William Eskridge: Culture and The Supreme Court


David Nollmeyer

William Eskridge

William Eskridge

David Nollmeyer

Dear Professor Eskridge,

I am writing you today because I have an understanding that you are interested in the transition effects between mass movements and the Supreme Court.

I have applied for a writ of certiorari in one case: Nollmeyer v. United States Government cv 98-7015. Certiorari was denied on January 19, 1999.

The case proceeded from the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals: Nollmeyer v. United States Government cv-97-2306.

The case of first instance was in the United States Federal District for New Mexico: Nollmeyer v. United States Government, Delaware State Police, et al. cv 95 0139.

In the case of first instance and the appeal the cases were pleaded pro se informa pauperus. The central issue was the lack of in personem jurisdiction due to the lack of empirical presence of the Delaware State Police in New Mexico. Both cases were dismissed sua ponte by the jurist.

In the trial of first and second instance no discovery was permitted. The court was requested to seat a grand jury. This would have easily led to restraining orders and a strike against LAPD. The case was read as criminal by the judge(s).

Since there was no intervention by the court, the attack by the State against the Citizen has escalated to horrific proportions.

I am positing that cases supra as the worst catastrophe in History of the Supreme Court.

The application for certiorari was denied.

The strongest a fortiori premise is that the proximate cause Cambridge Law School has authored a Crime against Humanity, Treason against the United States, RICO violations, obstructing justice, mutilating evidence, and intimidating a witness.

As seen I am the United States citizen and natural person who has been alienated from his Bill of Right protections. This has been facilitated by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. This is a manifest function that began on April 16, 1986 and was a manifest function in the cognition of then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987.

My Bill of Rights safeguards are sworn by law by an oath by the president and other competent duty bound officials at the federal and state level.

To date the epistemological based attack has escalated into a full blown scorched earth with bodies of water as the Salton Sea in California, where I am writing from, to be intentionally despoiled.

The Collapse of the Anglo-American Paradigm

This action is allegedly the work of Cambridge Law School as the proximate cause sine qua non. It is also alleged that Los Angeles Police Department are de facto and are orchestrating the Chemical Assault through a defection model that created a MSM Gay Militia.

Hence the historical driver of actions toward the United States Supreme Court is the collapse of the United Kingdom from the end of the Victorian Age when the Sheffen Plan of Nazi Germany was emerging in the 1880s. This mobilization by Germany initiated a clandestine plan to develop defection models to use non strategic Chemical Warfare. This is the precursor of the Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs that are being used to hierachilaize and sustain a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Plan now in continuo.

This operation has a nom de guerra of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This name is attributable to the authorship in the United Kingdom. The Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage.

The allegation is that MSM or Male Same Sex Male lawyers ordered and control MOEC. They were opposed by members of Trinity College, the School of Philosophy and Theology who wished to expose systematic human rights abuse by this mechanism and United Kingdom.

As you are a writer of an Amicus in the Proposition 8 case now before the Supreme Court as Hollingsworth v. Perry this should be of heightened interest to you and the litigants in this case.

Within the case I have outlined a very basic format of the tactics used by LAPD, essentially the abuse of:

Electronic Surveillance

Gang Stalking

Chemical Assault

This event is essentially an undermining of culture and government, hence civilization. Of particular interest in the case record is my description of two subsystems of MOEC:



Lycurgus is that condition where a person is undergoing a Targeted Chemical Assault TCA. This is facilitated by obstruction of justice, and mutual aid violations from the Gay Militia in LAPD with other law enforcement.

Akbar is a condition when one is totally alienated from ones legal person before the Court or a nuclear event. Hence the Fukushima or the Iranian nuclear program would be a species here.

I am writing this letter under conditions of Akbar.

From a Political Philosophy, the Hobbesian Nature or a War of all Against All is recreated inverting the Social Contract of Jean Jacque Rousseau, Once one enters this association he is forced to be free.

In your amicus, The California Proposition 8 Case: What Is a Constitution For?, you discuss countervailing theories of the Constitution as Aristotelian, identity of the body politic, (popular sovereignty), Locke, upholding of positive right, Elysian, or representation- reinforcement.

Cambridge Law School has devised the concoction Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing as pre Fascism. When intellectuals or apologists emerge to support Irrationalism such becomes fascist. As seen, invertebration through defection is the key to undermining the nation and the state which is ordinated by the Constitution.

In review, there has been censorship and sanitization of 7 billion persons driven by what is a form of Irrationalism. In the 1900s ideology has been organized as such:






The culture of impunity and corruption facilitates the development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is a scripted pattern of intent and acts propelled by a circular folly of Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion. This involves a same sex qualification for legal standing before the court with Bill of Rights protections.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male ritvik Hare Krishna. (This hate crime also violates my right to practice my Vedic Faith Gaudiya Vaishnavism).

Totality of Circumstances Test

The Totality of Circumstances Test is the correct measure when one challenges the government. There is no rational basis for any attack using non-military grade Chemical Agents against a citizen or natural person within the United States. Hence LAPD is under the color of law. In this manner these officers would have no legal basis to enter the LAPD station to run mutual aid violations by RICO behaviors as intimidating a witness, hostaging, blackmail, and extortion.

An interesting concept that can be applied here is Crime of a Depraved Heart. This is clearly evident in the lack of Official Recognition of MOEC by the three executive branches: President, Congress, and Supreme Court.

Prima facie, the 8 th Amendment no cruel or unusual treatment, the 14th Amendments equal protection and due process clauses emerge as well as and the 4th Amendment to remain free in ones person and possessions has been severely undermined by the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and the Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion ring. I prefer to address the Gay Community as LGBTi, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender intersex. The Gay Militia is involved in pathological fugue of lies and undermining languages in a circular folly that places any person first as Lesbian, then Gay, then Transgender or not at all. Hence a folly of distribution reduces to atomization of a case.

Irrationalist Presidents

The Gay Militia and the Homosexual Blackmail Extortion Ring have ensnared five presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target

The prediction of a coming Technological Singularity in 2046 posits President Barack Obama as first in a species of crime hypothetically aiming for a prosecution in 2040. Obama will be 79 years of age then. Hence the Administration of Justice of all Part I and Part II felonies and misdemeanors is organized under this hypothetical. In California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris should take this seriously.

I will press criminal and civil charges against any liable actor at any level to the fullest extent of the law.

As a negative spillover to this event the CDC estimates there have been 1.3 million HIV/AIDS cases. In California there were 206,401 cumulative HIV/AIDS cases as of December 31, 2011. There were 112,602 persons living with HIV/AIDS. Of the total case load 89 percent have been MSM men. Hence by inspection with about 38 million persons and slightly more than 50 percent female, about 1 percent of all men in California beginning in 2013 if allowing for those not diagnosed are HIV/AIDS have been positive.

This potential class of persons will drive EXTRAORDINARY LITIGATION against the State and de facto incompetent and corrupt officials in California alone.

As Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor have been certified on December 7, 2012 before the Supreme Court, one can easily see how social interactions outside of the legal system are impacting and transforming society and the Court or the Court then society in feedback loops.


Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist

The Official Recognition of my Torture is one of the most irascible abuses of judicial power. The Rehnquist and Roberts Court have led the United States in totally uncharted territory following the corrupt lead of The President and Congress.

Plato argues the people raise a Tyrant in their own image who then in return under a Master Passion organizes a Secret Police and Informants who then enslave and kill of the nation. Here this is a clue to the organization of a Queens Gambit that was taken by the Gay Militia to attack then President Ronald Reagan. These actors have seriously miscalculated believing that the directionality of this circular folly would only negative impact straight conservatives.

How does the Constitution work? If I am not free, no one is. Hence LAPD has used a pin of an ordinary citizen against the sovereign rupturing the contract between the head of state and the nation. LAPD believed that a Cultural Singularity of 7 billion persons and an ad vericundium fallacy of appeal concerning The President would shield them.

This is also true of the alleged authorship Cambridge Law School and the United Kingdom.

As a leading lawyer and professor at Yale you should consider the implications of concrete history and their legal ramifications.

Prima facie there is an obligation to expose and prosecute a crime of this magnitude.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California

December 21, 2012

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