Gov. Schwarzenegger -  Dean Nokias

Governor Schwarzenegger and Dean Nokias

This announcement by USC and Schwarzenegger clearly places a premier institute of learning in a position of historical censorship and sanitization. I will argue prima facie that my estate will be able to press criminal charges against the Governor. First elected on October 7, 2003, by defeating Governor Gray Davis in a recall, Schwarzenegger was sworn in on November 17, 2003, to serve Davis's term. Schwarzenegger was reelected on November 7, 2006. He then served until January of 2011.

There is no doubt that Schwarzenegger was aware of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that the United States was undergoing and specifically in California. His Excel Spreadsheet style of business first prioritization focused on the Enron Scandal and the damage from $15 billion USD in losses to the state. The Governor has a mediocre record on changing the insider politics of Sacramento. It is overwhelming that Schwarzenegger has become the symbol of playing the game, not changing the game.

A cornerstone of my historical, legal, and academic thrust is that Arnold Schwarzenegger should have his United States citizenship stripped. This is based on being a principal accomplice in furthering a Crime Against Humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, and intimidating a witness regarding both federal and California hate crime laws.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom is the authorship and proximate cause of the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It appears that a combination of homosexual lawyers at Cambridge and heterosexual theologians at Trinity College engaged in a duel to expose the corruption regarding the United Kingdom and other nationstates internationally. The LGBTi lawyers did not wish to expose their involvement. As a result this RICO styled crime continued and targeted President Ronald Reagan. Their Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage.

LAPD is alleged to be running a homosexual blackmail and intimidation ring through mutual aid violations in the United States and internationally authored by these actors.

This tournament between homosexual LGBTi and heterosexual Straight persons is the driver for a Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing which is precursor to Gay Fascism.

The alienation of one citizen's Bill of Right protections impacts the whole. A gambit and pin has been placed against the President of the United States and the Governor of California. This holonistically is replicated at the state and local level of competent sworn officials.

As seen approaching the 2012 Presidential Election, Proposition 8 which banned same sex marriage in California, has been struck down in federal court and has not been granted writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California

November 20, 2012

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute will focus on the responsibility of policymakers to transcend partisanship to implement policies that most benefit the people they serve, with five priority areas: education, energy and environment, fiscal and economic policy, health and human wellness, and political reform. Guiding principles include: science and evidence as an important role to play when finding solutions to policy and social issues; local solutions are often the best means to solve global problems and, future leaders, including students and young people, must help shape the solutions for our future.

Schwarzenegger will chair the Board of Advisors and serve as inaugural holder of the Governor Downey Professor of State and Global Policy at USC, named after a former California governor and co founder of USC.

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute will focus on the responsibility of leaders to transcend partisanship to implement policies that most benefit the people they serve, with five priority areas:


Energy and Environment

Fiscal and Economic Policy

Health and Human Wellness

Political Reform

Education: Education is a long run solution towards the prevention of crisis. Punishment of criminal and civil actors is the short term solution to maintain the justice and unity of the State. The entire culture of higher education in California is one of corruption, censorship, and sanitization. Every legal action should be based in a rational moral principal. Schwarzenegger and USC's manifest posture is subject to criticism and legal action. Should USC be able to retain their certification for furthering an attack on the human race through the State of California? Schwarzenegger and now USC are not clearing the path for persons to morally and intellectual develop their lives and careers.

The totality of circumstances is the correct legal test when an individual confronts one's government. The entire population of over 35 to 38 million Californians may have legal and civil claims against the former Governor.

Schwarzenegger came into office in for a full year in 2004. His incompetence and cowardice as a Governor can only be surpassed by George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, Gray Davis, and now possible Governor Jerry Brown who is misguiding California towards 27 years of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The Republican and Democratic Parties are both collusive in censoring and sanitizing the homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. As seen the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama have continued as systematic dictatorship. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican Presidential team have shown no intent or act to halt the destruction of the United States even as a war with Iran over their nuclear program is becoming escalated.

Californians are facing untold pollution from chemicals placed in gasoline and directly in automobiles. Gasoline in the state easily surpasses $4.50 and more for part of the year in many areas of the state.

Energy and Environment: The attack on the Salton Sea, Colorado River, lakes, streams,and reservoirs is unprecedented in the history of the human race. No government has ever undertaken a Scorched Earth Campaign of this magnitude. Since LAPD is located in California, the United States federal government and the United Kingdom are the only two likely candidates to offset the state from collapsing into bankruptcy. Inyo County itself would face stalking and intimidation of witness charges that would bankrupt the county forcing counterclaims against the state, federal government, and the United Kingdom on civil claims. The Pauite Tribe in Inyo and the Torrez Martinez Tribe in Imperial and Riverside County (Salton Sea) will also sue these actors.

Fiscal and Economic Policy: What is the TOTAL COST of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth? The cost to the Salton Sea is incalculable. What is there to speak of regarding the date, grapefruit, wheat, and melon fields in this area alone? There is over 1 trillion dollars USD in Southern California alone that is under water from the 2008 and bubble.

Inyo, Mammoth, Lassen, Siskiyou, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Kern Counties as well as the San Joaquin Valley all severely contain damaged agricultural acreage.

On July 1, 2003, California had a total debt of $27.6 billion in general obligation bonds. A total of $23.2 billion in authorized but unissued bonds also existed according to Treasurer Phil Angelides. In 2010 state Treasurer Bill Lockyer stated the state now had $77.8 billion in general obligation bonds, about triple the amount in 2003. California also had an additional $42.8 in authorized but unissued bonds.

After winning the recall Schwarzenegger rolled back the vehicle license fee incurring billions of dollars to the state. Passing Proposition 57 with a $15 billion Economic Recovery Bond, compounded California's debt.

In a stinging message at the time, Angelides argued vociferously against Schwarzenegger's plan to float an Economic Recovery Bond to help reduce the deficit he inherited, in effect paying for operating costs with borrowed money.

Angelides was a clear opponent of using bonds to offset the debt which he described as totaling $18 billion dollars.

The historical record demonstrates that Schwarzenegger made the choice to avoid tax increases and rely on borrowing. As such the servicing the interest on bonds has hampered the ability of California to balance it's budget. Californians narrowly approved Referendum 30 which raises the sales tax for four years and income tax on the wealthy in the 2012 Election.

Health and Human Wellness: One of the most critical areas of criminal and civil liabilities for Schwarzenegger and California is the HIV AIDS population. As a group such represents the largest class of persons who may litigate said actors.

In 1983 there were about 125,000 cumulative HIV AIDS cases. In December of 2011 there were slightly over 161,000 cases.

AIDS 2011

Aids in California 2011

In the United States at the beginning of the epidemic, surveillance system only reported AIDS cases. California diversified it's etiology and surveillance of the disease:

Confidential AIDS case reporting, by name, began in March 1983.

HIV Reporting was first implemented on July 1, 2002, by non name code.

HIV reporting by name began on April 17, 2006.

HIV Incidence Surveillance reporting began on March 1, 2005


Semi Annual Report December 31, 2011

Regardless of the system used monthly cases load usually fall within the 500 to 1500 level. At times they are lower than 500 and sometimes they have approached 2000.

What is clear is that males have made up close to 90 percent of the caseload. Men who have sex with Men MSM and Intravenous Drug users IDU have made up 75 percent of the total.

What is salient is that this population remains at risk and is also driving Hepatitis C which affects possibly one percent of the population.

Schwarzenegger did not stop a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack.

There were 206,401 persons living in California with HIV AIDS at the end of 2011.

Political Reform: It is clear that Schwarzenegger had to act within the law to halt the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It is apparent that he deliberated with a forethought in fulfilling a collusive agenda, which supra endangered all those living in California and as well as those affected by mutual aid violations originating from LAPD. His contributions to bipartisanship which could be meaningfully are marginalized as his covering for George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, and Gray Davis have helped entrap Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

California's liabilities are not Schwarzenegger’s alone. Only Governor Jerry Brown at the present may exceed him in criminal and civil liability. The starting of an institute at USC also is increasing the suffering of Californian's as the Salton Sea is now Chemically Despoiled and is a signature of his failed leadership.

As seen criminal justice is a very sharpened issue for the United States. One year after leaving office on June 30, 2012 there were Two Strikers: 32,585, Three Strikers: 8873, for a total of 41,458 persons in the system facing long sentences.

The Supreme Court forced California to reduce it’s prison population from the 160,000 level to the current 140,000 level now under Governor Jerry Brown.

Proposition 36 revised the state's Three Strike law in the 2012 General election to only impose life sentences for a third violent offense. However those serving life for a third violent offense as murder, rape, or assault will continue their terms. There are 3000 inmates whose third strikes are non violent and nay petition the courts for new sentencing.

Guiding principles include: science and evidence must play an important role when finding solutions to policy and social issues; local solutions are often the best means to solve global problems; and future leaders, including students and young people, must help shape the solutions for our future.

"We are delighted to partner with Governor Schwarzenegger in establishing this vital institute," Nokias said. "The University of Southern California is committed to promoting civic engagement both nationally and internationally, and the new Schwarzenegger Institute will advance this mission with the understanding that policy decisions should be evidence based and best derived through critical analysis and mutual respect for competing well reasoned positions. This is the only way we can achieve the best possible outcomes for our shared, global future."

If local solutions are often the best means to solve global problems than USC and Schwarzenegger are failing from the inception of this institute. If Cambridge Law is School is proven as the proximate cause of MOEC, and LAPD is the localized origin for mutual aid violations in the United States the students here must prove their will to step forward and remedy systematic and human resource deficiencies. Prima facie the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy is the world's most successful and novel Trojan Horse in existence. If policy continues on this trajectory it is damaging the human race.

A culture of Incompetence and Corruption permeates elected and salaried sworn officials. Schwarzenegger acted Under the Color of Law to permit this attack to escalate to where the Salton Sea, Colorado River, and food processed in factories were contaminated. The quantum of force used by the state to surround my natural person and citizenship equates to Treason.

It is my position that the alienation of my Bill of Right, 14th Amendment, what crimes and misdemeanors are, prisoner's dilemma (hence defection outside of the law) are used to create an informant who is informally or informally punished by the state be taught and tested beginning in the fourth grade. Competency in the history of this attack on my person should be an exit requirement for elementary school nationwide.

Deterring caving into a homosexual blackmail and intimidation should also be taught. The Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City should be exposed for what is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization.

How did Schwarzenegger permit law enforcement to degrade to unprecedented levels on his shift of duty?

"One of the great lessons I learned as governor of California was that the best solutions to common problems could only be found when each side was willing to engage thoughtfully and respectfully with each other," Schwarzenegger said. "This institute is dedicated to promoting a new era of post partisanship, where solutions are the result of intelligent and civil discussion between people with deeply held principles who understand the need to work through their disagreements to achieve real solutions. Knowing USC's reputation as one of the nation's leading policy schools, I could think of no better home for this institute."

Dean Knott is failing to recognize the reality principle. USC Price is developing into a tool in the Machinery of Torture. As an undergraduate student in California I found the flight from freedom astonishing and the shameless participation in Schwarzenegger's fraud a very poor standard for higher learning. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, Stalking, and abuse of electronic surveillance is a negation of the reality principle. What is Schwarzenegger referring to when he states; "This institute is dedicated to promoting a new era of post partisanship, where solutions are the result of intelligent and civil discussion between people with deeply held principles who understand the need to work through their disagreements to achieve real solutions?"

"We are deeply grateful for Governor Schwarzenegger's vision and support for this institute," said Jack H. Knott, dean of USC Price. "It's guiding principles and focus reflect our school's mission. The work of the institute will immediately enhance the experience of our students who come to us to learn how to solve real world problems and will make a lasting contribution to public policy for generations to come."

The institute will be co led by Bonnie Reiss, who will serve as global director, and Nancy Staudt, who will serve as academic director.

Reiss served as senior adviser to Schwarzenegger from 2003 to 2007, and California Secretary of Education from 2010 to 2011. Prior to those appointments, Reiss was an entertainment law attorney. She has founded three national nonprofit organizations and currently serves on the University of California Board of Regents.

Staudt is an eminent scholar on tax law, tax and budget policy, and empirical legal studies, and is the inaugural holder of the Edward G. Lewis Chair in Law and Public Policy. She holds a joint appointment at the USC Gould School of Law and USC Price, and joined USC in 2011 from Northwestern University.

The institute will be funded by an initial gift from Schwarzenegger, as well as a commitment to raise an endowment with nonprofit and non partisan interests.

The institute's first public event will be a one day symposium on Sept. 24, 2012, held at the USC campus. The event will focus on the importance of post partisanship in the modern policymaking world. Governor Schwarzenegger will also serve as keynote speaker of the 2013 USC Global Conference, to be held May 23 to 25 in Seoul, Korea.

Again the concrete conditions of reality are thrown under the bus of consequentialism. No doubt Schwarzenegger's personal wealth is stated to be in $250 million dollar area. When are students going to come to USC to solve real world problems? The Salton Sea is despoiled right in my physical presence, stalking is revolting, and all is guided by electronic surveillance that is illegal.

Jack H. Knott, Bonnie Reiss, and Nancy Staudt are only three more prominent academics whose ethics and legal credibility are open to challenge.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed historically in fulfilling his worn duties of office to protect California citizens and the state. Schwarzenegger has acted with malicious a forethought in planning and consummating his entrance and exit from sworn legal duty. He presided over a vicious time period from 2003 to 2011 in which a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD escalated MOEC into a total Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

The manifest intent is to attack the human race through the United States, California, LAPD, and the LGBTi culture.

The strongest allegation is that University of Cambridge of the United Kingdom is the authorship and proximate cause.

The manifest issues that attack Schwarzenegger's historical, legal, and civil credibility are:

•Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program

•Gang Stalking and Intimidation of a Witness

•Electronic Surveillance Originating from LAPD

The United States federal government is system that operates directly above that of the State of California.

Above this system is government of the United Kingdom.

The only logical outcome that Schwarzenegger can make is a converse accident claiming that the United Kingdom and the United States are criminally and civilly culpable for actors as LAPD operating from California through mutual aid violations with law enforcement agencies in other states.

For a sworn official as the Governor this is unlikely although these actor's violations will mitigate the impact on his liabilities.

As seen, USC is avoiding the real concrete history of Arnold Schwarzenegger and California. Prima facie this is the wrong methodology and it's intent and act are of questionable legal standing. In the manifest function one can easily study the balance sheet of Schwarzenegger's entrance in politics and sworn office. His referendums to balance the budget clearly were not popular and damaged him. Having California use ankle bracelets on sex offenders is novel to this state.

Schwarzenegger's struggle to reform the correction system went nowhere and the courts were required to perform the heavy lifting. The Three Strikes law was revoked in the 2012 General Election.

The budget has constrained his efforts on education and a temporary tax designed by Brown was approved by the voters in 2012 to help stave off record tuition increases and cuts.

To return, the a fortiori position holds that Cambridge Law School has designed a defection model that is a Homosexual Blackmail and Intimidation Ring. Such attacks the human race through University of Cambridge, Scotland Yard and the United Kingdom. This event then radiates through the United States, LAPD, California towards other states domestically and other nationstates abroad.

This structure and process leaves California sworn officers facing criminal charges and untold trillions of dollars in civil liabilities.

To conclude, Arnold Schwarzenegger is counting on a helping to develop a manifest concrete conspiracy to attack the human race and Californians. USC is now a willing accomplice in this activity. Any student willing to study here at this institute is entering into a very shameful trajectory of activity that is still escalating.

This is a study in defection under prisoner's dilemma complemented with blackmail, intimidation and extortion. USC is creating a tremendous folly by building a fortress to defend this level of criminality as an institute of higher learning.

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