Bushmeat Practice: HIV AIDS in the United States


The History of HIV AIDS and MOEC

This presentation is my Official Position on HIV AIDS. It should be disturbing that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program is occurring simultaneously with HIV AIDS.

This will clearly undermine many parties as sworn officials and especially LGBTi leaders. This is why this selection is here. Both LGBTi and Straight leaders must be treated similarly.

If you know someone who is HIV AIDS positive send a copy to them.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

August 15, 2013

On June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware, Los Angeles Police Department, California, LAPD launched a preemptive strike against then President Ronald Reagan by imposing Mobilization of Empire and Civilization MOEC over my natural person and citizenship. The allegation here is that Cambridge Law School contains a circle of professors who oversee the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. It appears that between the 1880s and 1930s, most likely the later, a clique of Trinity Theologians wished to expose widespread Crimes Against Humanity that were committed under the color of British Homeland Security.

The Theologians failed to win control over this operation but it appears that they were strong enough to strike an arrangement where this defection model would become exposed. The model was named MOEC to define a Crime Against Humanity that moves through the United Kingdom, Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, United States, LAPD, a Gay Militia, and informants in a local jurisdiction.

The Cambridge Lawyers' gender identification was more homosexual then that of the Trinity Theologians whose identity was heterosexual. One should use a behavioral baseline of one consensual same sex act every six months to be considered homosexual.

It appears that the heterosexuals were appalled at the amount of victims that the homosexual side were creating which triggered the confrontation. The same sex platform members were in the minority and needed the defection of the heterosexuals to operate.

MOEC in practice at this stage in History reflects a Tournament between homosexual versus heterosexual individuals.

This structure and process is an Undermining Trojan Horse Virus which reduces to Prisoner's Dilemma. Prima facie MOEC is only a novelty of this model.

MOEC contains two subsystems: 1. Lycurgus 2. Syrinx

Lycurgus is the subsystem where the population is experiencing Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs and Stalking under Electronic Surveillance. Akbar is a component of Lycurgus or the condition where one individual is experiencing the fullblown program converging the TCAs and the Target.

MOEC contains three main subcomponents:

Electronic Surveillance Stalking

Biological Chemical Assaults


The Trojan Horse presentation is built around a false Marriage Program which is indeed a Divorce or Family Breaking program. This action reflects all conjugal relationships.

The family is the main collective unit of governance.

MOEC is a Storyboard reverse sting entrapment. This in reduction yields crime creation as an informant turns evidence on another suspect to remain free from prosecution. Hence by defecting through a policeman, a criminal remains free expanding a criminal enterprise.

MOEC is designed in a hub and node conspiracy. The Proximate Cause are the Cambridge Law School Membership cited above.

To demonstrate their prowess and the sloppiness of Homeland Security, these actors designed the Organic Cell of MOEC.

This model is Prisoner's Dilemma based and processes a holon through various subsystems towards Atomization or ordination under an Ideal social system as the Universal Village Model of the United Nations or Varna Asrama of the Vedas. Any social systems paradigm is possible.

MOEC is also designed as a cell with an attempt to create a morphology of a social body similar to the Artificial Man of the Social Contract Theory. Hence in a continuum of development, MOEC is developing reinforcement of itself at the cellular level towards it's expansion.

In physics the primary unit of development is the atom. In biology the primary unit is the cell.

Here the authorship has prepared a parallel analogy of HIV AIDS and MOEC and introduced such into the social environment.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The entire model is also designed as an artificial virus similar to a computer program. Control is the outer boundary of the cell at rest. Any of it's subsystems may operate embedded within or as the outer boundary of the cell. Hence any subsystem may temporarily may act as the suprasystem guiding transformations on other subsystems and components.

Control: This is the cell wall. All social systems have control as part of a mission goal. The military and police are the agents of social control. Here this is achieved by defection. Thus Power and Control rather than Order then Power which is correct. Real rule of law is possible but will always be in disintegration due to self interest and defection.

Particular History and Justice: A combination of events that are historical and supply a basis for justice. Here events as slavery are used as a basis for leveling. This is reality oppression and marginalization. Genealogy and family history are used to redistribute the benefit's of the state. Arranging marriages and the like occur from here.

Parameters: This a wall were events take there body from PHJ. This is an analogy to Tatasha Shakti of the Vedas. In reality this is the time, space, and elements of the defection (entrapment) that the police are attempting to implement.

Maze: Spacetime. This is the largest space. This is the environment with the Police operating on you. One is under defection and are being entrapped.

Consciousness: This is one's awareness of what is going on. This is stated in the positive.

Rationality: One's ability to make moral decisions based on deduction and induction.

Behaviorism: This is one's external relationship with the environment.

Atomization: This is returning to the elements of nature. This is also the complete fallacy of composition as to claim that 1% of a 100% is the subject and not the accident of a case.

Varna Asrama: Ideal Vedic Social System, any ideal state or end state may be used that is collective.

The direct linkage to HIV AIDS would concern the subsystem Atomization.

The briefing I was given described a history of western actors discovering a disease in Africa Slim or a sleeping disease. The indigenous population was aware of the disease(s). It appears that what is now being presented in the current Wikipedia History of AIDS was at least partially organized as early as June 17, 1987. The most important issue is what is known as Bushmeat Practice. This model describes a theory of zoonosis or the movement of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIV from monkeys to humans. Areas as Cameroon have populations that actively hunt wild game resulting in the harvesting and sale of Bush Meat. There is also a blackmarket for these products with expatriates in England. MOEC is claiming that via Prisoner's Dilemma they can import Bush Meat to England with the current SIV type and thus create a new mutation related to HIV AIDS. This implies that they are responsible for the migration of SIV HIV AIDS from Africa to other targets worldwide as one smuggles contraband as narcotics.

The United States and other areas are prone to exposure of Bush Meat Practice and the importation of exotic pets.

Bushmeat Practice

The natural transfer theory Hunter Theory or Bushmeat Theory postulates the virus was transmitted to humans after a hunter or bushmeat vendor/handler was bitten or cut while hunting or butchering an ape or monkey. Hence exposure to blood and bodily fluids of the game resulted in SIV infection.

In Central Africa SIV infection has been recorded where the seroreactivity to antigens was 2.3% in the general population of Cameroon; and 7.8% in locations where bushmeat is hunted or consumed. The most exposed persons of these areas had a 17.1% infection rate providing evidence of past or present SIV infection.

It is generally accepted that once SIV infection was present in humans, it's mutation would not be improbable.

The BBC has reported on the blackmarket sale of Bush Meat in Britain and the linkage to SIV.

I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

On Monday, August 3, 2009 02:20 UK, the British Broadcasting Company BBC reported in an article, Scientists find new strain of HIV that, "Gorillas have been found, for the first time, to be a source of HIV."

The main source of human infections HIV 1 strain, t, with 33m cases worldwide at this time, originated from a virus in a chimpanzee.

Researcher Dr David Robertson, from the University of Manchester, stated, "This demonstrates that HIV evolution is an ongoing process."

"The virus can jump from species to species, from primate to primate, and that includes us; pathogens have been with us for millions of years and routinely switch host species."

June 17, 1987 was the date that then President Ronald Reagan was targeted and MOEC imposed over my person.

On June 17, 2010 the BBC reported from the journal Conservation Letters that it is possible that 270 tonnes of illegal bushmeat could be passing through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, one of Europe's busiest airports each year, the first study of it's kind estimates.

Research was based on seizures over 17 days. The researchers concluded that, "the illicit trade could pose a risk to human or animal health and increase the demand for meat from threatened species."

During the 17 day study, a total of 134 passengers on 29 flights from 14 African nations were searched.

Nine individuals were smuggling bushmeat, for a mass of 188kg. It is estimated that a lucrative trade in bushmeat products results in a 5 tonne per week traffic.

On January 11, 2012 the BBC reported, Confiscated bushmeat 'poses virus threat, this concerned the interdiction of bushmeat smuggled into the United States with known pathogens and viruses.

Retroviruses and herpesviruses were discovered with samples from remains of endangered monkey species.

Raw, smoked and dried meats were tested for viruses known to be capable of infecting humans.

Pathogens identified were zoonotic retrovirus, simian foamy viruses, and several non human primate herpesviruses.

The journal PLoS One published the findings. In their final Discussions these researchers noted:

Although we did not find SIV or STLV in the limited number of specimens in this study, these viruses have been found in high prevalences in NHP specimens at bushmeat markets and in hunted NHPs (non human primates). HIV 1 and HIV 2 emerged as a result of several spillover events of SIV from chimpanzees and mangabeys, respectively, that were likely hunted for bushmeat in central and western Africa. Serosurveillance studies have shown thirty five different species of African NHPs harbor lentivirus infections, with a prevalence of SIV in up to 35% of free ranging chimpanzees, and 30 to 60% of free-ranging sooty mangabeys and green monkeys.

Ian Lipkin of Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health stated, "Exotic wildlife pets and bushmeat are Trojan horses that threaten humankind at sites where they are collected in the developing world as well as the US."

Theory of HIV Origination and Epidemic Emergence

The Totality of Circumstances

Two Simultaneous Eternities Can Not Exist...

It is epidemiologically certain that HIV AIDS has a SIV or Simian origination.

The central unresolved issue is whether there is a criminal conspiracy guiding it's transmission or is such an act of randomness and lack of cognitive awareness of the HIV AIDS virus and it's transmission through behaviors.

Simply because two similar events exist does not prove that the events arise from a common Origin.

One must consider the concrete circumstances of the fitness of an individual for the environment of the world of our experience. It is prima facie that I am being held under a program of live human experimentation.

Here HIV AIDS transmission can be attributable to the maladaptation of the individual to the Totality of Circumstances in the cultural setting and environment.

The case being postulated here is that Prisoner's Dilemma provides a very strong axiological support for the exposure of an individual through behaviors with another individual or to Bush Meat products.

An informant who is reciprocating on a quid pro quo basis with a law officer in person or through electronic medium is being conditioned to respond to the color of authority of the officer and the reward.

As seen in the T Maze model the polarity of the an award and punishment may be reversed. Hence navigating the environment to a reward may become in turn a movement towards a punishment.

The childhood game of Simon Says has been proffered as a method to demonstrate the importance of following rules.

In one variation one actor is Simon. This person stands at the head of an array of per se 16 persons arranged in a symmetrical 4 by 4 square. Simon will give orders as Simon Says, "Put your hands on your head! Do not put your hands on your head!"

Only orders and commands that follow Simon Says are to be followed. Hence "Do not put your hands on your head!", should not be followed. If one does then he or she is out.

Similarly, Simon Says, "Take two steps to your left." Simon Says, "Take two steps forward!. Put your hands on your head!". The first two commands should be followed not the third. Simon Says, "Grab the person in front of you!" This should be done.

In this manner Simon attempts to keep the players from winning. The last person standing or not out wins and becomes the next Simon.

My alienation under MOEC and it's conditions of cruel and unusual treatment, censorship and sanitization is gender based. My alienation of positive rights is based on my heterosexuality.

HIV AIDS is an infection and a disease that is transmitted through behaviors that pass bodily fluids, especially blood from one individual to another. Hence a lack of simple cognition in the comprehension of the theory and protocols that prevent the spread of HIV AIDS is evident sociologically in many exposed groups of society.

2010 HIV by percent and category

2010 HIV by percent and category

HIV incidence 2010

HIV Incidence by Category in Percent 2010

The Center for Disease Control CDC has published the following facts that were inclusive of the year 2010:

1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection. 1 in 5 (18.1%) are unaware of their infection.

Gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men (MSM), young black African American MSM, are most seriously infected by HIV.

By ethnicity, African Americans suffer the highest incidence of HIV.

In 2010, the CDC estimates that 1,148,200 persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection. There were 207,600 (18.1%) persons unaware of their infection. In the last ten years the number of individuals living with HIV has increased. New infections have decreased annually.

HIV Incidence (new infections): The estimated incidence of HIV is stable at about 50,000 new HIV infections per year.

In 2011, an estimated 49,273 people were diagnosed with HIV. An estimated 32,052 people were diagnosed with AIDS. An estimated 1,155,792 people in the United States have been diagnosed with AIDS since the epidemic began.

Deaths: An estimated 15,529 people with an AIDS diagnosis died in 2010. 636,000 people in the United States with an AIDS diagnosis have died since the epidemic began. An AIDS diagnosis can be due to any cause not only HIV AIDS.

hiv incidence

New Infections

Diagnosis of HIV Infection among Adults: Sex and Transmission Category (2010)

Heterosexuals accounted for 25% of estimated new HIV infections in 2010. They were 27% of people living with HIV infection in 2009. Historically almost 85,000 persons with an AIDS diagnosis, infected through heterosexual sex, have died, with 4,003 in 2010.

Women have accounted for 84% in 2010 of new HIV infections attributed to heterosexual contact or 16% in 2010 by injection drug use. Women are 20% of estimated new HIV infections in 2010 and were 24% of those living with HIV infection in 2009.

Injection drug users represented 8% of new HIV infections in 2010 and 16% of those living with HIV in 2009.

Historically, nearly 182,000 injection drug users with an AIDS diagnosis have died, inclusive of 4,218 in 2010.

One must consider the implications of MOEC as an eclectic defection model which Undermines civilization through the recruitment of informants. Why have I been alienated from Bill of Right Protections based on homosexual or same sex qualification of rights?

It is clear that MOEC has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage at the present.

It is designed as a Perfect Dictator System. Part of this mechanism permits the model to be exposed. In turn after analyzing the feedback, the system will purge and harden itself into perpetuity. In this instance the case that Artificial Intelligence or Technological Singularity is being developed to sanitize History and condition Memory is very strong.

MOEC Studies is a defection model approach that argues the United Kingdom is orchestrated by a clique of Cambridge Lawyers who operate in a logarithm to distribute complicity away from the most culpable planners over a span of History.

There is a very strong trend in recognizing that racketeering, especially those systems that involve the piracy and trafficking of goods are related to MOEC or the interests of the United Kingdom. The Iran Contra Scandal with Oliver North being that governmental connection to Barry Seals, then the largest informant flipped by the United States was televised live while my briefing was ongoing under very intense electronic surveillance in Dover, Delaware during 1987. Then Senator Joseph Biden D Delaware was a lead interrogator of the Senate Foreign Relations. Barry Seals was a known importer of tons of cocaine into the United States through his private crop dusting company. Seals was a seasoned pilot in possession of a C 131. His testimony implicated Carlos Leherder of the Medellin Cartel. This crippled the Caribbean Sea routes shifting traffic overland through Mexico towards Los Angeles.

The spread of cocaine is consist with the spread of HIV AIDS especially in African Americans. In Russia, CIS, HIV AIDS and Hepatitis C are strongly linked to Taliban Heroin grown in Afghanistan due to the war and hostilities there.

This linkage also reflect the cognitive behavioristic problem that cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, and marijuana are highly present in the setting in which HIV AIDS is transmitted.

HIV in prison 2001 - 2010

HIV in Prison Populations 2001 2010

The United States Department of Justice reported in June 2013 that by 2010, state and federal prisons held 20,093 inmates who had HIV or AIDS, down from 20,880 in 2009. The estimated rate of HIV AIDS among persons in custody dropped from 151 HIV AIDS cases per 10,000 inmates in 2009 to 146 per 10,000 in 2010.

The number of state and federal inmates who died from AIDS related diagnosis declined between 2009 and 2010, from 94 to 72 deaths. The rate of AIDS related deaths among inmates with HIV AIDS declined from 47 deaths per 10,000 inmates to 38 per 10,000.

The strongest counter argument that biological warfare is not being applied in the transmission of HIV AIDS is that whomever is attacking the human race with clandestine Chemical Warfare Scorched Earth have reversed engineered a defense mechanism in the image of a virus as a distraction to impeach the credibility of persons pursuing criminal prosecution of manifest criminal actions of MOEC. Hence the Origin Virus has many names which can be used based on the perspective being discussed. This presents a formidable and very sharp defection model that can be used to develop and analyze manifest sociological structures to the behavior of individuals in a setting.

MOEC is an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity. It is very clear that MOEC is designed as computer virus. The subsystem Parameters is designed as an artificial barrier similar to a hymen which a holon may pass through. This is analogous to midwife or birthing Archetype.

In degree, the holon which may be a person will trigger a range of conditioning to navigate through Maze which is the spacetime of our existence. A flatworm which has bilateral symmetry can navigate a simple T Maze to a reward of food or punishment as an electric shock.


The case being presented is that HIV AIDS has been transmitted by Cambridge Law School through a pattern of systematic defection of an individual who has been recruited as an informant through direct or indirect contact with law enforcement.

The leak that provided the process and structure of MOEC and the Origin Virus are part of an Undermining Process that is allegedly the authorship of Cambridge Law School. This action is part of the repertoire responsible for the expansion and contraction of the United Kingdom. It's revelation is also consistent with the Bushmeat Practice Theory and other historical approaches that have been considered.

The relationship of an individual as an informant to law enforcement is clearly missing from so called epidemiological research regarding HIV AIDS while prima facie must be extremely prominent in the social setting where HIV AIDS is transmitted.

Cognitive Behaviorism is the correct theory to modify both awareness and behavior of an individual in one's social setting. The recruitment of informants by law enforcement greatly increases the incidence of HIV AIDS.

The recent hiring of ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as President of the University of California strengthens the argument of defection via Prisoner's Dilemma and cognitive behaviorism. In 2010, the CDC estimates that 1,148,200 persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection. As seen under Homeland Secretary Napolitano, at least 1,000,000 HIV AIDS persons were exposed to a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

LAPD is the Mother City or hub that conducts mutual aid violations to localities by arguing expertise in drug trafficking. Upwards of 60 percent of all cocaine now moves through Los Angeles then to other points in North America and internationally. This has occurred since 1987 when the Caribbean routes of cocaine moved over land through Mexico causing a surge in that country's cartels as the Zetas who were expert drug interdiction officers who defected to become drug dealers.

The presentation also closes texture on an operation that attacks HIV AIDS individuals by alienating one person from their Bill of Right Protections to remain free free from their 8th Amendment Cruel and Unusual Treatment, and 14th Amendment Due Process and Equal Protection safeguards.

In this consideration MOEC Studies provides those HIV AIDS positive persons with an a fortiori position regarding the transmission of HIV AIDS and the Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

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