Storyboard Half Life

A Critical Examination of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

The Mythology of Governor Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver is taking on added dimensions. Not only is the mass public consuming their static profile of excellence it appears that First Lady Maria Shriver is willing to embellish the Noble Fiction at her own peril. I state this because it is both ironic and real that she may get prosecuted for the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that will define Arnold Schwarzenegger's two terms office and the debilitation of the natural persons of California and their tangible wealth.

It is rational to argue that the health issue will fail persons and lead to the official recognition of what is easily one of the greatest intentional mass poisonings in world history.

What is unique is that the Right to Marry is the strategic mission goal in attack orchestrated allegedly by Cambridge Law School and carried to fruition by Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department LAPD of California. It is prima facie that I do not have any significant exercise of constitutional rights since June 17, 1987.

In a pragmatic manner it is more logical to prosecute California under state and federal laws and then proceed to the federal government.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a naturalized United States citizen. As he completes the final year of his term of governor it is easy to discern that he is the worst governor period not only of California but of this entire country. Activity radiating from LAPD has effected all fifty states and the international environment.

The crux of the structure of censorship and sanitization can be examined based on this empirical fact. It reveals that an inferiority complex has been developed in same sex males to incorporate a system of informants to carry out a systematic act of torture against myself and the human race.

Hence this is a Gender Based Hate Crime LGBTi same sex versus Straight or Opposite Sex.

A ruling on same sex marriage arrived striking down Proposition 8 on August 4, 2010. Anne Frank was also captured by the Nazis today in 1944.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver

First Lady Maria Shriver

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As of August of 2010 the Mythology of Governor Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has taken on added dimensions. Schwarzenegger emerged in 2003 after the Enron scandal debilitated the state of 18 billion dollars. Claiming that fiscal negligence justified the removal of Governor Gray Davis, Schwarzenegger defeated Davis in a recall. The macro economical environment has not served California well and California has become notorious for huge deficits.

The moral conscious of Arnold Schwarzenegger is suspect as he has played a collusive role in never recognizing that a Scorched Earth Chemical Assault was being orchestrated from Los Angeles Police Department. The lower taxation liberal economic model nor the social welfare state has developed adequate human resources individually and collectively to return the equilibrium to the rule of law.

Arnold Schwarzenegger actually flouted the idea that naturalized citizens as himself should be permitted to run and hold the office of the presidency.

I am 49 years of age as of August 3, 2010. I have had zero same sex acts and nor do I have or accept a LGBTi gender identity based on the Vedas or explicitly what is known as manjari bhava.

Based on this statement which is essentially. Two lines of modus ponens and one of modus talons, a stream of fallacies of associations will begin from a cell of twenty LGBTi or same sex individuals. Instead of upholding my rights I am attacked by what is known as a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

This is complemented by a RICO styled extortion and blackmail ring. The OUTING of persons who have had same sex or the invention of same sex histories supports a RICO styled blackmail and intimidation ring which leads to wholesale Gang or Mob Stalking of me as a person.

Storyboard Half Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger has approached the end of his two terms of Governor of California which has been developed from a highly scripted theatrical standpoint that contradicts the conditions of reality in both California and the United States since November 17, 2003. The governor's political calculations are based on a culture of impunity and are jeopardizing the future legal standing of First Lady Maria Shriver. This can be easily inferred from the fact that on July 4, 2010 Arnold will be 63 and Maria will be 54.

In a more complete historical panorama I have been the focal target of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is easily discernible as a Crime Against Humanity as an attack on the human race and the United States proper. The manifest event began on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware. This activity is being lead by an LGBTi militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD. Then President Ronald Reagan was actually a superior target and I as a citizen a foil. Either analysis yields highly proactive insights into human nature, leadership, and the rise and fall of nationstates.

These details have been elaborated extensively and need not be repeated.

Herein the use of a smaller microcosm in a macrocosm, California within the Federal Republic of the United States will be developed. An interesting contrast is within the Social Contract Theory, and the real constitutions of both California and the United States. Herein a conflict between three of the most powerful families in this country the Schwarzeneggers, Kennedys, and the Shivers unfolds against an ordinary individual. There are 38 million persons in California and 308 million in the United States.

Prisoner's Dilemma gives rise to an elaborate act of state planning to support Gay Marriage. It is designed with a Joe Virus script that will pit the bottom ten percentile of the population by inspection versus the top ten percent of the population. This will drag down the First Family of California. This will also facilitate a prosecution of the Irrationalist Presidents if such survive. This set of actors are Presidents Ronald Reagan through Barack Obama. Presently Barack Obama will only recognize a major oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico at the Macondo oilfield. This site was leased to British Petroleum BP. This site is releasing upwards of 60 million barrels per day into the Gulf of Mexico. The coastline from the toe of Louisiana to past Pensacola, Florida is seriously despoiled.

I am writing from Westwood, California. All of the major lakes and waterways are contaminated. I am the most stalked person in the history of the world and the United States. The terms Gang Mob Stalking are being developed by persons who are tertiary targets in a system of nodes that is alleged to extend from University of Cambridge.

A very important part of the comprehension of this attack is that I am a ritvik Hare Krishna follower of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. In this configuration I worship a teacher who is deceased. The diksa alignment supports the living guru. It is easy to construe this as a hate crime due to my faith, nationality Japanese American (Vedic Shastras or scriptures do not support bodily conceptions) conservative orientation, and my support of Proposition 8 and strict heterosexuality.

The gender based hate crime of homosexuality versus heterosexuality is the correct baseline.

I am a pure heterosexual with zero same sex acts over my entire 49 years of life. My preference in marrying would be a heterosexual or opposite sex female. This appears to be the most likely outcome due to the heavy entrapment and use of law enforcement resources to attack me.

I am never interested in same sex males. Male individuals therefore are not a sexual preference. Such persons do indeed exist as social contacts. I do not reject MSM males who are professional and morally mature enough to be able to comprehend the difference between social and intimate (Conjugal) relations. All data or information concerning this fallacy is the work of same sex male police officers from LAPD.

The governor is an independently wealthy man with upwards of $200 million dollars USD in net worth. His father was also a lieutenant in the SS in Germany during WWII. His marriage to Maria Shriver, niece of Ted and John Kennedy also feature prominently in the scripting of the entrapment against him, myself, and third parties.

A key component of the system of torture is the Right to Marry and a future push to strip Arnold Schwarzenegger of his naturalized citizenship. Another salient feature is his trajectory as one the finest conditioned athletes in the history of the world and my resiliency to challenge him under Madhurya Rasa (Conjugal Relationship) of the Vedas.

The Stripping of Governor Schwarzenegger's Citizenship

Today is August 1, 2010. The entire month of July has seen a build up in arguments concerning the Right to Marry. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill and Hillary Clinton probably has wedded in what is the highest profile marriage of the year.

While contemplating Proposition 8, the Same Sex Marriage issue in US Federal Court in San Francisco, the contrast between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's marriage, Chelsea Clinton and my alienation under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth became quite profound and at times emotional.

I am a lifelong supporter of opposite sex marriage and continue to support Proposition 8.

Mostly likely by cue a few acquaintances from the East Coast from Delaware where I attended my primary and high schools have surfaced on Facebook. LAPD in a highly biased manner is attempting to Script a straw man of my life and trajectory which is same sex based. They have invented a same sex transformational figure from San Diego which is false. This means that through some type of interchange I have become same sex or a strong supporter of LGBTi.

The person is a natural person. He is the father of a attractive bisexual daughter. I will be 49 years old on August 3. I have been 100 percent heterosexual my entire life NO SAME SEX BEHAVIORS.

In my opinion I was born hard wired heterosexual. I have always considered my self as opposite sex since as young as I can remember, 4 or 5 years old perhaps.

Gay Marriage is a strategic mission goal of this attack. If someone would of asked me in high school if I wanted to marry a lesbian bisexual female I would of stated no. I have reconciled that it is possible to occur. It appears to be a second preference but far the easier outcome if this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth stopped and I chose to marry.

The pool of opposite sex females near my person has never been large from what I am beginning to comprehend. I have been very heavily pursued by electronic surveillance by LAPD.

I have merged as a heterosexual who has deep Gaudiya Vaishnava convictions which sustain my life and the writing of this critique. While writing this paper it also has emerged that it is very possible to fall in love with a bisexual female. I have never seriously contemplated all the implications of marriage. It appears that a father instinct has emerged in latency. In degree I would prefer a partner who is a Hare Krishna in Madhurya rasa (conjugal). I would prefer a Vedic ceremony and to have children raised in my faith.

Marriage appears to be based on placing Krishna at the center of the marriage and having Krishna Conscious children. This is extraordinarily complicated. This is compounded by the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

This is a symbiotic pairing of structures and processes in the Right to Marry continuum. Hence officially there are groups as Courage Campaign and Marriage Equality only recognize opposite sex interests this attack has paired a heterosexual complaint against LGBTi homeland security officers. The Don't Ask Don't Tell program in the United States military has also been struck down and is being appealed by the Obama administration who is against such.

LAPD has also contributed to this emergence by repeatedly making me aware that I am the only surviving male of my direct family.

In the concrete I will file a complaint against Arnold Schwarzenegger for violating my Right to Marry this month. This will be the highpoint of my presence in Westwood, California.

Currently if I make a female contact on internet, LAPD will attempt to advertise such as a homosexual male Hare Krishna. This means if I write Senator Barbara Boxer she should also be placed in a group which is a false set fronted as a homosexual male Krishna.

The entire LGBTi trajectory is being imposed over me by LAPD. None of my thoughts, intents, or acts support the LGBTi Platform as far as personal sexual preference or sexual behavior is concerned. This is not to state that I would be against some LGBTi stance as far as hate crime protection is concerned.

It is my intent to protect my natural person, while I am living and posterity as to what empirically occurred to me while being stalked and persecuted by a LGBTi or Gay Militia comprised of sworn police officers.

Through reflection, one of the most attractive persons I have met from San Diego was a bisexual. I have only talked to this individual a few times. She has introduced me to her friends who were an open lesbian couple. So if one dated or married her a social setting is likely to include openly lesbian couples. When I lived in near Mt. Shasta at a convenience store a couple who were friends of the clerk came up to me and introduced themselves to me. The first individual introduced her partner as her wife. This happened a few times with no incidence. This was maybe three years ago. Siskiyou County supported Proposition 8 60 to 40 percent. Lassen County where I am now favored such 70 to 30 percent.

I am easily the most pro heterosexual male that I have met here by far and away.

I take my Vedic beliefs with some seriousness. There is no LGBTi identity in the Vaikunthas or heaven. Manjaris, the handmaidens of Radha are never gay or straight. Human sexuality only exists in the material world.

My inclinations disclose some irrationality. If I ever marry, I am choosing my wife and children. If I ever got that deep into a relationship with a bisexual female who had bisexual friends, I am still going to choose and support her and save my marriage and children against any internal or external conflicts that may jeopardize this marriage. This means forgoing a leadership role where one would have to preach against the homosexual continuum.

I have always stated that a gay bisexual person should choose the best suited opposite sex person in their faith and have children in marriage. The circumstances now are devastating but I do not believe that I am above my own advice even though it is simplistic and many externalities are bound to emerge with no manifest solution contained visibly within this initial framework.

This is predicated that my spouse maintains fidelity within matrimony with no major issues. This also means I am not attempting to develop any high or saintly image for my self although I have regular sadhana as a vaidhi bhakta.

I am not supporting Gay Marriage.

So the trajectory in July has reached a peak with Chelsea Clinton's marriage. There is one Hare Krishna devotee that will be used as an example of Governor Schwarzenegger alienating me from Right to Marry under the present panorama. Even without a real natural person, LAPD is attempting to say that she and other females are homosexual male Hare Krishnas, I would still have a case under Federal Law.

I have no issues against Chelsea Clinton. Her support for mother Hillary's presidential campaign may attract legal scrutiny. I argue her parents as committing crimes against humanity.

The Core of Gay Misogyny

The core of Gay Misogyny is predicated upon a very simple double bind argument. The argument states that gay same sex males are using lesbianism to front their sexual preferences. I am using the LGBTi acronym. This reads as Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, intersex.

A heterosexual male is presented with a choice of a lesbian female. In reality this is a bisexual female. If this choice is rejected the heterosexual male is baited along the gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex continuum as someone whose sexual practices and identity is same sex.

The fallacy is there is no choice of heterosexual or opposite sex females of equal quality. In a scientific format, I would think that at least ten bisexual and ten heterosexual females would be needed out of a pool of 100.

The next tactic is to invoke preachers of one's faith who are pro gay same sex. This is structure is a fallacy and is imposed over by a third legislator.

Here one observes that only elements of a socialization model are used that operate on one. The individual himself or his core values are never addressed. The directionality is never the individual and his will emerging from him towards other persons and events in his social life. He is a dependent person upon fatalistic forces as the police and agents.

The Deification of the LGBTi Platform...

Would You Know How to Create a Government?

In the United States an extraordinary trajectory of empirical history has occurred which is an aperture for Irrationalist and Pre Fascist thought. This trend is developed within ideology as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. A focal holon is that this ideology is also contradictory to theories of Sexual Emancipation. Such is directed as a Joe Virus. This is an analogy to a virus which assembles many small computers as bot armies to attack a server. Here this attack will aim persons and behaviors in the bottom ten percentile at the highest ten percentile to destroy social and cultural cohesion.

This is developed by provocateurs who wish to destroy the environment, target individuals, and thus leave later apologists thinkers more able to sanitize and rebuild over a damaged culture. What has occurred is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth directed over one person, myself,that multiplies to attack the whole.

The structure and process of the attack is to deify LGBTi activities and culture. In reduction the baseline are those sexual activities and behaviors used by Same Sex Males and Females. A LGBTi militancy is set up in cell(s) to recruit and radiate the conspiracy in nodes.

This history provides data to document the psychological profiles that have been constructed and used to attack and condition individuals and the collective since June 17, 1987.

It appears that a Stockholm Syndrome has been created and reinforced through RICO styled operations to support a LGBTi Gay Militia. This is essentially a Wizard of OZ styled defection model. It is historical that the president of the United States is can be blackmailed and intimidated. Targets as myself are isolated and literally framed from profiling that is static. Impunity from the courts facilitates the dismissing of criminal and civil complaints. The Authorship in it's own thinking wished to develop a same sex platform and radiate such clandestinely and overtly. This is hedonistic and is biased to the preferences of same sex and bisexual males and their tastes. Lesbianism and female bisexuality are used to front the male same sex male MSM authorship, code enforcement, and their informants.

What is emerging increasingly in prominence is the reality to discuss this event as a Crime Against Humanity prosecutable within the United States Federal Court system domestically and through the Universal System and treaties internationally.

A focal perspective is that I am being isolated from full legal and social life. I am alive but alienated from a full cultural life. At the natural law level my sexual orientation and preferences are strongly heterosexual. This is synchronic with the LGBTi platform's Right to Marry which is opposite sex. After some consideration I have decided to enter this debate from the heterosexual platform. In degree I am being constrained by a systematic human rights event.

The setting exists as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a Red Herring Strawman created to insert a false profile of myself as LGBTi orientated. Hence this is a gay victim. In reality I am a ritvik Hare Krishna or ritvik vadi. This means that I accept a deceased spiritual master as my guide. This would be His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The opposite camp is the diksa guru or diksa vadis. They wish to follow the instructions of a living guru. They accept deceased teachers as siksa or instructing gurus. The study of guru is called guru tattva.

In connection to this I interpret the Vedas in a conservative manner. I have had zero same sex behaviors in my 49 years of life.

Hence spiritual identity is easily contrasted with a secular humanistic identity. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are also contrasted to define the roles of the victim myself (heterosexual) and the perpetrators (LGBTi homosexual).

One should accept a proper associative procedure to ascertain what my interests are in contrast to that of LAPD and the Gay Militia. If a future case arises that attempts to advocate the LGBTi platform it is almost certain that work is being handed off from LAPD. They will therefore be a higher structural level component handing off work to informants.

I will argue from the heterosexual platform at the natural law level under my Vedic faith. Homosexuality or heterosexuality do not exist in the Vaikuntha atmosphere or heaven of Vedic Cosmography. Sex life is for procreation and is therefore heterosexual.

Gay male same sex interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a RICO styled blackmail and intimidation ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is baited as a Gay Male. This is a double bind bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality is perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups MSM males pertain to.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

A mock trial scenario is currently being perpetuated which is also a double bind bait and switch tactic. This reflects the lesbianism bisexual front for same sex males. In a criminal or civil court I would depose witnesses in the first instance that support my orthodox interpretation of the Vedas, read as heterosexual or opposite sex procreation. This is very important in that a kangaroo court atmosphere pervades daily life replicating a dumbing down profiling of natural persons and groups. Krishnanusilanam or Krishna Culture states that Krishna's Name, Fame, Strength, Beauty, Knowledge, and Renunciation are non different from himself. Krishna is the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. His Hadlini Shakti or pleasure principle is Srimati Radharini. Their lila or Transcendental Love Affair is not heterosexual or homosexual since both are spiritual beings composed of sat cit ananda or eternity, bliss, and knowledge.

Homosexuality or heterosexuality does not exist in The Vaikunthas or heavenly planets. Manjari bhava or the devotional mood of the handmaidens of Radharini is spiritually pure and would refute homosexuality and could never be revealed to anyone in a karmic or sinful state. Anarthas are sinful activities or thoughts.

Sahijaya means imitation. Sani Sahijaya mean equating mundane sexlife to spiritual life. Here again manjaris are the target of this interpolation. Manjaris do not engage in sex. Equating sex life as fellatio, cunnilingus, or anal coitus is mundane. This is obviously not spiritual sex life known as Garbhandana Samskara. As stated previously I have been 100 percent heterosexual or free from any male to male sexual activity over my entire life.

Various figures from my life in a longitudinal sequence are proffered in a strawman to state that I have merged into the LGBTi paradigm. Here this paper and my entire output especially in court records, complaints, letters to officials, and websites entirely contradicts the totalitarian isolation of LGBTi militant operating out of LAPD.

In clarity my work is being developed from the heterosexual paradigm. I let my work rise to it's own level and make no attempt to histrionically rig a final result with targeted individuals representing my viewpoint. The reverse is true for the LGBTi militancy. I am not transformed by the LGBTi culture and have a healthy spiritual and psychical equilibrium as a heterosexual. There is quantum of force in play to create a same sex figure to teach historically as the victim who approves and supports the Gay Militancy and what is a Crime Against Humanity. One main reinforcer is the proffering of same sex or sexual contacts.

The inferiority complex is the core component of a constellation or syndrome of clinical diagnosis that have been fused or combined into a model for creating Gay LGBTi militants and consequent activity in the social environment. The complex is eclectic. A simple orthodox to neo orthodox Freudian orientation gives the best results in primary analysis. Events are heavily layered in structures over the course of the militants and victim's lifespan.

There is also a direct connection with stalking, obsession, an aggressive attack on reality, displacement of emotions to a target which is myself and to prevent anyone to aid me.

Direct sworn officials will also be incorporated as incompetent and corrupt de facto officials as these abnormal psychoses become escalated longitudinally over time and space.

A very deep and profound process and structure is the use of polymorphous perversity. This is the use of sexual language to attack another from a perceived threat. Vulgarisms and violent connotations are used against myself and other parties. It is then stated that I am enamored of these behaviors and these speech patterns are part of my repertoire which is untrue. It is also inferred that I would not be morally and intellectually sophisticated to discern what polymorphous perversity is.

In designing environs within an environment, per say an apartment to have sexual relations the exact behaviors and settings with this dwelling are developed. Persons are recruited and sex is a reinforcer. This is part of a eugenic designed career path. Both male and females participate in this orchestration. All objects or gifts are paired with a graded amount of Chemical Assault. This is light for Gays to hard for heterosexuals as my self.

Over all the design is no more than mundane sex life. It is designed to penetrate faith based systems. Rajneeshism, now Osho reflects in part this style of activity. I regard Osho as an atheistic philosophy stressing If it makes you better, it is good and if makes your worse it is bad. This is essentially atheism in disguise as religion.

By reduction of process and structure what you have is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth embedded in the LGBTi paradigm. No one to date from this group has emerged to oppose this attack.

Examples are if Jane Doe is mentioned, she is a good lay? If I am attempting to meet Jane Doe, it is stated, Are you trying to beat her? The equivocation reflects acting violently against her and also being in competition with her.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has left me bombarded by the relooping of these polymorphous speech patterns by the Gay Militia. In degree officers from LAPD surround me with an entrapment that was staged from about 1979 to 1987. It was designed under Gay Triumphalism. It has failed because I have not transformed into a member of the LGBTi Paradigm.

What is increasingly not stressed is that by accepting sexual based encounters and jobs, this opens one to sexually transmitted diseases as HIV AIDS and Hepatitis C. This activity appears to be a marriage breaking program as much as a marriage and recruitment mechanism for LGBTi concerns.

A point of departure will be Freud's Outline of Psychoanalysis where an Oedipal Complex is acted out between sibling rivals. In this context this rivalry exists under an (ideal) unseen father and mother figure and (real) natural father and mother figure exists. A conflict between a system of LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD have attacked and alienated myself as a natural member of the human race and a citizen of the United States. Herein I represent the heterosexual or opposite sex platform. The LGBTi side also has a narcissistic personality component, and a psychopathic component that will help define their activities.

The resolution of this conflict should occur between 8 and 13 years of age.

The issue emerges whether one should ask is (homosexuality) same sex identity and behavior directly related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all? The same can be asked of (heterosexuality) opposite sex behavior and identity related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all?

The setting of these attacks which are in sum a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is extremely important. My personality and arc of lifespan has emerged over a non normative event of which I am the only member of the set to exist historically. I am pursing a criminal prosecution analogous to the Nuremberg Model in the United States under this country's federal laws. It is my allegation that marriage breaking and child molesting are also being generated by this pattern of defection. This is apparent in the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witness, and ISKCON (Krishnas).

The diffusion over space and time predicates a socialization process of prisoner's dilemma built open nodes allegedly radiating from University of Cambridge, England. Theses Actors are being identified as the Origin. They also have therefore authored Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is the precursor to Gay Fascism if intellectual apologists emerge in support of the abuse.


The deification of the LGBTi Platform here in this entrapment is no more than secular same sex preferences and activities. It appears to be designed in a differentiated manner to destabilize a nationstate by exploiting a pleasure drive to create crime. In opposition in creates liberalism to enjoy more unfettered sexuality at the expense of religion and faith based systems. The negative latency of having LGBTi actors implicated in creating crime and other acts do not appear to be a deterrent.

Impersonal faith based and material systems are easier to penetrate than faith based systems with a personal deity in a human form. Buddhism and Advaitya Vedanta are more easily incorporated. Here the individual merges into a Oneness as a final end state. Incarnations or avatars descend from Brahman or a Buddha field. Liberal socialism is also a fodder ground.

Hence Judeo Christianity and Gaudiya Vaishnavism represent some difficulty because the deity in human form has no authorized description of same sex or sexuality at all. Here agents must be trained to reinterpret positions and radiate these to new members.

Dependent systems, especially in economics and property development are desired to be defected to Cambridge Law School.

As the setting becomes escalated original miscalculations become multiplied. This has a direct impact on analytical components of various fields of discipline and sworn competent officials who are also natural persons. The empirical fact of whether I am a Pure Heterosexual Male is extraordinarily important. I have clearly argued that I have had zero same sex male partners and zero same sex acts over 100 percent of my life. In this connection it is only Los Angeles Police Department LAPD who are generating the LGBTi profiling and imposing such over me. This is unwanted. My sexual orientation is heterosexual or opposites sex. My sexual preference is a heterosexual or opposite sex female. I have also stated and confirmed that a bisexual female is a possibility and the most likely concrete opportunity if I can survive the current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is due to the fact that I have been a very highly controlled individual pertaining to the persons that I have been exposed to throughout my entire life. This is do to totalitarianism. This appears to be even more escalated in the present.

In the field of logic the current event is easily the largest Red Herring Strawman ever constructed over one individual. The totalitarian nature of my alienation of citizenship and isolation gives live experimental space for a team of LGBTi militants to attempt to construct a LGBTi male in their and University of Cambridge's image. This is also a defection or distraction from a direct prosecution of the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization that contains the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The use of Romance during a non normative conflict has antecedent and is also the intent of the Authorship although it is delegated downward to provocateur agents and to the victims in an attempt to disguise the Origin and authorship.

The use of double bind arguments is also at the world class level. The use of lesbianism to front Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals in the LGBTi Paradigm is unique. If an individual is offered a choice of a lesbian date and refuses he is a gay male. If this is not successful he is a bisexual. If this fails he is transgendered. This will continue in a circular folly. There is never a consideration of heterosexuality or opposite sex choices. Here these lesbian bisexual individuals who are constraining a victim run the risk of being accomplices or already are complicit.

These tiny loops are similar to Scripts in a computer virus. Hence what is known as a Joe Virus. A system of bot computers is used to attack a server in this attack.

The clinical diagnostics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathy are the broadest diagnosis. The Inferiority Complex in Male Same Sex Males MSM is what drives the displacement onto substitute targets as my person. Since the attacks started in April of 1986 and with fullblown isolation beginning June 17, 1987 I have survived over 24 years of attacks by LGBTi orientated police under five presidents.

A kangaroo mock trial is ongoing concerning various acts of discovery. Only heterosexual witnesses should be deposed when gender issues arise. Ritvik Hare Krishnas should be used even though Diksa and Ritvik siddhanta are nearly identical. I have stated that a bisexual female partner is a possibility. Overall I do not support same sex activity under my Vedic beliefs. The use of a so called authority, in particular Hridayananda Das Goswami, an ISKCON diksa guru would be spurious. He has openly supported Gay Monogamy which was refuted by the GBC. In particularity Bhakti Vikas Maharaj who has a similar standing as a diksa guru argued against him. I pertain to the ritvik alignment which both are openly against.

A closing argument that reflects the use of homosexual and heterosexual activity strictly on the behavioral platform is the discussion of Asta Kaliya Pastimes of Sri Krishna and Radharini.

There are two manners of achieving prema. That is through the indirect and direct method. The indirect method is the discussion of Krishna slaying the demons and the latter is the Rasa Lila in the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The Governing Board Committee or GBC of ISKCON has reaffirmed that homosexuality is the abuse of the body. Narayana Maharaj, now on the verge of death has stated that there is no confirmation of male living with male, or female living with female in the Hari Bhakta Vilas or any Shasta and therefore he will not bless or sanction same sex marriage or union.

The attempt of deification of subjective LGBTi behaviors reflects the Origin and authorship of Cambridge Law School. It reflects a trajectory of Gay Triumphalism which has failed due to an inferiority complex that appears universally in MSM LGBTi culture. Also in particularity I have not been transformed to LGBTi identity and or behavior. My alienation by the miscalculation and escalation of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has deeply ruptured the mythology of LGBTi studies.

At the time of this writing Proposition 8 has been overturned and is on appeal. The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy of the United States military has also been overturned. Both are awaiting appellate court discretion in December of 2010.

Marx and his materialist explanation of religion and private property.

Man invents God and in return God gives man religion, private property, wage labor, and love sex marriage.

There are also six stages of dialectic that correspond to this anthropomorphism of Man into God: 1. Primitive Communism 2. Slavery 3. Feudalism 4. Capitalism 5. Socialism 6. Communism.

Sexual Emancipation is the exact pattern or Archetype employed to completely discern the exact process and dialectic of the present syncretist pattern that is emergent with the Right To Marry that is concurrent with the overturning of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the United States Military.

What is unique is there is a strong analogy to antinomianism or lawlessness in the name of religion present in this a socialization of history. Historically there were Christians who believed that upon their baptism and conversion they were above the law or nomos.

A form of relative morality is employed to kill of conscience or one's of what is right or wrong. This is reinforced by various rewards and punishments. The multiplier in a field of informants creates a basis for a purge of the individuals and territory in this field.

What is unique is that the emergence of Irrationalism Fascists States in the 20th Century have lead to the creation of Socialist States or governments replacing such. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan are indicative of major structural shifts in the composition of Post Irrationalist governance.

What was desired was a paper entitled Neo Superstructure. Religion is a superstructure in a materialist thought built over base of the mode of production and labor relations. This is being promoted by the use of a profile of a Jewish PhD statistician. It is very clear that sweeps are in continuo reflecting the use of sibling cohort rivalries in both a cross sectional and longitudinal format. (DWN February 17, 2016)

In this scenario we would see a Neo Superstructure emerge that would contain a religion that approved of LGBTi sexual practices and rights in primary law. The most current system resembling this would be Rajneeshism and the practice of the Lutherans on a wide scale.

I have chosen to respond from a more orthodox Gaudiya Vaishnava platform here defending the sanctity of Radha Krishna from spurious attacks while seeking justice from the criminal court.

The lowest implementers of this operation are provocateurs and scapegoats themselves for the Origin and Authorship.

This Origin has provided a baseline of data which can be used to lead a competent discovery of this conspiracy which already has a very extensive empirical history in the southwest United States as California and Arizona.

The Panorama

There is a major conflict regarding my chronological history. There is major a confrontation between LAPD who are Same Sex bisexuals, The Baltimore Studio, and myself. I am arguing that I am Pure Heterosexual over the entire course of my life. This would mean ZERO same sex partners and Zero same sex acts. LAPD is positing that I have had a bisexual or LGBTi lifestyle. This is has never been true. This especially true in San Diego, Berkeley and Oakland, California. I have also been against same sex marriage my entire life. I converted to the Gaudiya Vaishnavism when I was 16. This extremely important as I am fluent in almost all of the Original Books written by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I follow in a orthodox manner regarding his positions on LGBTi.

In this regards I am in contrast to Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick) who advocates Gay Monogamy. I am also not supporting Jayadvaitya Swami (Jay Israel) who is in charge of editing or Changed Books of Srila Prabhupada.

Any evidence that creates a personal history positing me as having same sex partners or same sex acts is an of Obstructing Justice, hence creating false evidence. It is alleged here that LAPD is creating this under a scripted outcome made by Cambridge Law School. The Baltimore Studio is the likely creator of this spurious electronic evidence. (The Baltimore Studio are LAPD officers. DWN Chester, CA July 11, 2017.)

They now are intertwined in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. I am writing from Westwood, Lassen County where Proposition 8 won by a margin of 70 to 30 percent.

The Red Herring Strawman site will be merged as a core concept here under Storyboard Half Life.

I have returned to Bishop, Inyo County the first week of October. The almost the entirety of LGBTi heard has been created by LAPD and not by myself. The same pattern of my having discussions on Facebook with natural females and then having LAPD claim they are abstracts or approaches to gay males reveals and confirms a inferiority complex in same sex males that displaces into violence.

The Summary Judgment

At this point in time there are three areas that are in conflict between myself and the LGBTi militancy run out of LAPD. The challenge to the supervisor code named Dodo is to:

Develop a criminal case and hand such over to the District Attorney

Develop a university level history class: This is supposed to be developed towards the identity of LGBTi persons

Script a movie about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasizing the overturning of Proposition 8 until January 1, 2011. This will focus on July 2010 until January 1, 2011. A review of salient events from November 11, 2003 is possible.

My counter is that I have at least 26 federal lawsuits.

I am openly challenging the University of California and Cambridge University.

My sites as or have been online since 2001. I am lifelong heterosexual and write from the straight side or opposite sex platform. I will attempt neutrality. I am fighting very hard for my life in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

There is no doubt this is Hate Crime: Gay Versus Straight.

Storyboard Half Life completes this capstone level Holon. Dodo is disorganized and the three shifts of officers who follow this fatalistic lead will not break out of this static texture. The Capstone gives closure: History and Education for the Future. We are discussing a platform for criminal charges.

The Summary Judgment is an analogy.



LAPD: There are allegedly 200 to 500 members. There are three shifts of perhaps 20 officers with 7 per shift that monitor me 24/7 365 days a year under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Baltimore Studio: About seven musicians who create and mutilate evidence with a Synclavier synthesizer (Actually MSM LAPD Officers).

Heterosexual Opposite Sex

David Nollmeyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver

What is to be examined in an eclectic cognitive behaviorist perspective is how these key personalities emerged from birth throughout the arc of their lifespan.

LAPD officers are Baltimore Studio and will be named eventually. The study will focus of the third generation onward. Hence from the great grandparents.

In effect, did one emerge from a LGBTi or Opposite Sex household?

My perspective as stated is that an inferiority complex drives displacement in these Male Same Sex Males. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder explains how an sexual immature personality wishes to impose his or hew preferences over another or a collective making such dependent on their will.

I am writing as a heterosexual male with zero same sex partners and zero same sex acts over what is now 49 years of life. When January 1, 2011 arrives, after the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's term almost 49 years 5 months will have transpired.

It is alleged that Cambridge Law School is the authorship and Origin. It is they who assembled the LGBTi militancy in LAPD. The failure of decision making here and in the presidency and governorship has created what is known as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is pre fascist or pre Gay Fascism. This has resulted in the contamination of two systems, that of the physical environment and cultural environment and the socialization of the human race. The socialization is defined by my person being stalked by the United States government.

I am presenting myself as the most stalked person in the history of the world. Surface water is contaminated from at least Oregon, Nevada and to the Salton Sea as I write. The air that I breathe has been continually contaminated from at least June 17, 1987, the year of the 200th Anniversary Year of the United States Constitution.

Much of my life has been spent in the rural west in small towns of less than 5000 persons. Intellectually I would not be intimidated locally. I have written records from November 1995 from Carlsbad, New Mexico onward. My Journals have been online since 1991.

My Facebook sites reflect my ritvik Hare Krishna faith and a Chemical Assault page which is interfaith. The latter is totally unique in the history of Facebook and social networking. I am with simple clarity expressions my joy of being a heterosexual male under a non normative event. I am working under extreme thresholds and am beginning to develop the finished work that I believe befits my intellectual gifts.

Chemical Assault: Challenge to Leadership

Gaudiya Vaishnava

LAPD is representing the LGBTi platform and are very poor ambassadors. LAPD has devolved from Joe Friday to Joe Virus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the world's greatest athlete in the 1970s; a seven time Mr. Olympia who set the standard for bodybuilding.

Maria Shriver is the daughter of Ted Kennedy. Her marriage, the failure of the Senator, the death of cohort John F. Kennedy Jr. are tragedies for her clan. I am affines of egos with the Kennedys through the Gordon and Joan Maxwell III. Joan is my maternal aunt.

In conclusion the de facto and incompetent management of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has multiplied outwardly form California to the entire United States and internationally throughout the world the 49 remaining states surely will litigate California as well as private interest that have damage and liabilities themselves. What is staggering in scope and comprehension is how the governor has emerged and how he sees that benefit and cost to natural life, especially the citizens of California where he is directly sworn and bound to protect and the concrete reality that is unfolding against him, Maria Shriver and his four children.

The Schwarzenegger family has purchased a home in exclusive Montecito in Santa Barbara County. This is California's Riviera. They have had an estimated $200 million USD in net worth before the crash. Maria Shriver is surely an heir as well as her siblings to the Kennedy fortune.

The entire trajectory of actors LAPD, The Schwarzenegger's, Delaware State Police, Barack Obama, Mary Bono Mack, Jerry Brown, and myself is unfolding at a very fluid rate.

This critique may shed light on the irrationality an benefit and cost ratio of tyranny. Thus who wins and who loses. What does one win and what does one lose?

At the close of this sketch there has been a rash of young gay persons committing suicide, as well as a major toxic spill in Hungary, and 33 coalminers are about to be rescued from a mine where they have been trapped since August.

Eight members of a Latino gang in New York City are under arrest for attacking three gay males. At least two were recruits. There was a major rite at a Gay Pride Parade in Belgrade. The background panorama is a challenge to develop a Capstone presentation. In reality LAPD will only attempt a Capstone. The night shift and I have exchanged perspectives that reflect the Origin, Cambridge Law School. These Actors Should Be Identified.

This means that the cell at the minimum that is monitoring me 24/7 365 days are year will be identified and their families surnames exposed.

The attempt by LAPD to gay bait has failed. Their use of polymorphous perversity to harass and torture me is disgraceful. They can only bluff at a court case, history class, and Scripting a movie. The small western towns where this event is most likely to reflects this inferiority that same sex males have about their dignity. LAPD invokes pride in defeat and on cue.

There has been no emergence from the LGBTi as far as the psychology of leadership. There in no Strong Breeze to Grow Tall Trees... I am basically competing against myself, Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Gang Stalking.


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