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Reno NV

October 4, 2006

I am enroute back to Southern California. What is unique is the malingering ad hominem that is being used. THERE ARE FOUR STUDENTS FROM ONE OF MY CLASSES THAT ARE BEING SUBSTITUTED FOR ABSTRACT RIGHTS. This is amazing but if people desire to look the other way to get by they will not have rights. The average person actually 90% of the population will condone rights violations. There has been tremendous damage done to San Luis Obispo County. No one has told the people that should oppose the destruction of my rights and their environment.

This is a classic case of Pick Your Own Poison.

Another issue there was shoplifting and drug manufacturing. Vicks Inhalers can be reduced for the pseudoephedrine. This passes for bathtub methamphetamine. Before one that is not in favor LAPD will tell store employees and other hooligans which could be almost anyone. Most persons demonstrate antisocial behavior and Deindividuation. This is regardless of IQ although a small marginal difference is discernible.

The population will harass persons as common informants from the street. This area is one of the most affluent in the world and will have tremendous economic damage.

Scapegoating and Informants

Blythe CA

November 4, 2006

There is the continuing issue of LAPD attempting to use gay baiting and promoting the LGBT agenda. This area is more adequately addressed at the Red Herring Strawman website.

Two years ago around December 20th in Morro Bay I was completing a session online at Columbia College. LAPD sent a prostitute to the room next door. This individual was also rooming with her friend. I do not believe that the two are full time prostitutes. They were bisexual. Therefore on this issue alone in the abstract we are only compatible on the casual level.

These two persons were present only to harass me which they did. I never entered their rooms or vice versa. I have achieved a GPA of 3.80 in the last 60 credits and a 3.18 overall for 149.5 credits. This is respectable.

LAPD is pathological in attempting to dehumanize me. I have to continually state the facts to the LGBT audience informants and the heterosexual locals. In most top tier firms and GS structures I would start at about $27,500 per year. I need 24 credits to achieve a BA and 33 credits to graduate Cum Laude.

This prostitute, the one who is attractive may be named Brenda. LAPD will use false sets and attempt to surround Brenda will Cal Poly or Cuesta students

The issue of male prostitution and homosexuality will be raised.

I am extremely conservative compared to the median individual in the USA. I am actually writing from Ehrenberg, Arizona. Arizona was only one of eight states that refuted a referendum in yesterdays elections to restrict marriage or ban gay marriage. I would have supported the ban.

LAPD continues to present Brenda as a future spouse. She is only a scapegoat informant in this issue. Without police corruption she would have been busted years ago. Brenda is symbolic of the fatalistic dependent woman.

I hope this issue damages Chief William Bratton's Go Along to Get Along style of anti leadership.

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Red Herring Strawman

Blythe CA

January 5, 2007

Red Herring Strawman

Here there are two most likely semi professional prostitutes in a room next me sent in by LAPD. One is attractive and thin the other is somewhat heavy set for her size. If I reject the pretty one this means I must be fat and overweight and gay. It also means that I must like the other least attractive prostitute.

The damage to the LGBT agenda will be serious. The reputation of law enforcement and San Luis Obispo will ridiculed certainly.

The spitting of The Baltimore Studio into The Studio also reflects this fallacy of process.

Rights Versus Cultural Competence

Blythe CA

January 25, 2007

The winter here has turned out to be colder than average. The environmental contamination here is not so good as the class differences are exploited. San Luis Obispo by contrast is one of the wealthier locations I frequent. The Colorado River region by contrast has excellent winter weather but about 18% unemployment, the worst in the United States.

LAPD has attempted to isolate a handful of college of students in the ruse that they possess some special deal to improve this situation. One should never cave in to blackmail and extortion. The situation is more wont to deteriorate. At the current time my fate, in part hinges on the weather. It has been more expensive to get through this season.

What has occurred is that the East Coast, particularly Delaware will lose significance. I will deal with the Delaware State Police, but unless something non normative occurs I have no other plans or realistic options to physically go there.

Again LAPD insists on gay baiting me. I am responding to mainly sworn officials and experts in certain subject areas. The average person is more accepting and participatory in the corruption. Cuesta College and San Luis Obispo are no exception and they have extremely more to lose.

Authorship and The Fly

Cambria CA

January 31, 2007

The chemical assault that has been ongoing for 20 years has an alleged authorship in Cambridge Law School UK. Under United States jurisdiction LAPD is the implementer with an officer code named The Fly. He retired last July. Before doing so he escalated the spraying to include all surface water in my vicinity. Cambria is also a specific location to invent me as a LGBT practioner which is 100 percent false.

This cell of officers uses terror in that they attack civilians to further the LGBT agenda. The harassment of persons and the destruction of the environment and winery are interwoven with Gay Irrationalism.

I have a very strong trajectory on spiritual and conservative social issues. I do not use drugs or alcohol. I do not gamble. Hence in Gaudiya Vaishnavism strict heterosexuality is only permitted.

LAPD is attempting to use manjari bhava which is a very advanced spiritual emotion to be equal to homosexuality which is designed to one of histories most blatant use of ad ignorantum or an appeal to ignorance.

Frivolous Positions and Sustaining The Perfect Dictator

Earp CA

February 16, 2007

The texture is closing rapidly. There is a strong escalation in the middle of winter in the contamination of the environment. San Luis Obispo is one of the climate friendly areas I frequent. As far as human rights are concerned it is poor.

Just as a worm or any other species with bilateral symmetry will navigate a simple T Maze to procure a reward or avoid punishment, the chemical assault attempts to force me to San Luis Obispo. The few students there that were friendly to me are only casual contacts. I do not remember their names nor have we ever been more than casual associates from schools.

My security as well as all, is based in the rule of law and constitutionally protected rights. There is no manner of thinking or act that I am going to believe that a LGBT orientated student is going to give me relief from a despotic treatment at the hands of the police.

Extortion and blackmail are never to be delivered. If one is kidnapped one's family may deliver a ransom.

The American public and the locals are going to have the endure the conditions that they impose over me.

Would America still condone and whitewash four presidents and the failure of government if they were the focal target and not my self. It appears that the modus operandi of many persons success is based on tacit good ol' boy deals and not merit based promotion.


El Amour Bruho

Lake County CA

March 26, 2007

Love The Magician, Unfortunately the friendly ghost does not protect two lover instead the twist of the artist tyrant attacks everything from a dysfunctional sex drive.

This is a Neo Freudian Position. From here on in I believe everything concerning Cuesta College and San Luis Obispo will be used to aggrandize a LGBT position.

My main concern now will be to write complaints against competent authority. A duel and a Madrigal make good foils but reality is the basis for facts.

This needs a more deliberate, mature line of consideration, not a juvenile's passionate position.

Please think according to remedy the situation for the common good.

The Grand Old San Luis Obispo Tradition

Paso Robles CA

October 3, 2007

Albert Gore has just won the Nobel Peace Prize for the environment. This proves that the Nobel Peace Prize's deteriorating reputation is well earned. Albert Gore was vice president when I first moved here in the early 1990s. At this point the effects of Supra Irrationalism and prisoner's dilemma are evident in both severe environmental destruction and a very poor if not the WORST HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD.

San Luis Obispo County is by far the wealthiest area to have sustained long term exposure to what is a GAY MILITIA. There is no reason to cover this up or sanitize the truth. The World has a right to know why chemical agents and TORTURE ARE OPENLY BEING USED. Here there will be an excellent record as to how corruption through defection transforms and degrades a social system.

I have to cite Albertsons Grocery as a setting where LAPD attempts to arrange harass me. LAPD will ATTEMPT TO RECRUIT LGBT persons. I need to develop corporate history. Albertsons is based out of Idaho. California is going through a 70% recidivism rate as 120,000 persons a year are released from prison. This means in three years 84,000 will return.

Marijuana is another group that is being proven lacking in substance. Recruiting persons to racketeer is a function that also involves legal goods and services. This is an upper middle class area with houses easily over $500,000.


At the least I want to attempt to gather my effects together and make final statements and directives in a legal and historic sense. This area is prohibitive from an economic perspective but from an academic perspective provides a good contrast between fiction and reality.

I would have preferred to go to the desert than here although the weather is nice at the current time.

The Defense Mechanisms of Totalitarianism

Cambria CA

October 18, 2007

The police state and the criminal are similar in that according to Sigmund Freud criminals will repress and criminals will deny. Here in Cambria as in all places LAPD, which is clearly a Gay Militia are responsible for the torture and environmental contamination. I have called the Maryland Attorney General to state that I am clearly heterosexual and conservative and do not support The Baltimore Studio or The Studio in any manipulative form. If one is an employee there I intend to prosecute you before the court.

Is is possible for any LGBT person or heterosexual to do otherwise in relationship to the Jurisdiction of San Luis Obispo County? Stating they would be legal under international Torture Conventions as the CAT is uneducated. CalPoly here is a highly regarded school. The Gay Militia is illiterate. I would state that they recruit persons here at about the 8th grade level. I have been successful here academically. I attended Cuesta College and Columbia College. I will predict that all the schools will suffer damage to their reputations as nothing has been done to oppose torture.

I clearly do not do drugs or alcohol or support and drug use as Spiritual. This is a secular Christian country. Attempting for this Gay Militia to frame the Gaudiya Vaishnavism for this abuse is disingenuous.

I write from an anti localist perspective as my spiritual practice is not based on a physical space time. This is not an advanced concept. The use of inventing the LGBT platform as a type of holy matter that grants impunity is clearly irrational. LAPD Is still maintaining a ruse that I am connected to Kirtanananda Swami of the Interfaith League of Devotees or ISKCON. LAPD is totally corrupt by stating that I am connected to ISKCON New Raman Reti of Alachua, Florida. I have posted the Pacer Docket Sheet for the a suit I brought against them in numerous places which are conspicuous which demonstrates the pathological orientation of The Gay Militia.

I am ritvik follower of Srila Prabhupada who believes in merit based recognition for all Vaishnavas. I do not believe promotion is to be had by mundane loyalty. This is what is highly desired through prisoner's dilemma, a dependent and corrupt society.

Sociopaths Lack Guardian Angel

Cambria CA

November 8, 2007

Kathleen Fackelmann

Leading nativistic criminologist Adrian Raine of University of Pennsylvania after analyzing research on 1400 persons stated that killers and antisocial people are more likely to have abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex. This location in forehead is involved in making moral decisions.

"The prefrontal cortex is like the guardian angel of behavior," stated Raine.

Guido Frank, a University of Colorado Denver researcher argues that after analysis of brain scans of aggressive teenage males that abnormalities in the amygdala may also be prevalent.

These preliminary findings according to Raine are the strongest to link abnormalities in the brain to violent behavior. Raine also states that proving brain damage that predisposes one to violence may not be excusable in court.

Raine stated, "We must protect society."

The Yellow Brick Road

Cambria CA

November 13, 2007

The main structure that is supporting the present usurpation is defection to a career path or economics. LAPD is indeed avenging LGBT history. This is only a marginal population. University of Cambridge, UK is the likely point of origination. The school's forte is state planning. In this consideration jobs and career paths are organized on the basis of a gradual reinforcement of their secular LGBT culture.

It is credible that the past presidents have had at least part of their success due to defection to a Yellow Brick Road to power. The culture of law enforcement and the courts are heavily under scrutiny for the lack of performing sworn duties to remedy crime as what is ongoing.

This point is more focalized by the lack of recognition by the 2008 Presidential Candidates.

In degree the proliferation of deals is no more than racketeering that is white collar corruption that is used as reinforcement. The use of a profile of 25 year old Cuesta College students and that I am dependent or in awe of such plus dependent is condescending and any party, especially from this area will definitively lose if a legal or historical challenge is to be made.

The hoax of using a District Attorney or Attorney General is also to ridiculed. I have contacted the Delaware and Maryland Attorney Generals and they more or less impotent.

The attempt to link me to drug dealing, use, or the California gang culture will historical see me advocating three strikes. If any thinks that the locals, LAPD wishes to use construction crews and always mentions the EME or the Mexican Mafia.

If 100 persons were prosecuted here in Cambria I would laugh. Are these companies or persons stating that they are going to step forward and be identified? I write from a universal ANTI LOCALIST MATERIALIST PERSPECTIVE.

Eternal Law, Faith, and Historical Presentation

Cambria CA

December 9, 2007

The attempted fraud nationwide for the last twenty years is at an apex here. I am clearly representing a Gaudiya Vaishnava ritvik perspective. I am an independent from any formal organization. I follow very closely the writings of the ISKCON REVIVAL MOVEMENT (IRM) and THE HARE KRISHNA SOCIETY (HKS). This is not the International Society of Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON.

The latter is a diksa guru or living guru system while the ritvik permits the worship of a teacher who has passed one's mortal life. The credibility of all preaching at this juncture is suspect. No one has recognized me. To those that know me firsthand and not at a casual level, I am not a secular person and am increasingly less so. I do argue my ritvik position as a sustainable.

LAPD attempts to invent a LGBT position for me. The use of a handful of LGBT students from Cuesta College who do not even know me and do not have the same level of accomplishment academically is condescending.

The Catholic Diocese from Los Angeles has settled almost 1 billion dollars in claims regarding child molestation by male priests. These officers are delusional if they wish to state that I am supporting homosexual activity between males especially authority figures and young boys some around 5 to 10 years of age. I support very conservative punishment regarding statutory rape. I favor South Carolina for attempting to make such a CAPITAL OFFENSE.

2008 Archives

The Advocating of the Spiritual Pro Heterosexual Family and Individual

Cambria CA

February 15, 2008

LAPD and their criminal Gay Militants have been attempting to set up this county and town with me a LGBT symbol victim. This is based on pathological lying.

I believe that it is in my best interest now to use this area to showcase my spiritual conservative and interfaith positions. Harriet Miers has been issued a contempt citation by the House of Representatives. Her lack of leaving a paper record always seems to diminish her role in the Bush Administration

I have a strong record of promoting the heterosexual agenda in United States Federal Court, Homeland Security, Congress, United States Attorney General, and at the State of California that were made in Cambria, San Luis Obispo.

Roger Clemens and his trainer Brian McNamee have presented contrary arguments under oath regarding steroid use to a House Committee. Cambria and San Luis Obispo history is debauchery.

The LGBT informants will be crippled under oath. Damage is severe here with common informants harassing and attempting to entrap one another which is unsustainable. This is not a legitimate culture.

A more important feature that facilitates the defeat of the ad hominem of attempting to state that I am promoting the LGBT agenda. Manjari Bhava is an advanced spiritual emotion in Gaudiya Vaishnavism. It does not support LGBT or homosexuality. Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnick) is a PhD diksa guru who is based out of New Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida. This is within ISKCON.

I am ritvik follower of his guru, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He has been deceased since November of 1977. Herein lies the difference. Diksa gurus at the current time in ISKCON are living. Ritviks hold that at this time in Kali Yuga it is acceptable to accept Prabhupada through his Authorized Original Books, Lectures, and directives as guru.

LAPD's use of torture and chemical assault here and elsewhere does nothing to promote the LGBT agenda. I have identified this activity as Gay Irrationalism and Gay Know Nothing. The latter is an extension of nativism Know Nothing of the 1800s which was anti immigrant. Drug dealers, criminals, prostitutes of both sexes, and criminals which are LGBT oriented are use to spread crime. This is embedded within the Democratic Party and modern Liberalism to yield less punitive legislation.

The Advocating of the Spiritual Pro Heterosexual Family and Individual...

Cambria CA

March 14, 2008

Elliot Spitzer will officially resign as Governor of New York Monday, March 17. Spitzer was caught on wiretap surveillance by federal authorities arranging an encounter with a callgirl. Spitzer also is a committed super delegate to Hillary Clinton.

I take affront to the point that Spitzer may avoid criminal prosecution. LAPD begs that it will hurt the gays. If this is true, GOOD. I am going to use my stay in San Luis Obispo to support the spiritual heterosexual individual and refute the Gay Nothing Gay Irrationalism that is going on here. Some of the businesses here should be put of business just like Elliot Spitzer. San Luis Obispo will be a lightning rod.

LAPD uses fighting words as war and duel to describe the confrontations they orchestrate against me and at the same time I am supposed to be a member of this group. This aside, there is a disturbing link to the charlatan and the color of law Without complicity from Homeland Security this event could not exist or continue.

Events here locally will be clearly focused at local legal authorities, churches and the presidential candidates. I will also present the authorized historically according to my perspective.

Events here especially in 2007 to 2008 are pushing me on an interfaith level to groups as Focus on the Family and leaders as James Dobson, not Jesse Jackson who these Gay Militants of LAPD also will attack.

The Significant Date of the Defeat of the Gay Militancy

Cambria CA

March 24, 2008

I have chosen March 24, 2008 to symbolize the DEFEAT of the tactics of defamation and machinery of torture here in Cambria, California. This is to create a real definitive point that either the pro heterosexual spiritual side that I represent and the Gay Militants lead by LAPD and The Baltimore Studio or The Studio.

The other main historical claim I will make is my contribution the manjari bhava is not LGBT or homosexual. This will also spill over to attack the marijuana snitches that are the true handmaidens to the machinery of torture. This nonsense is designed to entangle Tripurari Maharaj who along with Hridayananda Maharaj are the most gay friendly gurus that I know of in this country.

I am ritvik follower and they are diksa gurus. One should learn the difference to engage in this level of discussion.

As a ritvik, I will not be overtly affected when this event comes out historically. They are decent theologians and I don't believe that will fall for this juvenile ad ignorantum trap of corrupt police work. Stating Maharaj as a protocol or bowing down does not mean that one agrees with that persons position. This is ad ignorantum or an appeal to ignorance and to know one is to love one.

I do not understand or have studied Islam so therefore I wish not make hasty rationalizations which in this case are frivolous and malicious.

This also supports my presentation of Gay Irrationalism and Gay Know Nothing. The study of pathological lying is also focalized here with relative morality.

Again one should remember that I wish to have a clear legal shot out the Gay Militant structure at go to prison and lose your money.

This is clear in world history.

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger R California

Cambria CA

April 10, 2008

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger

I am writing you today to complain of the BARBARIC CONDITIONS here is Cambria, San Luis Obispo. The air and the water is contaminated. The water in Santa Rosa Creek is poisoned to the point of burning one’s hand.

It is clear that a cell of LAPD officers are a cell of gay militants and are a single issue terror group. They are LGBT oriented and are avenging this groups history.


I do not support:

Gay Marriage

Civil Unions

Gay Monogamy

Gay Adoption

The escalation of the contamination of water resources began about February 12, 2007 on the Colorado River near Earp.

This escalation guarantees that President Bush, Chief William Bratton, and yourself will have the worst human rights record.

This escalation is code named Radhanatha. Radhanatha is the name of a natural person in this sense, an ISKCON diksa guru based in Chowpatty, India. This red herring attack on him only begs the question to review the murder of another devotee Sulochana, in Los Angeles.

In direct action the use of me as an LGBT figure has historically been laid to rest as I seek criminal and civil remedy over these abuses.

Cambria, San Luis Obispo was attempted as a LGBT Showcase.

MC 100 and MC 101 in the Federal Eastern District of California have been dismissed March 20, 2008 by Judge Wanger. The respondents were Bill Lockyer, CA Attorney General and Chief Bernard Parks, LAPD.

You must take action.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer












The Fallacy of San Luis Obispo

Cambria CA

April 21, 2008

In the next two weeks two protect traditional marriage initiatives will be attempted to be placed on the ballot to protect heterosexual marriage. I support both measures. I have a long and consistent record of opposing gay marriage.

The attempt to use Cambria as a LGBT showcase is in focus. The historical damage of Gay Militancy is staggering and understated here and will affect sworn officials and both artificial and natural persons here.

The conditions here are deplorable and I will defend my history in this jurisdiction under penalty of law.

Here is the text from voteyesmarriage.com

Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or recognized in California, whether contracted in this state or elsewhere. A man is an adult male human being who possesses at least one inherited Y chromosome, and a woman is an adult female human being who does not possess an inherited Y chromosome. Neither the Legislature nor any court, government institution, government agency, initiative statute, local government, or government official shall abolish the civil institution of marriage between one man and one woman, or decrease statutory rights, incidents, or employee benefits of marriage shared by one man and one woman, or require private entities to offer or provide rights, incidents, or benefits of marriage to unmarried individuals, or bestow statutory rights, incidents, or employee benefits of marriage on unmarried individuals. Any public act, record, or judicial proceeding, from within this state or another jurisdiction, that violates this section is void and unenforceable.

I am not sure what may occur. I will posit that one measure will be on the ballot. It will obtain a 55% to 45% victory statewide in California and in San Luis Obispo County.

Wrapping Up San Luis Obispo

Westwood CA

May 30, 2008

I am in the process of completing the final version of what is my life position on Spirituality, law, and social science. This should hopefully end any direct relationship during this event with this jurisdiction. This will be completed from Northern California where I am in the present.

What is totally apparent through the entire trajectory of this event and my historical stay in San Luis Obispo is that a tactic of Gay Militancy is to attack a heterosexual as a LGBT person. This has been done very severely in San Luis Obispo and now here in Lassen and Plumas County.

If one would wish to understand my spiritual orientation such a person should avail themselves to the Original Books (pre 1977) of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Founder Acarya of ISKCON.

I am not a member of ISKCON or New Raman Reti ISKCON of Alachua, Florida.

I am a ritvik not a diksa follower. The two main ritvik groups that I resemble are the ISKCON Revival Movement (IRM) and the Hare Krishna Society (HKS).

I am spiritually conservative and am supporting http://protectmarriage.com now and if such gets their petition certified for the November election.

Wrapping Up San Luis Obispo...

Westwood CA

June 6, 2008

My most recent stay and hopefully my last I the area began in October of 2007 and ended in the middle of April 2008. This covered the most intense chemical assault and the proclamation by myself of the end of the gay baiting by LAPD. The Gay Militancy still continues to attempt such but records are totally polarized. They are using an emic folk based hearsay approach that makes LGBT persons appear irrational, illiterate, and debauched.


One of LAPD's last attempts at attacking me involves using a the figure of a older (60 years) homeless person that would ride the bus from San Luis Obispo to San Simeon. I would encounter him on occasion and sometimes we would talk. There was never any mention of LGBT concerns. LAPD is attempting to equate him with a female friend I had when I was in Dover High School. This would be around 1978 to 1979. We were in the tenth grade. This person was not my girlfriend. I do not consider men as girls or that they could be girlfriends. In this instance I would quite distance from LGBT concerns who view issues in this manner

Herein one of the greatest instances of Gay Militancy tactics is proved. These persons believe that framing a heterosexual as LGBT person is one of the greatest punishments that they can inflict. My overwork has slowed although such is becoming more spiritual and conservative.

Overall I do drugs, alcohol, gamble or engage in illicit sex. I am not enamored nor do I follow rock and roll groups or watch movies.

If one wishes to discern what has had the greatest effect on my life and formation it is the Original Books by His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The Original Bhagavad Gita As It Is would be the best place to start.

The most active place location journal is here: http://powereality.net/n.california.htm

The Fallacy of One Iota

Cambria CA

June 16, 2008

The defeat of the LBGT hoax here is Cambria is completed. A very feeble attempt to create a false trajectory from Berkeley, California based on persons I do not even know and a style of music I did not and still do not listen to a LGBT is more damage than benefit for such.

When I lived in Berkeley I was a spiritual moderate conservative. I studied classical and jazz music at Laney College. I have an AA degree in Fine Arts and another in General Education (Social Science). I was listening to progressive rock and jazz. My favorite western musician since 1980 has been Bach. I am quite distant from popular culture and a more interested in prosecuting this act of torture, completing my education, and doing missionary work for ritvik Prabhupadanugas.

Tomorrow will be the 22nd anniversary of the torture from 1986 in Dover DE. The manifest attack began on June 17, 1987 in Dover.

Berkeley does not have a good history leading into this event nor does LGBT. No one does as no one has done anything.

The last few days LAPD is attempting to state that I followed indie punk music in Berkeley and still do. This is false then and now. Did I know persons into such, yes?. This is a college town and a music hotbed.

A lifespan crossectional comparison is ongoing. At the current time I only listen to Vedic and Western Classical music. I am downloading free Gaudiya bhajanas when I can and lectures on my smartphone which I am using now.

I have used emusic which is a good value mp3 site. Their daily free songs are usually indie punk and the like. I do not use such. This just simply personal preference. They may or may not like my choices. If they are mature there is no problem. They are an excellent source for sitar music and old classical records.

There is a State Hospital in Atascadero which is a forensic facility for violent offenders. Currently incarcerated violent offenders have an alcohol problem and watch violent television across the domain of persons and upward of the range of behaviors.

If LAPD wishes to hand off these false claims here is the correct official that will have to the claim if such goes to court.

Office of the District Attorney

San Luis Obispo County

Gerald T. Shea

District Attorney

Timothy Covello

Chief Deputy

District Attorney

Daniel A. Hilford

Assistant District Attorney

Jerret Gran

Chief Deputy

District Attorney

Office of the District Attorney

County of San Luis Obispo

County Government Center, 4th Floor

San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

(805) 781-5800


One Year Anniversary of Radhanatha

Cambria CA

December 2 to 12, 2008

Exactly one year ago along the Colorado River outside Earp, AZ. The Fly implemented Operation Radhanatha. Radhanatha is a natural person an ISKCON diksa guru. This resulted in the total chemical contamination of this river. All potable water in stores and faucets are also chemically attacked by a Gay Militia lead by LAPD.

I am clearly heterosexual and a foil for LGBT concerns. This form of Gay Irrationalism is based on psychopathic traits. As one can see this from a Christian perspective is to return Good with Evil.

Am I afraid of the Gays? I am no more afraid of the LGBT Militants than Dorothy is of The Wizard of Oz. Almost every week this nonsense occurs at the Cookie Crock Grocery Stores where silver haired anti social militants lay in wait to harass persons.

I attempted to write Janet Parshall who is a Christian Talker from Washington DC. One can hear her on 89 am.

She is openly against Gay Marriage, Civil Unions, Gay Monogamy, Gay Adoption and other LGBT agenda issues. Will LAPD attack these conservative activists. No where near the predicament I face.

I am a practicing Gaudiya Vaishnava. I am not part of ISKCON. New Raman Reti is Alachua, Florida is the largest Krishna community in the United States. Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnick) is the largest ISKCON guru who is in favor of Gay Monogamy. Danavir Goswami is a diksa guru who is against.

New Raman Reti is not part of my estate.