Supra Irrationality

Nietzsche Irrationality

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Supra Irrationality or Irrationalism is an emergent subject pertaining to the philosophical orientation or psychological equilibrium of individual and collective actors at the international, national, and local levels. There is a direct but inverse relationship to Super Rationality which is a game theory Prisoner's Dilemma approach. Here two supra rationality players by logic and reason will choose to cooperate exactly to the betterment of each.

Supra Irrationality will give demonstrable explanations to acts that appear to be fragmented and disjointed. There is usually an asymmetry of information and power and control. One actor wishes to further one's benefit usually by deception, force, and or coercion. This is also true for the punishment or degradation of another player. The concept of under the color of law is invoked. Usually there is some predetermined plan or goal that is wished to be implemented. Herein the use of the word Supra is clarified. There is usually an external system that is irrational that is dictating this mode of consciousness to a subordinate dependent party. If it is an individual or group the fatalistic higher party is invented or has ceased operating and the fatalistic dependent relationship continued to justify psychic content and activities.

The concept of Higher Structural Levels of Cognition and the Culture of Impunity have to be considered.

At all levels of a system or hierarchy the following are true.

In Prisoner's Dilemma Supra Irrationality is never optimal.

In this approach two or more players always choose defect. As in simple Prisoner's Dilemma the prosecutor will always use betrayal against two other players. This is where the Supra Irrationality has it's decisive distinction the principle of the descending operation is wrong, immoral, or illegal.

In a phenomenological perspective of an individual player it may be marginal in the short run.

The belief is that continued defection will yield the greatest benefit.

The direct implication here is of morality, leadership, the color of authority, and the setting especially of where one system is attempting to transform another to it's interest. The theories of deontology and consequentialism are in conflict. Supra Irrationalism has a marginal advantage to occur in benefit to cost ratios where an individual or minority can be sacrificed for the majority or whole. This is an opening that Irrationalist actors would seek to exploit. Conversely antinomianism or lawless in the name of God is also a probability. This will have direct impact on theories of war, genocide, and international relations.

In a simple truth table if in a hierarchical set of ten elements in column p as true and b false; it is possible for a controller to engage two subordinate players in Prisoner's Dilemma to choose all ten b or false choices. This would invert the system. It is possible that if there were ten players one as the controller would be wishing to implicate a status quo in a hierarchy.

There is a direct implication here in eternal law with revisionist philosophy or state or police control over philosophy.

The tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is for the Dalai Lama and astrologers to ascertain the next leader from those qualified candidates wishing to reincarnate. The youth picked by the present Dalai Lama has disappeared. The Chinese government through it's astrological selection has begun picking the next Dalai Lama.

The Hare Krishna Movement in the particularity of ISKCON has experienced heavy entrapment from the police with nine of the eleven diksa gurus originally authorized haven fell. One Kirtanananda Swami pleaded guilty to RICO related charges and served about seven years in prison while rejecting allegations in a devotee murder.

Kirtanananda Maharaja had lead a syncretist breakaway movement where sannyasis wore Franciscan robes and were called abbots in New Vrndavana, West Virginia.

Ramesvara Maharaja was the guru in Los Angeles, California and was removed for having illicit relations with a minor. A guru war was the setting for this intervention.

This has an implication here in RICO prosecutions and claims of illegal entrapment. There is also the legal question off of handing off cases to other officials whom do not know if something illegal has occurred.

A child molester who has violated a youth will create an array of illogical reasoning as to why the youth must be murdered. The youth in many instances is the only direct witness. In lieu of this an hierarchy of extortive threats to their life, family, friends, or pets often follows.

The classic stoning or the story of The Lottery clearly illustrates the concept of Supra Irrationality as it attempts to transform, systematize, and institutionalize a process and structure.

The simple story of The Lottery or a Stoning provides as excellent model as to how Supra Irrationality attempts to organize agents and thinking in a system and controls such. Here formal fallacies of reason as the converse and reverse converse accident unfold.

Number 4 picks up a stone and threatens Number 3 in that he must pick up a stone and threaten Number 2. Number 3 agrees and Number 2 is approached. Number 4 and 3 now approach Number 2 and threaten such that he must approach Number 1. Number 3's argument is that he must or Number 4 will stone him. Number 1 is approached and threatened. He attempts to stone Number 4 and is killed by Number 4, 3, and 2.

Within a basic format we observe a circular folly of under the color of law or authority. There are also Racketeered Influenced Behaviors as intimidation of a witness, extortion, blackmail, hostaging, and murder that can be introduced.

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On Laws and Defection

One facet of defection is the substitution of laws and citizens with criminals and crime. As stated the use of Chemical Assault as a law is widespread. Here the criminal(s) use a reciprocation with what is the delivery of hostaging, blackmail and intimidation. Instead of obeying the Constitution, life becomes a ritualistic game of being powerful enough to Chemical Assault and avoid being Chemically Assaulted. Here there is a cell or circle of officers who will use a relay or lottery amongst themselves as to who will get sprayed and who will not. This is outrageous in itself with no supervision and legal remedy. If a person is hostaged he or she may be part of the conspiracy. Usually spraying the chemicals or another crime has to be committed. In this manner traditional racketeering as drug dealing, prostitution, theft, and assault are committed as a lesser evil than spraying or being sprayed.

State Sponsored Terrorism

The concept of a Single Issue Terror Group is becoming a disturbing concept that is focusing in a constraining but positive manner my opposition to the ongoing attack in the United States. LAPD are avenging LGBT History and are ill equipped to perform any positive activities other than destroy the UnitedStates. Both public and civilian populations are informant based and complicit.A scapegoating purge will most likely attempt to wash the hands of dead presidents as Ronald Reagan. Due to time and logistic constraints the following is edited from:

A Military Guide to Terrorism in the Twenty First Century August 15, 2005

Motivation Categories

Motivation categories describe terrorist groups in terms of their ultimate goals or objectives. While political or religious ideologies will determine the how of the conflict, and the sort of society that will arise from a successful conclusion, motivation is the what what the endstate or measure of success is.


Often particular social policies or issues will be so contentious that they will incite extremist behavior and terrorism. Frequently this is referred to as single issue or special interest terrorism. Some issues that have produced terrorist activities in the United States and other countries are:

Animal rights


Ecology environment

Minority rights

Networked Structure

Terrorists are now increasingly part of far more indistinct and broader system of networks than previously experienced. Groups based on religious or single issue motives lack a specific political or nationalistic agenda; they therefore have less need for a hierarchical structure to coordinate the achievement of their goals. Instead, they can depend and even thrive on loose affiliation with like minded groups or individuals from a variety of locations. General goals and targets are announced, and individuals or cells are expected to use flexibility and initiative to conduct the necessary action.

Basic Concepts

Networks consist of nodes. A node may be an individual, a cell, another networked organization, or a hierarchical organization. They may also consist of parts of other organizations, even governments, which are acting in ways that can be exploited to achieve the network's organizational goals.

The effectiveness of a networked organization is dependent on several things. The network achieves longterm organizational effectiveness when the nodes share a unifying ideology, common goals or mutual interests. When there is failure to accept the overall goals of the organization, pieces of the network will drop out. This is less catastrophic than a splintering within a hierarchical group.

Another difficulty for network organizations not sharing a unifying ideology is that nodes can pursue objectives or take actions that do not meet the goals of the organization, or are actually counterproductive. In this instance, the independence of nodes fails to develop synergy between their activities or contribute to common objectives.

Networks distribute the responsibility for operations, and provide redundancies for key functions. The various cells need not contact or coordinate with other cells except for those essential to a particular operation or function. The avoidance of unnecessary coordination or command approval for action provides deniability to the leadership and enhances operational security.

Networks are not necessarily dependent on the latest information technology for their effect. The organizational structure and the flow of information inside the organization are the defining aspects of networks. While information technology can make networks more effective, low tech means such as couriers and landline telephones can enable networks to operate effectively in certain circumstances.

Hub or Star and Wheel

Nodes communicate with one central node. The central node need not be the leader or decision maker for the network. A variation of the hub is a wheel design where the outer nodes communicate with one or two other outer nodes in addition to the hub. A wheel configuration is a common feature of a financial or economic network.

Government Affiliation Categories

Categorizing terrorist groups by their affiliation with governments provides indications of their means for intelligence, operations, and access to types of weapons. U.S. joint doctrine identifies three affiliations: non state supported, state supported, and state directed terrorist groups.

Non state supported. These are terrorist groups that operate autonomously, receiving no significant support from any government.

State supported. These are groups that generally operate independently but receive support from one or more governments.

State directed. These groups operate as an agent of a government and receive substantial intelligence, logistic, and operational support from the sponsoring government.

Terrorist Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons

The following outlines are from an expert source. The single issue terror group use Biological Weapons (BW) as a first choice. Most incidents are hoaxes. Conventional Terror (CT) is second choice. Apocalyptic groups fit this Method of operation (MO) in the first instance. It is clear that the American President and the 2008 Presidential Candidates are pretenders to the office and are of questionable integrity on homeland security.

David Nollmeyer

Cambria CA

Terrorist Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons

Reynolds M. Salerno, Ph.D. Sandia National Laboratories February 2003

Historical Record and Future Threat

Based on historical record, religious apocalyptic groups pose the greatest threat (e.g. Rajneeshees, Aum Shinrikyo)

Globally, terrorists generally have preferred the instant gratification of explosives

Many non WMD alternatives available to terrorists

Terrorists tend to use CBW that

Require little educational training

Require little manipulation

Are easily deployed (crude dissemination methods)

Chemicals are the terrorist CBW agents of choice

Most biological cases are hoaxes

U.S. anthrax attacks a watershed?

Sophisticated biological processing and dissemination techniques

Lack of restraint to cause mass casualties

Other Aspects of CBW Terrorism Threat

Dual use agents and technologies

Wide access to CBW information

Internet resources and how to books

Relatively low cost

Little infrastructure required for CBW

High consequence pathogens and toxins stored and used in laboratories and culture collections throughout world

Frequent outbreaks of exotic, highly infectious disease

Large stockpiles of chemical agents in Russia under questionable security

Most chemical agents widely available Unemployed weapons engineers from FSU and elsewhere may be hired by well funded terrorist organizations

Chemical Agent Choices



Rat poison


Biological Agent Choices

Salmonella typhimurium

Bacillus anthracis

Botulinum toxin


Marijuana Profiling: Ad Hominem Profiling

In abusing a culture of impunity LAPD and agents use a corrupt system of profiling that is a failed and incompetent method to develop scientific determinism in the administration of criminal justice.

In this instance the a combination of ad hominem and ad misericordiumprofiling is constructed from past history and a geographic location and imposed over the individual. This profile is slavishly adhered to harass and violate one's civil rights and also wrecks other law enforcement's standing under the colour of law.

In my particular case profiles from actual drug dealers from the state of Delaware are imposed over me. I have not lived in Delaware for over a year since 1987. I have not used drugs in degree since before this time. I also do not drink alcohol.

LAPD attempts to develop an image of a malingering individual who has not developed from say 20 years of age. This includes a dysfunctional hero worship of drug dealers. In actuality these drug personas are actual targets of prosecution themselves. Any serious person who has been involved in any racketeering activity for over 20 years is in jeopardy of habitual offender and or three strike laws which will incur a life sentence.

The myth of California sinsemeillia growing also is invoked. This is centered out of Humboldt County which is the heart of California's Golden Triangle. The mythical image of a marijuana grower and their social status is a target. The situation throughout this state and Northern California is one of increasing violence and penetration by organized crime.

In the latter category would be the cracking open of Vick's Inhalers to extract the pseudo ephedrine resulting in a bathtub batch of peanut butter crank.

This material will nearly make one blind if they inject such and should be avoided. I have already written to Senator Dianne Feinstein about this nonsense as she has sponsored legislation that has regulated over the counter ephedrine.

This type of position paper refuting any intent to support the increasing narco fascist culture is do to an impugn level of law enforcement using profiling and handing of bogus straw man lies to other agencies out of jurisdiction as mutual aid. I cannot even walk in to a town or particularly a store without a contingent of corrupt locals, tourists, and employees laying in wait to harass. The other tactic with such is to set of shoplifting. As stated calling such a racketeering complex is accurate.