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Open Letters

The following records are Open Letters which were posted to my and MOEC Studies systems from 2001 in continuo. After 32 years of Censorship and Sanitization the attempt to gain Legal Recognition, decapitate the system, and bring the prominent Actors to accountability deserves some attention based on it's merit. Open Letters are worth the time and effort and an important facet of our Freedom and Dignity.

The following reflect the emergence from a passivity to a more dynamic posture with prophylaxis.

The Open Letters are a stoic and defiant statement in a study in the classic argument of the confrontation between the Individual versus the State.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

One should note that any reference made to the Baltimore Studio is no more than LAPD officers posing as MSM musicians.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer October 24, 2015

September 17 • The United States Constitution is signed and the Convention adjourns.

The approved Constitution is signed by thirty nine delegates from twelve states save Rhode Island. One delegate, John Dickinson from Delaware, was ill and not present, had George Read sign his name by proxy. Three delegates present declined to sign the document: Edmund Randolph, George Mason, and Elbridge Gerry. George Washington, as president of the convention, was the first signatory.

2008 Letters

An Open Letter to Representatives Ducheny D CA and Garcia D CA

Desert Shores CA

November 24, 2008

Dear Representatives Ducheny and Garcia,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you from Desert Shores Ca. The Salton Sea is completely chemically contaminated. Since June 17, 1987 LAPD, whom contains a Gay Militia have launched a Scorched Earth Chemical Assault within this country. They are attempting to avenge LGBT history.

I am openly fighting this from a spiritual perspective within my Gaudiya Vaishnava line of ritvik followers of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I have openly opposed Gay Marriage for 13 years in a modest stream of legal documents and memos to public officials as yourself.

President Bush nor Barack Obama have demonstrated any will to recognize concrete history and my rights.

It is my position although a far cry that the Democrat and Republican parties should be banned. They have benefited tremendously as the average person has be marginalized and injured.

You have no choice but recognize this abuse.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer


2009 Letters

Open Letter To Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger R CA

Desert Shores CA

February 15, 2009

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Since you have assumed office as Governor of California you have stressed only fiscal management of this state.

There is an escalated CHEMICAL ASSAULT ongoing here in California and as well as nationwide.

Your legal responsibilities are foremost protecting the PRIMARY RIGHTS of the citizens. Small chemical assaults have been placed over genealogies of various individuals, ideas, and external objects as food clothing and shelter. The most severe TARGET natural person is my self. As other persons attempt to assist me they to run the risk of being incorporated into this RICO styled corruption.

The event is being carried out by cell(s) of GAY MILITANTS within LAPD. MUTUAL AID violations therefore originate within this state.

Regardless you should have and still should act overtly by using EMERGENCY POWERS OF THE GOVERNOR.

The SALTON SEA IS Completely contaminated as is most of the food, clothing and shelter.

As for reproduction I have staunchly opposed GAY MARRIAGE. In California this would be support of PROPOSITION 8.

This is a hate crime. I am also a conservative ritvik Hare Krishna.

Hridayananda Maharaj, an ISKCON diksa guru recently blessed a Gay Union but retracted in apology almost immediately.

Your are a DE FACTO AND NEGLIGENT official.

The case of ad hominem emerges as you father was a member of rank in the Nazi SS. You should take this consideration seriously.

I am a direct advocate in the style of Simon Wisenthal and will pursue legally and historically within the law.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hare Krishna.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lois Capps D CA: Lets Discuss Treason

Westwood CA

June 9, 2009

Dear Representative Lois Capps,

My writings and complaints to you and your associates in Congress fall on deaf ears and cold hearts.

Lets Discuss Treason and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Rodrigo Rosenberg of Guatemala has recently been gunned down and I have posted his video on my blog:

I am in the same position that Rodrigo Rosenberg was in. I do not see myself living 10 more years.

Under prisoner's dilemma cooperation would be adhering to the United States Constitution. Defection would mean following the orders of LAPD who are de facto. As seen I allege that LAPD is implementing the chemical assault.

I am claiming that Cambridge University of the United Kingdom is the authorship.

LAPD is LGBTi and I am a cradle to grave heterosexual. LAPD has an irrational defense mechanism that is delusional. They operate on the premise that if they damaged the legal standing of Ronald Reagan than they will be heroes in LGBTi locations as San Francisco. I agree that this IS ACCURATE in part only.


One has to consider misogyny on the side of LAPD. Officials Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Bono, and yourself are all females who have contributions to the LGBTi community and you are all now in serious legal and historical jeopardy.

I have been accommodating and non intimidating to LGBTi individuals historically. There is extreme concern about the continuum between antisocial to psychopathic behavior in all groups but since the firewall is LGBTi, I am expecting that these persons are more likely to be incarcerated under normal procedures, higher than heterosexuals.

I will simply state that I view your performance as a sworn official in California as illegal and punishable by law. You have substantial contributions to the Gay Community that you undertook with peril to your own career.

What has a Gay Militancy run out of Homeland Security done for you? You should ask this of Janet Napolitano and William Bratton.

They have destroyed your legacy and family history as they have destroyed my life and who knows how many more.

I, like any other competent general simply wish to open a file through the defection model. This gambit includes Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi.

I believe that the history of the world, country, and nation have been altered.

I am the leader of the idea and practice of civilly opposing Gay Irrationality Gay Know Nothing. This is not absurd; I AM THE ONLY PERSON TO ATTEMPT TO DO ANYTHING.

Gay Fascism emerges when persons as Sheila Kuehl, State Senator from Santa Monica attempt to pass legislation sanitizing Gay History. (Hence the appearance of intellects over Know Nothings.)

LAPD's Gay Militia is racist against Latinos, Blacks, Jews, and Asians.

The officers that directly corrupted your life have code names. This may also include a complex of more than one officer.

Periander: Is most likely dead. He operated in the staging until the earl 1980s.



Proposition 8 was upheld recently. I have supported such in the past and will continue to fight to overturn same sex marriage in Maine, Iowa, and here again in California if that is the case.

What has gay law enforcement and culture produced? It has produced pre fascist irrationalist know nothing that has despoiled the human race. Has it ever occurred to you or your colleagues to find out the origin and system and prosecute?

What is unique about myself that is accessible to the human race is that I reject being the informant under prisoner's dilemma. My observation regarding the collapse of this country is that an individual or group of persons defected to a corrupt idea which spread through the culture where corrupt law enforcement emerges as a gang RICO structure. The president himself and the officials are informants traitors to the constitution and country they have sworn to protect.

I state these things because I become internally conflicted when I attempt to give an explanation to a child in the future why they were born sick and the environment is chemically contaminated.

This is where Lassen and Plumas Counties figure prominently. This area was near pristine but is ruined due to the incompetence and de facto nature of a small group of persons.

I argue that all of the members of Congress, Judiciary Branch, and Executive Branch should face open accusations of treason.

The Hare Krishna Movement is based on total surrender. This means a priesthood (Brahmins) who are mortified to the flesh, hence celibate. I am taking spiritual shelter here and requesting criminal and civil prosecutions in the nation's court system.

This precludes Gay Triumphalism. I am not against LGBTi members celebrating their culture and history in parades in a civil and lawful manner. Gay Triumphalism is impossible during a scorched earth and which has to wait for official recognition and intellects to punishment members of their own corp.

Sri Krishna: Declare it boldly my devotee never perishes...

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA


Open Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Westwood CA

September 3, 2009

Dear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing to question President Barack Obama and your policy regarding diplomacy with North Korea and Iran. Currently I am in Westwood, California. The ground water in Lake Almanor, Plumas County is completely CHEMICALLY CONTAMINATED. In degree if you engage in bilateral or multilateral talks with Iran's Achminejead, he may act to defend Iran's watershed:

The major rivers running into the Caspian Sea in Iranian shorelines flow from the northern Alborz altitudes like: Aras, Sefid Rud, Chalus, Haraz, Se hezar, Babol, Talar, Tajan, Gorgan, Atrak, Qarasu and Neka.

The Zagros serves as the main originating headspring of the rivers running into the Persian Gulf & Oman sea watersheds. Among all these rivers, the major ones are: Arvand Rud, Gamasb, Karun, Jarahi, Zohreh, Dalaki, Mend, Shur, Minab, Mehran and Naband.

In considering this, the 22 year attack domestically only reinforces, not deters Iran's position to develop security apparatus for their state's survival. Officially Iran's nuclear program is only for peaceful programs.

Kim Jong Il is constantly enjoying the benefit of increasing his and Korea's prestige vis a vis with the United States and the president knowing that in the end he was confronting a country and leadership that permitted a CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH against his own nation.

If you remember correctly I began a confrontation on this issue with Congress while your husband Bill Clinton was president and you were senator from New York State.

It is clear that the strategic mission of this system of torture is to promote Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex rights. It is clear that I am cradle to grave heterosexual and this de facto pattern of activity is also a hate crime.

It is based out of Los Angeles Police Department. The agency has a cell(s) of gay militants. Is calling other countries rogue nations accurate?

In diplomacy one has to judge by the hand not by the mouth. Concrete facts and proven demonstrable behavior define the legitimacy, maturity, good faith, and credibility of an actor.

The United States with you as Secretary of State are committing catastrophic errors in the national security of this nation by permitting an escalation of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood California


Open Letter To Governor Jan Brewer R AZ

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 14, 2009

 Governor Jan Brewer AZ

Jan Brewer

Dear Governor Brewer,

When you took over the office of Governor from Janet Napolitano in January of 2008, the United States had been and still is engaged in a significant Chemical Assault Scorched Earth centered over my citizenship and natural person. This event has persisted since June 17, 1987. The alienation of my rights in Arizona, I currently am moving across the Colorado River between Blythe, CA and Ehrenberg, AZ leaves no one with due process. Arizona is an integral part of the nation's Homeland Security based on it's structural location.

I am not a partisan of political parties. The law is broke due to the human resources that are employed in sworn capacities to uphold our rights and protect us.

The Colorado River is despoiled. This is the regions drinking and agricultural water. Gang Structures proliferate on both sides of the border. Your negligence in stepping forward to DEFEND MY RIGHTS IS INEXCUSABLE.

The stakes are quite high. I am choosing to legally fight this event out regardless one, race, creed, religion, gender, nationality, or political orientation to achieve historical and legal justice.

I am only 48 years old and should easily live to 77. You were being born in 1944 should easily live towards 2020. A twenty year old Homeland Security Officer in Arizona should live at least 55 more years to 2065. The current immature operation of passing the logic bomb to the future only emboldens those adversaries to the United States and equal protection under the law.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ


2010 Letters

Open Letter to Mary Bono Mack R Palm Springs

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 3, 2010

Mary Bono with Students 2010

Mary Bono Mack With Students

Dear Representative Bono Mack,

Over twenty years of censorship have created an inflationary bubble. Here there is a negative externality or spillover cost due to the true value of tangible immovable properties. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a direct attack on such assets. He appears to be aware at least indirectly of some of postings on internet.

I have claimed to you that this event is being directed by LGBTi militants from LAPD. I have written you from the Salton Sea and now the Colorado River Valley. Both areas of surface water were Chemically Attacked.

Investment Adviser Marc Faber has predicted a Dirty War scenario for the United States. My cellphone has blown up, I have already complained to the FBI that the Colorado River is despoiled. I have also criticized Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

In degree your district has a 40 percent chance of being the jurisdiction that will be used to define and prosecute this Crime Against Humanity.

I am also aware that individuals in the Stalking Support Community are indirectly discussing my plight and applying this to their particular cases. These terms are being used: Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, and Stalking.

I was also born in 1961. Barack Obama, your person, Beau Biden (AG of Delaware, and myself are emerging as focal litigants as the trajectory of lifespan eliminates sworn authorities.

The so called fiscal conservatives are blind to the worth of their assets. The incompetence of permitting this event to continue will destroy the Coachella and Colorado River Valleys.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

(The following are the updated domain sites. DWN September 26, 2016.)

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger R CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 6, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mexico Quake 2010 David Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ 2010
Governor Schwarzenegger
Easter 2010
David Nollmeyer

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

As your term of Governor transpires at the end of 2010, it is prudent that you deliberate the consequences of your stewardship of California. You have essentially promised to end the business as usual posture of Sacramento Politics but in reality this has only lead to a mismanagement of the state and a catastrophic loss to the people.

A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth was imposed over my natural person and citizenship since June 17, 1987. The former directly attacks my life and other persons in the contaminated environment. Citizenship gives me the LEGAL RIGHT to confront the state. You are the sovereign chief executive of the State of California.

The Colorado River is chemically despoiled at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing. This water flows south into Mexico who also has rights to this water.

On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck San Luis, Mexico. I was in Ehrenberg on this day. This does not excuse you as the prime suspect in the Chemical Attack is LAPD.

The Strategic Mission goal is same sex marriage. I am Proposition 8 supporter. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna. LAPD has code named this Chemical Assault of the water supply Radhanatha. This is a poison in the well tactic to draw attention to the murder of Sulochana Prabhu in Los Angeles in 1986.

This will also affect President Barack Obama.

The other culture that will historically debilitate you and your estate is Gang Mob Stalkers. Your entire political career will defined by the Religious Gender Biased Stalking (I am Heterosexual) of my person. I am easily the most stalked person in the history of the United States and California to the prejudice of those persons who are the stalkers and those sworn officials who condone these acts of TORTURE.

The Homeland Security officers of the state are cowards in the line of fire as you are for not upholding the citizenship of the people. This is my person in particular and all other third parties in the collective.

The history of the corporation is also in jeopardy as these stalkers perform misdeeds as informants while at work.


You have not fulfilled your sworn duties as Governor of California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 6, 2010

Open Letter to Senator Boxer D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 8, 2010

Barbara Boxer

Senator Boxer
Chief Charlie Beck

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Dear Senator Boxer,

I have lived along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg crossing since November, 2009 in continuo. This time period has transpired with President Barack Obama winning the Noble Peace Prize (I was in Big Pine CA).

When one's citizenship is alienated the collective loses.

The Colorado River is chemically despoiled. This water serves drinking and agricultural interests of California, Arizona, and Mexico.

On Easter April 4 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck in San Luis, Mexico.

This country is putting severe pressure on it's allies to help censor an attack on the human race and civilization.

I would like to also call your attention to what some are labeling Gang Mob Stalking. Phoebe Prince, a young high school student recently committed suicide after systematic harassment in Massachusetts.


In degree a LGBTi militancy, mostly bisexual males has attacked my natural person and citizenship thus catastrophically damaging the natural persons and properties protected by federal law in the United States.

Your career as senator overlaps this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Groups as GLAAD and Amnesty International (I am an AI member) should have their tax exempt status revoked for patronizing the exact behaviors they claim exemption for.

This Gan Mob Stalking culture should be reexamined and the federal government should take this is a national security interest. This is a salient feature of the attack on this Irrationalist Counter Culture. Notice I am not stating a subculture as the LGBTi platform is now. The Gay Militancy is a Counter Culture having values the opposite of civilization and rationality. They are worse than the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was as the Democratic militia of the 1930s.

This culture is being sanitized. Even Speaker Pelosi was stalked by phone. The police do not think an instant before making an arrest for her.

I struggle by writing memos and posting on the internet. I have been Stalked since June 17, 1987 in Dover, DE.

Delaware has the fastest growing Part I Crime in the USA rising from 17 to 7. This abuse has knocked Delaware AG Biden out of the Senate race for his father's seat. This crime is driven by this Stalking culture.

In conclusion the State of California is a condition of catastrophic Scorched Earth and the culture is an informant based Gang Stalking mob. You need to go pro active and go after these individuals and groups.

Chief Beck of LAPD should also be singled out. You own a home in the Coachella Valley and I am a fixture in the region for half a year.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

April 8, 2010

Open Letter to First Lady Maria Shriver

Westwood CA

July 10, 2010


The Schwarzeneggers

Dear First Lady Maria Schwarzenegger,

As the term of you husband ends as Governor of California, I believe that the real record of the state should be recognized over the sanitized account that you are helping create to the injury of the People of California.

Recently on June 30, 2010 you made the following statement:

"Just to become governor is a huge thing, and to do it twice is a huge accomplishment," Shriver told Pop Tarts at the Million Plates Campaign in Los Angeles on Monday. "I think he has so much to be proud of certainly his work on the environment, job creation, selling California on all the reforms he's been able to institute. I think when all is said and done, people will look at him as a great performer.

When Arnold ran against Gray Davis in the recall election both he and the governor were aware of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over both my natural person and citizenship. I had previously sued Gray Davis to end this abuse as well as Pete Wilson.

Arnold is part of a System of A Perfect Dictator. He under the theory of consequentialism have thrown all the natural persons and citizens of this under the bus.

I am in Westwood, California. The surface water as Robber's Creek is chemically polluted to stalk me. This likely pollute Lake Almanor and other tributaries. Persons continually drive by with chemicals in the engines contaminating the air. Food is stores has been attacked from the factory. Water will not run out of taps when I am near a building. The police have or have supplied chemicals to contaminate the plumbing.

This is all in attack by LGBTi militants which are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing.

This is derived from an anti immigrant movement in the 1800s. Here Arnold had desired for the constitution to be changed so he can run for president. Arnold should be STRIPPED OF HIS UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP.

There is no doubt that someone's posterity somewhere will claim that the environmental contamination has mortally immortally injured their relation.

Perhaps this will be Westwood where there is talk of sanitizing the Gay Militancy and stalking which is here but not as bad as other locations.

The degradation of homeland security, the health of the citizens, the destruction of wealth, and many other factors are the result of Arnold and you lacking the volition to step forward.

An important part of this hate crime is that I a ritvik Hare Krishna. I am a lifelong heterosexual who continues to support Proposition 8. The amount of followers in my faith are quite small worldwide. I have only met such online. We are a branch or anga of the diksa line. This states that I do not necessarily follow a living guru. The teacher that I follow His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada died in November 1977.

Overall I wish I would have fought harder for my faith, family, and person. They should have also fought harder for me. This is also the error of your husband. The human race is going to have to lay in the bed that they made.

Overall I would state that victims are the most likely opposition to Ritual Criminalization.

You and Arnold lack a Conscience and Volition. Arnold has not increased our freedom under the California Constitution. He has willingly been blackmailed and extorted into turning the state into a Machinery of Torture that has attacked the human race.

In closing he should be Stripped of his United States Citizenship and prosecuted. You should be aware that your age of 54 and your linkage to the Kennedy Dynasty makes you a strong target for real prosecution.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

July 10, 2010

Open Letter to Carly Fiorini

Westwood CA

July 24, 2010

Dear Carly Fiorini,

You as a candidate for US Senator and all other candidates are running for office as sworn officials in California without recognizing the system of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment that has been ongoing since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

This event is being driven from Los Angeles Police Department by a cell(s) of LGBTi militants. This appears to be mostly male. If I am alienated from constitutional rights, EVERYONE WILL LOSE. Senator Boxer is a sworn official who has not recognized this crime and the entire state is at a loss.

Due Process is a right and I have almost none whatsoever.

I am the most heavily stalked person in the history of the United States. The surface water in Lassen and Plumas Counties is despoiled. So is running tap water in buildings when I approach such.

You have a record as a CEO in a major firm Hewlett Packard. What needs to be identified is the structure and process of racketeering and those natural persons responsible brought to trial and victims compensated. How are private firms incorporated in the machinery of torture? Entire structures and systems have been co opted to attack persons as myself. In the corporate history I have used a DV-1000 laptop to attack abuse writing complaints and websites. I am currently using an Asus 1000he, Motorola Droid, and solar power to continue an innovation against what is truly a crime against humanity. I am pressing for justice in US federal court.

Present Governor Schwarzenegger is under the color of law. He should of used emergency powers of the governor to halt actions lead by a LGBTi militancy run out of LAPD.

It is my analysis that citizens in California and the United States will clamor to strip him of his citizenship in the future. He ran for office as an agent for The People... He has done null to aid such and like Mr. Freeze in his movies he is the world's strongest criminal and epitomizes the culture of corruption which he claimed he would change.

Note this statement by First Lady Maria Shriver:

"Just to become governor is a huge thing, and to do it twice is a huge accomplishment," Shriver told Pop Tarts at the Million Plates Campaign in Los Angeles on Monday. "I think he has so much to be proud of certainly his work on the environment, job creation, selling California on all the reforms he's been able to institute. I think when all is said and done, people will look at him as a great performer."

She is only 54 years old to Arnold's 63 years of age and is a compelling target for obstruction of justice.

As seen the LGBTi militancy is run based on Same Sex Male interests. A double bind argument is constructed. Lesbians and bisexuals are the front for their hedonistic culture. If a male is not sexually attracted to Lesbian or female bisexuality he is baited as gay then bisexual then transgender in a circular folly. As a female executive you should be highly concerned about Gay Misogyny.

I have been a lifelong heterosexual and I have supported Proposition 8 or it's equivalent all my life. I am ritvik Hare Krishna on the path of Madhurya Lila which is hard to explain but in reduction:

When you steal the handmaiden's gold the world will turn to fire.

This statement from German Mythology reflects the panorama in the background and the historical and legal defeat of Schwarzenegger.

Just as in 100 Years of Solitude, the City of Macondo is doomed from it's inception. The present Macondo oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico is spewing oil while I am fighting.

Governor Schwarzenegger to end a crime against humanity.

The University of California is corrupt and useless. They receive tax money to censor and sanitize the worst crime in the history of California.

The students of California have a very Irrationalist pattern of behavior.

You have to recognize this attack on my life and the natural persons living in this state or you will be legally culpable under RICO statutes.

I do not see how 38 million people are going to be compensated for this attack. Strip Arnold Schwarzenegger of his citizenship. The Kennedy Clan should start to do things legally also.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

July 24, 2010

The Right To Marry: Barbara Boxer D CA

Westwood CA

August 13, 2010

Dear Senator Boxer,

The recent reversal of Proposition 8, in effect the Right To Marry has also given rise to my predicament here in California under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I am an independent ritvik adherent of Gaudiya Vaishnavism (Hare Krishna Movement). Therefore my torture and false imprisonment is a faith based hate crime as well as gender orientated. My date of conversion was August 2, 1977, and my birthday is August 3, 1961. Proposition 8 was overturned by Judge Walker on August 4, or Barack Obama's birthday.

I am a pure lifelong heterosexual. I have had zero same sex behaviors over my entire life in continuo. I have supported Proposition 8 or it's equivalent throughout the entire trajectory of my life and will continue to do so. The authorship and Gay Militants in LAPD who are running this attack suffer from an inferiority complex which drives an obsessive displacement against my person which has destroyed a great deal of California and the United States.

What is unique is that lesbianism is the front for this male based inferiority complex. Having the police arrange encounters towards marriages with what are bisexual females is suppose to lead to aLGBTi condoning of my abuse and others. What is going on now as Lake Almanor and other surrounding surface waters is the circular double bind of using lesbianism to front this attack against me. I will state that my preferences are opposite sex females or heterosexuals. If I email a female, LAPD will state that they are homosexual male Hare Krishnas based out of New Raman Reti in Alachua, Florida.

So what is your opinion if this element attempts to portray you as a male homosexual Hare Krishna from Florida?

There are two male diksa gurus operating out of ISKCON New Raman Reti. They are Hridayananda das goswami (Howard Resnick) and Jayadvaitya swami (Jay Israel). Both are supporters of Gay Monogamy. What LAPD is describing to me as Gay Marriage is actually Open Marriage between bisexuals. Hence the male and female are going to have multiple same and opposite sex partners.

I do not support the position of the two gurus mentioned. I am not affiliated with ISKCON or New Raman Reti in any manner. I do have Facebook friends of persons that are based out of New Raman Reti. Positions on this issue are not uniform and I do not unfriend persons for being LGBTi. Censorship is a tactic within the diksa paradigm more than the ritvik.

Attempting also to posit that I am transgender based on my California ID picture is amusing. I am a pure heterosexual over 49 years. What is true is that I am not mean spirited and do not harass or contribute to the stalking of LGBTi persons as the LGBTi community is severely guilty of in this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am writing you from Westwood, California and this is this area's record. I believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger's citizenship will be stripped from him and that Mari Shriver may eventually be prosecuted for this attack within the next 30 years. I am more situated in what the Vedas would state as the mode of goodness so I have not been overtly concerned with a heterosexual monogamous marriage within my faith. Overall I will state that I will marry if this event ends. This will protect the interests of those who are under attack by genocidal police work. So there is an unambiguous continuum on my preferences with you and especially the California Federal Contingency which is uniform. This is a severe blow to the LGBTi paradigm and Barack Obama. He cannot continue to live out a fictitious life while California and myself are being destroyed.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

August 13, 2010

Westwood CA

Transgenderism the Focus Against Kamala Harris D CA

Westwood CA

September 17, 2010

Kamala Harriss

Kamala Harris

Dear District Attorney Kamala Harris,

As you are now openly campaigning for California Attorney General as a sworn District Attorney for San Francisco it is time that you recognize the concrete reality of which all Californians and myself exist.

There is an Open Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the Human Race that is centered over my person. I am in Westwood, Lassen County in Northern California. The world and Californians have the right to know why they are being attacked.

There is a confrontation between LGBTi police officers out of LAPD and heterosexuality represented by my person.

I have almost no state or federal rights to speak. I have been a PURE HETEROSEXUAL, this should not be understated throughout my life. This is to claim that I have had zero male partners and zero same sex acts in continuo. The Male Same Sex Male MSM officers from LAPD suffer from an inferiority complex due to their LGBTi identity. As such they are ostracizing me from my rights. Currently I do not have any clean water to drink whatsoever and all the surface tap water is contaminated. Products in stores are corrupted.

This activity was designed to poison the well for Radhastami, The Appearance Day of Srimati Radharini, the consort of Sri Krishna. I am Vedic practitioner. In this case LAPD is attempting to out me as a Transgendered person. I am going to take what is a very frivolous claim seriously refuting it with mootness.

All this is will prove is that these LGBTi officers are confused and have done the greatest damage to the LGBTi movement and it's history.

Transgenderism states that an individual is not happy with his or her biological sex. This is to state that a male personality may desire a female body and a female personality may desire a male body. Persons that are transitioning from one gender to another through hormone treatment are within transgenderism. This is what I thought was the meaning of the term.

In essence I enjoy being a male in the biologically male body I was born in. I am very confident, strong, and deliberate in accepting the framework in which I was born into and developed as a heterosexual male. In a expression of the maturation of being male I would one day like to express to the woman that I love that I would want to be the husband and father of her children in marriage.

This is not possible and this is also symbiotic to the overturning of Proposition 8 and Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the military.

(What is very wonderful is that the realization is that a woman of African descent is my first preference. This is new for me personally and others also.)

LAPD is acting a sibling rivalry where various individuals compete for sexual activity. There are a roster of individuals and LAPD is racist and in some strange way this Black African woman is winning against most of the females especially blonde females from Southern California.

In degree if persons wish to know why they, their families, and properties are being destroyed it is because I am heterosexual male and the LAPD are LGBTi and probably have a streak of transgenderism. Lassen County supported Proposition 8 by a 70 to 30 percent margin and this attack on Radhastami was an attempt to invert this defeat.

You have a stellar record on LGBTi rights and are now guilty, not the victim of this Crime Against Humanity. It is my estimation that the HIV positive and hypoallergenic groups may respond as victims in the future against you.

The personality of the victim emerges as the leader as the Prefect Dictatorship looks on while the Police attack the people.

Radhe! Radhe!

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA


The Condition of the Salton Sea: Mary Bono Mack R CA

Desert Shores CA

November 5, 2010

Mary Bono Mack

Dear Rep. Mary Bono Mack,

Human beings are a natural species existing in an environment. As a consequence to objective science our culture has once again promoted you to represent the 45th District under the United States Constitution. Our nation's Bill of Rights gives our citizens the legal protection natural persons need and orders our sworn officials as your person by duty to uphold our rights.

What the historical trajectory provides for here is that humans will fight very strongly through various levels of conflict. For examination's purposes it can deduced that the human species will continue to fight in highly contaminated environments even when distant conventional wisdom erroneously postulates that these parties may surrender.

The history of the United States and the 45th District supports events as Grozny and the Iraqi Wars where Scorched Earth Seek and Destroy tactics have heavily damaged infrastructure as private property, hospitals, schools, roads, and communications. These structures are readily remodeled or rebuilt. As seen these conflicts portray an intensity that appears irrational to foreign perspective.

It can be deduced from the 45th District that the human spirit will drive parties to continue fighting through:

Nuclear Holocaust

Biological Warfare

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

I have endured since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution through a severe escalation that left the Colorado River and Salton Sea chemically despoiled when I am near such as in the present instance.

This artistic tyranny is centered over my person in the main. The surrounding environment and citizens are fractals of this attack. It appears that LGBTi males Male Same Sex Male MSM professors from Cambridge Law School Oxbridge Complex authored such.

What is unique is that Trinity College, the Philosophy and Theology Department contained Neo Platonist philosophers who were experts in the Tyranny of Greek City States. In reduction this is a 1984 styled variation of Dionysus I and II et al. Persons who study predicate calculus through texts as Copi's Logic are familiar with informal fallacy and jurisprudence and will have some indirect knowledge of tactics as poison in the well and straw man argumentation.

This type of presentation is repetitive but is needed when the opponent is openly malicious and frivolous and redundancy is a choice tactic of lesser intelligent provocateurs to surround a more talented opponent.

This summer and recent election highlights the emergence of the Right to Marry and the LGBTi platform. The performance of LGBTi individuals in public service especially Homeland Security is focal.

The attack on rights also includes my right to marry, I am a strict heterosexual.

This also flanks and make obsolete a more narrow human rights presentation by groups as Courage Campaign who advocate for Same Sex Marriage under the Right to Marry banner.

To escalate the indignity imposed upon myself I have earned the status as the most stalked person in the world. Having the Salton Sea chemically contaminated is intimidating. Having INFORMANTS harass not only me but other persons for deals further degrades arguments as Gays in the military. There is no doubt to the FAILURE OF MSM officers IN LAPD. The Stalking Culture is heavily same sex beyond the 10 to 15 percent of the population that may exist in our society.

In the areas that I frequent there are three Japanese Internment Camps. Alturas and Lone Pine, California and near Parker, Arizona north of Blythe.

The volition or lack of Free Will to step forward and perform duties of one's office is paramount. The population is clamoring for tyranny selling criminal skills as stalking for deals. As stated the spirit of life runs deep here in my spirit as a Hare Krishna. I have no intention of backing down against the nihilist relative morality that the cells of Gay Militia (this is their choice of identity for the record) uses to irrationalize their performance. Overall humans are choosing to be informants. No president, congressperson, governor, or attorney general at any level has stepped forward to intervene.

No LGBTi person has stepped forward strongly either. Those persons who have been stalked who communicate in online forums have mentioned the tactics used but their identities are cryptic at times against these informant based attackers.

This country and the 45th District was better of without the de facto corrupt activities of LAPD. Barack Obama, your person, and myself are cohorts in longitudinal cross sectional experimentation.

Order first, then power to bind subsequent persons and objects to the order. Ad bacuulum, the arbitrary rule of force is now more than a Master Passion gone awry in a mob of appetites.

An inspection of the sexual orientation MSM of these Gay Militia officers will provide that their antecedent preferences were predictive of their failure as code officers. It will be ascertained that my heterosexuality is predictive of me attempting to stay close to truth and my abstract rights to fight against a Tyranny of the Majority which includes you and Barack Obama.

I clearly see the despoliation of the Colorado River and Salton Sea as being a fatal error that was deliberately designed as part of this attack. Having the country of Mexico being involved in the Colorado River and New River renders extraordinary complexity as far as legal obligations are concerned and Huge Damages.

The contamination of the wine and date fields is significant. I gleaned a handful of what I would consider PREMIUM DATES from a field outside Indio. THEY WOULD BURN YOUR MOUTH.

The miscalculation and escalation from the LGBTi authorship and a censorship that is nearly 6.8 billion persons and counting boxes this attack in on the human race as a Crime Against Humanity.

As stated Mexico is definitively being effected. I have traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is 100 percent that secondary and tertiary persons are having TAGETED CHEMICAL ASSAULTS aimed at their person and property.

Based on our ages in a linear format I would argue that individuals as sworn officials born in 1960 or later have a very strong chance of being criminally prosecuted for this attack here in the United States under federal law and UN treaties if foreign nationals and overseas venues are needed.

Representative Mary Bono, the 45th District is a showcase albeit, in the negative for the failure of the citizenry to respond to their duties and as well as sworn officers to recognize a chemical spill or non normative event. You are the recipient of two high profile marriages one to the Bono family and other to the Mack family.

The negative latency to the environment itself will debilitate in some degree the natural species of humans. Species life is fulfilled through procreation. This is legally sanctioned in most cultures through marriage.

The sexually immaturity and irrationalization of the Gay Militia in LAPD has resulted in tremendous damage to humanity while you have represented this district.

You have to find the legal courage to confront this bellicose attackers and face the consequences.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Along the Salton Sea


Open Letter to Representative Bob Filner D CA

Desert Shores CA

November 14, 2010

Dear Representative Filner,

It is beyond time that sworn federal and state officials of this country address the systematic human rights abuses that currently have despoiled the Salton Sea. I will simply state that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over me. The 51st district is where the future will be played out if the status quo prevails.

It is a historical and legal fact that I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. This hate crime is perpetuated by Homeland Security officers who are same sex hence bisexuals within the LGBTi paradigm believing they are enhancing the citizenship and prestige of LGBTi persons.

The past elections in California have promoted Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris both in their 40s and younger than my person, I am 49 and these officials were elected into offices that will prepare them to be amongst the most likely persons to endure a Real Criminal Prosecution. Rep. Bono of the 45th District shares this distinction as does President Barack Obama.

If any natural or corporate persons wish to remedy any injuries to their collective, family or personal health or recover losses to tangible property or wealth they should be prepared to file criminal and civil complaints against sworn authorities as the president, governor, attorney generals, homeland security officers, and their informant agents.

It is clear that this live experiment on humans, a type of threshold training has left me almost incapacitated economically. I do possess use of my intellectual and physical capacities and my free will.

The victims are most likely to mount pressure to end the injustice that will shortchange the future posterities well being and prosperity.

The culture has lost it's moral conscience, it's sense of what is right and wrong. It has sold off it's will to the highest bidder. The concrete damage here along the Salton Sea and Coachella Valley is a very sad testimony to the corruption of power politics where the individual confronts a tyrannical government and majority.

I survive because I wish to see Radha Krishna victorious legally and historically. The Gay Militia, their choice of label, erroneously wishes to believe their self centered survival has increased their or LGBTi person's stature. A disturbing insight into their personality is that every time I mention a female per se Jane, LAPD attempts to argue that this is a homosexual male. This happens to all the natural females I happen to discuss. This is hatred as misogyny to females and also a means of false imprisonment and slander against myself.

It also gives an indication of the collective consciousness of our society.

The damage here is CONCRETE and REAL. Just in the past days several persons have died in a massive motorcycle accident just southeast of here in Ocotillo. These types of incidents receive attention while the priorities are swept aside due to corruption and collusion.

The future must realize that they must identify the criminals directly and seek justice and compensation from these actors.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores

November 14, 2010

Open Letter to Barbara Boxer D CA

Desert Shores CA

November 23, 2010

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

Currently I am residing Along the Salton Sea in Desert Shores. You have stated that you have purchased a home in the La Quinta area. In late October when I traveled here, I had to walk the last ten miles into Desert Shores because the local transit will not run into Imperial County.

Since February 12, 2007, the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has been imposed over my person has been escalated to surface water and tap water also including irrigation. The date farms immediately surrounding La Quinta are despoiled. Usually I glean a a handful of dates as I pass by. The ones on the trees are fresh and table and restaurant quality, some of the best in the world. If you eat these dates they would BURN YOUR MOUTH. There is a modest fish kill in the Salton Sea. No Tilapia should be purchased from this region.

In the panorama Proposition 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell have been overturned. The former may be construed as The Right to Marry. Have you or any the LGBTi Right to Marry groups, Marriage Equality (Evan Wolfson) or Courage Campaign (Rick Jacobs) ever deliberated how I am supposed to get married when the United States government is condoning the wholesale stalking of my person through LAPD? This unit has members that are calling themselves a Gay Militia.

They have challenged me to three items along the Yellow Brick Road (Defection Model). I do not follow the script. But here I will take up the challenge made against this Gay Militia in particularity a shift supervisor named Dodo.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Prepare a criminal case and turn such over to the DA.

Prepare a University level history class. (University of California).

Storyboard a movie concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger through July 2010 to January 2011.

Correctly doing such would place an individual in the top 10 percentile worldwide in opposition to this systematic act of tyranny. What has occurred is that this would yield a male in meeting the most desirable bisexual females. (I am 49 years old, train 7 days a week (BMI of 23), have a GPA of 3.33 transferable to the University of California with 149.5 credits so I could do this anyway.)

As seen I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. I would have had to marry a bisexual and have children to retain legal person before the court.

The manifest function remains that the Salton Sea is despoiled and so are the date farms around La Quinta where you purchased a $1 million dollar USD home. Unemployment along the Salton Sea and Imperial County is 20% and above.

In chagrin I am in a very serious sibling rivalry with Mary Bono Mack R 45th District and Barack Obama. I am one day older than Obama and few months older than Bono Mack. I am surprisingly fit. I am running about 50 miles a week with no water to drink and very little food.

Since I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna there are also very serious infractions against my Freedom to Practice Religion. This too is a LGBTi versus Heterosexual based crime. I am standing strong and confident as history begins the debate of same sex persons openly serving in the military. I am not totally against such.

It should be acknowledged that Same Sex Males have failed as police officers in LAPD. Chief Charlie Beck is the current leader in this failed organization

In degree my the restoration of my rights would free the human race and the United States from this morass. Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor elect and Kamala Harris Attorney General elect (?) are both younger than I. They too are being escalated towards future legal reconciliation. The culture is informant based. This is a manifest purge for those that travail the deals along the Yellow Brick Road. All you love will turn to gold.

Here your legacy is paired to my past, present, and future. I have no place to go. I would say if I could survive that there is a 70% chance of my retiring and spending at least 6 months per year Along the Salton Sea.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


Open Letter to Abel Maldonado R CA

Desert Shores CA

November 28, 2010

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Dear Lt. Governor Maldonado,

I am writing you for the first time as Lieutenant Governor. I have lived in San Luis Obispo County when you were my state representative. You have assumed this post in April 2010. At this time the Colorado River was being cleared of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Inyo and Lassen Counties were undergoing this process.

Make no doubt about this. I AM BEING ATTACKED BECAUSE I A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. This is being facilitated by a Gay Militia promoting Gay Culture. These two labels are the choice of these LAPD police officers. They are using their subjective perspectives as synonymous with a more universal LGBTi culture to create ad hominem.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna. This is usually a more conservative individual who considers Srila Prabhupada to still be the current guru although he has been deceased since November of 1977. The Gay Militia will usually side with diksa alignment or the current living gurus or teachers. They also aid ritvik devotees in attacking the diksa side with ad hominem due to child molestation and pedophilia perpetrated by the former diksa gurus and other teachers of the Krishna children.

There are four regulative principles in the Vedic Faith:

1. No meat eating

2. No illicit sex, same sex is prohibited

3. No drug use, marijuana, or alcohol

4. No gambling

Currently I am in Desert Shores Along the Salton Sea. It is totally Chemically Despoiled. When I walk past some of the auto accidents here I can not fathom as to what these persons could be thinking as they drive by this destroyed inland sea. What is also disturbing is the use of profiling called Interloper. This consists of the use of female names of natural persons that I know to portray advances to homosexual or same sex men. If I mention Diane. This is being maliciously construed as an overture to a male. This represents a form misogyny and inferiority. I have a BMI of less 23 which is normal over 30 being obese. It appears these officers have BMI's of over 35. They remain obese to gain impunity from prosecution.

Also I am being paired with so called legitimate members of the Right to Marriage movement:

Evan Wolfson: Marriage Equality

Rick Jacobs: Courage Campaign

Ken Cathcart: LAMBDA

How did these officers, these no sworn leaders, yourself and I am emerge through history and arrive to a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the human race. This is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS. A distraction also Is the glorification of their subjective Gay lifestyle. This consists of going to nightclubs, drinking, and eating meat. I do not engage in any of these activities by choice. I still remain active in the sanga or congregation of my faith by through internet.

This is a very serious attack. You are 43 years of age. Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom have won offices and are also younger than 50. I am 49 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961.

I believe that entire world deserves a rational legal judgment over a very serious human right infraction prosecutable by state and federal laws.

The Right to Marry and abolishment of Don't Ask Don't Tell are prominent in the historical panorama. I seek legal justice and compensation not only for myself but for others.

You are the youngest sworn official of high office I am aware of that has extensive historical presence as a sworn official.

I will be vigilant in attempting to pressure leadership for justice until I die.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


2011 Letters

LAMBDA, Cathcart, and the Myth of HIV AIDS

Desert Shores CA

February 4, 2011

Kevin Cathcart LAMBDA

Kevin Cathcart

Dear Kevin Cathcart,

In Totalitaria, facts are replaced by fantasy and distortion. People are taught systematically and intentionally to lie (Winokur). History is reconstructed, new myths are built...

Rape of the Mind

AM Merloo MD

As the LGBTi platform emerges past June 17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution, the entire world has fallen into a haze of mythology relative to the objectivity of LGBTi History and the president.

Fact: There is an ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States and other locations worldwide that is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. The Salton Sea in California is despoiled artificially.

Fact: I am being attacked because I am opposite sex (heterosexual) not LGBTi or same sex in behavior and identity.

Fact: The attackers in this country are a Gay Militia (their label) operating out of LAPD.

Fact: There are an estimated 600,000 people living with HIV AIDS if actual counts and estimates are combined.

Fact: LAMBDA is one of the leading LGBTi advocacy and HIV AIDS groups with a leadership of sworn lawyers.

Fact: President Barack Obama is criminally negligent and hypocritical as Jasmine Revolutions unfold in Egypt and elsewhere. LGBTi activist David Kato was killed just after Obama's State of the Union Speech on January 26, 2011.

After pointing out these details, one can conclude that the Chemical Assault is real and the censorship and sanitization radiates from LAPD implicating sworn officials. This includes the leadership of the LGBTi platform of which you are prominent.

In this regards, with what remains of my physical acuity, I am beginning to advocate the HIV AIDS population hopefully to awake some opposition from this somnambulist herd of quid pro quo payoffs which only lowers one moral and legal status. What is needed is a shock to rebuild the conscience of the culture.

With a cost of $30,000 per person for the HART cocktail at 600,000 individuals a net $18,000,000,000 per year is needed to fully treat these persons at current medical protocols.

No one has to have a PhD in math to realize that things are not Getting Bette... as Barack Obama's magic show wishes us to believe. Although Proposition 8 has been overturned and is being appealed, LGBTi persons are being trained for military service, human life and life itself is dependent on inputs from the external physical and cultural environment.

As a human rights lawyer you should be APPALLED by my treatment. I will have not had clean water to drink since February 12, 2007 almost four years ago.

600,000 persons living HIV AIDS is more than a moral problem it is an economic and homeland security issue. The Democrats have been beaten soundly and the unemployment rate projected for the 2012 election by the CBO is 8.2%. This translates to an Obama Democrat defeat.

Political interests aside, I am spiritual devotee of the Hare Krishna Movement. I do this out of seva, this means service to Radha Krishna. There is HIV AIDS support group by this name Seva, perhaps you are familiar with them. (GLADD and Seva also need to be addressed.

Barack Obama is 49.5 years old today. Yesterday I was 49.5 years old.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School has orchestrated the defection and legal work for this event. These 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons represent an unquantifiable amount of injury.

I ask that you recognize this Chemical Assault and confront Obama to fulfill his legal obligations to all the parties concerned.

Thank you for your consideration.

Radhe Radhe!!!

David Nollmeyer

Open Letter to Ray Kurzweil

Desert Shores CA

February 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Kurzweil,

I have decided to write you today on February 12, 2011. My name is David Nollmeyer.

Today is the 4th Anniversary of what is code named Radhanatha. In 2007 all of the surface water as the Colorado River near Blythe, California became chemically contaminated. Water is also contaminated that runs from taps in all buildings and outlets near me. This was is also true for products manufactured all over the world and sent to my vicinity.

This event is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School. Cambridge University was the top rated university in 2010.

This attack on my natural person began in a manifest sense on June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. This document is the suprasystem of our country and contains the Bill of Rights of which I have been alienated from.

I have not had clean water to drink in four years but I have still managed to survive an intense Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program almost 24 years without official recognition.

This is operation is code named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It is just a nom de guerra of the professorship, but real.

This attack is a live human experiment in support of sabotage to The Singularity you predict will occur in 2045. Since I am 49.5 years of age, one day older than President Barack, and MOEC has run for 24 years, by 2017 it may terminate into electronic stalking.

There is an objective linear attack on human civilization with a red herring attached which is based on romance. This latter subsystem is polymorphous perversity based.

There are two subsystems of MOEC divided into three components:



Conventional Warfare Strategic Warfare - Nuclear - Biological - Chemical
Targeted Chemical Assaults Full Blown Chemical Assaults - Targeted Chemical Assaults
Electronic Surveillance Electronic Surveillance
Gang Stalking Gang Stalking

As seen we are in the Akbar Stage. This data is real and designed to dismiss court cases. I have over 26 federal lawsuits.

MOEC has a strategic mission of Gay Marriage and retribution of LGBTi history. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is running a Gay Militia designed from Cambridge.

They are a Joe Virus. Hence this is similar to a bot army attacking a server. Inferior level provocateurs engage superior persons and then hand off the conflict to superior persons of their paradigm after injury to the opposing superior persons.

An example, I have decided to pursue Computer Science in this format: 1. HTML 2. JavaScript 3. PHP 4. C# (or equivalent) 5. Python.

If I begin to describe basic scripting, I have taken a college course in FrontPage, LAPD will attack me when they begin to fail at being conversant. This entails attacking with sexual language concerning sexual activity of college aged females and same sex behavior of mails. Attempting to rationalize this by substitution or addition is absurd.

The analogy to humans and computers, hence The Singularity should not be understated.

I am pure heterosexual. I have never been engaged in same sex activity. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna whose rasa or spiritual emotion is Madhurya, a conjugal rasa. My Vedic Identity (Krishna) has developed a certain defense mechanism which I would consider non mechanistic with some electrochemical structural adaptations to torture.

Here I would confirm that culture creates it's own elimination. Your analysis on computer hardware is excellent and appears transparent. I do not envision that humans are able to program the crystal or emotional inductive elements which complement our linear or quantitative reasoning.

I understand that Singularity in a perfect sense must develop in the universal abstract for optimization. If you do not recognize the model use against me and my response, faith and resiliency, which has a concrete history, I reject defection to this mobilization, (MOEC appears to be a delayed response to Nazism with Gay Irrationalism, a tit for tat reprisal that is static), then I do not believe that min max thinking is being built into the support culture that directly develops high end computer systems.

I am near the Salton Sea which was created by a so called engineering mistake. I argue that this was not a mistake but part of storyboarding state engineering. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. This would entail mass defection to develop. Currently there is nearly a 100% censorship worldwide except for and the Gang Stalking community.

My small HTML based test site on Singularity has been hacked.

The correct has had the file changed and misspelled by the Gay Militia.

I will write non technical critical material arguing that the hardware will easily be made in support of The Singularity. With a total censorship and sanitization of my systematic torture, the culture is not capable of using advanced technology without attacking or marginalizing another part of the human race.

Consider that there are now an estimated 600,000 living HIV AIDS positive persons out of an estimated 1.3 million person caseload since 1981. As open systems to the environment these persons form the next group of persons to be heavily damaged by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am beginning to complement my conditions by HIV AIDS advocacy and confronting the LGBTi advocacy groups that are defected and sanitizing concrete reality to these HIV AIDS victims survival.

By Kuhn Popper Methodologies confounding or falsifying work on Singularity in the concrete will not be difficult.

I am asking you and the academic community to confront President Obama on his de facto and ommissive behavior.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

February 12, 2011

Along The Salton Sea CA

Open Letter to GLAAD

Desert Shores CA

February 20, 2011

Roxanne Jones GLAAD

Roxanne Jones

Gaming the System

Dear Roxanne Jones, Scott Miller, GLAAD,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am responding to you in regards to part I of your Strategic Mission: Awareness:

The goal of the awareness sector is to have GLAAD better communicate who we are and what we do as an organization using new media vehicles and enhanced communication tools. Our ability to communicate our mission will result in greater recognition as the media resource for the LGBT movement and as an influential cultural change agent.

It is a manifest empirical event that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program running in the United States and worldwide. This event has not been recognized by GLAAD, an organization that proclaims itself to be defenders against defamation against LGBTi persons.

I have been straight or opposite sex my entire life. I have been attacked by a cell(s) of a Gay Militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department. My external environment and my United States Constitutional Rights have been alienated by what is an Irrationalist pre Fascists operation. I am easily the most stalked person in world history. The quantum of force being directed at me is unparalleled. I have not had water to drink for over four years. The police and others have poisoned the air in my vicinity since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

The Strategic Mission of this linear Chemical Assault is Gay Marriage. It is incredulous to believe that LGBTi interests are achievable by attacking the human race by alienating my natural person and citizenship. Here the externality and latent function despoils the natural persons, their posterity and wealth.

History has proven that the majority of humans straight or LGBTi will defect as informants and support the attack on my person which will kill them by existing within the negative externality of which a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program will incur.

Directors Jones & Miller, there are over 600,000 estimated HIV AIDS persons living in the United States with the HART cocktail costing $30,000 per annum. This is $18,000,000,000. Things are not Getting Better as Barack Obama proclaims to the LGBTi community.

We and explicitly my humble person are trapped in live human experimentation that reflects state planning and Technological Singularity. The population is being groomed and shaped to accept a more intrusive totalitarian system Recently Watson an IBM supercomputer easily defeated two humans. This computer would have lost easily if presidential and LGBTi history were inclusive. This is not the history that GLAAD, LAMBDA, Courage Campaign, and Marriage Equality proclaim.

GLAAD use the word Defamation in their name. I am as stated but am being consistently baited as LGBTi.

I am ritvik Hare Krishna in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. I do not use illegal drugs, eat meat, have illicit sex, or gamble.

The police agents of the Gay Militia have no conscience. The linear observable Chemical Assault is paired with a Red Herring. Currently today February 20, 2011 the entire Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth.

The main boundary of the romantic red herring which is attached as a distraction to the linear Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a circular folly. It is a loop of a few statements. It is analogous to a very simple but destructive computer virus. It’s content is based on an inferiority complex in MSM males. Here these traits are well known and very strong examples from several psychological and social theories have been discussed without any reconciliation. The police informants of the Gay Militia in continuo will escalate the Joe Virus attack fallaciously believing it to develop a positive LGBTi culture.

The implication here is that the culture of law enforcement is not conducive to development of Technological Singularity. Futurist Ray Kurzweil, expert predicts that technology will equal humans in 2045. Afterwards systems and computers will surpass humans.

Here the ex deus maquina is unfolding very rapidly against an optimization of software mirroring humans. The contrarian despoiler mentality of natural persons and the environment is quite profound with no recognition from President Barack Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or scientists who work on The Singularity itself.

Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind RICO styled extortion circular folly and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is portrayed as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

There is a definitive ranking and role call style of placement that that is used to predict and rate who is more Gay or Straight. This also results in an outing within the circular folly. Hence such will begin from a supervisor then radiate outwards over a field over persons who are being recruited, entrapped, and stalked. The results indicate that being engaged in Male Same Sex is less acceptable. This outing is also a catalyst for violence.

At the scheduled end of the operation the activity returns to the supervisor.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

It is alleged that Cambridge Law School are the authors. I am an open sourced activists. I am actively challenging sworn officials, professionals, LGBTi advocacy groups, and academics.

I am beginning to promote the HIV AIDS positive population. My food, clothing, and air are HEAVILY CONTAMINATED. These persons are being marginalized.

President Barack Obama is Gaming the System. He, his family, and interests both Democrat and Republic have benefited at the expense of the citizens and human race they proclaim to defend.

Directors Jones & Miller, I will act to defend my natural person and reputation from spurious acts of torture and defamation. The defection model in place is not designed to protect LAPD indefinitely.

If my personal life is not your interest, the 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons' lives appears to be integral to GLAAD's survival and directly to theirs.

Please consider reality and confront Obama on Gaming the System.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Open Letter Gavin Newsom D CA

Desert Shores CA

March 7, 2011

Gavin Newsom Lt. Gov. CA

Gavin Newsom

Dear Lt. Governor Newsom,

Since accepting your legal oath of office you have been de facto and negligent in recognizing the cruel, inhumane, and degrading circumstances that persist in the State of California and are radiating outward from Los Angeles Police Department towards the remaining states and world.

My name is Bhakta David Nollmeyer. I have been residing in Desert Shores, California and the Salton Sea is deliberately contaminated to alienated me from my state and federal constitutional rights.

This is a gender and faith based hate crime. I am alienated because I am an opposite sex (heterosexual male). LAPD has cell(s) of a Gay Militia. There is a sexual behavior based qualification through defection to have your rights guaranteed. I am 49.5 years of age and have zero same events or partners my entire life.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna.

All surface water, products in stores, and air has been contaminated. I can not even approach a building or the police will spray chemicals through the ventilation.

The strategic mission of this attack which began on June 17, 1987 in Delaware is Gay Marriage, a potential right of which you have been a considerable leader. A negative spillover is that the alienation of my right attacks the whole.

I am using the estimate that there are 600,000 living HIV AIDS positive persons living in the United States. This is based on a estimated caseload of 1.3 million persons.

As Lt. Governor, if you do not uphold my rights you are also attacking this population

There is a clear manifest function. There is a linearly observably Chemical Assault ongoing against the human race. From a crystal intelligence perspective it is being protected in part by a red herring (distraction) that is polymorphous perversity based. This states that the Gay Militia will attack you ad hominem with sexual based innuendo reflecting a Male Same Sex Male MSM lifestyle. The Gay Militia is attempting to condition the population to a Stockholm Syndrome Cognitive Dissonance schema. This states that under a survival situation victims reconcile or defend their egos by becoming sympathetic to their captors. This reflects a cult culture.

I am maintaining my legal right to practice Krishna Consciousness of which I am also being attacked. I need to have vegetarian food, be able to chant, and read shastras (scriptures). I have not drank water in over 4 years. I just ate a half gallon of ice cream this morning. The milk is polluted.

I am the most stalked person in the history of the United States.

This attack has a code name Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It is been leaked as the work of Cambridge Law School. Part of it's emergence is fitness training for Singularity. Technological Singularity is predicted to occur in 2045. This is based on mostly hardware and software creating Super Intelligence. At this stage machines will lead humans transforming culture. This is technological determinism.

The Gay Militia is a Joe Virus. This is the equivalent of taking any army of pcs and attacking a server. This is a very shameful live experiment on human beings with my person being the prime experimental subject.

I have not broken although I have to be highly adaptable. I am using as Asus 1000he netbook (2GB Ram) dual boot XP Home and Ubuntu 10.4, 30 Watt Top Solar Panels, Droid as modem, and Tempest 12 volt 9 amp battery to write to you.

The Tempest is beginning to spark as it is a sealed lead acid battery and is probably corroding internally and I have to wait for it to stabilize. It is superior product for it's primitive design.

Governor Brown, Attorney General Harris and yourself are extremely insensitive and antisocial for permitting the human race, environment, California, and the United States to be damaged at this level. The criminal and civil liabilities to your persons and the State of California is incalculable.

As an opposite sex or heterosexual male I have no legal rights to stop this attack, you do. I would have to had married a bisexual female and or have children in order for to prevent a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Targeted Chemical Assaults TCA would have continued and will likely after this operation at this magnitude terminates.

According to law you must act.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shore CA


Open Letter Senator Boxer D CA

Desert Shores CA

March 20, 2011

Barbara Boxer D CA

Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

"We can not stand by idly while a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy."

Barack Obama

It is prima facie that the Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. It is prima facie that the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my natural person and United States Citizenship which you have sworn to uphold and have not.

When one citizen loses their right the collective loses. This is no more apparent then the HIV AIDS positive persons not only in California but in the United States. A credible estimate postulates there are 600,000 HIV AIDS positives persons living out a 1.3 million estimated caseload.

What has just been realized is that this attack and censorship which began on June 17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution is a Cultural Singularity. It has been symbiotically paired with Technological Singularity.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date when machines achieve the intelligence of humans. This date is 2045. There after the systems and machines will then transform human civilization with what is being called super intelligence.

Hence Cultural Singularity is a negative convergence under prisoner's dilemma where the creation of an informant population is successful. The entire world of 6.9 billion have been censored and history sanitized.

The authorship is allegedly Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom. There is a manifest linear Chemical Assault Scorched Earth protected by a red herring (distraction) that is romance based. It's content is polymorphous perversity and reflects in the main the culture of Male Same Sex Male MSM persons. It is essentially a sexually based ad hominem attack reflecting these behaviors and preferences.

I am opposite sex or heterosexual.

Cambridge Law School is allegedly MSM oriented and has successfully used the United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and the LGBTI community as a catalyst to attack the human race. (Scotland Yard is alleged to be involved also.)

TED University is a collaboration of NASA, Google, and Ted Kurzweil among others. This university is involved in emergent interdisciplinary studies to further Technological Singularity. They charge upwards of $25,000 for a ten week seminar. The California State College system now costs over $10,000 per year. A degree is about 130 credits. This means that the average student will pay $40,000 to $50,000 to graduate at the present costs.

Recently IBM's supercomputer Watson easily defeated two champion Jeopardy players on this show.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth event is Irrationalist and Pre Fascist. You have recently purchased a $1 million dollar home in La Quinta adjacent to the Salton Sea. It appears that the recreation of this body of water in the 1930s was no accident. It was deliberately created to showcase the defection that the British have achieved.

Five presidents: Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, William Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama have been successfully blackmailed and extorted to permit an attack on their own citizens and natural persons residing in the United States.

The Tilapia, a very hardy fish of the Salton Sea are going to be the genetic evidence of the severity of the attack.

As seen from March 19, 2011 over 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles were delivered by our military against the forces of Ghadafi in Libya. Here we can see the emergence of Technological Singularity. Rebel forces launched their own fighter only to have it shot down by their own forces!

Technological Singularity is promoting a renaissance of machines and human culture. The Cultural Singularity of which you are boxing in on California and the world is an informant culture being purged in it's own folly.

The strategic mission of this attack was Gay Marriage. LGBTi history and studies are ruined as well history and presidential studies. There are perhaps 250-500 LGBTi officers in LAPD that usurped. Their family names are ruined because of the incompetence of three: Periander, The Fly, and Dodo. All the officers use these nom de guerras. There are three individuals who have defined this attack.

As a woman leader you should be appalled and so should any LGBTi sworn officials that have emerged since June 17, 1987. Their and the remaining heterosexuals et al. have records that contradict concrete history.

Under certain topic areas I could easily defeat Watson the super computer because the variables of real history have never been declared in it's programs. There is no moral volition or political will in the United States.

As a Senator from California you are legally duty bound to expose crime in your cognition.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

March 20, 2011

Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein D CA

Blythe CA

October 23, 2011

Dear Senator Feinstein,

We are approaching to within a year of the next presidential election. The president nor any of the Republican candidates have the volition to acknowledge the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that remains in continuo.

The tactics reflect the redundancy of what is also a blackmail and extortion. Hence it is driven by LGBTi interests which are MSM Male Same Sex using females as a front.

Under homosexual misogyny real females with names as Diane are being replaced with profiles of homosexual males.

Considering that Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled and the blackmail and extortion transforms one into an accomplice informant, I believe it is my moral legal duty to inform the public of what is occurring and where.

The killing of Gadhafi surely has lifted a burden from the world but the degradation of the United States is compelling.

The role of the CEO is also a fallacy these executives are far from creating value. The actual value of tangible property is far less than the book value listed. In nexus all this economic activity is occurring with debased fiat money.

The future has been mortgaged.

Thank you for you consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

October 23, 2011

Open Letter to Representative Mary Bono Mack R CA

Blythe CA

October 14, 2011

The Totality of Circumstances

Dear Representative Bono Mack,

Here along the Colorado River in Blythe, the continued Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has once again contaminated the river, air, and tangible goods in stores. This region has the highest unemployment in the nation at over 20 percent.

(The attack has been codenamed Radhanatha, who is a real ISKCON (Hare Krishna) guru. Radhanatha has had his photo taken with Barack Obama at fundraiser in Miami FL this June 13, 2011).

It is conclusive that this attack has been orchestrated by LGBTi interests. In particularly that of MSM or Male Same Sex Male persons. These persons, the allegation being that the proximate cause or origin is Cambridge Law School in the United Kingdom.

This element is operating from an Inferiority Complex within homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered males. In particularity are officers of Gay Bisexual officers within LAPD who are running the attack through mutual aid violations.

To argue from the positive to the negative one should work from the males to females.

This is a blackmail and extortion network.

I have always been a heterosexual male, I am 50 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961. An important feature is to create a fictitious history of personal as a LGBTi victim which is false.

LAPD officers make conclusionary statements hence they give the answer without support in allegations. If they argue in reference to myself a male, "You do not support gays", this refers only females and that you are homosexual.

In plain language gay may refer to either same sex females or males. Attacking the newly formed acronym LGBTi or Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered has occurred through the de facto activities of the officers who are also leading the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

There have been 1.3 million persons infected with HIV AIDS and there are 3 million persons infected with Hepatitis C.

I do not see how sanitizing a brutal attack on the human race and the United States is going to promote the LGBTi Movement. Since it is mandated at the state level that LGBTi History be taught in California the entire subject area is a FRAUD.

The entire Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been paired with Proposition 8, Don't Ask Don't Tell and various other interests for LGBTi persons.

A person has the right to an adversarial process concerning the Totality of Circumstances in the United States. Since your district contains or is near the Salton Sea and Colorado River these are two horrific structures in the history of Chemical Warfare.

There is widespread stalking with quid pro quos nationwide and here in this district.

I would like to know why you have not stepped forward and confronted this criminal activity that you are aware of.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

October 14, 2011

2012 Letters

Open Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2012

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The Totality of Circumstances

The correct legal test when a citizen confronts one's state is the Totality of Circumstances. Here since I have been the focal target of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program in the United States that is still not recognized I have to call into recognition the abuse of Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder. As seen prima facie the president, homeland secretary, and attorney general are de facto and negligent as the abuse in Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River escalates as the United States undergoes severe tensions with Iran and Cartel activity in Mexico. The Colorado River was openly contaminated in 2007. Forty seven thousand persons have been killed since this date.

The activity continues to be run from LAPD by a Male Gay Militia. As seen I have no primary right protection under the Bill of Rights.

My religious protections as a Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna Movement) are being alienated by a double bind circular folly run by MSM male same sex male police officers.

I have openly supported Proposition 8 in California. I have been straightforward and polite with both Senator Boxer and you on this issue.

Here these officers are proposing that if I do not wish to a have Gay Marriage with Lesbians, (really bisexuals) than I am either transgendered, bisexual, or a gay male. I have reversed the order as most people do not understand what transgendered is. Here in it's simplest form it describes one whose gender identity is the opposite of one's biological body.

Since I am a happy heterosexual male and am very confident in it's simplicity I am happy with my opposite sex orientation.

In continuation the absurd speech patterns that are presented by these officers is abusive. Remember that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, it is stated that I support Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick Jr.). This is ISKCON diksa guru supports Gay Monogamy which is prohibited by ISKCON. The other issue is that I support David Bruce Hughes or Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji an independent guru. David Bruce Hughes has been exposed again for having formed a bondage sex club with his disciples. He claims such is benefiting their spiritual life.

In Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or the Vedic tradition this is total nonsense.

These Gay Militia officers believe that I will be too ashamed to expose this ruse and it's redundant circular folly.

The American citizens and the world deserve to know why the United States is operating a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth while confronting Iran on a nuclear program.



Anything this operation gives to one is despoiled in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Obama recently held a lavish party in California while the Colorado River Valley was under attack.

Mitt Romney and the Republican do not seem interested in protecting America either.

As the senior senator from this state nearing the end of your career you should act and save more persons from health and prosperity injuries.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2012


Open Letter Attorney General Kamala Harris D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 23, 2012

Kamala Harris Santa Barbara CA

Kamala Harris

Dear Attorney General Kamala Harris,

You have been California's chief prosecutor for over one year. You are cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program in continuo in this state. This activity is imposed over my natural person by a Gay Militia. This is not to be disputed.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male who has never engaged in Male Same Sex Male MSM activity.

As such this Gay Militia which is allegedly run out of LAPD makes these activities accountable to you.

As seen I am the Most Stalked Person in United States History.

I am in Blythe, California. The Colorado River is chemically despoiled as is the air. Tangible products as food and clothing in stores for sale are contaminated. Water running out of faucets is also ruined.

This Gay Militia is recruiting persons from the LGBTi community with quid pro quos but not exclusive to heterosexuals. If one were to touch a bale of hay from a field or walk into such a field it too is ruined.

When official recognition does occur, it quite likely during Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Mary Bono Mack R 45 (this is her congressional district) or before 2040. I was born one day before Obama on August 3, 1961.

As seen title can not pass on a crime. It is also unlikely that these Gang Stalking individuals will have standing to press charges against a citizen. If the Native Americans step forward to seek compensation for their fields these stalkers, you and the officials cited supra are liable as both natural persons and public officials.

This activity is open live human experimentation.

I have not drank water since 2007 unless it was from snow or from a vial to mix my medication.

I do not believe that these criminals will gain standing as the South and Confederacy did in the 1800s.

This anti intellectual movement of Gay Irrationalism Gay Nothing is earning it's predesigned label as it follows a script prepared for crimes against humanity.

How is a super computer as IBM's Watson going to teach this atrocious act that shocks the conscience?

Treason, obstruction, and intimidating a witness are likely charges.

Since you have a deep relationship with the LGBTi community how do you explain a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is designed to implicate the Cambridge University (proximate cause) United Kingdom, United States, Los Angeles Police Department and LGBTi persons?

Since LGBTi history is being mandated in California it too is a fraud.

Since I a ritvik Hare Krishna this escalates the event as Hate Crime.

I am advocating those HIV AIDS positive persons which are about 1.3 million in the USA. Someone who believes they are terminal should start taking on these criminals and expose them.

This is something the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama do not have the will or courage to undertake.

Your credibility is at stake as the provocations by these stalkers only incriminates the State of California and the United States federal government.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

March 23, 2012

Open Letter to Representative Bud McKeon R CA

Big Pine CA

April 25, 2012

Bud McKeon Reagan Library

Bud McKeon Reagan Library

Dear Representative McKeon,

Recently Charles Taylor was convicted by the International Criminal Court ICC for Crimes Against Humanity for atrocities while President of Liberia.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program here in the United States goes on unabated since June 17, 1987. I am also arguing that this is a Crime Against Humanity and also treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness, and racketeering.

The Yellow Brick Road is a scripted theater of crime that will be prosecuted in US Federal Court or The Hague if need be.

In continuation the development of Artificial Intelligence or AI appears to be a front to sanitize Crimes Against Humanity by nationstates.

Barack Obama is 50 years of age. I am definitively stating that he is the target of technological Singularity and Superintelligence or those supra human skills that computers are projected to possess by 2046.

I have a strong official record of opposition attempting to bring to justice those actors, especially sworn officials who have permitted the United States and it's citizens to come under attack by a Gay Militia operating from LAPD.

Inyo County and the Owens Valley have a poor record of Human Rights. If anyone testifies from here from Reagan Obama will be implicated both criminally and civilly.

What is occurring here is TREASON. You could hire an informant here for a dime.

Mitt Romney is no solution when you rig the outcome and not guarantee the opportunity you open yourself to blackmail, extortion, and the despoliation of property as what has occurred here.

I am the Simon Wiesenthal of this event. All persons born after 1955 have a very high probability of having to testify about what is being sanitized in the United states and especially Inyo County.

You should expose this event before more human causalities, more property destruction and the increase of criminality which is endemic here.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

April 28, 2012

Open Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer D CA

McCloud CA

May 25, 2012

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

The 2012 Presidential Campaign is moving into high gear. As seen President Obama has shown no leadership in protecting the citizens of California and the United States from the continued Chemical Assault Scorched Earth now centered over McCloud, CA.

What is clear is that this event is driven by Gay or MSM officers of LAPD. In this nexus an inferiority complex is displaced into an attack that easily has damaged all 38 million residents of our state.

What is easy to negate is their ad hominem attack against my person alleging exclusive homosexuality. The truth is that I am exclusively heterosexual in identity and sexual preferences. As I was just in Blythe near the Arizona border, Sheriff Babeau, a Republican running for Congress was outed. Senator Kyl R AZ was also outed in the past.

After several years of failed attempts I am still standing strong as a heterosexual. I will openly start advocating Gay Marriage if any accomplice to LAPD can prove otherwise.

It has come to my attention that Environmental History is an emergent discipline. You have advocated such resources as our Wild Rivers which I support. Areas here as the Klamath River have been Chemically Despoiled.

If my citizenship is attacked all persons lose their rights. I have no intention of backing down against the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama or Mitt Romney should he prevail in November.

The Proposition 8 case may be decisive if the Supreme Court acts upon the case favorably. It should be clear that you, Senator Feinstein, Congressperson Pelosi have all been strong supporters of Same Sex Marriage. There is no reason for any civil person to be ashamed of supporting their position.

What is lost in the censorship and sanitization is that the LGBTi side contains the counter culture element of a Gay Militia. The stalking and defamation of character against myself by those sworn officers is a disgrace to the LGBTi Movement itself and sworn public officials.

It is also 100 percent clear that Singularity and the development of Artificial Intelligence is being pursued to sanitize Crimes against Humanity by state actors. Hence Charles Taylor, Ratko Madlic, and possibly Rios Montt all being delivered to court systems while the United States is entangled in a Chemical Warfare Blackmail and Extortion Ring.

Interestingly, the Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada survived an attempt in Siberia to be banned as extremist. This is the Vedic Bible and the text I use as a moral guide.

Barack Obama, now 50 years old should easily live to be 79 in 2040. This is a hypothetical time before Singularity 2046 for his wall of sanitization to crumble.

I am fully committed to see that he is prosecuted legally here and any surviving competent officials.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

May 25, 2012

Open Letter to Evan Wolfson

McCloud CA

June 10, 2012

Evan Wolfson

Evan Wolfson

Dear Evan Wolfson,

My name is Bhakta David Nollmeyer. I am sure as one of the top LGBTi activists in the United States you are concerned with any issue that could LGBTi persons security and wellbeing.

I have had a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person since June 17, 1987. This is the result of a type of Queen's Gambit that was designed by Cambridge lawyers who were being exposed in human rights abuses in the 1930s. The allegation is the leaders were MSM or Male Same Sex Males. A type of duel between homosexuals and heterosexuals emerged and between Trinity College (more heterosexual) and the Law School. The Law School was more MSM. Regardless the outcome was rigged. Exposing corruption was projected into the future.

Since I have been a heterosexual male all my life, my Bill of Right protections have been alienated by a cell of Gay Militia operating out of LAPD who took the gambit. As in chess to take the pawn and hold it is very difficult to hold without careful play.

My rights, inclusive of my Right to Marry have been paired to the right to Same Sex Marriage. I have supported Proposition 8. Therefore I have been HOSTAGED.

This is a RICO structure. It pins my legal citizenship to the president, now Barack Obama who is sworn to uphold my rights as well as the citizens and natural persons residing in the United States.

This Criminal Enterprise is being deliberated ESCALATED in a blackmail and extortion ring. As seen the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has increased to where all the surface water as the ocean, rivers, and lakes are contaminated. Food, clothing, and shelter are also highly sprayed much is done at the factory.

I am in McCloud, California in Northern California. I have heard nearly one third of the country is attacked at given time.

As in Romer v. Evans, there is no lawful or rational purpose being served here other than the animus of hatred.

I am easily the most stalked person in the history of the United States. LAPD attacks through mutual aid violations.

Currently there are allegations concerning Stuxnet and Flame, which are stated sponsored cyber espionage. LAPD is a Joe Virus, hence from Joe Friday degrading into an informant based treason and Crime Against Humanity Structure.

Hence if all sworn officials and officers would of have responded under equal protection and due process we would not be here.

As a sworn member of the Bar you have not responded.


Trinity College is a school of theology and philosophy. This is a crushing blow against consequentialism with deontology being victorious.

The Gay Militia are using terms as Gay Relativism and phenomenology to support the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. As stated NO LEGAL GOVERNMENTAL PURPOSE IS BEING SERVED.

President Barack Obama is a Psychopath. In the antisocial sociopath psychopath continuum he has at least 38 million victims in California alone. There are 313 million persons in the United States alone.

There are about 1.3 million persons who are HIV AIDS positive. 3.2 million persons are believed to be Hepatitis C positive, MDR Gonorrhea is emerging with regular Gonorrhea infected 700,000 persons each year according to the CDC.

It appears that MSM males are the drivers in new infections.

Here permitting a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is going to result in capital and civil charges against Obama who is one day younger than I am being born August 4, 1961.

Another disturbing element is that the censorship and sanitization of our world of 7 billion persons appears to be part of the Singularity Movement. Artificial Intelligence programs are being developed to whitewash world history and Crimes Against Humanity.

To return this criminal enterprise is a huge folly for LGBTi History and persons. The Right to Marry movement has been wrecked by the Gay Militia and the officials they are blackmailing and extorting.

The resolution of universal gay marriage in all states in America by the Supreme Court may end this event. The LAPD officers who MSM do not wish for this as it will destroy their Butterfly Revolution which is only a bubble.

Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris are Singularity Targets and may face prosecution which I have favor around 2040.

California Attorney General Harris was an ideal figure to be a heroine for this event. However she has been blackmailed and extorted by the Gay Militia who are supposed to be her subordinates.

Mr. Wolfson, as a lawyer you are bound to respond to a crime of this magnitude.

I am writing on solar panels in a national forest. LGBTi History is a strawman. The bubble is designed to burst. All the sworn LGBTi officials will most likely face a Nuremberg styled prosecution in the US Federal Court in the future.

Thank You for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

June 10, 2012

Open Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein D CA

McCloud CA

September 13, 2012

Dear Senator Feinstein,

As the senior Senator from California and a member of the Intelligence Committee is de facto and omissive that you have not taken the lead on exposing what is non strategic Chemical Warfare here in this nation and specifically California. The Bagley Fire has consumed about 30,000 acres of land about 10 miles south of McCloud, California. The fire in part has been fought with chemically contaminated water from the surrounding creeks here. How do I know? I am forced to bathe in the same creeks and the tankers fill themselves within a few hundred yards of where I am.

Consider President Obama's statements on regarding Syria's Chemical Weapons:

"We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized."

"That would change my calculus," he added. "That would change my equation."

Western authorities say that Syria's arsenal includes chemical weapons but that they are uncertain whether the country has stockpiled biological weapons.

Obama is living in a fiction. These bubbles that are based on prisoner dilemma defection models are an obstruction of justice. They demonstrate Obama's lack of conscience and the will to fulfill his prescribed duties to protect Americans here at home that are being attacked by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

Since you are a member of the Intelligence Committee I have continually provided you with firsthand accounts of Torture and Cruel and Unusual Treatment. This affects all 38 million persons in California.

The event is driven by a homosexual (LGBTi) blackmail and extortion ring. LAPD contains members of a Gay Militia that wished to attack then President Ronald Reagan over Gay Marriage. They accepted a gambit that pitted homosexuals versus heterosexuals. As a result of miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline members, and failure to implement systematic remedies they are deeply entangled in blackmail and extortion and have drug down the last five presidents what are known as the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama.

In continuation with Senator Paul Ryan age 42, grouped with cohorts as CA AG Kamala Harris, CA Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom there is an emergent pattern as how an attack on the United States is condoned and perpetuated generation to generation by sworn competent officials.

In particularity to this Kangaroo Court, McCloud which has about 1000 residents has produced nothing more than treason, obstruction of justice and hate crime.

An interesting example is McCloud River Lodge an RV park. They have gone into foreclosure. Their employees and customers are notorious stalkers and delivers of homosexual stalking, blackmail, and extortion. Their customers pull up in $100,000 RVs with $20,000 cars in tow. Siskiyou County residents average slightly over $30,000.

The Proposition 8 case is based on the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Here the Gay Militia of LAPD has used an undermining tactic which while attacking sworn officials includes Marriage Breaking or a Divorce.

What is unique is that as one of the most noticeable female public persons in United States you should be appalled at what are called Divorce Brides. These very attractive females, a majority are bisexuals based on a behavioristic one same sex act frequency every six months are driving very high divorce rates, over 60 percent for the most attractive females.

I am cohort of Obama and Senator Bono Mack. We were all born in 1961. Here a roster of female students from Caesar Rodney High School in Kent County has been produced from about 1976 to 1980. This is the same district were Vice President Biden lived in 1972 when he first ran for senate.

If I produce 30 names out of what were no doubt the most attractive female students about 500 females students, (CR High had about slightly thousand students, if one argued the top 50 you would have 60 percent. This can been done easily with students who divorced.

Bisexuality during high school, drug and alcohol use, and defection pattern to LAPD to create a Yellow Brick Road of marriage and careers will create the Divorce Brides.

Joe Biden recently came in support of Gay Marriage. I am willing to claim that all thirty persons plus have shook his hand. Biden was 32 at the time. I have watched Biden door to door campaign and this would not be hard for him to do.

Here in McCloud, only by word of mouth the divorce rate is quite similar. Remaining silent is only emboldening this racketeering pattern.

Israel and Iran escalate their brinkmanship, Obama is totally blundering considering the scarcity of water in the Middle East. He and these Divorce Brides are dependent on a corrupt criminal enterprise to secure the future which is failing.

I am a seminal figure in an opposition to this espionage which is claimed to be of Cambridge University, United Kingdom origin.

The United States, California, and McCloud have been attacked with a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. They all are a perfect example of what to do wrong.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist.

One is either acting within the rule of law within the Bill of Rights or is not. These actors are not Beyond Good or Evil. Criminal actors should be accountable. Your life at 79 years of age is short. At only 51 years of age, I am wondering who can outlive who, me or you? My best alternative still is to cast the mating net around Barack Obama & Co. and the hypocrisy he and Paul Ryan are spreading.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud California

September 13, 2012

2013 Letters

Open Letter: Doug LaMalfa R 1 CA

Westwood CA

May 4, 2013

Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa

Dear Representative LaMalfa,

Undermining the United States

It has been almost 26 years since a Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has occurred without Official Recognition. There are three components to this activity:

Electronic Surveillance


Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

These actions are part of an Undermining Defection Model. Hence by prisoner's dilemma an Informant based society replaces the citizenry.

This attack posits creating a culture of Under the Color of Law Sworn Officers. This is concentrated in the American Policeman.

Quid Pro Quo reinforcers are offered through contact with officers creating a RICO Enterprise within the government. This will undermine every legal occupation and escalate every criminal occupation towards the Proximate Cause or Authorship.

The attack is superimposed over my natural person and citizenship. Hence this attack which is routed through LAPD which contains a Gay Militia places my person into direct conflict with the President of which the last five Reagan Obama have looked the other and permitted the attack to escalate while Obama reviews his calculus if Syria’s Assad has used Chemical Weapons on his own people.

At issue is the fact that conspiracy is node based since I am in Lassen and Plumas Counties currently the persons here are recruited to stalk me while there is an attack being authored against America.

The Proximate Cause Test states that under Equal Protection and Due Process sworn duty bound officers must locate the principals, accomplices, and accessories and prosecute all criminal actors.

This is not occurring.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom has authored a Crime Against Humanity, Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness against the United States.

Lake Almanor and the surrounding rivers and creeks are despoiled. The tap water is attacked as well as tangible goods in the stores. The locals here would need a positive self defense, a Justification, to not be charged with a felony, possibly Treason here.

In continuation at the civil level, Lassen and Plumas Counties would easily go bankrupt if I or the Susanville Rancheria Tribe sued. The Counties would have to cross sue LAPD, City of Los Angeles, State of California, United States Federal Government and the United Kingdom.

Lassen and Plumas Counties have earned an Infamous Profile in American and LGBTi History. Lassen supported Proposition 8 by a 70 to 30 percent margin.

The Strategic Mission of the attack is Gay Marriage. This results in the escalated Hate Crime of Stalking. The Siren Song of the Wizard of Oz is only the fog of war.

These actors have rejected the Protection of the United States Constitutions and have chosen to work for hire as possible traitors.

The amount of physical property that could be condemned here alone is significant. This will remain true without Official Recognition as statement to a culture that choses to become Informants and attack their own people.

You as a sworn officer should EXPOSE this de facto and corrupt act against Americans.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

May 4, 2013

2015 Letters

Open Letter: Governor Kate Brown D OR

Weed CA

June 17, 2015

kate brown

Kate Brown

Dear Governor Kate Brown,

As seen the United States has been undergoing an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program that has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship since June 17, 1987.

You became governor on February 18, 2015, succeeding John Kitzhaber upon his resignation due to allegations of corruption.

In particularity, I have been given a briefing on Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. The labelling is alleged to be that of a Membership of Cambridge Lawyers and Trinity College Theologians circa 1930, of whom at this time are surely dead. What is unique in their defection model is that they have scripted an attack on the United States, it's Constitution, and President by alienating one citizenship, unfortunately myself.

The major artifact of these actors is a GUI of a computer program which has many names and functions, the main label is Origin.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Hence, if one person loses their rights all do. In interest is that MOEC has a discriminatory bias of homosexual or same sex performance or identity for rights. In degree my Bill of Rights protections have been alienated under five Irrationalist Presidents whom have sworn to uphold such.

I have been heterosexual my entire life. I am also a Ritvik Hare Krishna which is also socially conservative. As the first openly bisexual governor in the United States you should be concerned.

2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

According to federal law this act of treason should be reported to a Governor. Currently a band of rogue MSM officers in LAPD have expanded MOEC through a Gay Militia. It is alleged to be a hub and node system operating through every police agency worldwide to Undermine or expand a government or faith system.

One should not the brutal comparison of Islamic State and this activity. Of interest is also the folkish Mythological State of Jefferson. Ethnic Nationalism and localism are targeted. Hence the locals in a region under LAPD are being revere stung to be the dumbest persons in United States History.

This is an overwhelming fact. The locals in any local worldwide are also the first choice to destroy themselves. What about Equal Protection and Due Process do they not understand. Hence, the LGBTi persons in the region, I am in Weed, CA just south of the Oregon border, have severely damaged your legal standing.

The endgame is a Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in the United States and education. I believe my knowledge of MOEC to be 50 years ahead of the the University of California, whom hired ex Homeland Secretary Napolitano, and Cambridge the alleged proximate cause. Of interest Donald Trump has announced his presidency run today. The birther scandal is a red herring based on the fact that I was born one day before Barack Obama on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

A fifteen year old person and per se a 20 year old sheriff deputy are very strong candidates as would be your person sans your age to have to testify in a Nuremberg Tribunal. As seen MOEC Studies in it's rough working form would yield a future sixth grade exit exam that at present would fail well over 50 percent of the population. Levelling the United States against Joseph Stalin and the USSR is the goal.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Weed CA

June 16, 2015

2017 Letters

Open Letter to Doug LaMalfa R CA Kate Brown D OR et al.

Chester CA,

June 2, 2017

Doug LaMalfa R Kate Brown Speaker Paul Ryan

Doug LaMalfa

Kate Brown

Paul Ryan

Evan Wolfson

Evan Wolfson

Eddie Kurtz

Eddie Kurtz

Dear Representative Doug LaMalfa,

Governor Kate Brown,

Speaker Paul Ryan,

Evan Wolfson,

Eddie Kurtz

Obama birth certificate

Barack Obama

Nollmeyer birth certificate

David Nollmeyer

I am writing to you today as the 30th Anniversary of Mobilization of Empire MOEC approaches on June 17, 1987. This attack is allegedly Authored by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. Jurisdictionally I am writing from Chester, California. I have an active historical and legal presence in Plumas, Lassen, Siskiyou, and to a lesser degree Modoc Counties in California. I am writing to the named parties as I am certain that legally these persons will have legal standing in a future jurisdiction as United States Federal Court.

The Magna Carta turned 800 years old on June 15, 2015. The Battle of Waterloo occurred on Sunday June 18, 1815 in Belgium.

MOEC is a hybrid variant of Prisoner's Dilemma. It is perhaps the strongest ever developed. As seen MOEC has Censored and Sanitized over 7.5 billion people continuously resulting in a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity. The Obama Administration's advisement is that Artificial Intelligence may be built by 2040.

At issue is that the United States, Constitution, and it's Presidency have come under attack by alienating one person from their Bill of Right safeguards. The Convention Against Torture was ratified in 1993 under then President Clinton.

If one person is alienated from their rights the collective will suffer.

MOEC is a hub and node network of informants based in every police stationhouse worldwide. It is through defection that the British Empire expands and contracts itself. One may note Brexit in the United Kingdom as an example. On June 1, 2017 President Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Accord. I am alleging this is defection driven through MOEC.

MOEC is developed as an Ecology of Systems and it embeds itself in such and transforms civilization over time. Historically building railroads and establishing court houses developed British colonialism. The misallocation of resources is the textbook explanation that scholars provide for the collapse of the Victorian Era. It is directed by Prisoner's Dilemma as Brexit and the United States withdrawal from the Paris Accord.

In consideration is the concept of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity. Homo sapiens is a natural species living in an environ in an environment. As a species we need 1. food water oxygen 2. clothing 3. shelter and 4. reproduction to reproduce the species life.

The repertoire of humans is capable of creating archetypes as tools and placing such in the environment. There are cognitive amplifiers as computers, reading glasses, and drugs, and motor skill amplifiers as cars, hammers, and shoes.

It is alleged by not proven that modern humans killed off the Cromagnons. It is very clear that the two fought battles. It is clear from arrow tips and other weapons that the homo sapiens were technologically superior.

When a problem is placed before an engineer he or she seeks a solution as building a tool. When a machine can build another machine the result is likely greater productivity, quality, and lower costs. The goal is to achieve no human touch production. The United States about 2000 realized that is was losing the technology race with advanced nationstates and the Chinese technology sector. This resulted in Common Core and an Algebra 3 qualification to graduate high school.

MOEC is a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. This primitive algorithm simply places the bottom ten percent of the population versus the upper ten percent. It also has a very specific line of actors that are all Male Same Sex Male MSM. This mechanism has a hub of Gay Militia officers in LAPD California. There is a same sex qualification for positive rights. This clearly breaks federal hate crime standards based on name, family, race, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation. Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War is an extremely accurate component to define an Artificial Ideology of nativism and populism this is known as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

MOEC has two subsystems 1. Lycurgus Targeted Chemical Assaults 2. Syrinx Nuclear. Fukushima, Chernobyl and the Atomic Bomb would be considered under Syrinx.

Akbar is a mutation of Lycurgus when the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my person. The remainder of the world population are Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is a Vedic Antichrist figure who is now fragmented but can reassemble himself in an End Word Scenario.

Hence we have Akbar controlling Syrinx. If Fukushima would deteriorate into a meltdown and Runaway we would have Syrinx controlling Akbar. This could result in total chaos.

Hence the 500 or so Gay Militia in LAPD may not be able to continue to Obstruct Justice and run MOEC.

MOEC has four main components:

1. Electronic Surveillance - Stalking

2. Chemical Biological Warfare

3. Nuclear Warfare

I wrote Cv.98-7015, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et al. United States Supreme Court in Plumas County, California during the Clinton Impeachment hearings. It was denied certiorari January 19, 1999. This was about that day he was impeached.

Born on the Fourth of July

The Reverse Sting Entrapment on the United States, Constitution, and Presidency has an antecedent in the Declaration of Independence. In a broader perspective nationstates are designed as perpetual associations. One should also consider the capabilities of fighting a Hundred Years War.

One should focalize on the line But when a long train of abuses and usurpations...

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Constitution of the United States creates the Presidency:

Article II

Section 1 - The Executive Branch

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Article III

Section 3 - Treason

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The Amendments to the Constitution provide the individual with substantive rights.

The First Amendment guarantees the Freedom of Speech, to move about, choose one's faith, associate with others, and confront the government.

The Fourth Amendment encompasses electronic surveillance. The concept of the Exclusionary Rule, no illegal evidence shall be used against one is a concern

The Fourteenth Amendment contains the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses.

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The First Amendment provides one with the right to think freely, move about, and confront one's government.

In essence in the creation of our social universe in History, it appears that Trinity Theologians are given credit for my survival. In the folkish Wizard of Oz, Dorothy gets to challenge the Wizard of Oz. She is given a pair of Red Shoes from the Glynda, the Good Witch of the North who transferred the shoes of her sister the Wicked Witch of the East whom was killed when Dorothy's house crashed into Munchkinland. Her sister became the Wicked Witch of the West by trying to defeat the Wizard of Oz. The Witch wishes to retrieve the shoes. In reality Dorothy does not need the Red Shoes.

The only way to return home is to see the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City.

On her way down the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy frees the Scarecrow from the pole on which he is hanging, applies oil from a can to the rusted connections of the Tin Woodman, then meets the Cowardly Lion, and encourages the three of them to journey with her and Toto to the Emerald City. The Scarecrow wants a brain, the Tin Woodman wants a heart, and the Cowardly Lion wants courage. All four believe that the Wizard can solve their troubles.

The evolution of human knowledge is advancing to a science. Common sense is not a science. History is a science. An object, event, or phenomena either exists or it does not. The final battle ground appears to be Consciousness. The mechanical arts can not contemplate spirituality or morality so now computer science is on the verge of building Artificial General Intelligence that surpasses humans.

The early Sierra computer games, like the first three King’s Quest games (1984 1986), used commands from an internal command line to move the character around in the graphic window. Hence the user had to enter text line commands to the computer program rather than use a mouse or joystick to manipulate events.

California is heavily Chemically Contaminated. Lake Almanor and the Chester River Canal are ruined. I do not believe historically that the Klamath River and other wild rivers have faired well. I am writing now behind a little yellow United States Forestry Monument. I have also worked heavily in Indian Reservation and day use private property.

MOEC functions do not create a citizen. They create Informants, Saboteurs, and Traitors. Persons clamor for the tyrant. The population here as in the world are asking the Wizard for a Brain. They are facing charges of RICO, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness, hostaging and possibly murder. Consequently statute of limitation, pardons, and amnesty are also emergent.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

I will send copies of Barack Obama and my birth certificates. I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico one day prior to Obama.

Donald Trump should consider the reality that he as all other persons operates in a Reverse Sting. Does he believe that he is not be set up for his ideas by Russia and the nationstates. His Nativistic Populist base evokes Irrationalism.

At the higher level my attempt to expose the alleged Authorship Cambridge Law School results in Conflict Theory. The United States government and the world community have Censored and Sanitized the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The actual natural persons in the United States and particularly Plumas, Lassen, and Siskiyou are Yellow Brick Road Scapegoats.

The polarity between Homosexuality and Heterosexuality is severe. The attack is State Directed by MSM males. In a Tournament format if I defeat LAPD officers they will stalk me through the locals. Many are responding to the same sex for economic promotion and drug dealing. California has a Algebra 1 (ninth grade) math standard for high school graduation. Oregon and Nevada require Geometry which is Algebra 3. Arizona requires four Algebras and two years of at least Algebra 3.

The Enemy has heavily penetrated and recruited informants well before June 17, 1987. The Killing Off of Conscience results in antisocial psychopaths. In this region a high school degree is not going to sustain a $300,000 home price. While their is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth there are literally more empty buildings that persons.


Treason is an Act of Betrayal.

One should not bear False Witness. Bushmeat Practice is the generally accepted explanation for the spread of HIV AIDS from chimpanzees to humans. A same sex qualification for economics, dating, and marriage would be highly correlated to the 1.3 million persons how have been infected.

Geir Lundestad now removed from the Nobel Organization researched Barack Obama's nomination for the Nobel Prize on October 9, 2009. I was in Big Pine, California. October 9 is my grandmother's birthday. I believe she was born in Manchester, Scotland.

I will state that there are now six Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

I believe that Barack Obama will be arrested and convicted as a Mass Murder. He has Chemically Attacked more persons in the United States than any other human. Donald Trump currently is the only person to capable of performing worse.

Kali Yuga is the Iron Age of hypocrisy and quarrel.

Assad in paraphrase: We do not have chlorine, we do not have barrels, we do not have any helicopters.

The shaping of the Locals, "At the end what happens?" My argument is that you, myself whom are witnesses are facing a subpoena for material witness in a Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hare Krishna!!!

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Chester CA

June 2, 2017

2018 Letters

Open Letter To The Technological Singularity Movement

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 5, 2018

My allegation is that the Singularity Movement is condoning this pre genocidal activity. Persons are clearly being isolated by the gender identity and sexual preferences.

Barack Obama's childhood nanny, Evie (Turdi), was a biological male who lived as female when she cared for the Obama household in Indonesia. Turdi is therefore a member of the transgendered persons under the LGBTi or Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgendered, intersex movement. She is now openly living as a male abandoning her female clothing.

Evie (Turdi) found a transgendered friend murdered in Indonesia face down in a contaminated sewage canal two decades ago.

This morning on the way to buy what food I can eat I had to wash my hands in a chemically contaminated irrigation canal.

The Colorado River AZ CA and Salton Sea, CA have been chemically contaminated. I have been told that up to one third of the United States may have products contaminated from factory. Such products are sent near me in stores. The cotton fields and wheat fields are ruined. It would burn your hand to touch a bale of wheat or cotton. There are sheep grazing in a wheat field just west of where I am writing and they too are contaminated.

This attack has spanned over 30 years or one generation. It has been authored in the United States or overseas. I am alleging that University of Cambridge, United Kingdom are the Authorship and Proximate Cause.

I am claiming that this attack is a War Crime. According to the Geneva Convention and US Federal Law these acts are at issue. It is clear that the Chemical Assault affects the entire world.

1. Willful killing, or causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health

2. Torture or inhumane treatment

3. Unlawful wanton destruction or appropriation of property

4. Forcing a prisoner of war to serve in the forces of a hostile power

5. Depriving a prisoner of war of a fair trial

6. Unlawful deportation, confinement or transfer

7. Taking hostages

The following acts as part of an international conflict:

1. Directing attacks against civilians

2. Directing attacks against humanitarian workers or UN peacekeepers

3. Killing a surrendered combatant

4. Misusing a flag of truce

5. Settlement of occupied territory

6. Deportation of inhabitants of occupied territory

7. Using poison weapons

8. Using civilians as shields

9. Using child soldiers

10. Firing upon a Combat Medic with clear insignia

The following acts as part of a non international conflict:

1. Murder, cruel or degrading treatment and torture

2. Directing attacks against civilians, humanitarian workers or UN peacekeepers

3. Taking hostages

4. Summary execution

5. Pillage

6. Rape, sexual slavery, forced prostitution or forced pregnancy

I am stating that a Gay Militia is operating out of LAPD, California as a hegemonic hub controlling other state agencies for the Wizard of Oz Cambridge Law School. I have been told that these actors probably are dead. It is claimed that the planning of main attack against then President Ronald Reagan began in earnest in the 1930s.

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico on August 3, 1961. Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

Tulsi Gabbard was born April 12, 1981.

Danica Roem was born September 30, 1984.

It is evident that state planning is logarithmic based on distributive justice as the Authorship wishes to be dead before their strategy is activated.

This endeavor will begins with the tabula rasa or that the mind is a blank page on which to write. This also has an engineering perspective associated with such where a system is constructed with components that may changed. It is very clear that state planning is theater. We are living under a Perfect Dictator where the entire population are conditioned as informants then purged as needed.

This is particularly important for LGBTi rights as demonstrated by the history of Rep. Roem the nation's first transgender official. I will mention Mack Beggs a transgender boy, and two time Texas state high school girls wrestling champion.

Earlier in my life in Kent County, Delaware I was instructed to go in front of Michael Zaragoza's home. His parents are both doctors. He does not have a backyard. The family are tennis fanatics and they have a tennis court. Zaragoza is a two time state champion. He is now a doctor. He is also graduated from Harvard in 2003 with Obama. Joe Purzycki and Larry Stith were in the backyard. Purzycki was the Caesar Rodney High School football coach and Stith the soccer coach.

In front of the home I heard comment that was generated from an unknown concerning being a champion. Hence being a champion every day. This reflects an interview that Mack Begg's gave after winning in 2017.

An issue here is drug use and cheating. Mack is taking testosterone. There is also issue with illegal psychoactive drugs.

Bernie Sanders is a proclaimed Democratic Socialist has done nothing about opposition leadership. Gabbard has supported Sanders in his failed 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Sanders has built a reputation as a leading progressive voice on issues such as corporate welfare, global warming, income inequality, LGBT rights, and universal healthcare. Sanders has been critical of U.S. foreign policy and was an early and outspoken opponent of the Iraq War, the First Gulf War, and U.S. support for the Contras in Nicaragua. He is also outspoken on civil liberties and civil rights, criticizing racial discrimination in the criminal justice and advocating for privacy rights against mass surveillance policies such as the USA Patriot Act and the NSA surveillance programs.

Gabbard and I both use the Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada as our Bible.

Hence there is no free Get Out of Jail Card that has been authored to attack me and the population in the United States and world.


MOEC is a prima facie War Crime. The abuse that has occurred between 2008 and 2016 would arise to the most grievous human rights abuse against Obama. I would argue that Joe Biden, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder are also in jeopardy.

I do not exclude the other five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump from the same legal standard as Obama. I consider a baseline of prosecution of 1955 forward.

There is a world population of 7.6 billion persons affected. Persons should consider the sworn testimony under oath at War Crimes Tribunal.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 5, 2018

2019 Letters

Open Letter to Vice President Joe Biden et al.

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 23, 2019

By Me kings reign and princes decree just things.

President Donald Trump

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Joe Biden

Senator Bernie Sanders

Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard

The United States has for the last 31 years Censored and Sanitized an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which has been imposed over my natural person and United States citizenship.

I am clearly alleging Cambridge Law School is Authorship and Proximate Cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact. The remainder of the world's population are Fractals of Kroni. This is part of an Antichrist theory and pertains to the demonization of the individual and collective. Kroni is an Antichrist of a Vedic offshoot. This is unique since both Tulsi and I share the same Krishna faith and use the same Bible, the Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

Prima facie, I have lost all my substantive protections under the Bill of Rights of which all the parties addressed have sworn to uphold. In this interest Equal Protection and Due Process are paramount This will revisit the 14th Amendment and issues associated with Jim Crow Laws.

This attack which is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is not likely to be refuted. This Prisoner's Dilemma defection model is designed as a virus in the social body.

Origin is the GUI or Graphical User Interface of MOEC.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

President Ronald Reagan's Presidency was hijacked on June 17, 1987 just days after his historic Berlin Wall speech on the June 12, 1987.

Since this attack this system has created six Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

The attack has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. It also contains an Ex Deux Maquina or Ghost in the Machine that among other things is an algorithm of targets that intends to number and map out the entire world's population. This is based on the conflict between LGBTi and Opposite Sex Persons.

LAPD, California contains a Gay Militia which is part of a Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman Attack. This event pits the least intelligent and worse persons versus the most intelligent and best persons. The entire debacle is a Scripted death spiral.

The Yellow Brick Road is real. MOEC is a Reverse Sting crime creation model. There are perhaps up to 10,000 migrants seeking asylum in Tijuana, Mexico. These persons did not appear without being shepherded by the same mechanism that is creating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The British have orchestrated a concocted ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Such is based on Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Extreme class stratification is likely to occur as our currency becomes inflated and fiat money is lent out at usury. Persons who are not mathematically and technologically literate will become unemployable. In California is estimated that 600,000 persons will become unemployable after the state hits $15.00 per hour in 2022.

The Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled as I write.

The concrete reality is that the United Kingdom has entrapped the United States to destroy itself and democracy into a Totalitarianism Police State. There are no real citizens. To even mention Patriots is a ruse. This is Homosexual quid pro quo system. I am in this predicament because I did not perform any same sex acts over my life.

At this time in the Caveman Attack chess players most likely at titled level Fide Expert and above 2200 ELO and a some math and or statistics persons have been brought in.

As standard I choose the upper boundary to from strong to weak to decapitate what is a prima facie War Crime.

I have been a Fair Warner. This Judeo Christian Islamic concept in based on Noah before the flood. I make no outlandish spiritual claims. I have done the best as a natural person.

Those sworn competent persons of our nationstate have incurred the Misprision of Treason.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 23, 2019

Court Docket


England is the Mind, the United States is the Bodyguard

MOEC is the acronym of the System MOBILIZATION OF EMPIRE AND CIVILIZATION. The SYSTEM is allegedly of British design; that of Cambridge Law School. The paradigm is designed as a Suprasystem. This is state that MOEC is a higher structural system that manages lower subsystems and components. This is particularly aimed at Constitutions and computer operating systems which are constructed in a similar manner.




Official Court Appendix

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