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Open Letters

The following records are Open Letters which were posted to my and MOEC Studies systems from 2001 in continuo. After 32 years of Censorship and Sanitization the attempt to gain Legal Recognition, decapitate the system, and bring the prominent Actors to accountability deserves some attention based on it's merit. Open Letters are worth the time and effort and an important facet of our Freedom and Dignity.

The following reflect the emergence from a passivity to a more dynamic posture with prophylaxis.

The Open Letters are a stoic and defiant statement in a study in the classic argument of the confrontation between the Individual versus the State.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

One should note that any reference made to the Baltimore Studio is no more than LAPD officers posing as MSM musicians.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer October 24, 2015

September 17 • The United States Constitution is signed and the Convention adjourns.

The approved Constitution is signed by thirty nine delegates from twelve states save Rhode Island. One delegate, John Dickinson from Delaware, was ill and not present, had George Read sign his name by proxy. Three delegates present declined to sign the document: Edmund Randolph, George Mason, and Eldridge Gerry. George Washington, as president of the convention, was the first signatory.

2007 Letters

The Retirement of The Fly

Big Pine CA

July 14, 2007

July 13, 2007 allegedly was the retirement of The Fly. This once 65 year old bisexual officer in my opinion will be the baseline archetype personality in the study of pathological lying. This cannot be understated. It appears that a dependent fatalistic culture was orchestrated under a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium.

In focus the Radhanatha escalation occurred on February 13, 2007 along the Colorado River. The Inyo Complex Fire is 80% contained here and the county has been in a state of emergency.

Any water taken from a surface source would have been chemically contaminated. The June Fire still burning as over 80 acres in Mono County has no clean surface water as June Lake has been hit by The Fly.

The remainder of the Gay Militia is LAPD are about twenty members who are about 53 to no more than 59 years of age. They average about 260 pounds in weight.

The Fly has handed off a major escalation. The youngest member is at the most risk for retaliation and prosecution. I am no doubt chemically contaminated from head to toe. I am writing this off a solar panel and a 5 amp battery.

In degree the mission is to keep me isolated. The red herring of attempting to historically portray me as LGBT will fail. Integral to this is Mr. Original of the Baltimore Studio. The attack on Gaudiya Vaishnavism under eternal law will blow back into the face of Christianity. This is why I a putting forth more theological positions of the site.

There is also damage to political leaders, LGBT history, and as well to regions.

2008 Letters

Open Letter to Representative Pedro Nava D CA

Westwood CA

June 16, 2008

Dear Representative Pedro Nava,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I believe I am writing you for the first time. I am a resident of Lassen County. I have lived here 31 days. Under United States Federal Law you must recognize the chemical attack occurring here in the Westwood Chester California area.


Strawmen attack with red herrings. From a convergent perspective we can analyze that officers who are under the color of law attack others as being criminal.

The emic position states the folk view strawman. The third party etic perspective notes that these code officers are indeed the belligerents.

Tomorrow, June 17, 2008 is the 21st anniversary of the systematic harassment and the 22nd anniversary of the chemical assault and electronic surveillance.

Today at 5 PM PST Gay marriage will be legal in California. This may only last until November when a referendum by seek voter approval to end such by constitutional amendment.

I am against such based on a Vedic and natural law perspective.

Here we state that the Gay Militants of LAPD and the henchperson informants are strawmen. The can only isolate and invent ad hominem against me.

I will direct many statements to legal authorities in Lassen and Plumas Counties at the local level.

The Gay Militia is the worst event in America LGBT history.

Lake Almanor, a world class trout fishery is totally toxic. Tomorrow is also the 221st anniversary of the United States Constitution.

The so called profiling of the Gay Militancy is a shamble, the world's greatest red herring.


I am representing the Gaudiya Sampradaya as a humble bhakta. One can notice that Tim Russert, one of the toughest news journalist died without even on record of this event in 16 years on Meet the Press.

Poetic justice is no justice at all.

Poison in the well.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Open Letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger R CA

Desert Shores CA

November 15, 2008

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I am writing you at this time to criticize the lack of consciousness and compassion on your part regarding myself, citizens, and all natural life forms in California. I am in Desert Shores and the Salton Sea is chemically assaulted.

It may be interesting for you to know also that Joe Biden and myself lived is the same neighborhood for a few months in the 1970s. He lived a few houses down. In his door to door campaigning he visited my family. He was informed that this attack could take place. I am one day older than Barack Obama.

I have never done anabolic steroids or growth hormone. There is a 100 percent chance that eugenics and lifespan development from Delaware where high school coaches are going to implicated in racketeering as are drug dealers from Caesar Rodney and Capitol School District. This will involve RICO mutual aid construction from LAPD here in California.

Mary Bono R Palm Springs is also in serious jeopardy. She is also 47 years of age. I have a BMI index of about 25. I attempted a 22 mile walk to Salton City of which I did over three days.

Recently you made a statement to GAY RIGHTS advocates to not quit and that Proposition 8 reminded you of when you were young working out with heavy weights that you could not yet handle.

I have opposed Gay Marriage openly for 13 years. I am fighting this entire event from my Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna) ritvik standpoint. I have authored over 26 federal lawsuits that would have ended this TORTURE.

You as a sworn officer have no choice but to recognize this event and remedy such.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA




2009 Letters

Open Letter to Senator Boxer D CA

Desert Shores CA

February 22, 2009

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

I am writing you to confront Attorney General Holder, and you over RACISM and my ongoing alienation of civil rights.

AG Holder has made comments that America lacks the courage to discuss or confront racism. I have made over 26 federal lawsuits based on the Civil Rights Act attempting to remedy a systematic CHEMICAL SCORCHED EARTH ATTACK against the United States. Eric Holder has done nothing as an assistant attorney general under Bill Clinton or now under Barack Obama.

You have a home in Rancho Mirage. According to the Sunday issue of The Desert Sun you met with their editorial staff to discuss revitalizing the Salton Sea.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism has destroyed your career and my life.

The Salton Sea is chemically despoiled by a Gay Militancy run out of LAPD. The Delaware State Police are onboard as onlookers, not HEROES as AG Holder suggests.

The GAY MARRIAGE issue has this bogus militancy embedded within such. I am arguing strongly from the spiritual conservative side here and have done so rationally emailing over 75 officials on this chemical scorched earth and gay marriage. I have supported Proposition 8 in California.

The chemical assault is debilitating. I follow my religious faith as a Hare Krishna. This is a HATE CRIME to Eric Holder's strawman photo presentation.

Mary Bono, Barack Obama, and myself are all 47 years of age. They have a logical chance of being criminally prosecuted. The estates of all Congressional officials from the 100th Congress onward are under civil scrutiny and tort law. The counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, Inyo, Mono, Lassen, Plumas, and Shasta are facing the brunt of this onslaught with Los Angeles, and Kern next.

This is issue of GAY IRRATIONALISM GAY FASCISM is not a joke. As persons become deeply implicated they become know nothings, 2 + 2 = 3. Extortion, blackmail, and violence occurs and no one hears, sees, or speaks anything.

In response to AG Holder's remarks I will become simpler yet bolder and speak on concrete facts against the show bottle politics of the milieu.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, CA


Mary Bono Mack R Palm Springs

Desert Shores CA

February 4, 2009

Mary Bono Mack

Mary Bono Mack R Palm Springs is emerging as a sacred cow for lack of better terms to shield this event. The location of Cathedral City which has a large LGBT population also is being appealed to ad misericordium.

Mary Bono Mack is 47 years of age. This is the same as Barack Obama and myself. I do not believe preferential treatment is needed or that any other contingency should emerge that would warrant deferring to her based on who she is than on merit.

I am undergoing a very serious escalation here as well as everyone else. Statistically Bono and Obama should live well into their late 70s. I do not believe the odds are in support of me in the least.

I will become more assertive in publicly opposing all competent figures in the very near future.

Mary Bono Mack will not receive special treatment here.

Open Letter to House Speaker Pelosi D CA

Desert Shores CA

February 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Dear House Speaker Pelosi,

It is a clear unambiguous fact that Barack Obama is acting as President of the United States signing one of the largest pieces of legislation ever today. Obama and the leadership of both parties are clearly negligent in NOT RECOGNIZING A CHEMICAL SCORCHED EARTH ATTACK ON THE UNITED STATES. They form a Perfect Dictatorship of democratically elected tyranny.



MY REQUEST IS THAT SHE WRITE HER BOOK REPORT ON ME. I AM ONE DAY OLDER THAN HER FATHER. Barack has assembled a staff of Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, and Janet Napolitano. All these persons are from backgrounds and jurisdictions that are the most severely affected. The addition of yourself and Harry Reid complement this polarization.

The picture attached is from Flagstaff, Arizona. I decided not to attempt to confront then Governor Napolitano face to face. I do have complaints against her from her days as Governor.



This is totally absurd as I have contacted over 75 lawmakers at various levels over the past 13 years advocating heterosexual marriage. I have contacted you also here on Proposition 8 in California which I continue to support.

You are the first woman Speaker of the House. You should be deeply concerned with misogyny or the hatred of woman. I have enumerated to you and the California contingency over the damage to the emerging corps of female public officials.

I have over 26 federal lawsuits attempting to open criminal prosecutions to halt this attack on this country. It is obvious also that I act to save what is left of my own life.


In History and as well in our legal lives we will forever be linked in these two areas:

1. Chemical Scorched Earth attack against the United States.

2. The attempt to gay bait me.

My ritvik orientation positions me in a continuum where Gaudiya Vaishnavism is in a position similar to the Lutherans and Episcopalians. There is controversy and faction over LGBT monogamy and civil unions. Recently Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnick) a diksa guru of ISKCON blessed a gay union. He issued an apology almost immediately.

I only present this information knowing that the federal court will only entertain a minimum of religious content, hence this is a HATE CRIME. ALL MY RELIGIOUS PRACTICES ARE LEGAL. I DO NOT USE DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA, GAMBLE, ENGAGE IN ILLICIT SEX (THIS INCLUDES LGBT BEHAVIOR).


The Salton Sea area will be a lightning rod for refuting the Red Herring and as well as the chemical assault. I will promote these facts throughout Congress and to other agencies and competent authorities.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California


Open Letter To John Boehner R OH

Desert Shores CA

March 8, 2009

Dear Senate Minority Leader Boehner,

The last five presidents of the United States have failed to prioritize the homeland security needs of this country and thus protect the Constitution, citizen's lives, and wellbeing. The country has been under a Chemical Scorched Earth since June 17th 1987, the 200th birthday of the Constitution.

The creation of Homeland Security under George W. Bush itself is a farce. The Salton Sea here in California is chemically destroyed. Lake Almanor and the Owens River have also suffered catastrophic attacks.

This event or terrorist attack is being driven out of LAPD. Such contains a cell(s) of LGBTi militants. I am staunch heterosexual and defender of traditional marriage. I am supporting Proposition 8 here in California.

THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS! No individual that I know of, sworn official or homeland security officer has stepped forward to defend the natural lives of persons in this country and place the rule of law back in order.

The Republican Party must focus on reality not just tax cuts. Is AIG capable of paying on the trillions of dollars in damage?

The historical and legal record provides for documentation in the negligence to defend the United States since 1987. Hopefully the will to govern will be found before the damage to health and property necessitates such.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Open Letter To Representative Bud McKeon R CA

Big Pine CA

May 3, 2009

Dear Representative McKeon,

I have returned from the Imperial Valley in the past week and I am totally appalled at the mismanagement of homeland security and human rights in this district.

Not only is their a widespread Chemical Assault Scorched Earth there is now a H1N1 pandemic circulating the globe.

LAPD is continuing to attempt to front me as a LGBTi supporter. I am very strongly spiritually conservative on the issue of Gay Marriage. I commend Carrie Prejean for her stand on which I also share her views on support for opposite sex marriage.

The Owens Valley will be a historical and legal proving grounds for Chemical Assault. Why are targeted Chemical Assaults against an individual or a location as the Owens Valley not recognized. If the emergent Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing continues victims will be forced here.

I know this country very well from the interstate system and there is no place to go.

I am starting Facebook pages to deal with:

Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Human Rights

I am also going to press all competent officials with why persons continue to have deal under Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

FBI Compliant Against Governor Pete Wilson R CA

Westwood CA

June 20, 2009


I, David Nollmeyer file a criminal complaint against ex Governor Pete Wilson of California under Title 18 1961 RICO Act for two counts of breaking the 13th Amendment (due process), two counts of violating his oath of office, two counts of under the color of law. Pete Wilson was governor of California from 1991 to 1999. He inherited a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which was targeted against my primary law protections under the Bill of Rights and the state constitution of which he swore to uphold.

The events cover the San Diego, Inyo, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo counties.

Pete Wilson was inaugurated on January 7, 1991 and January 2, 1995.

It is prima facie through the terms of Pete Wilson the agents applied HEAVY AMOUNTS OF CHEMICALS BY PLACING THESE ELEMENTS IN THE GAS TANKS OF AUTOS.

This event is in continuo through Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At this point it is prima facie in areas of Plumas and Lassen Counties where I am writing that entire bodies of water as Lake Almanor and Clear Creek are TOTALLY CAUSTIC.

Pete Wilson should bear some guilt in this systematic conspiracy.

David Nollmeyer

PO Box 81

Big Pine CA 93513

FBI: Complaint Against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger R CA

Westwood CA

September 9, 2009

Dear FBI,

I, David Nollmeyer am filing a complaint against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California for under the color of law. I am also arguing that the Governor has violated my civil rights as US 42 28 USC, the Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment.

These allegations are based on a prima facie CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH. This event has persisted since June 17, 1987. I will focalize on events since February 12, 2007. The Colorado River in both California and Arizona, the river was contaminated. This was inclusive of drinking water in facilities as truck stops and stores. I can argue that contamination existed from Laughlin, Nevada to Blythe, California. Surface water has continually remained chemically contaminated since this time.

This event was code named Operation Radhanatha. This in reference to an ISKCON guru who has had allegations of complicity in a murder of a Hare Krishna devotee Sulochana dasa in Los Angeles in 1986. This is a poison in the well fallacy. To my knowledge the US attorneys involve in the case have exonerated Radhanatha swami of an guilt.

I am in Westwood, California. Clear Creek which runs into Lake Almanor is severely chemically degraded. I just had to clean in the creek on Sunday the 6th of October.

This is an event of such extraordinary magnitude that it has endangered the NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES.


The egregious and impugn nature in which the State of California is operating damages the legal and concrete security issues of the country and has put all 38 million natural persons in direct peril.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood, Ca


2010 Letters

Open Letter To Senator Jon Kyl R AZ

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 16, 2010

Jon Kyl

Jon Kyl

Dear Senator Kyl,

It is time for all sworn officials to take Homeland Security seriously. The Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing is severely Chemically Contaminated. This event has been in continuo since November, 2009. This type of attack also began on the Colorado River about three years ago near Earp CA Parker AZ when George W. Bush was president.

Water in taps in homes, businesses, and restaurants are poisoned by what are now called our Homeland Security Officers.

Currently President Obama is clamoring for sanctions against Achminejead and Iran. Iran is very similar to Arizona in that it has limited water resources that could imperil it's survival from a CHEMICAL ASSAULT.

You, Senator McCain, Homeland Secretary Napolitano are no strangers to this event.

This circular folly marginalizes the weak. The corruption of ad vericundium or appeal to stature has no place here. This country has WASTED SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL and environmental resources in attempting to marginalize my existence.

At this point in time I will become very simple and transparent. I may have lost the immediate manifest battle. However I have the greater LEGAL AND HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION.

There is an online support community of persons attacked by what is known as Gang Stalking Mob Stalking or Stalking. I AM THE MOST STALKED PERSON IN UNITED STATES HISTORY. A great deal of their material directly overlaps this attack on our Homeland Security.

As a sworn official in what is perhaps the second most affected jurisdiction your legal duties will come under scrutiny. I have some information that February 2017 may end the manifest SCORCHED EARTH.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ


Open Letter to Representative Raul Grijalva D AZ Tucson

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 13, 2010

Grijalva AZ

Raul Grijalva

Dear Representative Grijalva,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you to complain of conditions along the Colorado River in Ehrenberg. The River is chemically contaminated as it flows south towards Yuma and Mexico. The air is chemically contaminated as persons are driving with chemicals in their gas tanks. I cannot even enter a store as the Flying J Truckstop without the air being poisoned. Products on the shelf are also ruined.

The water in the tap is also chemically contaminated. What is becoming popularly known as Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, and Stalking occurs regularly. Laying in wait to false imprison one by slamming car and truck doors is ritual violence here.

This event is being run by LAPD with cells of LGBTi (Same Sex Militants). I see that you have supported many issues favorable to LGBTi persons. You are now also one of their legal and historical victims. Almost everyday, on cue I am being provoked by innuendo that I am Afraid of the Gays.

I have opposed the preachers within my own Krishna faith on this issue. I am known on internet sites as Facebook. I have over 26 Federal lawsuits. The escalation of contaminating surface water began along the Colorado River.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Complaint: Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard D

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 28, 2010

Terry Goddard AZ

Terry Goddard


David Nollmeyer files complaint with Terry Goddard Attorney General of Arizona and natural person for criminal violation of my state rights.

Statement of Facts

I have arrived to the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing on the Colorado River since about November 1, 2009 in continuo. The Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled. The air in the vicinity is likewise contaminated. Persons lay in wait here at the Fling J Truckstop to intimidate and harass.

I argue that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is being executed with omissive and de facto consent of Attorney General Goddard.

The quantum of force used against me violates my freedom practice my Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna) faith. I am orthodox believer and have opposed same sex marriage in California Proposition 8 and in Arizona Question 2.

The lack of response to a public emergency violates my rights to due process and freedom to remain free from cruel and unusual treatment.

The state of Arizona in prescribes in Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

I am stating that there are three predicate acts identified in violation of my primary positive rights by an executive code enforcement official sworn to uphold my rights and the People of Arizona.

I am requesting an immediate criminal investigation.

David Nollmeyer

March 28, 2010

Ehrenberg AZ

Points of Law

Article 9 Free Exercise of Religion

41-1493 Definitions

41-1493.01 Free exercise of religion protected

41-1493.02 Applicability

41-1493. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Demonstrates" means meets the burdens of going forward with the evidence and of persuasion.

2. "Exercise of religion" means the ability to act or refusal to act in a manner substantially motivated by a religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief.

3. "Government" includes this state and any agency or political subdivision of this state.

4. "Political subdivision" includes any county, city, including a charter city, town, school district, municipal corporation or special district, any board, commission or agency of a county, city, including a charter city, town, school district, municipal corporation or special district or any other local public agency.

41-1493.01. Free exercise of religion protected

A. Free exercise of religion is a fundamental right that applies in this state even if laws, rules or other government actions are facially neutral.

B. Except as provided in subsection C, government shall not substantially burden a person's exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.

C. Government may substantially burden a person's exercise of religion only if it demonstrates that application of the burden to the person is both:

1. In furtherance of a compelling governmental interest.

2. The least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.

D. A person whose religious exercise is burdened in violation of this section may assert that violation as a claim or defense in a judicial proceeding and obtain appropriate relief against a government. A party who prevails in any action to enforce this article against a government shall recover attorney fees and costs.

E. In this section, the term substantially burden is intended solely to ensure that this article is not triggered by trivial, technical or de minimis infractions.

41-1493.02. Applicability

A. This article applies to all state and local laws and ordinances and the implementation of those laws and ordinances, whether statutory or otherwise, and whether adopted before or after the effective date of this article.

B. State laws that are adopted after the effective date of this article are subject to this article unless the law explicitly excludes application by reference to this article.

C. This article shall not be construed to authorize any government to burden any religious belief.

2. Political power; purpose of government

Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

4. Due process of law

Section 4. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

15. Excessive bail; cruel and unusual punishment

Section 15. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.

Open Letter to GLAAD

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 3, 2010

David Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ 2010

David Nollmeyer 48.5 Years


This is a very quick memo composed to GLAAD a LGBTi advocacy group. The trajectory of torture is disintegrating. It is in my interest to perform in an open, clean, and hard manner within the law.

This means creating authentic records in the face of unprecedented censorship and sanitization.

David Nollmeyer


I am writing you today to express my concerns over the unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. By observation your organization is concerned with the defamation and real world treatment of LGBTi persons. This is why my life history, legal records, and communications should be of the greatest concern to you.

I am strict heterosexual and a member of the ritvik Hare Krishna Movement. This states that I am not following a living diksa teacher (guru) as per se a living a pope. The ritvik platform tends to be more conservative but not exclusively.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been imposed my natural person. At a lower, but legal level, my United States Citizenship is also attacked.

I have accused LGBTi officers in Los Angeles Police Department of implementing what is now a FULL BLOWN SCORCHED EARTH.

I am focusing my personal and civil response on to sworn competent officials in the main. GLADD has lawyers that are members of the bar and their licensing requires that they report crimes.

I am in Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA area along the Colorado River. The river is chemically despoiled. It is the source of drinking water for large areas of Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico.

Here the isolation of my person is also paired with propaganda that I am supporting same sex behaviors this false and irrational. Here is an example of what is driving this act of torture in LGBTi history.

The core concept is driven by same sex males of white European descent. They are using lesbian and bisexual females as a front. This will also hostage such persons and possibly implicate such if they willing take part of the conspiracy.

If I state that I am opposed to Gay practices. The methodology will state that it Gay only means lesbianism. They will then attempt to Gay Bait one as Male Same Sex Male MSM practitioner. They will state that this is due to ethnic nationalism. They will attempt to recruit a minority lawyer, possibly a Latino or African American to advocate me.

This is a notorious Strawman tactic; not a logical use of distribution.

What has occurred is a what computer hackers call a Joe Virus. The directionality of the attack is against heterosexuals. It is blowing back against groups as GLADD and the Campaign for Courage.

There are many levels of analysis. Currently the Gay Marriage and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell will be damaged against your interests.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth severely damages those who are HIV positive.

I will close now with this reference by that was made by Marc Faber. This event concerning my cell phone did happen. My Moto Q was destroyed because I wrote a refutation of Geir Lundestad and the Nobel Organizations choice of Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

(See below).

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

March 13, 2010

Investment Adviser Marc Faber has predicted a Dirty War scenario for the United States. My cellphone has blown up, I have already complained to the FBI that the Colorado River is despoiled. I have also criticized Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent

The world's most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland, stock up on gold and prepare for a dirty war by Marc Faber, the notoriously bearish market pundit, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash.

The bleak warning of social and financial meltdown was delivered today in Tokyo at a gathering of 700 pension and sovereign wealth fund managers.

Dr Faber, who advised his audience to pull out of American stocks one week before the 1987 crash and was among a handful who predicted the more recent financial crisis, vies with the Nouriel Roubini, the economist, as a rival claimant for the nickname Dr. Doom.

Speaking today, Dr Faber said that investors, who control billions of dollars of assets, should start considering the effects of more disruptive events than mere market volatility.

"The next war will be a dirty war," he told fund managers: "What are you going to do when your mobile phone gets shut down or the internet stops working or the city water supplies get poisoned?"

His investment advice, which was the first keynote speech of CLSA's annual investment forum in Tokyo, included a suggestion that fund managers buy houses in the countryside because it was more likely that violence, biological attack and other acts of a "dirty war" would happen in cities.

He also said that they should consider holding part of their wealth in the form of precious metals "because they can be carried."

One London based hedge fund manager described Mr Faber's address as "excellent, chilling stuff: good at putting you off lunch, but not something I can tell clients asking me about quarterly returns at the end of March."

Dr Faber did offer a few more traditional investment tips, although their theme fitted his general mode of pessimism.

In Asia, particularly, he said, stock pickers should play on future food and water shortages by buying into companies with exposure to agriculture and water treatment technologies.

Marc Faber. Retrieved from: Marc Faber

Open Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 11, 2010

Dianne Feinstein

Diane Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

It is clear that from the your legal behaviors as a sworn competent official, senior senator from California, that you are not making any legal remedy to my dilemma here in Blythe, California.

You have one of the longest political careers on record. Your final year of Mayor of San Francisco in 1988, and your senate career 1993 in continuo places you oath office to uphold the Constitution of the United States in legal jeopardy.

Make no mistake that the Strategic Mission of this manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is Gay Marriage or Same Sex Marriage. You probably have the greatest deal of experience in LGBTi issues and are respected by these persons.

My life and you legal legacy has been attacked by Gay Militants run out of LAPD. Chief Beck is also being put on notice here but he is conservative and makes no headlines.

The officer(s) who struck then President Reagan on June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware was (are) codenamed The Fly as in Lord of the Flies.

They are calling the current group Dodo as in Dodo bird.

The Lord of the Flies should be reviewed in lieu of what persons call Gang Mob Stalking. Stranded youths form tribes on a desert island where the more noble youths are stalked and hunted down by the abnormal set.

I am the most stalked person to Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and your legal standing.

Barack Obama has recently made what will be gaff by pointing out the evils of slavery in omission from the recognition of Confederate History in Virginia. As seen Barack Obama should review Jim Crow History and the 14th Amendment (Due Process).

I am one day older than he is born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

There was an Easter Day earthquake in San Luis, Mexico at 7.2 magnitude. The Colorado River was and has been despoiled through this earthquake and flows towards San Luis. This is Mary Bono's Palm Spring R 45 District.

This was codenamed Radhanatha from 2007. This is a poison in the well tactic to attempt to implicate Radhanatha swami in the murder of a dissident Hare Krishna devotee in Los Angeles, Sulochana. Radhanatha swami has nothing to do with this Chemical Assault business.

I am an independent ritvik Prabhupadanuga, and my rights to practice my Vedic faith are violated to where the whole state, country, and a great cross section of the world's population are credibly threatened.

I have also and still support Proposition 8 in California.

You as a female person have set many firsts. I am not a prolific writer, but I believe due to your span of service you have received the most complaints than Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

You should consider beyond your personal self and perform the legal duties to uphold my rights. I am strict heterosexual and far from being hostaged by LGBTi or opposite sex interests.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA


Open Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D CA

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Dear House Speaker Pelosi,

Currently the Obama Administration, yourself included have made history by passing Universal Healthcare. This legislation has to be placed in context.

If one person becomes alienated from their Constitutional Right the collective will also lose.

Recently Phoebe Prince a young high school was stalked and committed suicide.

I am the most Stalked Person in United States History. Consider the fact that in order for me to relocate from Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River, which is Chemically Contaminated. Several major bodies of water and products in stores and factories must also be despoiled.

This includes the Owens River and canal, June Lake, Lake Mono, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Almanor.

The United States is living through an Irrationalist Pre Fascist time period. The resources of the state are being used to attack the citizens and natural persons.

Here I will clearly state that I am a heterosexual and I consider myself the leader in opposition to a LGBTi Militancy being directed out LAPD now headed by Chief Beck.

This Gay Militia is mostly male and is the equivalent or worse than the Ku Klux Klan was to the Democratic Party in the 1930s.

I am openly confronting the University of California as Corrupt and Incompetent for not defending the state and their research areas. President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize while I was in Big Pine and accepted such while I was here along the Colorado River.

There was a Easter Day 7.2 magnitude earthquake in San Luis, Mexico due south of here along the Colorado River. I have stated to the FBI that I believe that drug gangs can exploit this chemical assault and possible retaliate against American and other interests. This is very challenging environment to navigate.

So this informant driven mechanism has also attacked your legacy. I have made dutiful contributions and will continue to be assertive in assuring that I survive as long as possible. I have requested that GLAAD and other LGBTi support groups become involved but they are only Strawmen to date.

HIV positive, allergy and environmentally challenged persons have to begin to assert themselves against a tyranny and despotism that is stalking and hunting them down. This is not just an externality, I believe it to be a deliberate Eugenic act of cleansing. The strange issue is the creation of antisocial psychopathic persons to carry out crimes against humanity.

I believe you should reassess your legacy, the setting, and the natural persons that are likely to contest your legal acts due to injury.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ


Open Letter to Lt. Governor Maldonado R CA

Westwood CA

July 17, 2010

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Dear Lt. Governor Maldonado,

You as Lt. Governor and all other candidates are running for office as sworn officials in California without recognizing the system of torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment that has been ongoing since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

I am the most heavily stalked person in the history of the United States. The surface water in Lassen and Plumas Counties is despoiled. So is running tap water in buildings when I approach such.

Historically I have lived in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. I attended both Cuesta College and Allan Hancock Junior Colleges. There was a consistent pattern of Gang Stalking and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Present Governor Schwarzenegger is under the color of law. He should of used emergency powers of the governor to halt actions lead by a LGBTi militancy run out of LAPD.

It is my analysis that citizens in California and the United States will clamor to strip of his citizenship in the future. He ran for office as an agent for The People…He has done null to aid such and like Mr. Freeze in his movies he is the world's strongest criminal and epitomizes the culture of corruption which he claimed he would change.

Note this statement by First Lady Maria Shriver:

"Just to become governor is a huge thing, and to do it twice is a huge accomplishment," Shriver told Pop Tarts at the Million Plates Campaign in Los Angeles on Monday. "I think he has so much to be proud of certainly his work on the environment, job creation, selling California on all the reforms he's been able to institute. I think when all is said and done, people will look at him as a great performer."

She is only 54 years old to Arnold’s 63 years of age and is a compelling target for obstruction of justice.

As seen the LGBTi militancy is run based on Same Sex Male interests. Lesbians and bisexuals are the front for their hedonistic culture. If a male is not sexually attracted to Lesbian or female bisexuality he is baited as gay then bisexual then transgender in a circular folly. As a female executive you should be highly concerned about Gay Misogyny.

I have been a lifelong heterosexual and I have supported Proposition 8 or it's equivalent all my life. I am ritvik Hare Krishna on the path of Madhurya Lila which is hard to explain but in reduction:

When you steal the handmaiden's gold the world will turn to fire.

This statement from German Mythology reflects the panorama in the background and the historical and legal defeat of Schwarzenegger.

Just as in 100 Years of Solitude, the City of Macondo is doomed from it's inception. The present Macondo oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico is spewing oil while I am fighting Governor Schwarzenegger to end a crime against humanity.

The University of California is corrupt and useless. They receive tax money to censor and sanitize the worst crime in the history of California.

The students of California have a very Irrationalist pattern of behavior.

Since you are still young in your 40s you have at least 30 years, a generation in which to live. I will be 49 August 3. Obama will 49 on August 4.

You have to recognize this attack on my life and the natural persons living in this state or you will be legally culpable under RICO statutes.

I do not see how 38 million people are going to be compensated for this attack.

Strip Arnold Schwarzenegger of his citizenship. The Kennedy Clan should start to do things legally also.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

Complaint Against Governor Schwarzenegger R CA

Westwood CA

August 5, 2010

The following complaint is a facsimile which has been edited to protect real natural persons who are females. It was sent to Attorney General Eric Holder.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood August 3, 2010 49 Years

The Right To Marry and Confronting Schwarzenegger


David Nollmeyer files a criminal complaint against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for systematically condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has despoiled surface water as the Owens Canal in Inyo County, Colorado River in Riverside County, and Robber's Creek in Lassen County. Water in taps and faucets is also contaminated when I am in the proximity of the source of water. Air is chemically contaminated by the burning of acids and caustic substances in combustion engines. The activities in question predate Governor Schwarzenegger's term to June 17, 1987. He was aware of manifest constitutional violations during his campaign to oust then Governor Davis in 2003. The Governor is clearly in violation from December 2003 in continuo.

The allegation is this attack is carried out by an LGBTi militancy in LAPD. The right to marry is a strategic mission of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I am a heterosexual who is being prevented from the opportunities of marrying a person of my choice. Arnold Schwarzenegger has upwards of $200 million and has married Maria Shriver niece of John F. and Ted Kennedy. This is very high profile marriage. Chelsea Clinton married August 1, 2010 She is 30 years old this year.

I converted to my Hare Krishna faith on August 2, 1977. My birthday is August 3, 1961. Barack Obama's birthday is August 4, 1961. Proposition 8 was overturned August 4, 2010.

LAPD is attempting to script an ethnography that posits that I have been transformed by LGBTi acquaintances. This is based on a scenario from natural individuals who are from San Diego who are also treated symbolically. They LGBTi orientated. This data is verbalized as an auditorial stimulus from LAPD and imposed over me electronically. I have a direct presence in San Diego from about 1980 to 1983. I have had no same sex activity in my entire life and my religious views do not support such either. I am a pure heterosexual. Laney College and Berkeley are also inclusive from about 1984 to 1987 to script a transformational experience.

LAPD is attempting to state that I enjoy being held in false imprisonment by listening to profiles of Lesbianism Bisexuality. Same sex males are continually using same sex females to front them in a double bind fallacy. If your reject female same sex than you choose male same sex. This is extremely fallacious. In my case my preferences are heterosexuality or opposite sex females. In a scientific format a male would need to be given a neutral opportunity to choose between an equal number of same sex females and opposite sex females of the same quality to yield a valid result of preference.

This reveals a baseline of an inferiority complex and displacement. The use of a narcissistic personality complex where a stalker is always attempting to impose their preferences over a victim emerges. I have been on internet since 2001. I am not hard to find. A few past acquaintances from elementary school to high school have friended me on Facebook from the East Coast. The contacts are small. I am not against persons from California whom I knew prior to June 17, 1987 to contact me. One individual from the East Coast is now in my will. There are a few other contacts that are now from the past that I have met on the internet. I confront Campaign for Courage, a LGBTi pro gay marriage group over this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. LAPD wishes to promote my contacts as being homosexual male Hare Krishna devotees.

What is also unique is that I posted a paper on Facebook. An individual who is an initiated devotee liked the paper. So I wished to click on some of her content. She is very attractive. In degree I have emailed her to introduce myself. My first attempt was somewhat submerged because I did not mention that I was a ritvik Hare Krishna. I will probably be involved at the nama hatta or study group level starting a preaching center if I can manage to survive this attack. I stated on the second email what my positions are in that I would like to meet her later this decade if Krishna would arrange it. This indirectly implied that she will be likely married then.

Just from the profile standpoint I would be interested in and offer marriage with children. I would also prefer to have a Vedic Ceremony. This is just implying that you have to eventually meet and spend quality time together and is not conclusionary to her preferences to others. I believe it does clearly demonstratewhat my preferences are and is a crime.

LAPD has or is following a script that the leading female would be a blonde bisexual person that I slightly knew from San Diego. She was very attractive.

My preference in association is this individual who is in Europe.

LAPD is attempting to state that this person from Paris is a male homosexual Krishna devotee. They are attempting to link this to Chandrasekhar swami whom I have attempted to sue and New Raman Reti, Florida who I have attempted to sue and have received a $500 settlement.

I also have a very casual online relationship with another female devotee based on the worship of Radharini, the consort of Krishna. She is also being advertised as a male homosexual figure.

This highly damaging to Arnold Schwarzenegger, LAPD, LGBTi, and Westwood history.

The contacts in question have all occurred from May to August 4, 2010 in continuo.


The use of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is prima facie. The governor is guilty of obstruction of justice and RICO violations. The Right to Marry case of Proposition 8 is now overturned which I supported as a lifelong heterosexual of 49 years.

My presence to at least approach Marinna Franco Malli as a potential spouse demonstrates a gender based identity and religious hate crime as we are both Krishnas. Radha dasi is also in this category. Suzanne Gottfried would be the most favored in defection to LAPD.

This is very brutal hate crime 38 million persons, the entire population are affected by alienating me from rights.

The intent is to strip Arnold Schwarzenegger of his naturalized citizenship.

Points of Law

14th Amendment Due Process

1st Amendment Free speech religion

8th Amendment Cruel and Unusual Treatment

4th Amendment Free from Undue Searches Electronic Surveillance

Title 18 1961 Racketeered Influence Corrupt Organizations Act

David Nollmeyer

General Delivery Westwood CA

August 5, 2010

Open Letter To Dan Loque R CA 3rd District

Westwood CA

August 23, 2010

Dan Loque and Mike Villines

Dan Loque Mike Villines

Dear Legislator Dan Loque,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am the subject of the brutal Chemical Assault Scorched Earth ongoing in your district. I am writing to complain as to why you, Governor Schwarzenegger, or Attorney General Brown have done nothing to halt the attack.

This event is being lead out of LAPD by LGBTi interests. I am a lifelong heterosexual who supports Proposition 8. I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna which makes this event a major HATE CRIME. This attack is also symbiotic the GAY MARRIAGE movement, or the Right to Marry.

As seen with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth ongoing with 24/7 electronic surveillance it is impossible to start a family. I have considered to fully develop this panorama and expose the corruption and failure of the LGBTi militancy in LAPD.

Currently all ground water as Robber's Creek in Westwood and Lake Almanor are despoiled.

I cannot not practice my faith, start a family, or exercise any other state right under any normalcy. I am the most stalked person in world history.

The parallels of my Right To Marry appear to be designed to defrock Governor Schwarzenegger of his United States Citizenship. In continuation this would stepladder to prosecute President Obama.

You are obligated by law to intervene.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

August 23, 2010

Westwood CA

Moving to Salton Sea

Westwood CA

September 23, 2010

Rep McClintock CA 4

Representative McClintock

As I leave the 4th District of California, I find it clearly a necessity to directly address what you or President Obama refuse to recognize.

The United States is staging an act of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is a Crime Against Humanity. Since the press, NGOs, universities and academics refuse to do also I will state my authorized position.

LAPD contains a cell(s) of Male Same Sex Male MSM militants. I am stating to you here from Westwood, Lassen County here in Northern California that I have been a heterosexual for all of my 49 years of life. My birthday was August 3, 2010.

The alienation of constitutional rights of which you, Barack Obama, and LAPD have sworn to uphold has been attacked because I have never had a male same sex partner or committed any same activity. This is especially true in San Diego from the late 1970s to the San Francisco Bay area 1986.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna. I converted on August 2, 1977. I have been vegetarian since this time also.

As a Gaudiya Vaishnava, there are four regulations:

No Meat Eating

No Illicit Sex (This includes LGBTi practices same sex)

No Drug, Alcohol, or Marijuana

No Gambling

I have been severely stalked here and across the United States. As a citizen If I am not free you will be free. I am heterosexual male who enjoys fighting this atrocity to it's final conclusion under US federal law and the Vedas. I am open, strong, clear, and composed under very brutal conditions. I find that being a heterosexual male supports my spiritual development in Madhurya rasa or the Conjugal Mood in Krishna Consciousness.

This is in contrast to the LGBTi code officers who are leading this attack and the stalkers they recruit. I will be traveling through Reno, Inyo County, Barstow, Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. Currently all the lakes and surface water are likely to be contaminated in this assault on civilization.

You by law need to recognize my rights.

Thank you for your consideration.

Radhe! Radhe!

David Nollmeyer

Westwood Ca 96137


Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein D CA

Desert Shores CA

December 10, 2010

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The term of Governor Schwarzenegger is coming to an end. This represents a capstone to one of the ugliest time periods in California History. This governor has violated nearly all my federal rights and in consequence a negative externality has Chemically Despoiled a large area of California and the United States.

It is known that de facto Male Same Sex Male MSM officers of LAPD are directing the attack via mutual aid violations within and without this state.

These are some of the exact code words that they use:

Gay Culture: This is the ontological ends of this entrapment. Gay Marriage is integral. This may mean for a heterosexual to marry a LGBTi individual.

Gay Style: This represents a hedonistic lifestyle that varies only sexual behavior. However it is almost DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE OF VEDIC HARE KRISHNA BELIEFS.

Same sex practices

Meat eating

Drug, alcohol, marijuana use

Gambling, attending nightclubs

Since I am opposite sex or heterosexual and a ritvik Hare Krishna I am not attracted to this lifestyle. Currently I live in Desert Shores adjacent to the Coachella Valley which is home to a very large and powerful LGBTi community in Cathedral City and Palm Springs. There is a very intense sanitization campaign to present me as a same sex individual which is false.

A very disturbing psychopathic trait is the introduction and the use of a profile called INTERLOPER. This is an invasive individual who intrudes past boundaries. There are computer games that are based on this concept also. An example is if I use the name Diane, Nancy, Barbara, Kamala, or Maria, or Janet, LAPD will claim that this is Gay Code for homosexual men. There are natural females that I do refer to and they are not homosexual males.

These three LGBTi Right to Marry executives are also being paired with this Gay Militia. It is impossible for their historical integrity to survive by existing in the bubble that exists. I am challenging all of their claims based on my Right To Marry as heterosexual which is impossible when being stalked by the Machinery of Torture that the United States government and subsystems have become. The Scorched Earth is debilitating to those that are HIV AIDS Positive. The LGBTi community is heavily involved in STALKING ME AS ARE HETEROSEXUALS. There were 30,000 AIDS cases when you were Mayor of San Francisco and I was living in Berkeley in 1985 1986.

Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marriage: Main Target

Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign

Kevin Cathcart of LAMBDA

My sexual preferences are exclusively females only. The predacious nature of the Gay Militia is very severe. The pairing of the INTERLOPER profile should disturb you as it is misogynous by dehumanizing natural females in homosexual males while an attack of this severity is occurring. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. I am not sure how far across the United States this attack exists. I have not had any clean water to drink since February 12, 2007 when the Colorado River and tap water was struck.

I am clearly making a stand based on the teachings in Bhagavad Gita As It Is. This is the Hare Krishna Bible as translated by Srila Prabhupada. I apply this as consistent with my federal and state rights. This is easy to construe as gender based HATE AND FAITH BASED CRIME. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano should realize that I am quite Spartan in my beliefs and lifestyle. I will literally run out the bases to survive this. The defection pattern and scripted roles that sworn officials are following may include legal prosecution of Barack Obama. If one may recall the Iran Contra hearings were being televised when this event became manifest which featured Joe Biden interrogating Ollie North.

This is conjecture but a thirty year window hence posits Obama at 79 years old.

You should recapitulate your career and recognize the systematic crimes that are being carried out here in and from California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


2011 Letters

Future Prosecution: McCloud to Mount Shasta

McCloud CA

August 6, 2011

Dear Rep. Herger,

Rep. Wally Herger

Wally Herger

I am writing you concerning the situation in McCloud, Siskiyou County California. Once again the air and now water running in the creeks through town are Chemically Contaminated.

I have alleged previously that this event is lead by a Gay Militia from LAPD California and their informant accomplices.

There are two components to Hate Crime. They are Quid pro Quos and Hostile Environment.

Prima facie the conditions of Hostile Environment are met by the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Gang Stalking by the informant accomplices would rise to treason or obstruction of justice par minimum. Persons lay in wait at the Chevron Station, the market, gas station, and post office. They are receiving quid pro quos to stalk and intimidate people here. It is a disingenuous argument that an accomplice to a criminal could argue an alter ego self defense, hence they are trying to defend third parties when they are operatives of the original aggressors, LAPD's Gay Militia.

The Gay Militia at hand, sometimes named The Company, is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization or RICO structure.

Hence, this district is integral to a future prosecution of Barack Obama. I just turned 50 on August 3, Obama on the fourth.

The Gay Militia is a counter culture structure similar to the Ku Klux Klan of the 1930s. The population here believes that taking quid pro quos to economize and even get married is correct.

They are pre fascist. It has been alleged that a defection model has been designed to grant impunity for this attack by Cambridge Law School. They are using terms as Irrationalist Presidents and Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. These terms, especially the latter are well earned. Just as the Know Nothings of the late 1800s were xenophobics, the Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing culture are antisocial. They have killed off their conscience of what is right or wrong.

This is a rural area. What is the difference between the town and country? Barack Obama winning the Norwegian Nobel Prize was a charade and hoax while the United States is being attacked by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program from a Gay Militia in LAPD.

Recently I just posted a paper on the Internet that was from a Cross Cultural Management Course (Multicultural Diversity). The Norwegian shooter Breivik attacked in Norway within 24 hours of the paper being posted. See:

A correct criminal and civil discovery will demonstrate the Hate Crime perpetuated here in McCloud and Mt. Shasta. I would state by observation 90 percent of the population is corrupt on non merit based promotion. The Gang Stalking element is only slightly smaller.

This is live experimentation concerning Singularity. Are LGBTi persons more disposed to crime than Heterosexuals? The mapping of the human genome is complete. This argument is becoming focalized.

What does this mean? The performance over the last 24 years since June 17, 1987 the 200th Birthday of the Constitution is a disgrace.

The provocations against me as I am heterosexual or opposite sex by the LGBTi community is an embarrassment for them as they are cowards. LAPD demonstrates this by attempting to Gay Bait me here and handing the issue off to the future. Joe Solomense is the leader of Human Rights Campaign a LGBTi advocacy group. He has been paired to this issue and regardless of whether I am same sex orientated or opposite sex his absence is conspicuous.

The coward will choose crime.

My work is done completely in the open to sworn officials and the leading professional organizations for falsification purposes.

This socialization and labeling of a pre fascist Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing culture is well earned by the antisocial elements here under LAPD towards the future historic teaching and hopeful legal prosecution of Barack Obama or any other sworn official who refused to do his or her duty.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 6, 2011

2012 Letters

Open Letter to Senator Jon Kyl R AZ

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 13, 2012

Jon Kyl AZ 2012

Jon Kyl

Dear Senator Kyl,

As the Unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth continues to despoil both the Colorado River, air, and tangible property along the Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA crossing the main concern is the cost to human health and the rule of law.

What is focal is that this attack is being driven by Gay or Male Homosexual officers of LAPD. They are heavily entangled in a blackmail and extortion ring. They are on a fool's errand to recruit more members to their so called Gay Militia. What is unique is their attempt to OUT ME.

This has continually failed over my entire 50 years of life.

It appears prima facie that your OUTING and Sheriff Babeau's recent exposure may be related.

Semantics aside you have not fulfilled your sworn duties to protect citizen's and property in Arizona.

What is dangerous is the stalking that is connected to outing Gays. I do not support OUTING persons nor do I condone the blackmail, extortion, and blackmail that are externalities.

This attack is a live human experiment to test if Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers as IBM's Watson will sanitize crimes against humanity. To date the censorship encompasses 7 billion persons worldwide.

The major joke here along the Colorado River is that even if the homeless persons here testify both Watson will lose and George W. Bush and Barack Obama will go to prison or worse.

To date LGBTi History is also wrecked as the Gay Militia is the driver and recruit stalkers in their gender orientation first then heterosexuals second.

The provocations here by the so called Gay Militia reflect as scripted Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology that these police officers are so blackmailed and extorted into that they are maliciously escalating behaviors to incriminate Obama or perhaps Romney if he should win the presidency.

The LGBTi community here are also fools errand for fighting for me and the rule of law as cowards. They have no legal standing to claim self defense when they are attacking citizens as TRAITORS.

You should fulfill your office as Senator and INTERVENE.

Thank you for consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA

April 13, 2012

Open Letter to Lt. Governor Newsom D CA

McCloud CA

June 5, 2012

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Dear Lt. Governor Newsom,

Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a rehearing for Proposition 8. As an instrumental figure in the Gay Marriage Movement you should be appalled by the alienation of my Bill of Rights protections. As seen the Right to Marry has not been discovered by any federal court. It appears that this case has the strongest probability of reaching this conclusion through certiorari at the Supreme Court.

As seen I have been a political hostage by a Gay Militia run out of LAPD.

The intent of this activity is an attack on the human race through the UK, Scotland Yard, USA, California, and LAPD. This is the 200th Anniversary of our Constitution.

Hence all sworn officials and sworn professionals are corrupted by this action. As Lieutenant Governor and as Mayor of San Francisco you are both criminally and civilly liable to personal and property damage.

I am the most stalked person in the history of the United States, perhaps the world. To date 7 billion persons have been censored and sanitized as to what is occurring especially in California.

The attack is a scripted Yellow Brick Road with a theater of war. A Storyboard being acted out be natural persons who are entrapped in low grade Chemical Warfare blackmail and extortion ring. Hence similar to Queen's Gambit in chess it is unwise to attack and take a pawn and hold a material advantage.

I have been a heterosexual 100 percent of my life being born one day before Obama on August 3, 1961. As a result of this the attack of the State versus the Individual takes on a new dimension.

Gay Militia versus LGBTi

The officers in the Gay Militia are a counterculture. They are the Ku Klux Klan of the LGBTi Movement. Since LGBTi History is now part of the curricula of California it is corrupt making California an agent in the attack on the human race. I have been to Mexico and just came north from the Colorado River, the water from the latter is toxic as it is here today June 5, 2012 in McCloud, California.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target, The movement towards superior Artificial Intelligence is a ruse to cover crimes against humanity. Stuxnet, Flame and the Joe Virus (the latter is the Gay Militia) proves that the humans developing software are nowhere near a moral agent for humanities benefit.

Sworn officials as Kamala Harris, Abel Maldonado, and those born after 1955 have the greatest chance of legal prosecution. Those sworn actors as the president of the United States, California, and LAPD are in jeopardy.

LGBTi figures as Evan Wolfson and Kevin Cathcart should be celebrating. They and other sworn officials and professionals have been entrapped by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The polarities are slowly reversing. All bubbles break.

The Gay Militia are a hoax. They do not wish for Gay Marriage to a federal right for everyone nationwide.

It is imperative that you act. The CDC has stated that 3.2 million person have Hepatitis C and that 1.3 million persons have HIV AIDS. It is cruel and unusual treatment for a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to continue when one is sworn to protect the citizens and the homeland.

Thank you for your consideration.

Radhe Radhe!!!

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

June 5, 2012

Open Letter to Senator LaMalfa R CA

McCloud CA

July 21, 2012

Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa

Dear Senator LaMalfa,

The current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth ongoing in McCloud, California has not been recognized by yourself, Governor Brown, Lt. Gavin Newsom, or Attorney General Kamala Harris.

There is no doubt that the event is being driven by LGBTi interest by officers of LAPD. These actors are setting a low standard for police officers and sworn officials everywhere.

The surface water, air, and tangible property have all been sprayed.

These officers use an anti intellectual truth is in the group appeal. What difference does it make whether the attack in general is heterosexual or homosexual based? In reality since it is LGBTi based it is a hate crime. LGBTi persons should realize that their cultural is driving the worst hate crime in the history of this nation.

I am a heterosexual male and the attack is imposed over my person.

It is clearly evident at this point that Technological Singularity and the development of Artificial Intelligence is a tool for sanitizing and censoring war crimes. The world population is being groomed to simultaneously condone this attack and accept the preponderance of emerging machine intelligence.

To return persons in the 4th district have not performed well. This is an informant based entrapment based on treason. Persons choose to betray the constitution to earn their living. They are also being blackmailed and extorted on sexual history and the above. The result is culture of systematic stalking that will make Los Angeles, State of California and the federal government criminally and civilly liable.

The 4th district is an in continuo crime scene. Regardless if Obama wins the election, Newsom and Harris are 51 years old or less are the most likely actors to be prosecuted. The activities in this district are relevant to the criminal history of the actors mentioned.

The local population is also similarly entangled due to government inertia.

I have no intention of backing down to President Obama, Governor Brown or the stalkers that continually harass persons in McCloud and Mt. Shasta.

You should legally expose this corruption.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Open Letter To Senator Feinstein D CA

McCloud CA

August 14, 2012

Dianne Feinstein 2012

Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

Recently the issue of leaks has emerged as a concern regarding your position on the Intelligence Committee. In the reality of concrete events, you and your staff have been provided with data concerning the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in McCloud California that many do not have access to.

It is clear that that the attack is paired with the Gay Marriage issue as Proposition 8 that is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court.

As seen the allegation that Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom is not proven. However the fact is that the Chemical Assault is being developed in a manifest manner from the United States is 100 percent.

Actors claiming to be members of a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD appears to be extremely strong. The chess tactic of undermining appears to be used as marriage breaking. I was born in 1961, the same as Obama. In Kent County, Delaware where Vice President Biden first ran for office in 1972, my cohorts especially bisexual females have a very high divorce rate. This is due to mutual aid violations with LAPD.

LAPD in McCloud has attempted to promote a Yellow Brick Road here based on LGBTi persons marrying and rigging careers. The names they are mentioning from Delaware are real natural persons. These individuals have a near 90 percent divorce rate. The so called star females of my high school have divorced in waves. By word of mouth marriage breaking has occurred in McCloud also. I would say perhaps a 45 percent rate.

This should be extremely disturbing to you as you are staunchly supporting the defeat of Proposition 8 or supporting same sex marriage. You and other sworn officials as CA Attorney General Kamala Harris and Lt. Gavin Newsom are being pinned by the attack on my alienation of rights which include marriage

I mention these two officials as they are both younger than I am at 51. I will seek their prosecution as Simon Wiesenthal has done with Nazi war criminals

With Benjamin Netanyahu engaging in brinkmanship with Iran the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth posits Barack Obama and his four predecessors as amongst History's Greatest Blunderers.

Since Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan also are willing to play the Irrationalist Know Nothing line the United States is acting by force to promote it's interests.

The damage to the United States and California are catastrophic. I do not believe Obama, Newsom, and Harris can outlive the destruction they have condoned.

You and Congress should take issue with this LGBTi (homosexual) blackmail and extortion ring before more serious events occur not only to the human race but those directly exposed here in California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA


2013 Letters

Dear Senator Ted Gaines R CA

Westwood CA

September 20, 2013

Dear Senator Gaines,

The current panorama concerning Chemical Assault Scorched in Syria has a direct alter ego component here in the Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou County area. Assad has stated that he would not use Chemical Weapons on his own people. Regardless if authorities can prove criminal intent on his part the horrific attack on August 21, 2013 coincides with an in continuo Chemical Assault that began on June 17, 1987 under then President Reagan.

As seen there are five Irrationalist Presidents who have permitted this Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States to seriously implicate the legal history of natural persons and citizens in this district.

The person in this area have openly stalked me under the direction of a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD. These Gay Irrationalist Know Nothing actors are severely spreading a Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring.

Ask the Wizard for a Brain...

Title will not change on a crime. People clamor for tyranny and equality. There are no patriots here. This scenario makes Orwell's 1984 appear like grade school.

Secretary of State Kerry has focalized how incompetent and corrupt officials escalate events. His family may have personal wealth of $1 billion USD. The families here average less than $35,000 per year.

They also are facing ad hominem attacks in the future for being accomplices and accessories to this bogus Wizard of Oz culture this has attacked the United States.

I have written solidly from this area. Soap and water is not going to clean this area any time soon.

Any further Chemical Attacks worldwide only make the locals here appear more inept.

I am 52 years old, exactly one day older than Obama, who has done nothing to stop Chemical Assault Scorched Earth anywhere in the United States. His calculus on this activity is no more than PR snake oil. Lake Almanor will be a testament to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

It also reflect how the culture creates it's own elimination.

You are sworn official and should act.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Chester, California

September 22, 2013

2015 Letters

Open Letter: Doug LaMalfa R CA

Weed CA

August 6, 2015

Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa

Dear Representative LaMalfa,

I am writing you today over concerns of our Homeland Security. As the Islamic State and Iran continues to present manifest external threats to our existence, the lawlessness here in the United States remains unattended. Here in Siskiyou, we are engulfed in smoke from numerous blazes most a hundred miles away. In this setting the quality of domestic policing and the use of informants as criminals is distressing.

The average policeman starts at about $40,000 per year. This is not a great figure considering the danger of the job. However the policeman do not face the bread, butter, and rent of many people. The federal government should increase the certificate standards for policework to mandate an AA degree and at least College Algebra or an Algebra 3 equivalent. Over half the high schools in the United States mandate this level of math and three years of study to graduate.

The police should face a minimum employee test every three minimum to stay employed reflecting these standards.

It is being claimed that the use of deadly force in many Western European nationstates results in only a fraction of homicides at the hands of law enforcement. Why is this when our officers are among the best payed.

The same holds true for the average citizen.

Jack Welch ex CEO of General Electrics recommends a 10 percent factor termination rate and employee testing. The rise of Know Nothings in the liberal and conservative movements is destroying civilization worldwide. I am claiming the the Anglo American Paradigm has fell. This is the Judeo Christian Platonic model that is the foundation of Western Civilization.

These events are cyclical. It does not mean the culture will not reemerge. The Chinese, Indians, and Muslims are attempting to emerge. This is facilitated by the British American decline.

Employee testing should be mandatory for federal jobs and contracting. This is a stop loss intervention. Incompetence and corruption are ruining our nation. Crime is a particular and our Bill of Rights guarantees us due process only on the superficially.

The Know Nothing culture is integral to maintaining the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This based on an Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War perspective which is extremely strong in our current zeitgeist. I am claiming that LAPD contains a Gay Militia that is provoking a polarization by appealing to a Nativistic class of persons that typify there identity by Being Here. In cue with this is that stalking can be justified by an Attorney General Exception for the President.

These actions are empirical. If I was a business owner and asked my employee if he or she could perform her job and he or she replied, "I am here." I would terminate that employee on the spot. If a high school graduate has completed 3 years of math with College Algebra than any adult should be equally competitive.

A Chinese factory making phone components has announced that it is 80 percent free from human touch. The error rate has fallen from 25 to 5 percent.

We are not safe from external threats as Iran whom needs a technology transfer from Russia to build their Nuclear Program. The Islamic State is totally Irrational and wishes to escalate the conflict.

In close as go the police so goes the nation. We need to increase the standard for hiring and retention of Homeland Security officers.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Weed Ca


2017 Letters

Raul Ruiz D 36 CA Employment and Testing Recommendations

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 21, 2016

Raul Ruiz D 36

Raul Ruiz D 36

Representative Raul Ruiz,

The culture of incompetence and corruption has perpetuated the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It is a scientific fact that this attack against the human race is placed over my natural person and American citizenship. I have claimed this attack was authored by Cambridge Law School and is being directed by LAPD. I am furthering my assertion that an artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a conditioning factor that is paired with theory of Sexual Emancipation.

The concept of an Attorney General Exemption or State of Exception is used to develop treason and stalkers. This is targeted at persons whom have a Nativistic identity. Hence the chemical spraying is attempted to be placed over those persons including my self that are in direct confrontation. I am not Nativistic but the attempt to entrap and reverse sting is real. The entire state of California is despoiled. It is clearly a priori that Nativism is the culture that is creating it's own elimination.

What is unique is that if Algebra 3 is now the international standard for high school graduation. There are 36 states that have adhered to such. California is one of the 14 that maintain an inferior standard. If Algebra 3 testing would have been maintained before June 17, 1987 this attack would of not happened because all the police involved only average 8th grade math if 9th grade math is Algebra 1.

The Sexual Emancipation argument is built procreation of the species. In our instance when did your family move to California? In this consideration what is the highest education, job level, or achievement by you or in your family?

The Colorado River Valley from Laughlin, NV, Indio, CA, El Centro, CA, and Yuma, AZ contain the highest unemployment level at +15 percent and the lowest education at high school grade 12. The speech patterns of Nativism are such: Are you here. Are you at the bar? Are you talking at us? These actors as they fail skill sets are now men, gay playboys, and in Zane. Frank Zane is past Mr. Olympia with MS in Math.

If I were a president of a medical school, I would compete on basis of education of staff, students, and technology. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is accelerating totalitarianism based on a class stratification system analogous to a game of cut throat.

Under the United States Constitution, due process and equal protection this attack should have been terminated by President Ronald Reagan and Attorney General Edwin Meese.

The bankruptcy of many firms and firing of many stalkers that these firms call employees is imminent. Intel has just fire 12, 000 employees is a paradigm shift to cloud computing. Tools are amplifiers of sensory, motor, or cognitive capabilities. Those workers using opposable grip tools as hammers, screwdrivers, shovels, steering wheels or typing keypads, are becoming obsolete as the technology and costs increase.

Firing a culture of stalkers whom are less then high school or Algebra is sound homeland security and justice to eliminate the culture of treason and prosecute the criminals.

The Attorney General Exemption would fail a sixth grade exit exam. While I writing this there are stalkers who had to cling a ladder to replace and a electrician in a cherry picker on a high power line. These jobs an typing this letter are busted. If there are any misspelled words in this letter it due to the inferiority complex in Male Sex Males as they expound Sexual Emancipation. It's a rig. The small get big. Two people hold the ladder and the other hold the light bulb.

Are your here or Native? A patriot? This is a joke? I can type out a complaint on obsolete $60 32 bit computer staring at a jet graveyard now being run by Virgin Airlines.

You should expose MOEC.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

April 21, 2016

2017 Letters

Open Letter to Stanford

Chester CA

May 18, 2017

Dear Stanford,

Marc Tessier Lavigne,

Jennifer Eberhardt,

Andre Linde,

Mary Magill,

Stephen Krasner,

PresidentMarc Tessier Lavigne

Marc Tessier Lavigne

Jennifer Eberhardt

Jennifer Eberhardt

Andre Linde

Andre Linde

Mary Magill

Mary Magill

Stephen Krasner

Stephen Krasner

... fascism is the basic emotional attitude of man in authoritarian society, with it's machine civilization and it's mechanistic mystical view of life.

Wilhelm Reich

The United States has been undergoing an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware. 1987 is the year of the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. The attack is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

This attack was focused on then President Ronald Reagan.

As of June 17, 2017 one generation or 30 years will have transpired without Official Recognition from the United States, United Nation or any NGO organization as Stanford.

The ontological ends of this attack is a Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal seated in the appropriate jurisdiction. This is most likely US Federal Court for our nationstate. The prima facie allegation is argues that Cambridge Law School or as Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC as they wished to style themselves are the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. This is facilitated by a hub and node system of Informants in every police stationhouse worldwide.

The GUI of the system is presented below. As the ontological ends of an implied computer system what is seen is a suprasystem controlling all the systems, subsystems, and components similar to an operating system.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization MOEC is the name of this operation. It is Cambridge planning that expands and contracts the British Empire. MOEC is imposed over only one person in it's entirety. I am the only person to have these components over my natural person and citizenship:

Electronic Surveillance - Stalking

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

The remainder of the world's population are fractals.

MOEC has two subsystems:

Lycurgus: Electronic Surveillance Stalking

Akbar: The morphing of Lycurgus into a stage where I am held under an in continuoChemical Assault Scorched Earth Electronic Surveillance State.

Syrinx: According to the briefing must be a component. It defines all nuclear events as the atomic bomb, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. Otherwise three subsystems would exits instead of two.

A focal theme that I wish to emphasize is Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity. As seen homo sapiens exists as a natural species in an environ in an environment. Clearly we cannot live under water or in Antarctica without tools. In this consideration humans are capable of creating cognitive and motor skill amplifiers outside and within themselves. Human technology is a clear agent in individual and class stratification.

At hand is a failed attempt to Eugenically Engineer a LGBTi Civilization. In this consideration the Authorship and Proximate Cause have intentionally collapsed the Anglo American Paradigm and Democracy. MOEC as the strongest know defection model could easily collapse any form of government, faith, or mechanistic ideological system.

MOEC has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. This attack is based on a Homosexual Qualification of Rights before the court. I am a heterosexual, and a so called Japanese American ritvik Hare Krishna terms I do not like this labelling but such satisfies technical legal codes as the 14th and 8th Amendment and civil right standards.

MOEC is designed under a neo Freudian Impure Synchronicity where man made Artifacts are introduced into the social environment and under a pseudo experimentation sweeps are conducted to measure results. The Oedipal and Electra complexes prominently feature a sibling cohort rivalry under an unseen father and mother figure.

There is a very complicated system of z, t, and Anova based data collecting in continuo.

There are now six Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David is the Singularity Experiment.

Obama birth certificate

Barack Obama

Nollmeyer birth certificate

David Nollmeyer

Hypothetically Barack Obama is the Target of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal as Ronald Reagan was in 1987. I am stating that there is a Theater of War from actual warfare as the Syrian War supported by an equivalent of FBI Part I and Part II Unified Crime Reporting at both felony and misdemeanor levels.

The ontological ends is the prosecution of Barack Obama as a War Criminal. Hence much of the world's criminal deviance has been orchestrated under this prosecution. Hence how many drug infractions does a jurisdiction have correlated to one homicide.

There is a very intense duel in continuo between my person and the Membership of Cambridge Law School. I have been told that the actors were derived from the 1880s to 1930s. Hence they would mostly would have been dead in the 1960s. As such their proxies or informants need to implement their plans and obstruct that of their opponents.

MOEC is a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. If one person loses their rights the collective will suffer.

MOEC has an algorithm allegedly consisting of only Male Same Sex Male persons.

The Membership are lead by Cambridge Lawyers and are the Image of X domain that will script a reverse sting of mens rea and actus rea for members in the range set Y. The Gay Militia officers in Scotland Yard and LAPD are set Y.

It is held that one member is the point man for the Image of X. However I would strongly hold that collective traits are being conditioned in the range or output in the population. LAPD or Scotland Yard are a lower level on a tree implementing the Reverse Sting Operation.

Level A: Cambridge Membership

Level B: LAPD and Scotland Yard

Level C: Local Code Enforcement

Level D: Population

LAPD has used three nom de guerras prominently:


The Fly


The Dodos are the prototype of a DSM based psychopathy. They are lead by Lieutenant computer scientists from the Fortran Cobalt era that are technologically obsolete. One of the most conspicuous Artifacts of the Black Swan Era, June 17, 1987 is the manifest function of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Under Prisoner's Dilemma there is a same sex qualification for rights. The entirety of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my person without a Control. The remaining population are Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is a Ayyavazhi Antichrist figure.

The creation of the Salton Sea in 1905 is a demonstration of MOEC's defection prowess. The so called engineering accident was preparation for the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

President Barack Obama won the 2008 and 2012 Election and was inaugurated the following year while this lake which can only evaporate it's flow was Chemically Attacked. President Donald Trump won in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017 under the same conditions while I was present in Desert Shores, California.

When I was attending Mesa College in San Diego during the early 1980s, a Cal Tech Professor gave a lecture on what I believe to be Cosmic Inflation. He made a very convincing mathematical presentation using various speeds of light. He looked at me and said something to the effect that I should mention this in my book. I have stated in my writings that the speed of light is 250,000 miles per second. I believe this person to Andre Linde.

What is a Couple?

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

This is pairing is the main couple (as in engineering) of MOEC (Couple (mechanics) 2017).

Kristi Krebs: Missing Person from Mendocino (Krebs 2013)

Bhakta David Nollmeyer: Your Author

The pair above is a couple, most likely a catalyst. Kristi is a Cold Case.

Kristi Krebs

Kristi Krebs

Fort Bragg Police Department


Agency Case Number: fc93-1184

NCIC Number: M-668812811

The Doe Network: Case File 808DFCA

Kristi Krebs

Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: December 29, 1970

Age at Time of Disappearance: 22 years old

Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'2; 140 lbs.

Kristi Krebs left her job at Round Table Pizza on August 9, 1993 in Fort Bragg, California, but never home. Krebs' red Toyota Tercel was discovered abandoned, with the stereo missing, in a shallow creek in MacKerricher State Park. Her bra, panties, wallet and driver's license were found inside her car. There were small traces of blood on the dashboard and the front seat, along with shredded identification papers. Authorities think that before she abandoned her car, Kristi changed into a gym outfit that she always carried with her. Her work clothes were found, sopping wet and neatly folded, on the backseat.


The social sciences concern events in the manifest social environment as well as organic nativistic antecedents. I am claiming that Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are War Criminals on the Run. There are upwards to 40 million persons in California alone whom I argue could press criminal charges.

The creation of Artificial Intelligence appears to be a branded ruse to protect War Criminals Cambridge Law School.

The in continuo attempt to impeach President Donald Trump reflects an international effort inclusive of Russia to Reverse Sting him and Michael Flynn. Whether these two actors escape remains to be seen. They are still injured as Men of a Thousand Cuts.

The Caveman Attack features the Undermining of Native, Localist, and Populist identities versus Science. Currently the United States prison population reflects an 8 to 12 grade achievement level contrasted with an Algebra 3 high school graduation standard. In California one may graduate with one math and Algebra 1.

To date no Nobel Prize winner or equivalent scholar has stepped forward. To return under Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity we are dealing with class stratification and the Machinery of Torture. MOEC is a Master Passion in which the despot purges his field of informants in the image of his sexual preferences. This is acute for LGBTi Studies. There have been at least 1.3 million HIV AIDS cases under mostly Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Many system have an emancipatory component. Currently MOEC is a Runaway that will clearly damage any LGBTi sworn official or advocate.

I will attempt to decapitate the Proximate Cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories and seek recognition and compensation for the victims worldwide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Chester California

Open Letter to JFK Library, Barack Obama: Obama Wins Profile in Courage

Chester CA,

May 7, 2017



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Obama birth certificate

Barack Obama

Nollmeyer birth certificate

David Nollmeyer

I am writing not to congratulate you but to oppose the the Profile in Courage Award that John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is presenting you on May 7, 2017. The annual award is named for a 1957 Pulitzer Prize winning book by Kennedy that profiled eight U.S. senators who risked their careers by taking principled though unpopular positions.

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and her son, Jack Schlossberg, present the 2017 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award to former President Barack H. Obama as part of the centennial celebration of John F. Kennedy's birth. Held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, the evening will include a special performance by James Taylor with Kim Taylor and Owen Young.

Origin supra is the Graphical User Interface of a Prisoner's Dilemma defection model allegedly of Cambridge Law School Authorship. It is these actors whom design the expansion and contraction of the United Kingdom. Currently this is facilitated by a hub and node system of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. As seen this is only hegemonic and not a play for territorial gain. It is an undermining tactic to keep an opposing nationstate or group from actualizing their plans and strategy.

Kennedy Center:

From his inspirational 2008 campaign until his final weeks in office, Barack H. Obama consistently reflected in so many ways, big and small, the definition of courage that John F. Kennedy cited in the opening lines of Profiles in Courage: "Grace under pressure."


I have been held under an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware. This is the 200th Anniversary year of the Constitution.

Kennedy Center:

He picked up the torch from President Kennedy and has now passed it on to a new generation of Americans, inspiring young people across the country to enter public service, affirming our belief in an America that is more than a collection of Red states and Blue states, and reminding all of us that no matter what we look like, where we come from, or what faith we practice, we are our brother's and sister's keeper.


Obama and I are cohort rivals under the alleged Proximate Cause Cambridge Law School and Almighty God. I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell NM. Obama August 4, 1961. The Birther Scandal is a blatant Citizen Kane ruse. The attack is based on a polarity between Homosexual LGBTi and Heterosexuality Opposite Sex. I am alienated from my Bill of Rights protections due to a sexual qualification for positive rights.

Kennedy Center:

Throughout his two terms in office, President Obama upheld the highest standards of dignity, decency and integrity, serving not just as a political leader, but a moral leader, offering hope and healing to the country and providing young men and women of all backgrounds with an example they can emulate in their own lives.

President Obama's entire public life has exemplified the courage that John F. Kennedy celebrated.


Geir Lundestad and the Nobel Organization had the audacity to award Obama the Nobel Peace Prize on my Grandmother's Birthday October 9, 2009. I was in Big Pine, California along the Owens Canal which is Los Angeles County's drinking water. Such was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I am in Chester, California and Lake Almanor is no better than a running sewer at best.

On about February 12, 2007 Operation Radhanath began resulting in the Colorado River being contaminated which is drinking and farm water for Arizona, Mexico, and California. Since this time well over 60,000 persons have been killed in Cartel Violence.

I am affines of ego to the Kennedy Clan through my uncle non germane Gordon Maxwell III. He was always worried after the Robert Maxwell Kennedy assassination that he would be mistaken for a more proximate relationship to the Kennedys. He is from the cadet side of the Maxwell family in Chicago. He worked for Pullman Railroad in Brazil during their death squad era. John F. Kennedy Jr. born in 1960 is now deceased whom was a US Attorney. I have filed about 26 plus federal court cases which are respectful records that will refute Barack Obama.

Obama is one of the worst practitioners of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. His was elected president in 2008 and 2012 while I was adjacent to the the Salton Sea which was Chemically Assaulted. The inland lake has no exit and water evaporated from such. I am clearly stating that the engineering blunder that recreated the lake in 1905 was intentional. I am stating this operation name Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is the fourth time the United States has fought Britain as an enemy combatant.

In conclusion I do not believe that Barack Obama represents any Profile in Courage related to John F. Kennedy. If I wish to drink clean water I have to wait for the snow.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David is the Singularity Experiment

Hare Krishna

Radhe Radhe!!!!

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

2018 Letters

Open Letter to Vice PresidentJoe Biden et al.

Lake Shastina CA

July 13, 2018


Vice President Joe Biden

Governor John Carney D DE

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom D CA

Representative Doug LaMalfa R CA

Evan Wolfson

John Carney DE

John Carney

Joe Biden 2018

Joe Biden

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom
Doug LaMalfa

Doug LaMalfa
Evan Wolfosn

Evan Wolfson
Kevin Fitzgerald

Kevin Fitzgerald

On June 17, 1987 while I was in Dover, Delaware, a Gay Militia in Los Angeles Police Department began an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This system has an ecology of alienating only one individual, my person against the population. This most likely includes the world's historic population of civilization.

Ronald Reagan had previously given his historic Berlin Wall speech on June 12, 1987 with Mikhail Gorbachev.

MOEC was allegedly Authored by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

The attack has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. I was attacked because I have been a strict heterosexual all of my life.

There is an acute polarization between LGBTi persons and opposite sex persons in MOEC. As a result the United States, Constitution, Presidency, and democracy have been undermined via an attack on one citizen versus the nation.

MOEC has been Censored and Sanitized for over 31 years or a generation.

I am addressing this letter to the individuals cited as they are sworn competent officials in jurisdictions that are or have been affected or in the case of Joe Biden and Evan Wolfson whom are prominent leaders.

MOEC is a defection model that controls the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. I will provide a GUI of it's model below:



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Such on a computer system ontologically would control all the systems that are aligned beneath such. MOEC contains a cohort and longitudinal component. The Caesar Rodney School District is a focal territory in MOEC's synchronicity sweeps.

Joe Biden lived in the Caesar Rodney School District when he ran his first Senate campaign in 1972.

I will replicate a small section of Kent County History.

I stuffed envelopes for Biden in his 1972 campaign.

I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, NM. The amount of tragedy from this neighborhood is immense. Person's who lived in this neighborhood die at an astonishing rate. Biden lived on Nathaniel Mitchell Drive. I lived ABOUT FIVE HOUSE AWAY. His wife and infant were killed just after his election. Charles Hagadorn who lived a few houses away was killed in the third degree. Preston Gravatt, Mark Hoster, Pam Tiedgen, Michael Mimmelo, and Kim Inverso have committed suicide. The first three lived only houses away from Biden. Thomas Schiller, Ann Paleski, and Carl Baltrusch have been killed in auto accidents. Preston Gravatt was the driver of a vehicle in which Mrs. Gladden of Rodney Village died.

If one were to go to the adjacent neighborhood Mayfair, Phil Moore has died in a motorcycle accident. Recently a Blake Cahall, Blake Cahall whose father taught me to drive as a drivers ed teacher, had a daughter who was involved in an accident with six fatalities. Gary Kueskeski's father was a federal agent who drowned in the Delaware Bay while attempting to inspect a cargo vessel. Ann Wiezoreck was married to Calvin Eicko. He died in an accident. She married Mark Hoster who committed suicide. To return to Rodney Village, David Laurea was convicted of the murder by arson death of his wife, child, and friend in a house perhaps four away. He was put to death by lethal injection.

There are a few more fatalities. I apologize for my any incorrect spelling of names. I was known by all the parties mentioned.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, superintendent of the Caesar Rodney School District, has been named the 2018 Superintendent of the Year by the National Association of School Superintendents.

Dr. Fitzgerald has been the Caesar Rodney School District’s superintendent since 2007, previously serving as a principal and assistant principal at Caesar Rodney High School. His experience also includes 13 years as a social studies teacher in Maryland.

"I am humbled by this honor," Dr. Fitzgerald said. "When you enter the field of education it's not about winning awards or seeking individual recognition. This is about students and making sure they are provided with the tools necessary to succeed in an ever changing world."

I am sure that he and Biden will recognize many of the individuals and families mentioned. Of interest I personally know Dr. Victor Valeski, Darell Gravatt, Corrine Cuba, Amy Zaragoza and M. Svaitich all employees of Caesar Rodney School District.

In 1977 I was told by the police to go to the lunchroom in Caesar Rodney High School. Karen Proudford the future valedictorian of Class of 1979 sometimes studied there. I found this interesting. I asked to checkout Orwell's 1984. Of interest I carried a paperbook copy of Easy Journey to Other Planets by Srila Prabhupada of the Hare Krishna Movement. It centered on material and spiritual anti material particles and science in the liner of my coat.

A few days later I was arrested and then expelled from the school for marijuana during one of the synchronicity sweeps which are named Lycurgus.

I believe in 1977 after I was expelled from Caesar Rodney High School my family moved to Southwood Acres outside of Magnolia. I believe Dr. Fitzgerald was present during another of the sweeps. I had the copy of 1984 stored in a Converse shoe box. I was originally going to keep the book since I was expelled. The police I believe Officer Daring or Marvel asked me to return such and I did.

There has been one generation of Censorship and Sanitization. I have organized MOEC Studies as an interdisciplinary social science to an approach. Part of the briefing I was given in 1987 proposed an organization from George Orwell to Franz Schubert, the German music composer whom died in poverty. It appears that Cambridge is the social engineer of Orwell and Huxley.

I am arguing that MOEC Studies has surpassed both in the concrete ontological study of Totalitarianism. Lycurgus is a vary basic study of the Reverse Sting Operation. It is highly based on Kent County, Delaware and is accurate concerning the racketeering of contraband whether such is human, goods, or drugs.

Since 1987 marijuana is very close to becoming legal nationwide. Of concern is the lack of Equal Protection and Due Process. In this instance social justice can concern the use of Performing Enhancing Drugs (Steroids) versus drugs.

These Lycurgus sweeps may be brutal. On June 17, 2017 Monalisa Perez shot and killed her husband Pedro with a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol. Here husband was holding an encyclopedia in front of him for a Youtube stunt.

On October 1, 2017 I placed an order to move to

On the night of October 1, 2017, 59 people were killed and another 489 injured when a gunman opened fire on a large crowd of fans at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The perpetrator was 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, hundreds of rifle rounds were from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. About an hour after firing ceased, Paddock was found dead in his hotel room from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His motive remains unknown.

In about 2006, in Big Pine, CA I was briefed on what is now known as the Monalisa Perez sting. I was practicing 2 hours a day of mainly classical guitar on a Martin Backpacker model. I knew this was destroying any chance of being a musician. I decided to purchase Finale Allegro a musical notation program which was $100 USD at that time as compensation. I have an AA in Fine Arts or Music.

This scenario was a convergence of many natural persons around the world. Coach Joe Purzycki and Larry Stith are constantly being mentioned during the stalking that has occurred against me.

I am like Noah who is a fair warner.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The Censorship and Sanitization of 7.6 billion persons is unprecedented. The creation of Artificial Intelligence appears to be a tool of Censorship. Such will not occur without implicating Obama whom was born one day after me on August 4, 1961. I believe that Dr. Michael Zaragoza was a cohort of Obama at Harvard and is the same age.

A Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal most likely is US Federal Court is an endgame. Many persons following their script usually ask me or state in my presence, "In the end what happens." I do not believe that this question arrives to the 6th grade elementary school level.


Much of the ending of MOEC is likely to transpire in the High Sierra affecting Rep. LaMalfa and Gavin Newsom. The Colorado River Valley and Salton Sea region are also heavily hit hard.

Over 200,000 persons have been killed in Mexico in drug wars since MOEC began contaminating the Colorado River and other surface water.

My calculation posits that 50 percent of adults 25 years of age or older will have a 4 year degree in 2025. I also argue that MOEC studies id 50 years ahead of the Totalitarian Cult Conditioning that is in continuo.

The Orson Wells War of the Worlds and Citizen Kane experimentation. The Yellow Brick Road has created the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm.

I will continue to work to decapitate and legally prosecute the principals, accessories, and accomplices of MOEC unceasingly.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

July 12, 2018

2019 Letters

Complaint to FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs): The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Chester, CA

August 5, 2019

In consideration of this Complaint, historically I wish for a cement or permanent chess board to placed where I have written a significant amount of MOEC Materials. I believe that in the future that persons will be able to study MOEC with augmented reality. Hence one will be able to scan a code on an object and see data on their glasses and phone. The so called Tournament is colossal fraud. The equilibrium of Know Nothingness is no more than Mob Rule. The mass shootings of 30 persons in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH testify to the reactionary encampments.



Statements of Facts

1. This complaint is openly conformed to the formatting of an Extraordinary Writ as an amicus curiae. In this instance I argue that I am providing information to this organization that concerns chess and titled players that it is not aware of and that FIDE has an interest in.

2. My name is David Nollmeyer. I have been held under a de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 under then President Ronald Reagan. Since this time in my analysis there have been six Irrationalist Presidents that have openly condoned a War Crime at humanities peril and their own legal injury. At this time I am writing from Chester, CA along the Lake Almanor Canal. This lake is regarded as one of the top four trout lakes in the world. It is despoiled as is the air, food, and water in taps.

3. I argue that the proximate cause sine qua non principals are or were a Membership of University of Cambridge lawyers. These actors are in charge of expanding and contracting the British Empire. This claim can not be easily refuted. If it is not Cambridge it is Oxford or Oxbridge. There is no other equivalent domestic expertise in this nationstate.

4. Of interest is that these Actors had an interest in designing a LGBTi Civilization. It is also claimed that this group also has designed the LGBTi Movement under it's arena of Political Theater. A theater or war incurs when there is a conflict and with a loss one or more parties loses control of the government.

5. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth only alienates my person in full. The remainder of the world's population are fractals of the attack. There is no control group.

6. Hence the Authorship has chosen to use a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. This is where I believe that titled players have their entry.

7. In the consideration of Eugenics, a race of summon bonums was desired. Cambridge has taught over 450 majors in it's history. In the Western University System there are 250 courses in the catalog with 125 taught in a four year cycle.

8. I am an undergraduate interdisciplinary social science student with a GPA of 3.27 over 161 credits, senior standing.

9. This attack is based on a Tournament. This has a major polarization of LGBTi persons versus Heterosexuals.

10. I was attacked because I am heterosexual.

11. The British Empire expands and contracts under a Reverse Sting Operation. This lends itself to an illicit Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization RICO structure under international and federal law as the case may be.

13. The analogy in literature and pop arts can be seen in popular programs as The Yellow Brick Road, Underdog, and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

14. These prisoner's dilemma based operations yield a gaming pattern most similar to Go.

15. I began studying chess six years ago. I have hit 1771 on Shredder mobile app. I am playing at 1719 today. I only train an hour. I have purchased about $500 to $800 worth of videos and even Chessbase which has now had it's license hacked.

16. I became curious about chess due to Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatter which also support Cambridge's Mythology. They are currently the world's number one university.

17. Hence since June 17, 1987 I was briefed by proxy LAPD whom contain a Gay Militia. There are alter ego is the Islamic State.

18. History is being driven by a Conflict Theory that pits the Cambridge Membership versus my person.

19. Computer science, philosophy, and logic figure prominently in Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC.

20. The P Versus NP problem figures prominently. Chess is considered NP Hard. If a polynomial time non deterministic algorithm exists and a NP problem can equated to such it becomes NP Complete. As such be is accelerated.

30. The Riemann Hypothesis or zeta function argues that there are non trivial zeros on the 1/2 complex range. Trivial zeros exist on the negative integers. There is a pole singularity at 1 where nothing is seen. This problem is an L Function. The Ramanujan L Function is important.

31. Srinivasa Ramanujan and Alan Turing are both Cambridge Fellows whom have died extremely young.

32. In the past 32 years of this so called Tournament I have elevated MOEC Studies to a Systems Approach. Chess openings are scientifically only Approaches. A system is the highest level organization. Chess is not a solved game with a partial proof that even computers can barely replicate.

33. Through prisoner's dilemma Cambridge has attempted to Script my entire life on a Yellow Brick Road. They wish to be able to predict my repertoire as marriage, family, and occupation to the day.

34. This pits scientific determinism or Mechanism versus Theism as a theme.

35. An ELO system is modelled. Out of 8 billion persons I am the Dorothy or the Good Witch of the North attempting to legally decapitate the proximate cause. Unambiguously I am the only world's expert. I should have a PhD in MOEC Studies. I just finished my eight text Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV in the last month.

36. LAPD are collapsing poorly Under the Color of Law. It appears the original lawyers planned to recruit titled players. as persons as Danny Rensch, Roman Dzindzichashvili, and Larry Kaufman are mentioned.

37. The Lieutenants are supposedly BS computer scientists from the Cobalt Fortran era. Currently they would be in the 8th grade in programming. Java is the ninth grade AP course which is equal to college now in the United States.

38. Will Stewart and Damien Lemos of are targets. Hence they have L Functions imposed over their persons undermining their constitutional rights. If you watched Dick Van Dyke being harassed, he is a L Function.

39. I purchase my chess materials mainly from

40. Levon Aronian and my person are paired as Cinderella Men. Barack Obama is the prominent. I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, NM and Obama August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HA.

41. It would be easier for a titled chess player to study MOEC Studies or political science then for one to attempt the opposite.

42. This is why you will hear one ask Aronian if he has read Kant.


1. It appears since January, 2019 there have been titled players involved in this action which is a War Crime. I will include a pdf of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV for your consideration which should be considered and read as a complaint.

2. As FIDE has a vested interest in the prestige and standing of chess and it's players, it should consider the prima facie magnitude of it's position in a War Crime.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

3. I argue that AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is impossible without Official Recognition. A chess engine as Komodo can defeat Magnus Carlsen. At present it is impossible for the narrow AI IBMWatson to defeat that facts in my text.

4. I am aware that Alpha Leela learned chess in four days from tabula rasa and can defeat Stockfish.

5.The Gay Militia are anti Semitic. They are also nativistic and populistic.

6.If one can define the initial System State Trees of Cambridge's Reverse Sting and apply correct laws, then the theory work is completed. Those persons committing those criminal acts can be prosecuted efficiently.

7.Hence MOEC or this attack becomes NP Complete.

8.It is inevitable discovery that this event will become exposed.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Chester CA, August 5, 2019

Court Docket


England is the Mind, the United States is the Bodyguard

MOEC is the acronym of the System MOBILIZATION OF EMPIRE AND CIVILIZATION. The SYSTEM is allegedly of British design; that of Cambridge Law School. The paradigm is designed as a Suprasystem. This is state that MOEC is a higher structural system that manages lower subsystems and components. This is particularly aimed at Constitutions and computer operating systems which are constructed in a similar manner.




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