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Open Letter to First Lady Shriver

Westwood CA

July 10, 2010

Dear First Lady Maria Schwarzenegger,

As the term of you husband ends as Governor of California, I believe that the real record of the state should be recognized over the sanitized account that you are helping create to the injury of the People of California.

Recently on June 30, 2010 you made the following statement:

"Just to become governor is a huge thing, and to do it twice is a huge accomplishment," Shriver told Pop Tarts at the Million Plates Campaign in Los Angeles on Monday. "I think he has so much to be proud of, certainly his work on the environment, job creation, selling California on all the reforms he's been able to institute. I think when all is said and done, people will look at him as a great performer".

When Arnold ran against Gray Davis in the recall election both he and the governor were aware of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over both my natural person and citizenship. I had previously sued Gray Davis to end this abuse as well as Pete Wilson.

Arnold is part of a System of A Perfect Dictator. He under the theory of consequentialism have thrown all the natural persons and citizens of this under the bus.

I am in Westwood, California. The surface water as Robber's Creek is chemically polluted to stalk me. This is likely pollute Lake Almanor and other tributaries. Persons continually drive by with chemicals in the engines contaminating the air. Food is stores has been attacked from the factory. Water will not run out of taps when I am near a building. The police have or have supplied chemicals to contaminate the plumbing.

This is all in attack by LGBTi militants which are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing.

This is derived from an anti immigrant movement in the 1800s. Here Arnold had desired for the constitution to be changed so he can run for president. Arnold should be STRIPPED OF HIS UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP.

There is no doubt that someone’s posterity somewhere will claim that the environmental contamination has mortally immortally injured their relation.

Perhaps this will be Westwood where there is talk of sanitizing the Gay Militancy and stalking which is here but not as bad as other locations.

The degradation of homeland security, the health of the citizens, the destruction of wealth, and many other factors are the result of Arnold and you lacking the volition to step forward.

An important part of this hate crime is that I a ritvik Hare Krishna. I am a lifelong heterosexual who continues to support Proposition 8. The amount of followers in my faith are quite small worldwide.I have only met such online. We are a branch or anga of the diksa line. This states that I do not necessarily follow a living guru. The teacher that I follow His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada died in November 1977.

Overall I wish I would have fought harder for my faith, family, and person. They should have also fought harder for me. This is also the error of your husband. The human race is going to have to lay in the bed that they made.

Overall I would state that victims are the most likely opposition to Ritual Criminalization.

You and Arnold lack a Conscience and Volition. Arnold has not increased our freedom under the California Constitution. He has willingly been blackmailed and extorted into turning the state into a Machinery of Torture that has attacked the human race.

In closing he should be Stripped of his United States Citizenship and prosecuted. You should be aware that your age of 54 and your linkage to the Kennedy Dynasty makes you a strong target for real prosecution.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

July 10, 2010

Westwood CA

The Stripping of Governor Schwarzenegger's Citizenship

Westwood CA

August 1, 2010

Today is August 1, 2010. The entire month of July has seen a build up in arguments concerning the Right to Marry. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill and Hillary Clinton probably has wedded in what is the highest profile marriage of the year.While contemplating Proposition 8, the Same Sex Marriage issue in US Federal Court in San Francisco, the contrast between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's marriage, Chelsea Clinton and my alienation under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth became quite profound and at emotional.

I am a lifelong supporter of opposite sex marriage and continue to support Proposition 8.

Mostly like by cue a few acquaintances from the East Coast from Delaware where I attended my primary and high schools have surfaced. LAPD in a highly biased manner is attempting to script a straw man of my life and trajectory which is same sex based. They have invented a same sex transformational figure from San Diego which is false.

The person is a natural person. He is the father of a attractive bisexual daughter. I will be 49 years old on August 3. I have been 100 percent heterosexual my entire life:NO SAME SEX BEHAVIORS.

In my opinion I was born heterosexual. I have always considered my self as opposite sex since as young as I can remember, 4 or 5 years old perhaps.

Gay Marriage is a strategic mission goal of this attack. If someone would of asked me in high school if I wanted to marry a lesbian bisexual female I would of stated no. I still maintain this posture idealistically. It could be compromised but it is a outlier option. The pool of opposite sex females around has never been large from what I am beginning to comprehend.

In the concrete I will file a criminal complaint against Arnold Schwarzenegger for violating my Right to Marry this month. This will be the highpoint of my presence in Westwood, California.

In degree I would prefer an opposite partner who is Hare Krishna in Madhurya rasa (conjugal). I would prefer a Vedic ceremony and to have children raised in my faith. Currently if I make a female contact on internet, LAPD will attempt to advertise such as a homosexual male Hare Krishna. This means if I write Senator Barbara Boxer she should also be place in group which is a false set as a homosexual male Krishna.

The entire LGBTi trajectory is being imposed over me by LAPD. None of my thoughts, intents, or acts support the LGBTi platform. Through reflection, one of the most attractive persons I have met from San Diego was a bisexual. I have only talked to her a few times. She has introduced me to her friends who were an open lesbian couple. So if one dated or married her a social setting is likely to include openly lesbian couples. When I lived in near Mt. Shasta at a convenience store a couple who were friends of the clerk came up to me and introduced themselves to me. The first individual introduced her partner as her wife. This happened a few times with no incidence. This was maybe three years ago. Siskiyou county supported Proposition 8 60 to 40 percent. Lassen County where I am now favored such 70 to 30 percent. I am easily the most pro heterosexual male that I have met here by far and away.

Hypothetically the first individual from San Diego was attractive and intelligent enough that it is possible one could of become enchanted with her and married and had kids. If this happened to me I would choose my wife and children and stay married. I do not support opposite sex marriage but I can agree could happen. I take my Vedic beliefs with some seriousness. There is no LGBTi identity in the Vaikunthas or heaven. Manjaris, the handmaidens of Radha are never gay or straight. Human sexuality only exists in the material world.

My inclinations disclose some irrationality. If I ever marry, I am choosing my wife and children. If I ever got that deep into a relationship with a bisexual female who had bisexual friends, I am still going to choose and support her and save my marriage and children. This means forgoing a leadership role where one would have to preach against the homosexual continuum. This is predicated that my spouse maintains fidelity within matrimony with no major issues. This also means I am not attempting to develop any high or saintly image for my self although I have regular sadhana as a vaidhi bhakta.

I am not supporting Gay Marriage.

So the trajectory in July has reached a peak with Chelsea Clinton's marriage. There is one Hare Krishna devotee that will be used as an example of Governor Schwarzenegger alienating me from Right to Marry under the present panorama. Even without a real natural person, LAPD is attempting to say that she and other females are homosexual male Hare Krishnas, I would still have a case under Federal Law.

It is unique in that first bisexual female individual and San Diego were profiled as transformational figures in an ethnographic format. The later Hare Krishna devotee wins a pretty story.

I have no issues against Chelsea Clinton. Her support for mother Hillary's presidential campaign may attract legal scrutiny. I argue her parents as committing crimes against humanity.

Open Letter to Diane Feinstein: The Stripping of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Citizenship...

Westwood CA

August 7, 2010

Dianne Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I am writing to supply information that complements the recent overturning over Proposition 8 here in California. I have written you numerous times stating that I support Proposition and defining Marriage between One Man and One Woman, read heterosexual monogamy. What is extremely disturbing is that the police officers that are running the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are perfect examples of an inferiority complex in same sex males. At this point in time I would argue that I am the most stalked person in world history as the United States federal government and President Barack Obama condone an attack on the human race which is prosecutable here as federal crime.

Consider this point. I am a PURE HETEROSEXUAL. I have had zero same sex acts in 49 year of life. I turned 49 August 3, 2010 one day before Obama and the reversal of Proposition 8.

I do not support Male Same Sex Male MSM or male homosexuality as identity or behavior within my Vedic (Hare Krishna) faith. They are attempting to state that I support Jayadvaitya swami (Jay Israel) New Raman Reti, FL, who is the main editor for BBTI. This involves revisionist translations of Vedic scriptures which I do not support. At this point in time if I maintain networking or email communications with females that are natural persons LAPD attempts to advertise them as male homosexual Hare Krishna. Therefore they could be advertising my email records with you or Senator Boxer as to male homosexual persons. This reveals an extraordinary amount of predation within Gay Law Enforcement.

I have already emailed a complaint against Governor Schwarzenegger to AG Holder regarding the alienation of my right to marry. Overall if Californians wish to file a grievance over their loss of health or property it is due to the facts mentioned here that they were injured.

I believe that the Governors naturalized citizenship is in jeopardy as all 38 million persons in this state are victims.

The following is an edited version of the federal complaint.

Thank you your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

August 7, 2010

The Right To Marry and Confronting Schwarzenegger

David Nollmeyer files a criminal against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for systematically condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has despoiled surface water as the Owens Canal in Inyo County, Colorado River in Riverside County, and Robber's Creek in Lassen County. Water in taps and faucets is also contaminated when I am in the proximity of the source of water. Air is chemically contaminated by the burning of acids and caustic substances in combustion engines. The activities in question predate Governor Schwarzenegger’s term to June 17, 1987. He was aware of manifest constitutional violations during his campaign to oust then Governor Davis in 2003. The Governor is clearly in violation from December 2003 in continuo.

The allegation is this attack is carried out by an LGBTi militancy in LAPD. The right to marry is a strategic mission of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I am a heterosexual who is being prevented from the opportunities of marrying a person of my choice. Arnold Schwarzenegger has upwards of $200 million and has married Maria Shriver niece of John F. and Ted Kennedy. This is a very high profile marriage. Chelsea Clinton married August 1, 2010 She is 30 years old this year.

I converted to my Hare Krishna faith on August 2, 1977. My birthday is August 3, 1961. Barack Obama's birthday is August 4, 1961. Proposition 8 was overturned August 4, 2010.

LAPD is attempting to script an ethnography that posits that I have been transformed by LGBTi acquaintances. This is based on a scenario from natural individuals who are from San Diego who are also treated symbolically. They LGBTi orientated. This data is verbalized as an auditorial stimulus from LAPD and imposed over me electronically. I have a direct presence in San Diego from about 1980 to 1983. I have had no same sex activity in my entire life and my religious views do not support such either. I am a pure heterosexual. Laney College and Berkeley are also inclusive from about 1984 to 1987 to script a transformational experience. LAPD is attempting to state that I enjoy being held in false imprisonment by listening to profiles of Lesbianism Bisexuality. Same sex males are continually using same sex females to front them in a double bind fallacy. If your reject female same sex than you choose male same sex. This is extremely fallacious. In my case my preferences are heterosexuality or opposite sex females. In a scientific format a male would need to be given a neutral opportunity to choose between an equal number of same sex females and opposite sex females of the same quality to yield a valid result of preference. This reveals a baseline of an inferiority complex and displacement. The use of a narcissistic personality complex where a stalker is always attempting to impose their preferences over a victim emerges. I have been on internet since 2001. I am not hard to find. A few past acquaintances from elementary school to high school have friended me on Facebook from the East Coast. The contacts are small. I am not against persons from California whom I knew prior to June 17, 1987 to contact me. One individual from the East Coast is now in my will. There are a few other contacts that are now from the past that I have met on the internet. I confront Campaign for Courage, a LGBTi pro gay marriage group over this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. LAPD wishes to promote my contacts as being homosexual male Hare Krishna devotees. Just from the profile standpoint I would be interested in and offer marriage with children. I would also prefer to have a Vedic Ceremony. This is just implying that you have to eventually meet and spend quality time together and is not conclusionary to her preferences to others. I believe it does clearly demonstrate what my preferences are and is a crime. LAPD has or is following a script that the leading female would be a blonde bisexual

LAPD is attempting to state that this person from Paris is a male homosexual Krishna devotee. Marianna is also a town in Florida. They are attempting to link this to Chandrasekhar swami whom I have attempted to sue and New Raman Reti, Florida who I have attempted to sue and have received a $500 settlement.

This highly damaging to Arnold Schwarzenegger, LAPD, LGBTi, and Westwood history.

The contacts in question have all occurred from May to August 4, 2010 in continuo.


The use of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is prima facie. The governor is guilty of obstruction of justice and RICO violations. The Right to Marry case of Proposition 8 is now overturned which I supported as a lifelong heterosexual of 49 years.

This is very brutal hate crime 38 million persons, the entire population are affected by alienating me from rights.

The intent is to strip Arnold Schwarzenegger of his naturalized citizenship.

Points of Law

14 Amendment Due Process

1 Amendment Free speech: religion

8 Amendment Cruel and Unusual Treatment

4 Amendment: Free from Undue Searches Electronic Surveillance

Title 18 1961 Racketeered Influence Corrupt Organizations Act

David Nollmeyer

General Delivery

Westwood CA

August 5, 2010

Gay Marriage Stayed

Westwood CA

August 19, 2010

Gay Marriage has been stayed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals until the appellate trial in December. The scenario here in Westwood is a very poorly constructed sham. My history in the Hare Krishna faith and it's practices are a focal concept.

I do not use:

Drugs Alcohol Marijuana

Engage in illicit sex: especially male same sex MSM


Eat meat

I have been loose on vegetarian since I exist in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. There is a direct attack on vegetarianism of which is a cornerstone of Vedic practice. I do not go to nightclubs or bars. I do not desire such either. I prefer settings in the mode of goodness. Sitting here in the forest is not very bad at all here.

Abnormal Psychology and the Red Herring Strawman

Westwood CA

August 24, 2010

Abnormal Psychology and the Red Herring Strawman

In the United States an extraordinary trajectory of empirical history has occurred which is an aperture for Irrationalist and Pre Fascist thought. This trend is developed within Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Such is directed as a Joe Virus which is developed by provocateurs who wish to destroy the environment, targeted individuals, and thus leave later apologists thinkers more able to sanitize and rebuild over a damaged culture. This history provides data to document the psychological profiles that have been constructed and used to attack and condition individuals and the collective since June 17, 1987. It appears that a Stockholm Syndrome has been created and reinforced through RICO styled operations to support a LGBTi Gay Militancy. This is essentially a Wizard of OZ styled defection model. It is historical that the president of the United States is extortable and can be blackmailed. Targets as myself are isolated and literally framed from profiling that is static. Impunity from the courts facilitates the dismissing of criminal and civil complaints The authorship in it's own thinking wished to develop a same sex platform and radiate such clandestinely and overtly. This is hedonistic and is biased to the preferences of same sex and bisexual males and their tastes. Lesbianism and female bisexuality are used to front the male same authorship, code enforcement and their informants.

What is emerging increasingly in prominence is the reality to discuss this event as a Crime Against Humanity prosecutable within the United States Federal Court system domestically and through the Universal System and treaties internationally.

A focal perspective is that I am being isolated from full legal and social life. I am alive but alienated from a full cultural life. At the natural law level my sexual orientation and preferences are strongly heterosexual.The setting exists as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a Red Herring Strawman created to insert a false profile of myself as LGBTi orientated. Hence this is a gay victim. In reality I am a ritvik Hare Krishna or ritvik vadi. This means that I accept a deceased spiritual master as my guide. This would be His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The opposite camp is the diksa guru or diksa vadis. They wish to follow the instructions of a living guru. They accept deceased teachers as siksa or instructing gurus. The study of guru is called guru tattva.

In connection to this I interpret the Vedas in a conservative manner. I have had zero same sex behaviors in my 49 years of life. Hence spiritual identity is easily contrasted with a secular humanistic identity. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are also contrasted to define the roles of the victim myself (heterosexual) and the perpetrators (homosexual LGBTi).

One should accept a proper associative procedure to ascertain what are my interests in contrast to that of LAPD and the Gay Militancy. If a future case arises that attempts to advocate the LGBTi platform it is almost certain that work is being handed off from LAPD. They will therefore be a higher structural level component handing off work to informants.

I will argue from the heterosexual platform at the natural law level under my Vedic faith. Homosexuality or heterosexuality do not exist in the Vaikuntha atmosphere or heaven of Vedic Cosmography. Sex life is for procreation and is therefore heterosexual.

Gay male same sex interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a RICO styled extortion and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer Lesbianism he is baited as a Gay Male. This is double bind bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality is perceives as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups MSM males pertain to.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority to based displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

A mock trial scenario is currently being perpetuated which is also a double bind bait and switch tactic. This reflects the lesbianism bisexual front for same sex males. In a criminal or civil court I would depose witnesses in the first instance that support my orthodox interpretation of the Vedas read as heterosexual or opposite sex procreation. This is very important in that a kangaroo court atmosphere pervades daily life replicating a dumbing down profiling of natural and groups or individuals. That is homosexuality or heterosexuality does not exist in The Vaikunthas or heavenly planets. Manjari bhava or the devotional mood of the handmaidens of Radharini is spiritually pure and would refute homosexuality and could never be revealed to anyone in a karmic or sinful state. Anarthas are sinful activities or thoughts.

Sahijaya means imitation. Sani Sahijaya mean equating mundane sexlife to spiritual life. Here against manjaris are the target of this interpolation. Manjaris do not engage in sex. Equating sex life as fellatio, cunnilingus, or anal coitus is mundane is obviously spiritual sex life known as Garbhandana samskara. As stated previously I have been 100 percent heterosexual or free from any male to male sexual activity over my entire life. Various figures from my life in a longitudinal sequence are proffered in a strawman to state that I have merged into the LGBTi paradigm. Here this paper and my entire output especially in court records, complaints, letters to officials, and websites entirely contradicts the totalitarian isolation of LGBTi militant operating out of LAPD.

In clarity my work is being developed from the heterosexual paradigm. I let my work rise to it's own level and make no attempt to histrionically rig a final result with targeted individuals representing my viewpoint. Here the reverse is true for the LGBTi militancy. I am not transformed by the LGBTi culture and have a healthy spiritual and psychical equilibrium as a heterosexual. There is quantum of force in play to create a same sex figure to teach historically as the victim who approves and supports the Gay Militancy and what is a Crime Against Humanity. One main reinforcer sis the proffering of same sex or sexual contacts.

The inferiority complex is the core component of a constellation or syndrome of clinical diagnosis that have been fused or combined into a model for creating Gay LGBTi militants and consequent activity in the social environment. The complex is eclectic. A simple orthodox to neo orthodox Freudian orientation gives the best results in primary analysis. Events are heavily layered in structures of the course of the militant's and victim's lifespan.

There is also a direct connection with stalking, obsession, an aggressive attack on reality, displacement of emotions to a target which is myself and to prevent anyone to aid me. Here direct sworn official will also be incorporated as incompetent and corrupt officials as these abnormal psychoses become escalated longitudinally over time and space.

A very deep and profound process and structure is the use of polymorphous perversity. This is the use of sexual language to attack another from a perceived threat Vulgarisms and violent connotations are used against me and other parties. It is then stated that I am enamored of these behaviors and these speech patterns are part of my repertoire which is untrue. It is also inferred that I would nor be morally and intellectually sophisticated to discern what polymorphous perversity is.

Examples are if Jane Doe is mentioned, equivocation reflects acting violently against her and also being in competition with her.

She is a good lay.

Are you trying to beat her?

A point of departure will be Freud’s where an Oedipal Complex is acted out between sibling rivals. In this context this rivalry exists under an (ideal) unseen father and mother figure and (real) natural father and mother figure exists. A conflict between a system of LGBTi militants operating out of LAPD have attacked and alienated myself as a natural member of the human race and a citizen of the United States. Herein I represent the heterosexual or opposite sex platform. The LGBTi side also has a narcissistic personality component, and a psychopathic component that will help define their activities. The Outline of Psychoanalysis.

The resolution of this conflict should occur between 8 and 13 years of age.

Here issue emerges whether one should ask is (homosexuality) same sex identity and behavior directly related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all? The same can be asked of (heterosexuality) opposite sex behavior and identity related to crime, socialized, a combination, or none at all?

The setting of these attacks which are in sum a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is extremely important. My personality and arc of lifespan has emerged over a non normative event of which I am the only member of the set to exist historically. I am pursing a criminal prosecution analogous to the Nuremberg Model in the United States under this country’s federal laws. It is my allegation that marriage breaking and child molesting are also being generated by this pattern of defection. This is apparent in the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witness, and ISKCON (Krishnas). The diffusion over space and time predicates a socialization process of prisoner's dilemma built open nodes allegedly radiating from University of Cambridge, England. Here They are being identified as the Origin. They also have therefore authored Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is the precursor to Gay Fascism if intellectual apologists emerge in support of the abuse.


As the setting becomes escalated original miscalculations become multiplied. This has a direct impact on analytical components of various fields of discipline and sworn competent officials who are also natural persons. The empirical fact of whether I (David Nollmeyer) am a Pure Heterosexual Male is extraordinarily important. I have clearly argued that I have had zero same sex male partners and zero same sex acts over 100 percent of my life. In this connection it is only Los Angeles Police Department LAPD who are generating the LGBTi profiling and imposing such over me. This is unwanted. My sexual orientation is heterosexual or opposites sex. My sexual preference is a heterosexual or opposite sex female. I have also stated and confirmed that a bisexual female is a possibility and the most likely concrete opportunity if I can survive the current Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is due to the fact that I have been a very highly controlled individual pertaining to the persons that I have been exposed to throughout my entire life. This appears to be even more escalated in the present.

In the field of logic the current event is easily the largest strawman red herring ever constructed over one individual. The totalitarian nature of my alienation of citizenship and isolation gives live experimental space for a team of LGBTi militants to attempt to construct a LGBTi male in their and University of Cambridge's image. This is also a defection or distraction from a direct prosecution of the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization that contains the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The use of double bind arguments is also at the world class level. The use of lesbianism to front Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals in the LGBTi paradigm is unique. If an individual is offered a choice of a lesbian date and refuses he is a gay male. If this is not successful he is a bisexual. If this fails he is transgendered. This will continue in a circular folly. There is never a consideration of heterosexuality or opposite sex choices. These tiny loops are similar to scripts in a computer virus. Hence what is known as a Joe Virus. A system of bot computers is used to attack a server. The clinical diagnostics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Psychopathy are the broadest diagnosis. The Inferiority Complex in Male Same Sex Males MSM is what drives the displacement onto substitute targets as my person. Since the attacks started in April of 1986 and with fullblown isolation beginning June 17, 1987 I have survived over 24 years of attacks by LGBTi orientated police under five presidents. A kangaroo mock trial is ongoing concerning various acts of discovery. Only heterosexual witnesses can be used in the main is support of my claims. I have stated that a bisexual female partner is a possibility. Overall I do not support same sex activity under my Vedic beliefs. The use of a so called authority in particular Hridayananda Das Goswami an ISKCON diksa guru would be spurious. He has openly supported Gay Monogamy which was refuted by the GBC. In particularity wad Bhakti Vikas Maharaj who has a similar standing as a diksa guru. I pertain to the ritvik alignment.

Abnormal Psychology and the Red Herring Strawman

Westwood CA

September 13, 2010

is a major conflict regarding my chronological history. There is major a confrontation between LAPD who are Same Sex bisexuals, The Baltimore Studio, and myself. I am arguing that I am Pure Heterosexual over the entire course of my life. This would mean ZERO same sex partners and zero same sex acts. LAPD is positing that I have had a bisexual or LGBTi lifestyle. This is has never been true. This especially true in San Diego, Berkeley, and Oakland, California. I have also been against same sex marriage my entire life. I converted to the Gaudiya Vaishnavism when I was 16. This extremely important as I am fluent in almost all of the Original Books written by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I follow in a orthodox manner regarding his positions on LGBTi. In this regards I am in contrast to Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick) who advocates Gay Monogamy. I am also not supporting Jayadvaitya Swami (Jay Israel) who is in charge of editing or Changed Books.

Any evidence that creates a personal history positing me as having same sex partners or same sex acts is an of Obstructing Justice, hence creating false evidence. It is alleged here that LAPD is creating this under a scripted outcome made by Cambridge Law School. The Baltimore Studio is the likely creator of this spurious electronic evidence. They now are intertwined in Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. I am writing from Westwood, Lassen County where Proposition 8 won by a margin of 70 to 30 percent. Attempting to create my history as LGBTi gay been attempted.

I have written two guitar songs here one is called Rasevera and the other is called Marianna, they are about female Hare Krishna devotees. LAPD is attempting to state that they are Gay Code songs about male homosexuality. I am the most stalked person in world history. The lakes, air, and food here are Chemically Attacked. LAPD wishes is to invent some type of LGBTi propaganda movie. It is convoluted. Marianna devi dasi and Rasevera (Jasmine)

These issues have to bee developed. The site will be merged as a core concept here under Storyboard Half Life.

The Return to Bishop

Bishop CA

September 29, 2010

It is clear that the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's term will be a duel between LAPD and myself concerned over whether I am gay or heterosexual.

I maintain that I have been purely heterosexual over 100 percent of my lifespan, I have had no same sex partners and no same sex activity. LAPD spends an enormous part of each day attempting to create a Gay strawman. This would state that I have transformed to the LGBTi platform. I am writing from the heterosexual platform under enormous stress. I am beginning to achieve the integration and logical internal cohesion I was seeking. What is unique is that LAPD will spend much time discussing the sexual activity of 25 year old students at Junior Colleges. At 49 years of age I am still fit enough to attract a 25 to thirty year old female as my wife. Also very disturbing is the use of a profile called interloper which is a HBT transgendered homeless male. Here every time I make a reference to a female LAPD states that I am using code in which this individual is a Gay Male.

My sexual preferences are:

Heterosexual females

Bisexual females

I would openly marry a bisexual woman whom I felt was truly in love me. We have to truly trust each other.

Men are never a sexual preference for me.

My social preferences are on the heterosexual side but I do not discriminate. At the social level I am friendly with anyone who is not antisocial. I have had extensive LGBTi contacts over my life.

Bishop Upwards to the Governor

Bishop CA

October 6, 2010

Bishop CA


My Journals have been online since 2001. I am lifelong heterosexual and write from the straight side or opposite sex platform. I will attempt neutrality. I am fighting very hard for my life in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I have returned to Bishop, Inyo County the first week of October. The almost the entirety of LGBTi heard has been created by LAPD and not by myself. The same pattern of my having discussions on Facebook with natural females and then having LAPD claim they are abstracts or approaches to gay males reveals and confirms a inferiority complex in same sex males that displaces into violence.

What I have found unique is that alter ego females within the Krishna Sampradaya make fast friends. This is to say that I am a conservative ritvik and many diksa LGBTi females would by alter egos. I have always been friendly to LGBTi persons at the social level.

The Summary Judgment

At this point in time there are three areas that are in conflict between myself and the LGBTi militancy run out of LAPD. The challenge to the supervisor code named Dodo is to:

Develop a criminal case and hand such over to the District Attorney.

Develop a university level history class: This is supposed to be developed towards the identity of LGBTi persons.

Script a movie between about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasizing the overturning of Proposition 8 until January 1, 2011. This will focus on July 2010 until January 1, 2011. A review of salient events from November 11, 2003 is possible.

My counter is that I have at least 26 federal lawsuits

I am openly challenging the University of California and University of Cambridge.

There is no doubt this is Hate Crime: Gay Versus Straight.

Story Board Half Life completes this capstone level Holon. Dodo is disorganized and the three shifts of officers who follow this fatalistic lead will not break out of this static texture. The Capstone gives closure: History and Education for the Future. We are discussing a platform for criminal charges.

The Summary Judgment is an analogy.

Strong Breeze to Grow Tall Trees... Big Pine Upwards to the Governor

Big Pine CA

October 6, 2010



LAPD; There are allegedly 200 to 500 members. There are three shifts of perhaps 20 officers with 7 per shift that monitor me 24/7 365 days a year under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Baltimore Studio: (LAPD MSM Officers DWN February 16, 2016).About seven musicians who create and mutilate evidence with a Synclavier synthesizer.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver

David Nollmeyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver

What is to be examined in an eclectic cognitive behaviorist perspective is how these key personalities emerged from birth throughout the arc of their lifespan.

LAPD officers and the Baltimore Studio will be named eventually. The study will focus of the third generation onward. Hence from the great grandparents.

In effect, did one emerge from a LGBTi or Opposite Sex household?

My perspective as stated is that an inferiority complex drives displacement in these Male Same Sex Males. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder explains how a sexual immature personality wishes to impose his or hew preferences over another or a collective making such dependent on their will.

I am writing as a heterosexual male with zero same sex partners and zero same sex acts over what is now 49 years of life. When January 1, 2011 arrives, after the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's term almost 49 years 5 months of my life will have transpired.

It is alleged that Cambridge Law School is the authorship and Origin. It is they who assembled the LGBTi militancy in LAPD. The failure of decision making here and in the presidency and governorship has created what is known as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is pre fascist or pre Gay Fascism. This has resulted in the contamination of two systems, that of the physical environment and cultural environment and the socialization of the human race. The socialization is defined by my person being stalked by the United States government.

I am present myself as the most stalked person in the history of the world. Surface water is contaminated from at least Oregon, Nevada and to the Salton Sea as I write. The air that I breathe has been continually contaminated from at least June 17, 1987 near the 200 Anniversary of the United States.

Much of my life has been spent in the rural west in small towns of less than 5000 persons. Intellectually I would not be intimidated locally. I have written records from November 1995 from Carlsbad, New Mexico onward. My journals have been online since 1991.

My Facebook sites reflect my ritvik Hare Krishna faith and a Chemical Assault page which is interfaith. The latter is totally unique in the history of Facebook and social networking. I am with simple clarity expressions my joy of being a heterosexual male under a non normative event. I am working under extreme thresholds and am beginning to develop the finished work that I believe befits my intellectual gifts.

Chemical Assault Challenge to Leadership

Gaudiya Vaishnavism

LAPD is representing the LGBTi platform and are very poor ambassadors. LAPD has went from Joe Friday to Joe Virus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the world’s greatest athlete in the 1970s, a seven time Mr. Olympia who set the standard for bodybuilding.

Maria Shriver is the daughter of Ted Kennedy. Her marriage of the failure of the Senator, the death of cohort John F. Kennedy Jr. are tragedies for their clan. I am affines of egos with the Kennedys through the Gordon and Joan Maxwell III. Joan Maxwell III is my maternal aunt.

Big Pine Upwards to the Governor

Big Pine CA

October 10, 2010

LAPD is representing the LGBTi platform and are very poor ambassadors. LAPD has went from Joe Friday to Joe Virus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the world's greatest athlete in the 1970s, a seven time Mr. Olympia who set the standard for bodybuilding.

Maria Shriver is the daughter of Ted Kennedy. Her marriage of the failure of the Senator, the death of cohort John F. Kennedy Jr. are tragedies for their clan. I am affines of egos with the Kennedys through the Gordon and Joan Maxwell III. Joan Maxwell is my maternal aunt.

At the close of this sketch there has been a rash of young gay persons committing suicide, as well as a major toxic spill in Hungary, and 33 coalminers are about to be rescued from a mine where they have been trapped since August.

Eight members of a Latino gang in New York City are under arrest for attacking three gay males. At least two were recruits. There was a major rite at a Gay Pride Parade in Belgrade. The background panorama is a challenge to develop a Capstone presentation. In reality LAPD will only attempt a Capstone. They are Joe Virus from. The night shift and I have exchanged perspectives that reflect the Origin, Cambridge Law School. They Should Be Identified.

Joe Friday to Joe Virus

This means that the cell at the minimum that is monitoring me 24/7 365 days are year will be identified and their families surnames exposed.

The attempt by LAPD to gay bait has failed. Their use of polymorphous perversity to harass and torture me is disgraceful. They can only bluff at a court case, history class, and scripting a movie. The small western towns where this event is most likely to reflects this inferiority that same sex males have about their dignity. LAPD invokes pride in defeat and on cue.

There has been no emergence from the LGBTi as far as the psychology of leadership. There in no I am basically competing against myself, Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Gang Stalking.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed

Big Pine CA

October 13, 2010

Interloper and LGBTi Law Enforcement

Big Pine CA

October 14, 2010

Below are some of the definitions of interloper. Here the LGBTi same sex content in the defection model is generated same sex males from LAPD. When they use the term Gay they refer to same sex females which are usually attractive bisexuals who they call lesbians.

What is totally disturbing is that when I refer to a female friend especially on Facebook, LAPD attempts to state they are male homosexuals. This is also an abstraction used to shield a roster of same sex males who are not competitive is a sexual sense with these females. This was targeted in Westwood, Lassen County. It also prevalent here in Big Pine and Bishop, Inyo County.

I have about 5500 Facebook friends.

This is highly damaging to LGBTi Homeland Security Officials. Don't Ask Don't Tell was just repealed and the Obama Administration is requesting a lifting of the injunction by Judge Phillips.

The Interloper is a homeless male who practices same sex. This model does not remotely my sexual preferences. LAPD is heavily involved in Gang Stalking and harassment. I am not part of the LGBTi platform.

The men and woman here are doing a weak job of defending and promoting who they are.

It is disturbing to trace how the Gay Militants emerged in Los Angeles County and those Stalkers here.

Governor Schwarzenegger is going to be extremely damaged by this and so will Cambridge Law School. UC California and all the major universities are damaged.

Definitions of Interloper on the Web:


intruder: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission

The Interloper is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a member of the Eternals.

Half Life is a science fiction first person shooter video game developed by Valve Software and the company's debut product. First released by Sierra Studios on November 19, 1998, the game was also released for the PlayStation 2 on November 14, 2001. In Half Life, players assume the role of Dr. ...

Slipknot is the debut album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was released on June 29, 1999 by Roadrunner Records, after a demo containing a few of the songs had been released in 1998, and was reissued in December 1999 with a slightly altered track listing and mastering, as a result of ...

An unlicensed or illegitimate trader; One who interferes, intrudes or gets involved where not welcome

Interlopers is a 2001 science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster. The story centers on Cody Westcott,a young archeologist, who returns from a dig at Apachetarimac having studied the Chachapoyansthat race. ...

The Interlopers, first published in 1969, was the twelfth novel in the Matt Helm spy series by Donald Hamilton, which began in 1960. ...

interlopers - Metacom (or Metacomet), whom white colonists knew as King Philip, was a war leader of the Wampanoags, an Algonquian speaking people who lived in present day Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Metacom was a member of the third generation of Native Americans since the arrival of English colonists. ...

Inyo Recapitulated

Bishop CA

October 18, 2010

In The Case of Future's Future's

Two Separate Eternities Can Not Exist. This case is considered here at the non mechanistic or transcendental level. In other words there can only be one God or higher substance. This is what is intended in western political philosophy where this phrase is most often encountered. In math number series as 2, 4, 8, 16... are considered eternities. There are infinite number series as there are separate points between 0 and 1.

In the Social Contract Theory which is the correct theory of constitution rights are enumerated and signed into law by the sovereign. This is known as the General Will. In the United States this means that the United States Constitution is the artificial body politic. The Bill of Rights and the United States Federal Code are it's genetic base and mind as a corporate person. President Barack Obama is the sovereign (General Will) and the citizens are called subjects.

The 200th Birthday of the United States was June 17, 1987. Los Angeles Police Department had began stalking me earlier on April 16, 1986. This became a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The linear function is a Chemical Assault against the Human Race. This is a crime against humanity. I am in Big Pine, Inyo County, California. The subjective content and work differentiation (job tasks) performed by LAPD is a Red Herring Strawman. The Gay Militia repertoire is Joe Virus and is targeted against a top ten percentile performance by a bottom ten percentile performance. This structure contains several cells. There may be 300 to 500 members. The main cell that attacked with the full Chemical Assault, about 25 officers, here in the United States are being entrapped themselves as well as their accomplices who are essentially informants and what is popularly called Gang Stalking. (The Constitution was created during September 1787 DWN 2020).

The exponential function of the Chemical Assault is objective to all observers. This is being organized out of Los Angeles Police Department by a LGBTi militancy. On about February 12, 2007 this cell of Gay Militia (their choice of identity) contaminated all the surface water in my vicinity. This is code named Radhanatha an ISKCON guru. This is a fallacy called Poison in the Well. This began in Earp, California. This is north of Blythe and the Colorado River was hit which runs into Mexico. Such supplies the drinking water to Southern California. Arizona, and Mexico. Tangible goods are also contaminated from the factory. All the bottled water is contaminated. There are several bottled water companies here in Inyo County and this was as good as Evian because it was fresh.

As seen my alienation is due to my being heterosexual male over my entire life. The format was based in part by philosophy professors at Trinity College (The Philosophy - Theology School of Cambridge, UK.)There is open experimentation on humans as to their fitness as to whether such can be blackmailed and extorted. This will result in criminalization from a socialization standpoint. There is an inferiority complex in same sex males that this driving displacement. Displacement is an attack of substitute parties. LAPD is running a RICO or Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. A corrupt organization is identified as an enterprise.

One cannot:

Participate or join the enterprise

Receive or donate to the enterprise

Instruct or guide the enterprise

The RICO statute Title 18 1961, was designed to prosecute traditional mafia gang structures. This would be the ideal code to prosecute the Wizard in the film The Wizard of Oz.

LAPD and their Gay Militancy comprise a Good ol Boy network. They will organize marriages, businesses to crime. They are Glass Closet Bisexuals who are involved heavily in OUTING persons especially males.


The Origin or authorship has designed this as a Decathlon. Athletic, Academic, and Theological fitness are inclusive. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been censored worldwide. The other remaining cells behind the cell that attacked are announcing a number count about 2310 days and less, to near about Valentines Day, Lincoln's Birthday, or Martin Luther Kings Day in February 2017.

I may be able to walk out or crawl out of the end of the tunnel then with no official reorganization by the President of the United States whomever that may be. Whatever damage was done to you or your family is done.

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here...

I am constant in this Maze Theory based defection pattern. Maze Learning is predicated on the ability of a bilateral symmetry based life form, flatworms and up to navigate a T Maze to a reward or punishment. Once the reward is achieved by per se turning right a electrical shock is replaced at right and so forth. The defection pattern is biased towards LGBTi persons. The police will clandestinely contact and attempt to favor such persons. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is the electrical replacement. It is 100 percent imposed over my natural person and marginally over other persons throughout the world and here in the United States. If you are a target in my vicinity you are being hit twice. It is based on nodes radiating from Buckingham Palace. By process this is probably Scotland Yard and LAPD. Cambridge Law School has designed most of the attack based on prisoner's dilemma and Greek Tyrannies. If one has seen a spider plant one will be able to understand the structure of this deviant association that is a competitor to the United States Constitution here in this country.

The health and tangible property in the Owens Valley, about Mono and Inyo County is suspect. This area is a Cornerstone for Criminal and Civil prosecution. The Valley is heavily despoiled. Lake Mono, made famous by the Pink Floyd Album Wish You Were here is wrecked. I am within a few hundred yards from the Owens canal. The hay bales here will Burn Your Hand to the touch. There are small arroyos that flow from the Sierras. This could be right through your yard. They are all poisoned. When I watch someone water their yard with a hose the water is poisoned.

Here is some psychology from LAPD. This reflects the socialization of Gay Families. In males have you ever had a reunion with your grandfather, father, and you as a son where you acknowledge your same sex orientation homosexuality or bisexuality LGBTi? Consider this also for the females.

This for me has clearly never happened. I am purely heterosexual over 100 percent of my life. This will be especially true for the San Diego, Oakland, and Berkeley California area between 1989 and 2007. The construction of a Red Herring, a distraction for a crime of this magnitude by male LGBTi officers of LAPD is catastrophic for their platform. If I am charlatan and have practiced same sex than I am a gay male that has an inferiority complex. I AM PEACEFUL IN MY PERFORMANCE THROUGH A CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH.

I represent the heterosexuals at the natural law level and the ritvik Hare Krishnas at the spiritual level. I am competitive at this threat to my life. The Owens Valley population is Gang Stalking Heavily. There are only 20,000 persons in Inyo County, 5000 in Bishop and 1500 here in Big Pine. The authorship or higher cells wish for a temporary Capstone for 2010. Previously you would have had to perform same sex or stand near someone who did to hear this.

For LAPD and their day shift leader:

Develop a criminal case and turn such over to the District Attorney

Develop a History Class at the University Level

Storyboard a movie from July to the end of Governor Schwarzenegger’s term in 2010

This would focus on the repeal of Proposition 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT

Here LAPD and the cell that struck will get prosecuted and/or exposed. The complete panorama is that the surviving members of their families, they all appear to be LGBTi and from Los Angeles County will probably meet the families that are the victims or that have been Chemically Assaulted and stalked.

In a objective linear quantitative analysis, what is the number and domain of LGBTi victimization? In particularity will be the HIV AIDS population. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth debilitates the environment. LAPD is attempting to earn historical status by attacking the legacy of Ronald Reagan.They have also destroyed Barack Obama. So then one should acknowledge the LGBTi HIV Positive population first then acknowledge the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the Gay Militia performance of LAPD.

George W Bush at present has the worst legal status. LAPD wishes to protect Bill Clinton. This area and New Mexico will be devastating for his legal and historical standing.The panorama here is one family takes on the whole town as in a Western B movie. By observation in Bishop and Big Pine there are 6000 people who will stalk against 1500 attempting to make a stand. This is about the rule of law and moral integrity as human. At the upper boundary Steve Fosset, a billionaire and world class endurance crashed and died while attempting to fly here in September of 2007. The lakes and streams here were poisoned. I was sitting in a pasture within site of the Bishop Airport. Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the best athlete in the world in the 1970s.

We both attended Santa Monica City College. Arnold graduated from Wisconsin with a BA in Business. I have senior status at Columbia College Missouri. At the level of a decathlon performer his moral and intellectual ability is suspect. In degree this is his political will to do the right thing. I will argue that his United States Citizenship will be stripped due to his corruption. The total victimization in California alone is now 38 million, the entire state population. Some of the schools in this valley are small. In traditional sports as football 6 or 9 man football is possible. Conversely Rodeo and Target Shooting are sports.The Police are Fatalistic and their Victims dependent. Wherever my name David Nollmeyer is discussed so will LAPD and the Gay Militia..

I am the main opposition figure and the ritualized violence here is severe. What is unique is that Narayana Maharaj, arguably the most advanced Vedic Scholar alive (Gaudiya Vaishnava Hare Krishna) is nearing death in India. He maintains a large commune about 40 miles west of here in Badger. This would be a serious hike through about Kings Canyon or Yosemite National Forest. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is also 40 miles south on 395 a very nice drive south north of Lone Pine.

Narayana Maharaj is a LGBTi friendly diksa guru who claims to be ragatimika guru. This states he is an expert in the analysis in rasa lila or the conjugal affairs of Radha Krishna. This is known Asta Kaliya. The Gay Militia of LAPD is vulgar and their speech is polymorphic perversity. This is a very obscene use of sexual language to defend one’s self ad hominem against another.

In Vedic Science discussions are called katha.

LAPD as same sex men will always use female bisexuals and call such lesbians to defend themselves. They will also call such Gay excluding same sex men. They will state if you do not like Gays you are a same sex male. If one examines the subjective content here against a linear objective existence of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth one will discern the boundaries of a Joe Virus. Hence a bottom ten percentile performance attacking a top ten percentile performance. Here Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Narayana Maharaja's legacy are under attack.

This is a clear indication of an inferiority complex in same sex males causing displacement. Handing off this data to researchers as Robert Hare (psychopathy) Adrian Raine (neural structure) is a goal.

Reiterated prisoner's dilemma can be similar to a game of Cutthroat in billiards. Three or more people attempt to knock in their opponents balls then the object ball to win. The cell of LAPD militants now lead by Dodo believe they can orchestrate play between three persons from outside the game. They do not realize the impunity they now possess will end as costs rise against other cells of their Gay Militia.

I am socially conservative and straight. I have survived every attempt LAPD has made to OUT me. I am clearly heterosexual and strong and clear about this. I will reiterate my claim if anyone can OUT me I will join the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association GALVA and or Courage Campaign. I will then support Gay Marriage. I will also clearly expose LAPD as containing a Gay Militia. I will still be the main opposition leader AGAINST AN OPEN CHEMICAL ASSAULT AGAINST HUMANITY.

I am writing this because this area and population is increasingly important. Criminal prosecution and academic research will be much simpler here. LAPD attacks through associations. They are obsessed when someone fails. They do not realize that they are the largest failures. The presidents, governors, and other sworn officials are next. By going public I contrast my output, created under extraordinary cruelty, as a heterosexual male Hare Krishna maturing under Madhurya rasa against anyone else. I do not claim any special spiritual qualities. I put on my shoes in the morning the same way anyone else.

The Gang Stalking network is the next closest group to perform. I will relocate to the Salton Sea area. This is in the Coachella Valley and south of Palm Springs. This area will also be exposed to the linear function and the subjective Joe Virus.

If anyone in the Owens Valley, High Sierras, or California wishes to go public on concrete conditions to promote and to defend who you are be aware that I have a modest legal history that I cannot change. I have worked very hard in Inyo County and have legal records created here that I can not change nor wish to change.

I am now arguing that MOEC or the Chemical Assault is an exponential function or a power to a base. Christianity argues creation and history as linear. The Vedas argue such as cyclical. This detail may clarify any equivocation.(DWN July 19, 2016).

Fruit of A Poison Tree

Big Pine CA

October 19, 2010

According to the Exclusionary Rule, Generally speaking illegal evidence can not be used one in the court of law. Conversely one is entitled to the fruit's of his discovery.

In this consideration de facto and negligent law enforcement will claim all their under the color of law activities are such and will not turn damaging evidence over to the defendant's counsel.

This is also why an illegal search discovering a suitcase in the trunk of car that is opened illegally can result in a dismissal. However a murdered body found in a illegal search of suitcase will be upheld. The police officer who is usually in good conduct is worth more than a suitcase of marijuana.

Here in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth the Chemical Assault is superimposed over one individual and marginally over the remaining population depending on whom you wish to save who you desire to purge.

In a blackmail and extortion ring most activity will remain outside the court or will be civil actions that take seven years to hear in the United States.

The Mocking Bird Defense

Under The Social Contract Theory of John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau one's rights are enumerated in a contract and the crimes and punishment are also laid down in codes that the citizenry have access.

The Social Contract Theory is the accepted form of law not Common or Natural Law which can be at the discretion of a judge or philosopher. (This clearly is not discounting the contribution or discretion of subjective viewpoints).

Here primary law prescribes the rights of the citizen. Secondary law prescribes the duty of code enforcement to uphold the first law and rights.

Totalitarian occurs when the secondary law is placed in front of the primary law. Hence the rights of the citizen are protected by the state.

In The Case Of Inyo County

Bishop, California has had a chronological history in this attack since 1991. My alienation of rights is alleged to have been ordered by two Cambridge Law School professors somewhere near the 1930s.The use of chemical assault dates back to at least the late 1800s.

The United States Constitution creates a citizen then a president. I have the entire Chemical Assault Scorched Earth superimposed over my natural person and citizen ship. The two professors have also superimposed their figures similar to a shadow.

Hence if I or anyone would wish to legally or illegal confront these two and alienate them from their rights they have scripted a minimal amount of survival for themselves.

Technically I retain all my rights. Here I do not wish to legally prosecute the Los Angeles Police Department and people here that are stalking me. In Inyo County there are about 90 stalkers and 10 percent citizens.

Put on Your Red Shoes…

Here this Mockingbird Defense is the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road. Prisoner's dilemma and RICO are more sophisticated than folk analogies. The Good Witch of the North (I am vegetarian Hare Krishna from Delaware) takes on the Wicked Witch of the West (Now Dodo of the Gay Militia of LAPD). I walked to the Rural Health Care Clinic to pick up my physical. I had to walk on the Yellow Brick Road to pick up the report. (My right to medical service is a primary right). I had to pass through the files of informant that are par for the course. The favorite tactic is lay in wait and slam a car door or trunk as one passes ON CUE. This is clearly STALKING. I had to walk City Hall and true to form an employee was adjusting the watering the lawn. THE WATER IS POISON...

 David Nollmeyer physical

Vital Signs

Patient Profile: 49 Years Old Male

Height: 69 inches

Weight: 156.5

BMI: 23.19

BSA: 1.86

O2 Sat: 96%

Temp: 98.7 F tympanic

Pulse rate: 79/minute

Pulse rhythm: regular

BP sitting: 131/81 (right arm)

Cuff size: regular

Pt. In Pain? No

There is a generational entrapment. Senior citizens are more defected and told to signal towards LAPD. If one follows a Greek rendering on Kronos, Zeus had to slay his Father to emerge as the Godhead.The youths say 20 years in 2010 most likely will have to testify against their own family to be sustainable here.

Bishop, Big Pine, and Inyo County are nowhere near hidden in the legal and there are many classical and popular archetypes that I can build open to create a legal prosecution, educational, and artistic model since I have a classical guitar and musical software in tow.

If one land owner with $250,000 in house and property files and claim and is heard that his tangible goods and rights were violated by a Chemical Assault Scorch Earth and that he was harassed and not heard legally here what are the other persons going to say.

This is almost surely going to occur.

This where this paradox of the Mocking Bird Defense comes into play. The same persons that orchestrated much of the prosperity here is now under attack. I am strongest person to date to attempt similar to Dorothy.

Which One's Pink?…

I have already have 26 Federal Court Suits and one against Inyo Sheriff.

The Construction of Language In Gay Code

Desert Shores CA

November 12, 2010

The use of language in crime can be studied as differential association or speech patterns shared by members of a group that increases the likelihood of one becoming a criminal. Here there is growing proof the Cambridge Law School has constructed speech patterns based of formal and informal fallacies of logic. These equivocal structures are converted into language that is similar to the game show Jeopardy. This is embedded in a Gay or LGBTi militia. This group forms a Joe Virus. Here the bottom ten percentile population attempts to drag down a member of the top ten percentile in society. This is similar to using a bot army of small computers to attack a server.

The following outline and it's contents becomes the framework for the speech loops of the Joe Virus which is composed of three shifts of 7+ same sex male officers in Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD.

Relative morality chooses it's own life which leads to nihilism.


Totalitarianism will seek to isolate.

Manipulate: Be contrary to or invert the argument of an opponent.

Create false sets to embed data. Surround a heterosexual male with 9 same sex males. Guilt or innocence by association.

State that the heterosexual male is same sex

This called Group

On certain key words slur or equivocate. Heterosexual becomes header sexual

Head is subgroup slang for drug users.

Straight becomes stray

Invent a profile that marginalizes the individual from his actual natural person and skill level.

By logical extension these pattern are part of a RICO styled entrapment whose language is polymorphous perversity. By using a quid pro quo system of reinforcement individuals are recruited and entrapped. Here the language component of the various scripts which are highly redundant are repeated over a 24 hour period or longer, whatever duration the entrapment was scheduled for.

The cells of officers are provocateurs and potential scapegoats as they are entrapped from higher level cells or structures within the conspiracy.

This activity is sexual based and acts as a red herring or distraction from prosecution by appealing to sexual rewards. It is also a Strawman because Gay Baiting occurs.

It is heavily dependent on polymorphous perversity or attacking an opponent with sexually based language. This appears to be a strong indicator of an inferiority complex.

There is a manifest intent to claim the victim is enamored with gratification arising from listening to abusive misogynist language. There is also an intent to embed this type of code language in various truth systems that are faith and morally based.


Eventually the officers' redundancy becomes very great. Impunity to protect this level of performance gradually weakens.

The appeal is overtly to LGBTi members. There are quid pro quos where sexual liaisons are arranged for persons. This is discussed as Gay Marriage. It is generally bisexual marriage. The females that are recruited in the inner circle are usually attractive bisexual females. The choice are presented as lesbian even if they are possibly only differentiated by geographic location.

This activity is results in an open marriage. It appears to be highly predictive of divorce. This type of Yellow Brick Road according to LAPD is resulting in a 67% divorce rate for these bisexual females. I am 49 years old and my observations concur that the divorce is highly correlative to bisexuality in the females. This is due to the quid pro quos and the misogyny in the officers.

The particular attack against myself has lasted some 24 years. By maintaining a very natural heterosexual based identity there is a contrast between my performance to prosecute very serious human rights abuse and the attack of a Chemical Assault supported by Gay Code language. This contrast may not of been as pronounced if I were same sex oriented within the framework of the LGBTi movement.

The polarization due to my heterosexuality and the Gay Militia orientation within the LGBTi is symbiotic with the Right to Marry and repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Gang or Mob Stalking based on the theory of individuation is the current zeitgeist as the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's second term of the Governor of California approaches.

The damage to the LGBTI paradigm, an emerging identity and social group is not small. Two groups come to mind and their labels. They are Courage Campaign and Marriage Equality. If criminologists and psychologist are certain of the conditioning and socialization effects of language of decision making and behavior than these aberrant speech patterns are laying in latency to disrupt the culture that has nurtured and protected these officers.

Let us investigate they use of methodology employed by the Gay Militia.

If I state that I am a heterosexual or straight. LAPD and their dayshift leader Dodo will be contrary (contrarian homosexual stereotype) as state that I am a header sexual and stray. I am not within what is called Gay Culture by identity or behavior. I do no not drink alcohol or do illegal drugs or marijuana products.

On certain key words slur or equivocate. Heterosexual becomes header sexual

Head is subgroup slang for drug users.

Straight becomes stray

Invent a profile that marginalizes the individual from his actual natural person and skill level.

The actual profile that is being used on me at this time is of David Grisman. He is an expert mandolin player and associate of Jerry Garcia, deceased leader of the Grateful Dead. It is ironic that my favorite western musician at this time is Hilary Hahn, a virtuosi violin player. The mandolin and violin share the same repertoire.

The Dead Head of regional strongholds as in Mendocino and Humboldt County where I have lived. Bluegrass and the duet album by Grisman and Garcia were quite popular when I lived there.

In this context there is a staged theatre of history which is fronted by the theme Storyboard Half Life. The analogy is to the pre scripting of cartoons and movie scenes and the future writing of a movie about the attack on me. The half life pertains to the chemical compounds decomposition and the contrast between my actual natural person and the profiles used by the Gay Militia to attempt to create mitigating circumstances.

The authorship desired to have some type of bisexual panorama which has failed. I have lived a heterosexual life and do not flourish in a bisexual setting in the least. I have maintained my academic acuity, some musicianship, and a making a one of a kind run as the world’s most unique survival athlete.