her district along the Salton Sea but her district is heavily damaged by this attack.

This profile postulates me as follower of David Grisman, a very talented mandolin player an associate of the Grateful Dead. In particularity is Jerry Garcia. I am aware of their collaborative efforts and have seen at 8 Dead Concerts. I am not a Deadhead though or a Rainbow Tribe member, or a Burner, a follower of the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I am not a druggie. One should take notice of the exact term.

For Gaudiya Vaishnavas there are four regulative principles:

No Meat Eating

No Illicit Sex (This includes homosexuality)

No Drugs, Alcohol, or Marijuana

No Gambling

The following is a post from Dandavats an Official International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISKCON site:

GBC Thoughts on…

While the sastric conclusions about homosexuality are eternal truths and the ultimate source of our knowledge, it is clear that some have difficulty applying this knowledge to their daily lives, and others also experience difficulty understanding it in a practical and compassionate way. The GBC recognizes these challenges, and suggests that rather than trying to adjust sastric teachings or Srila Prabhupada's definition of those teachings, we should simply endeavour to purify ourselves of all our various inebrieties that are obstacles in achieving the ultimate goal of human life.

In this regard, Srila Prabhupada writes,

"When the earthen pot is used for a wrong purpose, that is false. Similarly, the human body or the material world, when used for sense gratification, is false. But if the human body and the material creation are used for the service of the Supreme Lord, their activities are never false. It is therefore confirmed in the Bhagavad gita that even slightly using the body and the material world for the service of the Lord can deliver a person from the gravest danger."

KRSNA Book, Prayers of the Personified Vedas

In conclusion, Krsna gives us the highest encouragement to continue on the path of devotional service, despite our inabilities to embrace and apply transcendental knowledge purely and perfectly:

"Having awakened faith in the narrations of My glories, being disgusted with all material activities, knowing that all sense gratification leads to misery, but being unable to renounce all sense enjoyment, My devotee should remain happy and worship Me with great faith and conviction. Even though he is sometimes engaged in sense enjoyment, My devotee knows that all sense gratification leads to a miserable result, and he sincerely repents such activities."

SB 11.20.27,28

Definitions of interloper on the Web:

intruder: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission

Half Life is a science fiction first person shooter video game developed by Valve Software and the company's debut product. First released by Sierra Studios on November 19, 1998, the game was also released for the PlayStation 2 on November 14, 2001. In Half Life, players assume the role of Dr. ...

Chapter 2

The Construction of Language In Gay Code

The use of language in crime can be studied as differential association or speech patterns shared by members of a group that increases the likelihood of one becoming a criminal. There is growing proof the Cambridge Law School has constructed speech patterns based of formal and informal fallacies of logic. These equivocal structures are converted into language that is similar to the game show Jeopardy. This is embedded in a Gay or LGBTi militia. This group forms a Joe Virus. Here the bottom ten percentile population attempts to drag down a member of the top ten percentile in society. This is similar to using a bot army of small computers to attack a server.

The following outline and it's contents becomes the framework for the speech loops of the Joe Virus which is composed of three shifts of 7 plus same sex male officers in Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD.

Relative morality chooses it’s own life which leads to nihilism.


Totalitarianism will seek to isolate.

Manipulate: Be contrary to or invert the argument of an opponent.

Create false sets to embed data. Surround a heterosexual male with 9 same sex males. Guilt or innocence by association.

State that the heterosexual male is same sex

This is called Group

On certain key words slur or equivocate. Heterosexual becomes header .

Head is subgroup slang for drug users.

Straight becomes stray

Invent a profile that marginalizes the individual from his actual natural person and skill level.

By logical extension these pattern are part of a RICO styled entrapment whose language is polymorphous perversity. By using a quid pro quo system of reinforcement individuals are recruited and entrapped. Here the language component of the various Scripts which are highly redundant are repeated over a 24 hour period or longer, whatever duration the entrapment was scheduled for.

The cells of officers are provocateurs and potential scapegoats as they are entrapped from higher level cells or structures within the conspiracy.

This activity is sexual based and acts as a red herring or distraction from prosecution by appealing to sexual rewards. It is also a Strawman because Gay Baiting occurs. It is heavily dependent on polymorphous perversity or attacking an opponent with sexually based language. This appears to be a strong indicator of an inferiority complex.

There is a manifest intent to claim the victim is enamored with gratification arising from listening to abusive misogynist language. There is also an intent to embed this type of code language in various truth systems that are faith and morally based.


Eventually the officers' redundancy becomes very great. Impunity to protect this level of performance gradually weakens. The appeal is overtly to LGBTi members. There are quid pro quos where sexual liaisons are arranged for persons. This is discussed as Gay Marriage. It is generally bisexual marriage. The females that are recruited in the inner circle are usually attractive bisexual females. The choice are presented as lesbian even if they are possibly only differentiated by geographic location.

This activity is results in an open marriage. It appears to be highly predictive of divorce. This type of Yellow Brick Road according to LAPD is resulting in a 67% divorce rate for these bisexual females. I am 49 years old and my observations concur that the divorce is highly correlative to bisexuality in the females. This is due to the quid pro quos and the misogyny in the officers.

The particular attack against myself has lasted some 24 years. By maintaining a very natural heterosexual based identity there is a contrast between my performance to prosecute very serious human rights abuse and the attack of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth supported by Gay Code language. This contrast may not of been as pronounced if I were same sex oriented within the framework of the LGBTi movement.

The polarization due to my heterosexuality and the Gay Militia orientation within the LGBTi is symbiotic with the Right to Marry and repeal of the Don’t Ask Don't Tell.

Gang or Mob Stalking based on the theory of deindividuation is the current zeitgeist as the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's second term of the Governor of California approaches. Hence the individual loses his identity to the Group. This is a key component of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing and the descent into Nativism and the Gay Militia.

The damage to the LGBTI paradigm, an emerging identity and social group is not small. Two groups come to mind and their labels. They are Courage Campaign and Marriage Equality. If criminologists and psychologist are certain of the conditioning and socialization effects of language of decision making and behavior than these aberrant speech patterns are laying in latency to disrupt the culture that has nurtured and protected these officers.

Let us investigate they use of methodology employed by the Gay Militia.

If I state that I am a heterosexual or straight. LAPD and their dayshift leader Dodo will be contrary (contrarian homosexual stereotype) as state that I am a header sexual and stray. I am not within what is called Gay Culture by identity or behavior. I do no not drink alcohol or do illegal drugs or marijuana products.

On certain key words slur or equivocate. Heterosexual becomes header sexual

Head is subgroup slang for drug users.

Straight becomes stray

Invent a profile that marginalizes the individual from his actual natural person and skill level.

The actual profile that is being used on me at this time is of David Grisman. He is an expert mandolin player and associate of Jerry Garcia, deceased leader of the Grateful Dead. It is ironic that my favorite western musician at this time is Hilary Hahn, a virtuosi violin player. The mandolin and violin share the same repertoire.

The Dead Heads have regional strongholds as in Mendocino and Humboldt County where I have lived. Bluegrass and the duet album by Grisman and Garcia were quite popular when I lived there.

In this context there is a staged theatre of history which is fronted by the theme Storyboard Half Life. The analogy is to the pre scripting of cartoons and movie scenes and the future writing of a movie about the attack on me. The half life pertains to the chemical compounds decomposition and the contrast between my actual natural person and the profiles used by the Gay Militia to attempt to create mitigating circumstances.

The authorship desired to have some type of bisexual panorama which has failed. I have lived a heterosexual life and do not flourish in a bisexual setting in the least. I have maintained my academic acuity, some musicianship, and a making a one of a kind run as the world’s most unique survival athlete.