Bhakta David Nollmeyer



A Song for All Seasons

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC, it's acronym, has been a Manifest Function for over 32 years since June 17, 1987 and the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. It's impact upon civilization has been universal internationally. In consequence six Irrationalist Presidents have been created:

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Bill Clinton was impeached on January 19, 1999 and Donald Trump has been impeached on December 18, 2019. The trial of Donald Trump began on January 20, 2020 (Impeachment 2020).

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The alleged Authorship is the University of Cambridge Law School circa the 1930s. The proposition that Cambridge is the Actor that expands and contracts the British Empire is well founded. An argument in support is that this mechanism set fire to the Capitol Building during the War of 1812. The present in continuo Electronic Surveillance Chemical Assault Scorched Earth was manifest as a response to the German Sheifflin Plan circa the 1880s (Nollmeyer, D. (2013a).

The rise and fall of empire exists in a Theater of War. Hence state planning is Scripted forward as a perpetual association. In this consideration, the continuation of species life turns to eugenics. Historically a conflict arose between LGBTi Same Sex homosexual Lawyers and Opposite Sex heterosexual Theologians. A duel to cede control over the mechanism was reneged after a defeat by the Lawyers. In lieu of this event a deal was struck to expose these actions in the future. This began in earnest on June 17, 1987 with the Manifest Function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth which is still imposed over my natural person and the world.

Ronald Reagan was most likely targeted around the 1930s as well as my genealogy.

A major component is Mechanism Versus Theism and Relative Morality Versus Absolute Morality (Mechanism 2021) (Theism).

Under conflict theory, I am opposing Cambridge for Authoring a War Crime. I was chosen primarily from my Japanese ancestry (War Crimes 1998). I inherited this catastrophe from an Ex Deux Maquina composed of the Membership that pitted Trinity Theologians versus the Cambridge Lawyers whom control the mechanism (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). Current professors at Cambridge also have this ecology in a descent imposed over their natural persons. This event is designed to blame living persons for concrete events, but as Phillipe of Macedon and his advisors planned the Hellenistic advance for his son Alexander, the same thinking and model was applied here under distributive justice so that there would be a deflection as well as less guilty Authors standing over time (Harrison, P. 2015).

Arpad Elo, a Hungarian American physics professor is the inventor of the ELO system (ELO 2020). The ELO system compares relative performance between individuals is used. This system is designed to predict the outcome between two players. Two performers with equal ratings are expected to score an equal number of wins. A performer whose rating is 100 points greater than their opponent's is expected to score 64 percent wins; if the difference is 200 points, then the expected victories for the stronger player rises to 76 percent. MOEC attempts to eugenically Script natural persons performances. This thinking appears to be consistent with the crossectional and longitudinal study of cohorts. Crossectional studies are defined within a current interval and Longitudinal performance is measured over time.

An ElO rating is a comparative rating only; and is valid only within the rating pool where it has been established.

In the sport of chess a FIDE Grandmaster has earned an ELO of 2500. A player begins with a provisional ELO of 1100 then gradually increases or decreases one's rating by beating higher rated opponents or losing to lower rated opponents. In MOEC, Cambridge imposes a provisional rating of 1200 ELO to every 12 year old in the 6th grade. I am arguing the informal fallacies of logic are no more than such (FIDE 2014).

A Discrete Structures course at the introductory level is awarded Algebra 2 or sophomore standing. Algebra 3 is the baseline to graduate most high schools and colleges at the present time.

It appears that the titled chess players are a sub population of N that have become under consideration. If my personal repertoire is the independent variable or rule in the domain (X) to be manipulated then subsequent natural persons and their repertoire are the dependent variables (Y) in the range.

The setting and it's ecology are an important consideration. I am the only person to have the entirety of MOEC imposed over their natural person. The remainder of the world's population are the Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is an Antichrist figure in Vedic culture.

If persons are asked to reflect my ability and performance, they are at a serious disadvantage even with my inverted legal standing and deprivation of environment.

I am clearly the world's leading expert on MOEC Studies. I am fluent in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, social science, music, classical guitar, and Christian theology. I study music or guitar about 3 hours per day.

Currently my ELO in chess is 1703 on January 14, 2020. I have hit 1771 on the Shredder phone app. I have played for almost exactly 6 years for about an hour a day. I do have Chessbase 13 and Houdini Chess King Database.

I follow chess daily as many persons would follow soccer or baseball.

I have researched MOEC Studies easily 6 to 8 hours per day in the past. Currently I usually put in at least 3 hours per day. It is winter now and this will increase then decline with the seasons.

In MOEC Studies, as stated, a 12 year old in the 6th grade receives a provisional 1200 ELO to begin. This is in relation to the 2500 rating of a FIDE Grandmaster. A Candidate Master needs to achieve a rating of 2200 and an International Master 2400 respectively.

I am arguing mastery of a domain with 5 hours of study per day, 18,202 hours over a ten year period. This is stricter than straight Pareto Learning.

In the Western University System a school catalogs about 250 majors or domains. These systems usually rotate with about 125 majors in a four year cycle. As seen there are other non Western systems and methodologies that exist. It is implied through standardization and with z scores and ANOVA testing it should be possible to comparatively map performers of all domains of knowledge vis a vis.

Through post hoc testing one should be able to prove the veracity of factors in a cohort to cohort pairing as in a tournament which MOEC claims it is.

The Ontology of History across all domains is desired, UNUM. In my opinion there has to be a heavy basal reliance on Natural Law that is universal and a priori to all observers for such an endeavor to be successful. This objective axiomatic postulation will come into conflict with ex posteriori relativists as part of conflict theory.

MOEC most resembles the board game of Go.

This clarifies my intent and focuses toward the ontology.

Territoriality refers to the spatial and interactional aspect of species to secure space and processes. In this consideration we are directly dealing with how humans emerge individually, socialize, and form governments and empires which rise and fall.

Emancipatory movements are salient. The argument of liberty, freedom or slavery is a point of departure.

The creation of the artificial ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a factor in the asocialization of the population under Prisoner's Dilemma. The Gay Militia members are imposed on an Axis of Absurdity and Violence. We will assume (X, Y) although such may be inverted.

At this point we will insert the basic charts of MOEC Studies.

Origin is the GUI or graphical interface of MOEC. It is implied that it's natural language entrapment and babble can be coded (GUI 2019). Hence there is a rational logical line and associations as red herrings and deflections.

Paradigm of Laws

1. Eternal Law

2. Natural Law

3. Positive Law

Classical Forms of Government









Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Akbar

Lycurgus is characterized while I am under Electronic Surveillance and a Targeted Chemical Assault. Akbar is nuclear or the condition where I am subjected to a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The world has existed under Akbar since June 17, 1987.

There are three main components:

Components of MOEC

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

A major theme in political philosophy is the Sovereign Subject Relationship. This can be also be developed as the Individual versus the State formally or the Individual versus the Collective.

In the nexus of isolating one individual from the social body as has occurred we will also explore the Pauline Conversion or Transformation.

The Greek Gifts of the God's Caveman Attack

Walking in the steps of the Forefathers

Paul did not know Jesus personally before accepting him. However he undergoes a life changing conversion and is a central leader in the New Testament.

Paul or Saul at that time had a role in the stoning of Stephen. This is a very acute experience that defines a point of polarization and an eventually reversal into the opposite. Stephen is considered to be the first martyr of the Church. His letters are a main focal point and artifact that should be regarded at a very high level as MOEC attempts to quantify and grade every object in it's cognition. Conflict theory is inevitable, especially on spiritual moral issues as sexuality.

Galatians 1:13-14 King James Version (KJV)

13 For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews' religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it:

14 And profited in the Jews' religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.

Acts 7:57-8:3 King James Version (KJV)

57 Then they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and ran upon him with one accord,

58 And cast him out of the city, and stoned him: and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose name was Saul.

59 And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

60 And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

8 And Saul was consenting unto his death. And at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was at Jerusalem; and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judaea and Samaria, except the apostles.

2 And devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him.

3 As for Saul, he made havock of the church, entering into every house, and haling men and women committed them to prison.

In the sense of transformation we may consider a renewal or reversal of personality and behavior at every level either spiritual, material, philosophical or identity.

MOEC Studies currently at this basic instructive approach level is the most important ethnographic study undertaken by anyone. In my instance this occurred by force and necessity. A negative externality is that our World History is death spiraling under fatalism and dependency.

The prototypical image of Thrasymachus the Sophist emerges (Thrasymachus). It is totally proven that a high Stanford Binet IQ will not guarantee performance. I argue my intelligence as 130 IQ. I am easily giving up much ground to a genius at 140 in many domains especially in STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math.

The other implication is that Artificial General Intelligence has been Undermined. Not only is the software and architecture suspect, but the AI culture of engineers itself is appearing suspicious under Censorship and Sanitization.

The History of Intelligence is accelerating. The final battleground is consciousness. In Mechanism consciousness is not omniscient and exists in a manifold or bounded material space (Mechanism 2021). In Theism such is omniscient and has no material boundaries (Theism).

The following below regards how localized entities navigate the environment. An object breaks the plane of sensation and the entity responds to the stimulus.

Hierarchy of Motility






Tropic Nastic Movements

Science under it's most formal and strict treatment is taught as determinism. In this consideration most theistic traditions are taught under free will or volition. In positive law courts one is tried under free will. However the Administration of Justice or the education of the police officer is taught under scientific determinism.

The education of progressive mechanism is scientific determinism, secular humanism, and multicultural diversity (Mechanism 2021).

Primary Law provides one with rights and describes legally what the citizen and it's duties as subject are. As a citizen one has rights. As a duty each subject must obey the rights of another's citizenship. Secondary Law describes those persons whom must uphold the Primary Rights of citizen. These roles are the agents of social control or those parties with policing powers.

Totalitarianism displaces the citizen with a despot and secret police (death) squads.

These arguments are the core of Equal Protection and Due Process.

In the United States these problems are controlled by the 14th Amendment.


It is decisive that MOEC Studies argues the University of Cambridge Law School as the Origin and Proximate Cause of a War Crime (Proximate Cause) (War Crimes 1998). Political problems are dealt with best in the concrete. In our instance there is prima facie evidence of an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. This illegal act is based on an attempt to eugenically design a LGBTi civilization.

The emergence of homo sapiens in a field of space of time presents an unclear open textured trajectory of how individuals and groups socialize into governments.

Is matter or substance (spirit) primary? If matter is primary the correct epistemology is object, sensation, mind. If substance is primary than mind, sensation, object is correct. The primary morphological unit in matter is the atom. In life sciences it is the cell.

This posits the Mechanism versus Theism question (Mechanism 2021) (Theism). The traditional Mechanism versus Idealism proposition is rejected because some forms of Idealism are Mechanistic and others are Theistic. We do not wish to waste time on concocted red herring debate.

Is Nature or Nurture more prominent and given more emphasis? Is it the individual or collective that is important? Is it nature (genetics) or socialization that delivers superior results?

Problems are dealt best in the concrete. In the present we have a despotism with a Manifest Function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program emanating from the United States since June 17, 1987.

Since this attack is imposed over my person, Bhakta David Nollmeyer, I am the only living person to be a witness to the entire event. As such I have attempted to organize this activity. I have achieved some success with MOEC Studies at the Approach level attempting Systematization. The material that has been produced is highly instructive. It is in the need of work by highly dedicated specialist teams across every domain of knowledge to be complete and systematic.

The endgame scenario is a War Crime Tribunal (War Crimes 1998). This would be a formal trial in multiple complex jurisdictions. The United States would likely bring to trial it's sworn officials in the United States Federal Court. There is a possibility that the Convention Against Torture CAT could be used. The United States has ratified the Geneva Conventions.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The true test and correct process is to decapitate the structure as the Proximate Cause sine qua non principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact to the origin (Proximate Cause).

Bill of Rights

Eighth Amendment

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Article 2

1. Each State Party shall take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction.

2. No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.

3. An order from a superior officer or a public authority may not be invoked as a justification of torture.

MOEC in part is an ethnographic mapping of how an individual whom is isolated from the collective. He subsequently is stalked by the police and agents and attempts to solve this problem. This is a component of the so called Tournament which ranks every natural person in an ordinal manner as the civilization marches forward to a Final Judgment or totalitarian slavery as it appears in the present.

What is uniquely disturbing after 32 years is the cult conditioning imposed and reinforced by significant rewards to mere token economies. This is the proverbial Yellow Brick Road. At the present the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Enterprise has entangled the civilization with Greek Gifts. As seen the sworn officials, priesthood, academia, business CEOs, athletes, and entertainers have produced nil output that opposes or refutes a War Crime (War Crimes 1998).

No solution at the head of state or legal nation state level is to be seen or found.

Chapter 1

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Many were called, but few were chosen...

The eugenic entrapment of MOEC is a so called logical extension of Prisoner's Dilemma that controls the expansion and contraction of the United Kingdom. In this instance only one individual, your author is alienated from the whole. In this configuration it is possible for the remainder of the individuals in Population N, which numbers about between 7.8 billion persons to attack me. In doing so they will also come in turn to attack Population Nand themselves as the roster of Targets runs and their person becomes isolated also.

This study has a component of a fallacious Security of the Despot. This Actor(s) becomes exposed and in turn he desires to entrap everyone in his own image; the Image of X. In retaliation the Despot attempts to number the entire population. In doing so he gives each person at least one gift. In this manner he or she desires for the world to become dependent on his or her's eugenic planning.

This very simple compass has been expressed under the themes The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack and the more modern Yellow Brick Road under the Wizard of OZ.

These activities legally in the present constitute a RICO Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Enterprise under United States or International Law. The RICO Statutes or more correctly the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act are fast becoming a major source of legal code for both criminal and civil actions. More formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code (RICO 1970).

This repertoire sets in motion a very sharp conflict in the Sovereign Subject Relationship. Currently President Donald Trump of the United States is sworn to capacitate my participation in American civil life under the Bill of Rights which provides substantive relief for the citizen under Due Process and Equal Protection. The redundant but more often used 14th Amendment reiterates the same rights and emerged to help protect African Americans under the spurious Jim Crow Laws of the South after Reconstruction and enforced until 1965 (Fremon 2000).

This is the separate but equal legal principle.

MOEC has created Six Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part V will follow in continuation of the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n).

In this consideration, I am restrategizing my plan to focus on this text in lieu of writing The System simultaneously.

While I consider my production to be seminal, innovative, and instructive, I do not consider my person to be on the level of Franz Schubert or Johan Sebastian Bach. The 10th Symphony or The Great is unfinished by Schubert and the Art of the Fugue was left unfinished by Bach at death.

The trap line at hand defines a line or interval between Franz Schubert and George Orwell. I do consider my work superior to George Orwell's 1984 or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (Orwell, G. 1949)(Huxley, A. 1932). MOEC Studies is non fiction except for Lycurgus which is an abstracted storyboard and partially autobiographical (Nollmeyer 1995e).

I will converge Lycurgus II and all further iterations into the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm series.

The concept of Technological Singularity or that point in time when machines equal and surpass humans across all domains presents unique problems in the human quest to master a repertoire individually and collectively.

There are two major unsolved math and computer problems that have been used to model MOEC. One should consider this taking into account the use of defense mechanisms of MSM or Male Same Sex Male Juris Doctorate Cambridge Lawyer Professors. It is very clear that these professors were not mathematicians in the main but had used consultation from those that were.

The two problems are (Clay Foundation):

P Versus NP

Riemann Hypothesis

Origin was designed as an Organic Virus. Hence it posits that a government exists in Natural Law. Physical laws of nature as the Newtonian Canon do not comprise a government.

It is argued by the Authorship as equivalent to the problems above. It appears to be at least a hybrid Prisoner's Dilemma Two Factor ANOVA model.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

What the Tournament attempts to justify is the LGBTi versus Opposite Sex or Gay versus Straight Conflict. An attempt at discovering a universal field and the mapping of civilization is under way. Why are there no certified grade 1 to 20 elementary to PhD programs for chess or MOEC Studies? The Baltimore Catechism of 1891 is the baseline study for comparison of developmental aptitude. MOEC Studies attempts to use materials that harken back to 1611. The 2004 catechism has replaced the Baltimore Catechism officially within the Catholic Church although it is still widely used in many schools (Catechism). Children at about 8 begin to study the first three questions. The exact ages are in contestation but about from First Communion to First Confirmation ranges from age 3 to 10. Catechism is possible for adults. We are concerned at what a 12 year old may learn universally across all domains. A 1200 ELO default baseline is used to start.

One consideration should be clear. A foundational concept and interest of MOEC is LGBTi Eugenics. This is the replication of species life.

During Jesus' time the Jews rejected his call to follow him. It is very clear that Jesus' call was for all humanity, Jew and Gentile. To be chosen refers to the acceptance of the invitation. The King here must surely be God for any lower interpolation tends to wreck havoc and capriciousness. This appears to be the case in MOEC's use of Prisoner's Dilemma and the Yellow Brick Road. Imitation also invokes the Holy Grail as to whether Jesus had heirs through Mary.

Matthew Chapter 22

King James Version

1 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,

2 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,

3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.

4 Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.

5 But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise:

6 And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

7 But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

8 Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.

9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.

10 So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

11 And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:

12 And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

13 Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack: Update

Desert Shores, CA

March 13, 2020

The WHO has declared COVID 19 a worldwide pandemic. The United States will declare a National Emergency. In this instance we have a solid analogy to the GUI of MOEC which is also known as the Joe Virus (GUI 2019).

There are about 7.8 billion persons alive to date.

Socrates is mortal.

This is a story of bald and hairy men.

The issue is that MOEC is Authored by MSM Same Sex Lawyers or juris doctorates. The Challenge is whether one can teach at the lectern at Cambridge. Professing means lecturing with the text closed. A FIDE GM has a 2500 ELO. The corruption in sports is massive. A major cheating scam involving world class race horses went down two days ago. XY a major race horse died with PED blood levels that were 50 times the legally prescribed level. I weigh 160 LBS. I can obtain a prescription for 2 grams of testosterone. This would mean having about 100 grams by body weight.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment

There are about 12,000 FIDE Titled chess players.

Levon Aronian, a true chess legend is being cast as a Cinderella Man in MOEC, the greatest chess player to never win the Candidates and play for the world's championship. Alexandria Botez 24, is a female Canadian FM whom has emerged as a popular twitch and YouTube chess personality. In chess the difference between Aronian and her is significant. A FM has a rating of 2100. I have hit 1771 ELO on Shredder. On a reset this year it took 454 games to do such. I was winning most of the games in white playing semi slav gambits. I believe the program does not become accurate in these lines until the 1800 level and above. It is most likely reflecting human play by averaging. The soundness of the attacks is questionable, however I checked my lines with Stockfish 10. The program was winning about 2 out of 3 times. I thought the repertoire was good maybe to 1900 ELO.

The trap line at hand is whether Alexandria has ever met any of the students or staff involved in Cold Case Research at Stanford where she is a student. The case below involves an alleged cold case murder.

This allegation will involve the homicide of Charles Gary Sampson on Federalsburg, Maryland outside of Camden Wyoming, Delaware on November 3, 1987.

There are six more minor events which I will list that were also heard: 1. Meritocracy 2. Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way (Ted Turner) 3. Renaissance and Decadence plus the Rock Group 4. MySpace (Social Media site) 5. It Takes a Village (Hillary Clinton) 6. Spain Invertebrated (Ortega y Gasset).

There are two slightly higher events I will mention: 1. James Fallman and The Pelican Bay Scandal 2. Golden State Killer.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen is being paired with Charles Gary Sampson, Federalsburg, Maryland whom was the victim of homicide in the case cited. Another individual, Gary L. Sampson born September 29, 1959, is substituted by LAPD as a trap in an attack aimed in part at GM Bryan Smith, is an American murderer who killed three people and was sentenced to death by a federal jury in Massachusetts, United States. The electronic surveillance on my person is quite severe. I believe Carlsen has had the name Charles Gary Sampson place around him as an aural stimulus. This is a form of threshold training (Magnus Carlsen 2020).

If need be I may state Sampson's name to him. He is a part owner of Chess24. He plays and streams live to premium viewers. I can talk to the players.

Ian Nepomniachtchi, a Russian Super Grandmaster has his person placed in the vehicle with a shotgun being handed around the individuals (Nepomniachtchi 2020). Is this a reverse sting drug ripoff? If three persons are in a vehicle and a shotgun is passed around all three, when the gun is in your hand can you tell another person to get out of the car and run? This is a variation of the police relay or stoning. This is discussed in the Position Papers. Number 4 takes a stone threatens 3, Number 4 and 3 then take stones and threatens 2. Numbers 4,3,2 then threatened 1. 1 attempts to retaliate in kind and gets killed by the other three. In law, 1 is the victim and all are guilty. Number 4 is worse as the initiator of the crime (Nollmeyer 2013a).

The above material is a spurious repertoire that could prevail in a dormitory in State prison. As stated there are 2 million prisoners in the United States with an 8th grade repertoire.

This material is being recovered by the use of autobiographical memory which is a psychological technique.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

On Joe Biden... The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Desert Shores CA

March 15, 2020

Neila Biden

Neila Biden

Many years past in the 1970s when I lived in Rodney Village, Kent County a very unique factual event occurred. Biden had lived in the neighborhood before his successful 1972 Senate run. His wife Neila and daughter Naomi were killed on December 18, 1972 while shopping for a Christmas tree. I did meet Neila and possibly saw Naomi at a letter stuffing event for Biden.

The Bidens and my family both lived on Nathaniel Mitchell Drive. We lived on the north corner of Richard Basset. He lived on the east side of the street. On the return home from Rodney Village Shopping Center, Biden was present at the corner of Samuel Paynter and Nathaniel Mitchell on the north corner. This occurred during one of the Pied Piper of Hamilton events which is identical to the cartoon Underdog or The Dick Van Dyke Show. It is now certain is that LAPD were running the operation and instructed Biden to stop at the corner and for me to stop just outside the shopping center parking lot. It appears that Biden is able to hear most of what is MOEC unfolding. Then Scott Valeski, now an officer of the Delaware State Police appeared. He too, was able to hear almost the same amount of MOEC as Biden. Jimmy England was seen walking up the street towards us. He has just recently died and by coincidence enjoyed playing the guitar.

As we were standing, the name of Anna Rudolph was mentioned. She is an IM or International Master in chess and YouTube personality. She is also an expert in the French Defense. The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack occurs in the Winawer Opening. She was born November 12, 1987. MOEC's Manifest Function began on June 17, 1987.

These factual occurrences are unique as they support the unfolding RICO Enterprise that is in continuo.

Joe Biden has just defeated Bernie Sanders in the Michigan Primary with Washington too close to call.

The issue of equal protection and due process is at hand. The kangaroo court of human rights abuse has ensnared chess. I have only played 6 years at one hour a day. I do own Chessbase 13 and Houdini Chess King databases among almost 100 DVDs by now. If I have to debate whether the ECO DOO Blackmar Diemer Gambit is a club level opening or 2700 and above Candidates Tournament opening something is amiss by skill.

It is alleged that titled chess players, some from are involved. The callout is for titled players to start a university chess curriculum from grades 1 to 20, the PhD level. If one has a 2500 ELO it does not mean they know business theory. I have about 15 credits out of 161 in business with over a 3.65 GPA. Whoever these chess players are, they are losing as business theorists. They could be in Junior College. My grades were hard fought. I did not trade homosexual behaviors to struggle to a 3.27 GPA.

This site states that there have been about 12,000 FIDE titled players. There have been less than 2000 Grand Masters.

This current equilibrium is a WON position at this time for me. It does not not mean that I can not blunder such away. As such my performance refutes the Scripted defection predicted of me. However many persons, many famous appear to be following a Yellow Brick Road career.

A System defines organization at the highest level. The LAPD Lieutenant has lost the chess challenge over six years. I hit near 1800 on Shredder and he plays less than 800 ELO. This would translate to a massive predicted victory ratio.

I am a straight male. My stated ELO is exactly what level I play my chess at. My college GPA 3.27, I believe is about .25 lower than what my concrete performance is in class. My last grades are over 3.85.

This attack begins with a default 1200 ELO at 12 years old. If these actors are titled chess players, these persons in History are performing at a level that children could achieve if they were required to do so in their studies. Hence they are under performing in MOEC Studies by listening to the Gay Militia Officers from LAPD.

Chelsea Manning has attempted suicide and ordered released from jail. Julian Assange is ill in England and awaiting extradition.

The development and teaching of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack will continue.

Botez at 24, is clearly one of the nicest persons in competitive sports. It does not exempt her from legal duties. I have no idea how this event may turn out. There are minors who are also heavily targeted by the Gay Militia whom I previously stated that I will not mention until they are 18. Most are chess prodigies. LAPD is using minor children as shields. If these minors are making a professional living and are public persons, I will begin to mention their names. War and Hate Crimes can not be committed behind human shields.

Of interest Levon Aronian is being paired with an expert clinician in violent offenders, Steve Arkowitz of Atascadero State Hospital. Arkowitz taught my Lifespan Development class and stated that Male Same Sex Rapists on minors are the hardest to rehabilitate. He has worked with Charles Manson. He deals with the most violent sexual offenders in California to attempt to reintroduce them into the community.

The antisocial psychopath continuum personality is clearly seen emerging and submerging in the manifest population. The targeted chess players are a very small subset. What is the degree in mental illness involved in the so called Gay Militia? Of key interest is whether any abnormality is organic as genetically inherited or learned, hence socialized. There is a very unique territoriality involved in that Gay chess players are being recruited. This will result in strengthening a discriminatory performance. This is true in almost all domains, I am not attempting to isolate chess. It is widely known in law enforcement that staff should be distributed and not concentrated. This is to prevent all whites, all blacks, or all members of a high school from dominating a shift or group.

Psychopaths are unique for the scale or amount of victims they abuse. Sociopaths target many victims. They may believe they are helping society. Antisocial personalities are less severe. MOEC is conducted through a hub and node network at every police stationhouse worldwide. It's damage would clearly qualify as Mass Destruction.

Male Same Sex child rapists, pedophiles are the most difficult to rehabilitate.

The Revised Psychopathy Checklist (PCL R), developed by Robert Hare (Hare 1991) is the most thorough validating assessment instrument. Semistructured interviews and review of clinical records are used to diagnose individuals on ratings of 0 (absent), 1 (some indication), or 2 (present) on each of the 20 PCL R items, identifying features as impulsivity, irresponsibility, and callousness. Scale scores are obtained by summing the items, with a score of 40 as the highest. The conventional cutoff score for classifying an individual as a psychopath is a score of 30 (Arkowitz 2004).

The killing off of conscience, as to what is morally right or wrong is the cornerstone of the repertoire of the psychopath.

MOEC has entrapped most persons to at least the third generation. This would be one's great grandparents. The conditioning, which is an external repertoire is targeted to be reinforced into one's reflex arc. Reflexes are very primitive behaviors as the response to the tap on the knee during a physical. The attempt to condition criminality is clear. The offering of token rewards to substantial economic and sexual benefits is evident.

The novel COVID 19 virus has now infected over 500,000 persons worldwide with more than 22,000 deaths. There has been a Declaration of National Emergency since March 19, 2020. The United Kingdom has ordered all non essential persons to remain at home for 3 weeks. A more looser Shelter in Place order is in effect in California.

Italy is experiencing the worst of the pandemic in Europe. This event is in an exponential mode at present.

There is a distinct trend of racism evident as the virus emerges from Wuhan, China. However no one has mentioned that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has a manifest function since June 17, 1987.

Joe Biden should defeat Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination barring a further calamity.

World COVID 19 March 30, 2020

World's COVID 19 Population March 30, 2020

On March 30, 2020 COVID 19 continues in exponential mode with 779,575 cases and 56,185 deaths. There can be upwards of 100,000 new cases per day. Keeping a live journal is desirable but not practical. It has been estimated that 37 million Americans face unemployment. The stock markets have erased about 30 percent of their gains or all of Trump's tenure.

On April 11, at 3:13 PM PST there are 1,773,935 cases and 108,478 deaths worldwide. I am writing with only one shoe with laces as I had to improvise a face mask to enter a store to buy food. Most interstate mass transit is shutdown. Temperatures will hit 100 F degrees with 116 F possible in the next week. Stay at Home orders are nationally in place by President Trump until at least April 30, 2020.

In light of the environmental pressures I am facing, I will post my journal sketches as they are. I may leave them as they stand or rework them when circumstances allow.

We are returning to the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting as it was heard in Big Pine, California and how such leads into my time at Cuesta College and Columbia College in San Luis Obispo County, California where I took music, law enforcement, and business courses (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n). This is where a recessive line is heard that focused on Levon Aronian as the Cinderella Man. The Candidates Tournament to determine a challenger to world champion Magnus Carlsen was recently postponed after 7 rounds in Russia due to Covid 19.

The trap line at hand defines a line or interval between Franz Schubert and George Orwell. I do consider my work superior to George Orwell's 1984 or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. MOEC Studies is non fiction except for Lycurgus which is an abstracted storyboard and partially autobiographical (Nineteen Eighty-Four 2020) (Huxley 2020).

I will converge Lycurgus II and all further iterations into the Fall of the Anglo American series.


The concept of an Origin implies causation. It means an objective attribution for the existence of an event is at hand. In our case, this is the Authorship of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. We are asserting that Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom are the Proximate Cause sine qua non (Proximate Cause). Hence the Criminal Knows His or Her's Own Crime. We are also claiming that these bellicose activities are predicated on a failed attempt to orchestrate a LGBTi Civilization. These Actors have orchestrated a defection model based on Archetypal masterpieces of Western Civilization also inclusive of inputs from other culture. We are using the Bible and Plato's The Republic as a baseline (King James Bible 2020)(Plato 360 BC).

In facilitating this attack, MOEC has isolated one person your author, from positive rights in the United States and international rights protected by the United Nations. In Western Rationalism if a statement, which is true or false, as 2 + 2 = 4 is fallaciously refuted as 2 + 2 = 3; then one should oppose the spurious parties ad infinitum.

The result of the concocted Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, which is a Pre Fascist ideology, is an attempt recruit and map all individuals in the world's population with a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. MOEC is designed within a System Approach. It does not have the logical soundness of a System. It is robust in the negative. It is a tyranny of the majority. The bogus Tournament between LGBTi Same Sex and Heterosexuality Same Sex persons puts the onus on the belligerent side to attempt to decapitate and bring to justice those criminal parties.

In this nexus, the LGBTi Movement is losing as History evolves, and the damage to the human species escalates. These crimes and disorders are clearly non accidental and scientifically attributable to natural persons, accessories, and accomplices after the fact.

The emergence of Technologies to justly and accurately measure the damage and liability of MOEC is an ongoing focus that should hopefully close the texture with formal Justice and Recognition.

There has been an ongoing purge since at least the 1880s or the Sheifflin Plan which is Authored by MOEC. The current COVID 19 pandemic appears to be a purge based on behavioral transactions. The virus is being spread through proxies whom know and those whom do not know they are doing such. This is analogous to the Bush Meat Practice which is theorized to have spread HIV AIDS throughout the world.

The summation of these actions is the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm. This theme implies there is a decadence within the historical Atlantic Group which emerges and wins both WWI and WWII against the Irrationalist ideologies. The proof of Origin against the United Kingdom, the United States, and Actors within the LGBTi Movement would have serious manifest and latent implications throughout time.

Chapter 2

Trajectories and the Mapping of a System

Unfinished Bach Contrapunctus XIV

Unfinished Bach Contrapunctus XIV

MOEC is a logical extension from Cambridge Law School. A Lawyer's exact office was used as the Origin to radiate various graph's of Greek Gifts and Targets which are objects that may be natural persons or inanimate as a geographic location. Discreet Structures and Cardinality are important as the use of false sets, contradictions, and ad hominem is rife within LAPD whom are the hub in the United States.

A goal was the creation of a summon bonum and a race of Philosopher Kings within the LGBTi community. Epistemologically one would need to develop or discover a methodology which could define laws and first principles and map all consequent objects (Summon bonum). The inversus of this results in the creation of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. This consideration now emerges in a very florid complexity in the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence from natural reason.

In the conflict known as the Ex Deux Maquina, a confrontation between the Male Same Sex Male MSM Lawyers and the Opposite Sex Trinity Theologians guarantees the near total sabotage of MOEC (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). There is no chance of the original plan being positive even short of Mass Destruction and a War Crime (War Crimes 1998).

The Theologians were victorious in the debate with the Lawyers reneging control of MOEC. This event sets in motion an agreement to allow the mechanism to continue and the Lawyers et al. to abscond justice but only to a future date. The arc of lifespan of Barack Obama is a respectable bellwether to consider. Obama was born on August 4, 1961. He should live to 2046 or the hypothetical beginning of Singularity. In staged theater Ku Klux Klansmen evade justice until they are near death. This analogy appears to be true concerning the Manifest Function of MOEC and it's formal legal adjudication.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Origin GUI or General User Interface, is the most prominent abstract Artifact attributable to MOEC or University of Cambridge (GUI 2019). There are distinct columns and rows evident. This leads by observation towards ANOVA or Analysis of Variance in Behavioral Statistics modelling (Howell 2002). Origin is also a variant of Prisoner's Dilemma. It is argued to control the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. I do not know of any concrete computer program that is controlled or running under this GUI. However if one views Origin perhaps on their phone it is possible to enter it's defection model. One can analyze any event or object by using Origin and an Ecological Analysis. It is evident that many events were designed prior to the construction of the GUI which appears to be 1930 and later (Nollmeyer (1997d.)

The Membership of MOEC have devised the Artificial Ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing as Gay Pre Fascism. Gay Fascism would occur with Gay Apologists emerging to publicly defend MOEC and or it's components as: 1. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth 2. Electronic Surveillance 3. Stalking. The use of defection permits the introduction of Artifacts into the culture. The use of games are one such object.

Mouse Trap (originally Mouse Trap Game) is a board game first published by Ideal in 1963 for two to four players. The game was one of the first mass produced, three dimensional board games. Over the course of the game, players at first cooperate to build a working Rube Goldberg like mouse trap. Once the mouse trap has been built, players turn against each other (Coopee, T.).

Operation is the other main game. The role of being a Medical Doctor is the targeted occupation in the attempt to design a LGBTi Civilization. Operation is a battery operated game of physical skill that tests player's hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The prototype was invented in 1964 by John Spinello, a University of Illinois industrial design student who sold his rights to the game to renowned toy designer Marvin Glass for a sum of $500 USD and a promise of a job upon graduation which was not upheld. Initially produced by Milton Bradley in 1965, Hasbro is now the manufacturer of Operation (OPERATION Game History 2010).

The game is a variant on the old fashioned electrified wire loop game popularized at funfairs. It consists of an operating table, lithographed with a comic likeness of a patient nicknamed Cavity Sam with a large red lightbulb for his nose which lights up when a players strikes the edge of the opening with tweezers containing an ailment that should be removed such as a Broken Heart.

A Rube Goldberg machine, named after American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, is a machine intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. These machines consist of a series of simple unrelated devices with the action of each triggering the initiation of the next, eventually resulting in achieving a stated goal.The design of such a machine is often presented on paper and would be impossible to implement in actuality (Rube Goldberg machine 2020).

There is a correlation to a Chinese Ladder or acrobatics at the Chinese Circus. This is a Vedic derived Stairway to Heaven or alternative path to salvation. A direct implication is the veracity of Chess Instructions. Do lessons at hand efficiently advance the student or do they intentionally distract the student at a financial and time cost?

In MOEC lower valued persons are lead on a Yellow Brick Road under Control, Maze, and through to Atomization. Favored persons pass from Maze to Consciousness, Rationality, and Behaviorism into Ideal State. Varna Asrama is used here in the particularity as I am a Gaudiya Vaishnava. This is the correct social system for my person. However a substitute as the Global Village which the United Nations uses is also possible as the case may be.

Thomas Metz, a childhood associate from the Caesar Rodney School District held the ontological position and career path of a doctor that MOEC has defended by the illegal MOEC Components mentioned supra. He graduated from Virginia Tech and is a surgeon. The concept of social engineering as marriage and procreation are also integral and will be developed in Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part VI concerning Rasa Lila.

An interesting changing line in the zeitgeist is that Caesar Rodney, who famously rode from Dover, Delaware to Philadelphia to vote for independence has come under assail as he was a slave owner. Mike Purzycki, whom is the brother of Joe Purzycki ex high school football coach of Caesar Rodney High School is the Mayor of Wilmington and has removed Caesar Rodney's statue from Rodney Square. There is also a movement to rename the high school in honor of Harriet Tubman and the nexus to the Underground Railroad which proceeded through Delaware.

In the construction of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack, the Membership have devised a defection pattern that distributes the conditioning through every police stationhouse worldwide. LAPD is the main hub in the United States and most likely the world. The officers whom carry out MOEC's daily operations may number into 500 persons. There is 24/7 continuous Electronic Surveillance, Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, and Stalking Program imposed over my person. MOEC will emerge as one of the standard models for teaching Fatalism and Dependency.

LAPD officers are using very crude profiling which I would argue would only equal a 12 year old at six grade or 1200 ELO. This is also being paired with the arc of lifespan used by Erick Erickson and the psychosocial school. Separation of the Oedipal and Electra Complexes may continue to puberty as opposed to about 5 years old in classical Freud.

1. Ad hominem Marijuana Profiling: I do not use marijuana or cannabis products. I have not consumed any THC product in almost 23 years. I do not consume alcohol. I have not consumed alcohol save for a few sips of beer in the same time period. The Authorship has attempted to Script my personal repertoire through defection. The so called lifespan predictions would be poor alone on substance use.

2. LGBTi Identity: I have not had one same sex behavior in my entire life. I do not identify as Same Sex or LGBTi. Any predictions based on LGBTi activity is spurious. It would not hold up in court or in any university level coursework.


Informal and Formal Logic are important materials in Scripting a failure at the individual and class level. Every fallacy is a circular argument. MOEC is most likely the greatest circular argument every created. It has very accurate claims in successfully attacking the United States and the six Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump with a homosexual blackmail ring (Nollmeyer (2015j).

There are five main informal fallacies that are prominent (Copi, Cohen, & McMahon 1961):

1. Ad hominem: against the man

2. Ad populum: an appeal to the gallery or people

3. Ad misericordium: a direct appeal to the population in a specific location or calamity

4. Ad ignorantum: an appeal to ignorance

5. Ad vericundium: an appeal to an important person

The Cambridge Membership begin their circular folly by attempting to locate every person in the population and giving such at least one gift. In degree these Actors will attempt to Script the entire lives of these individuals. This Eugenic Breeding begins the Greek Gift polarity. The other half of the reactionary Cave Man attack is the use of the least skilled persons to attack their adversaries. This is most likely the leaders of another nationstate. In actuality it is facilitated by the most corrupt police officers and the criminal population. In the United States this would arise to a Title 18 1961 RICO Corrupt Enterprise (RICO 1970).

In Freudian Defence Mechanisms, Criminals Repress and Victims Deny (Defence mechanism 2020).

Repression: The main defence mechanism in dealing with anxiety.

Repression: An attempt to direct one's own desires and impulses toward pleasurable instincts and objects by excluding them from one's consciousness and holding or subduing them in the unconscious.

Regression: The temporary or long term reversion of the ego to an earlier stage of development (childlike) rather than handling unacceptable impulses in a more adaptive way.

Projection: Uncomfortable feelings and thoughts are attributed to others.

Displacement: Emotions are released against substitute targets.

Rationalization: Explaining and excuse making.

Isolation: Feelings are separated from situations.

Intellectualization: Thinking is substituted for feeling and or action.

Denial: The refusal to acknowledge or accept the existence of the problem.

Reaction Formation: Taking a position the exact opposite of truth, thus disturbing feelings.

Regression: A return to a more immature manner of dealing with life.

Identification: A psychological attachment to a person or group.

Sublimation: The channelling of an unacceptable impulses into socially acceptable directions.

The cumulative outcome is that the University of Cambridge's Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack has created the world's most important circular argument and Red Herring Strawman Fallacy. This is accomplished with an LGBTi Male Same Sex Authorship. It is also a form of Iconoclasm.

Beulah Mae Donald and her attorneys, Michael Figures and Morris Dees won an award of $7 million in damages from the United Klans of America Inc. on February 12, 1987. Her son Michael Donald then 19, had been lynched after a local trial at the Mobile County Courthouse in Alabama.

In 1981, Josephus Anderson, an African American charged with the murder of a white policeman in Birmingham, Alabama while committing a robbery, was tried in Mobile, where the case had been moved in a change of venue. There were indications that the jury was struggling to reach a verdict.

Before the verdict members of Unit 900 of the United Klans of America complained that the jury did not convict Anderson because of African American members. Bennie Jack Hays, whom was the second highest ranking official in the United Klans in Alabama, reportedly stated: "If a black man can get away with killing a white man, we ought to be able to get away with killing a black man." A mistrial was declared on all four counts. The prosecutor declared his intention to retry the case. Two more mistrials occurred on the murder count, afterwards Anderson was convicted of murder in 1985 and sentenced to life in prison and convicted of assault and robbery in the second trial (Michael Donald 2020).

In January, 1987 Congress opened an investigation into the Iran Contra Affair which would feature prime time confrontations between Senator Joe Biden and Oliver North.

A main focus is the targeting of my person on June 17, 1987. This began the Manifest Function of MOEC: 1. Electronic Surveillance 2. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth 3. Stalking are concrete.

George Floyd, an African American man, on May 25, 2020, was killed in the Powderhorn community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd was arrested and handcuffed lying face down during the restraint. Derek Chauvin, a white American Minneapolis police officer, kept his knee on the right side of Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds; according to the criminal complaint against Chauvin. After 2 minutes and 53 seconds of time occurred after Floyd was unresponsive. Officers Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas K. Lane participated in Floyd's arrest, with Kueng holding Floyd's back, Lane holding his legs, and Thao looking on and preventing intervention by an onlooker as he stood nearby. All four officers are facing criminal charges (George Floyd 2020).

As of June 1, 2020 there are 200 cities in the United States and internationally have recorded protests supporting justice for Floyd as well as speaking out against police brutality. At least 12 major cities declared a curfew on the evening of Saturday, May 30, and as of June 2, governors in 23 states and Washington, D.C., had called in the National Guard, with over 17,000 troops activated. Since the beginning of the protests to the morning of June 2, at least 5,600 people had been arrested.

Looting has occurred in Minneapolis, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. There have also been numerous protests internationally. At least 10 persons have been killed in conflicts attributed to the rioting. Target was one of the most severely damaged stores in Minneapolis that was plundered. This incidents has been a symbol for a pattern of conflict that has been repeated since late May. Many buildings and police cruisers have been torched in the United States. At least 5,000 persons have been arrested as of June 1, 2020.

President Trump has been lead to the bunker in the White House on at least one occasion as protesters became threatening in Lafayette Park. St. John's Episcopal Church near the park has been set afire.

An important consideration emerges as to the nature of the Author(s). We are focusing on the Irrationality of designing a LGBTi Revolution that is clearly a War Crime and the recruitment of individuals in legal jurisdictions with Greek Gifts (War Crimes 1998). Hence the artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is figured high on an ontological scale controlling descending lines of thought and behaviors that are mappable. In the 20th Century there were three main ideological groups: 1. Irrationalist Nazis and Fascists 2. Liberals 3. Conservatives. Historically in the 1900s what is unique to observe is that after an Irrationalist Movement ran a government such were replaced by Socialists. Spain is a focal example with Franco eventually being replaced by Socialists. This trend is emergent and complex in the present with the George Floyd homicide and COVID 19.

What is clearly evident is a Male Same Sex MSM Munchausen MSbP Syndrome by Proxy or Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another FDIA. This disorder is not recognized in the United States in the DSM V. In this consideration we are focusing on an individual(s) who creates a crime and then take credit for it's resolution. Examples are a fireman whom sets a fire to a building then responds to put such out. The classical model is a mother whom makes her child sick then nurses her back to health.

The presence of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy may be indicative of criminal activity. In factitious disorder imposed on another, a caregiver or a person whom has control over makes a dependent person appear mentally or physically ill in order to gain attention (Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy 2020).

Very deep attention should be given that the Structure, Process, and Ecology of MOEC is designed by Male Same Sex Males exclusively. In this consideration a six month behavioral interval and identity is used to define whom is MSM or Female Same Sex Female FSF. An Inferiority Complex is also evident.

Individuals are isolated by the police. An enormous repertoire of events may come to injure the individual. The three primary events are 1. Electronic Surveillance 2. Stalking 3. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Physical violence is involved as well as socioeconomic deprivation.

As seen Biological and Nuclear events are clearly evident as COVID 19, Chernobyl and Fukushima as outliers since June 17, 1987.

A swindle is a device where one defrauds another of money or property by deceptive means.

In chess, a player whom is losing plays a ruse where a player whom is losing deceives his opponent achieving a victory or a draw from what is an inevitable defeat. Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld distinguish among traps, pitfalls, and swindles. A trap is a position where a player enters the position through one's own efforts. A pitfall occurs when the beneficiary of the pitfall plays an active role, devising play where a plausible move by the opponent will turn out poorly. A swindle is a pitfall adopted by a player who has a clearly lost game (Horowitz & Reinfeld 1963).

In brief, we observe crime creation where an individual creates a crime and then takes credit for it's remedy.

There are many natural persons and groups targeted over jurisdictions worldwide. In continuation we will resume our development within the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n).

Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz III

On June 27, 2017 I published Origin on Amazon Kindle. Origin was an encyclopedia I was asked to write near the beginning of Akbar. Such was the first book I had attempted. It was mainly written in two takes, double line spaced, on spiral bound and composition notebooks about 1997 by hand in Ruidoso, New Mexico. This was suggested as a encyclopedia survival guide if one was only permitted to carry only one book. A Bible is a unique example. I had already read Srimad Bhagavatam, Summa Contra Gentiles, and was aware of Diderot and Marx at that time (Nollmeyer 1997d).

On June 28, 2017 a Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend by shooting at an encyclopedia he was holding over his c and hest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez, 19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report. Monalisa Perez shot Pedro Ruiz III in the chest from about a foot away with a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol while they recorded the stunt with two cameras, according to court documents procurred by Heavy. Their 3 year old daughter was also in the room and witnessed the shooting, police stated.

Perez said Ruiz showed her another book he had shot and the bullet didn't go all the way through. Perez stated that she shot from about a foot away while [Ruiz] held the book to his chest, according to the complaint. She used a Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol, a powerful handgun, according to The Truth About Guns.

The site stated, "The Desert Eagle is a powerful .50 caliber pistol that is capable of producing muzzle velocities exceeding 1900 fps and muzzle energy of 2800 ft lbs... To put those numbers in perspective, .50AE bullets can travel twice as fast as .45s and hit with the force of a .308 Winchester." The reviewer writes that the Desert Eagle could "(punch) holes in engine blocks" (Walsh 2017).

Monalisa Perez shot and killed her fiancée while pregnant. Her fiancée was holding a Collier Encyclopedia in front of his person to facilitate a YouTube stunt. A Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend Monday by shooting at a book he was holding over his chest. Monalisa Perez, 19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account, according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report. July, 2017.

This entrapment is conceived at higher level of cognition that I was operating upon when it occurred. I clearly would argue that it was described at a low level of auditory stimulus between June 17, 1987 and January 1, 1988. Hence we can discern an epistemological entrapment.

As seen the creation of the Ex Deux Maquina was a swindle (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). It's further replication as the Image of X continues throughout the recruitment of natural persons.

Big Pine Ca Water Wheel Robot

Water Wheel Big Pine California

In Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV, I dealt mainly with the salient features of this entrapment. I was treating this material as the Cinderella Man (Nollmeyer 2018n).

To begin to discover an Ecology of Despotism we shall examine two events that were created and embedded in MOEC and imposed over myself. These two events are the Cinderella Man and the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting (Cleary 2017).

Cinderella Man refers to a long shot hero. A Cinderella Man is anyone who receives a second chance and succeeds with such. This has a derivation from the fairy tale and movie Cinderella, where Cinderella received her second chance at life and succeeded as a princess from a life as a maid under cruel sisters (Cinderella 2018).

James J Braddock earned his nickname Cinderella Man from his seemingly fairytale like rise from a poor local fighter to the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Braddock was a journeyman fighter whom seized upon opportunity winning a long shot victory over Corn Griffin, the world's number two contender (Cinderella Man 2018). A title shot versus world champion Max Baer became possible. Braddock continued to win. Out of pride, he uses a portion of his purse money to pay back money to the government unemployment earlier provided to him. Sportswriter Damon Runyon dubbed him The Cinderella Man. Braddock represented the hopes and dreams of an America struggling with the Depression.

Braddock earned a title fight against Baer. Braddock is a 10 to 1 underdog. Braddock defeated the mythological Max Baer on June 13, 1935, in one of the greatest upsets in boxing history becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.

Also important is the analogy to receiving instant money as winning a lottery or a modest inheritance. What would one do with the money?

As I was researching the material in Big Pine, California the past two years, I recalled that Levon Aronian was the Cinderella Man. Aronian is imposed the concrete event of Ronald Reagan's last days as he passes the Remington's Bronco Buster statue for the last time.

The Electronic Surveillance that I am subjected to is quite intense. If I watch a livestream of a chess tournament, I can actually talk to the players, many whom are Candidate level performers as well as all of the commentators. On one occasion Levon Aronian was live. I believe I heard, "Can you sit next to me." I do no wish to take anything out of context. Aronian is one of my favorite chess players. This instance is similar to The Dick Van Dyke Show where Robert Petrie is the target for writing jokes when the police sweep. Other prominent chess players are imposed over scenes from this program. The police in the show give an absurd excuse involving the Christian Bible for the quackery and obstruction of justice in the sweeps (King James Bible 2020).

Hence should humor be permitted in society?

There may be numerous Cinderella Men. A minor individual Chris, of whom I studied Baroque Counterpoint with George Stone at Cuesta College is another (George Stone 2020). Chris attended UC Santa Cruz. In continuation, chess trainer and innovator Roman Dzindzichashvili born May 5, 1944, I believe now has emerged as more prominent. His age now would be 74. Roman Dzindzichashvili is famous for his Roman's Labchess DVD series which reflects an encyclopedic approach to openings, middle, and endgames. He is the innovator of instructional chess DVDs and the online sever (Dzindzichashvili 2020). However if Aronian was indeed the main Cinderella Man, his figure would remain such in profile and abstraction. This is a very serious example of why Cardinality is important due to the lack of Equal Protection and Due Process.

In the picture of the Water Wheel Robot above, a roster of individuals myself included have the defection pattern of MOEC imposed over them. Roman Dzindzichashvili, Will Stewart, a Latina Calculus teacher from Palos Verde College, and myself are figured. Dzindzichashvili and Stewart have both published material on the ECO B34 B39 Accelerated Dragon Sicilian chess opening (Dzindzichashvili 2020) (Stewart 2020). I have published MOEC Studies materials as Origin. Hence all are required to defend their production as if a doctorate jury was occurring. This is absolutely spurious but gives insight to the Kangaroo Court methodology that MOEC uses.

Levon Aronian should take MOEC Studies seriously. One Storyboard figures him at trial. His lawyer has already instructed him that if he wins he will walk out and exit the same door they came through. If he loses the case, the bailiff will handcuff him and he will exit behind the bench. Damien Lemos, a GM chess presenter from Argentina, of whom I have just purchased is Deep Dive DVD series of 17 openings, is in prison with his chessboard. He would be permitted to have a board under the 4th Amendment in the United States. This is in equivalence to the Gay Militia of LAPD's Greek Gifts being rated at 1200 ELO at 12 years of age in sixth grade worldwide. One should take this seriously. Children can be blunt. The jabberwocky or nonsense speech proffered as equivalent to GM or 2500 ELO would fail an elementary school exit exam.

There are about 2 million persons incarcerated in the United States. A prisoner receives a physical examination and a psychological examination before entering general population. The average ward in the United States tests at about the 8th grade. The Gay Militia lead by Lieutenants is no more more than 8th grade. The 1200 ELO at 6th grade is the official position I am supporting.

The Baltimore Catechism of 1899 is the model for 12 year old competency under General Equilibrium.

The following lessons from Part Four are important.

45. Q. What evil happened to us through the disobedience of our first parents?

A. Through the disobedience of our first parents we all inherit their sin and punishment, as we should have shared in their happiness if they had remained faithful.

47. Q. What is the sin called which we inherit from our first parents?

A. The sin which we inherit from our first parents is called original sin.

50. Q. Was any one ever preserved from original sin?

A. The Blessed Virgin Mary, through the merit of her Divine Son, was preserved free from the guilt of original sin, and this privilege is called her Immaculate Conception.

Currently we are returning to allegations concerning the homicide of Charles Gary Sampson on Federalsburg, Maryland outside of Camden Wyoming, Delaware on November 3, 1987.

In 1978 I was asked by a friend if I wished to go see Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I agreed and a small group of friends attended the show. An archive shows the date as November 4, 1978. In Delaware that evening an alleged drug transaction went sour. It is the common version that three persons in a car got into an altercation. One individual, a young black youth whom I had met, was the purchaser and had a shotgun. The gun was passed between the three in car. When the gun was handed to a certain person, the black youth was told to exit the vehicle. Charles Gary Sampson, a minor drug dealer from Federalsburg, Maryland, body was found in the vehicle. Later newspaper records state that four persons were involved and that Sampson's vehicle was used and set afire which is not what I have believed to be accurate.

On November 3, 1978, Charles Gary Sampson was shot to death. At a later date I was asked to go to the crime scene and responded voluntarily. I was brought to the side of the road. Also then Senator Joe Biden was present some yards south of me as I talked to the forensic scientist, an Officer Voshell. I would argue that the names of GM Gary Kasparov and GM Michael Adams were heard over Biden. At the crime scene an individual had raced through a soybean field and his shot body was found in a burnt vehicle along Moose Lodge Road outside Camden Wyoming. While beginning to leave, standing next to Officer Voshell, the name of Micky Adams, and his positional style of chess was clearly emphasized in contrast to previously hearing his name over Joe Biden. The name of now deceased chess endgame expert GM Mark Dvoretsky was mentioned.

The Botez Gambit was also heard. This is supposedly an unintentional Queen Sacrifice or blunder which Botez plays in her blitz streaming games. There were references to the rock group Rush's masterpiece Hemispheres. Two alternative tracks The Villa Strangiato and Circumstances were mentioned. Botez and Rush are Canadians. Neil Peart, the group's drum virtuoso and lyricist recently died of brain cancer January 7, 2020. John Petrucci and his group Dream Theater were also mentioned.

I was a known friend of both suspects. I have sued the Delaware State Police regarding their involvement in this event. The suspects and I were growing apart previous to this crime occurring. One of these actors confessed to me what had occurred in my van at a pond outside of Canterbury, Delaware. We were close and I did this to help him release tension. I did not mention this to anyone at this time of what I was told. It appears that LAPD was orchestrating disinformation and omerta, the code of silence among the youthes of Caesar Rodney High School. I believe I was one of the longest to stay silent. There is a direct implication here to defect under Prisoner's Dilemma and the consequent payoffs.

The following case was an amicus curiae which is unpublished.

12. Cv.99-5539, Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al. In re: Doe Novella, Doe Pied Piper of Hamilton. Third Circuit Court of Appeals

At a later date in 1979, at Atillio's, the neighborhood pizza eatery, The Pied Piper of Hamilton began which has been explained in the Lycurgus text. This resembles The Dick Van Dyke Show. My friend entered the restaurant. I was already there I believe and close to the counter. Officer Shaner and my friend were in the restaurant as well as Kevin Howard and possibly Lester Blades were present. A Storyboard from the future was being heard or enacted before it occurred. This was done so I could hear outcomes as I am the only person to have Lycurgus Akbar imposed over their natural person. This is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The following is from the a motion authored by judge Merill C. Trader citing defendant's lawyer Kevin Howard.

Upon the Defendant's Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal The Motion is granted.

The Facts

Lester Blades, a commissioner of the Family Court, was eating dinner with his family in the Giacomo Restaurant at approximately 7:00 P.M. on June 18, 2004. While he was waiting in line to go into the bathroom, the defendant approached him and said, "I want to thank you for ruining my God damn kids' lives. Thanks to you, I have three eighth grade drop outs." The defendant further stated to the Commissioner that he was (omit). Commissioner Blades then went to the bathroom and the defendant requested his check from the waitress. He said to the waitress in a loud voice, "I did not know God damn state commissioners were here. He further stated, "That person is the biggest piece of shit you'll ever see in your life." Except for a sarcastic comment at one table, none of the customers reacted to these statements. Commissioner Blades did not hear any of the remarks to the waitress. The waitress said that the defendant was polite and courteous and she was not offended by these comments. When the defendant paid his bill, he said to another waitress, "I want you to kick the Commissioner's ass." These statements were not overheard by any customers or any other employees (Howard 2004).

Merill stated:

1301(1)(b) and harassment in violation of 11 Del. C. Sec. 1311(a)(1). On September 21, 2004, a jury trial was held on the above charges and at the close of the state's evidence, I granted defendant's motion for judgment of acquittal on the harassment charge. I held that the defendant's comment to Commissioner Blades constituted language protected by the First and Fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution. The statute must be authoritatively construed to punish only unprotected speech, "fighting words." Gooding v. Wilson, 405 U.S. 518 (1972). Fighting words are words that have a direct tendency to incite violence from the person to whom the remark is individually addressed. Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568 (1942). Although the language the defendant used may be insulting, it would not cause an immediate violent response. At the close of all the evidence, the defendant's motion for judgment of acquittal on the disorderly conduct charge was denied. The jury returned a verdict of guilty on the disorderly conduct charge and the defendant renewed his motion for a judgment of acquittal (Merill 2004).

The Scripting that was heard follows the Motion to Acquit very strongly. Other trees or branches of the entrapment were also presented.

The start of the briefing began with the fomes of sin. The following is the definition I have found online:

Any substance supposed to be capable of absorbing, retaining, and transporting contagious or infectious germs. (noun) (Fomes 2020).

"But the lessening of the fomes, which is the law of sin, is set down as an effect not of this sacrament, but rather of Baptism."

"And although the grace of her sanctification contributed to this effect, yet it did not suffice; for otherwise the result of her sanctification would have been to render impossible in her any sensual movement not preceded by an act of reason, and thus she would not have had the fomes, which is contrary to what we have said above (A.3)." Virgin Mother's or anyone else's flesh should be without the fomes, which is called "the law of the flesh" or "of the members" (Romans).

The Devil fell due to replacing the love that God had given him with pride.

LAPD attempts to use informal fallacies to develop their Perfect Circular Argument. In this nexus an appeal to now Jagadanada das, a PhD Sanskrit scholar from the University of London, England is used. His diksa name in ISKCON was Hiranyagarbha Das. He is aligned with the Babaji personalists of Vrindavana, India in the Gaudiya Vaishnava line that worships Radha Krishna. In roster are several Indian Godmen. Many of these figures have been exposed as homosexual or bisexual and have fallen.

I argue that this is a tie in to the LGBTi Pride Movement which is supposed to emerge victorious from this event.

I will state that the particular of pedophilia and child pornography are one of the worst objects in MOEC. Hence the the manner in which MOEC will deal these events reflects defection not the use of rights, Due Process and Equal Protection.

Events concerning John Searle and Lisa Piccirillo were developed. I will follow the public records that are published concerning these events. What I heard at the pizza restaurant in Rodney Village strongly resembles published articles.

John Searle ex Emeritus UC Berkeley

John Searle

UC Berkeley professor of philosophy John Searle was stripped of his emeritus status June 19, 2019 for violating university policies regarding sexual harassment and retaliation, according to spokesperson Janet Gilmore.

Searle is known as "one of the most prominent philosophy scholars in the world, according to the California Civil Rights Law Group. UC President Janet Napolitano revoked Searle's title of emeritus professor. Revoking this title is, according to Gilmore, the most extreme disciplinary action the campus can take against an emeritus professor.

The removal of Searle's title occurred as result of allegations regarding a series of incidents involving UC Berkeley alumna Joanna Ong during her tenure at the John Searle Center for Social Ontology, according to a lawsuit filed by the firm Kristensen Weisberg LLP against the UC Board of Regents and Searle on May 21, 2017. Ong was as a research assistant to Searle and a consultant for the center from July to September, 2016. She was dismissed from her position by her adviser Jennifer Hudin, according to the lawsuit.

"While Ong was employed at U.C. Berkeley, Searle sexually assaulted Ong and then continued to harass her as her employment continued," the lawsuit stated.

Ong's lawyers listed five causes of action in the lawsuit, including sexual assault, assault and battery, wrongful termination and retaliation. According to the lawsuit, Ong's pay was docked. Her work environment became hostile after she rejected Searle's sexual advances.

The complaint alleges that "U.C. Berkeley was well aware of Searle's prior similar behavior with other young women including... his students and research assistants."

The incidents were formally reported in November, 2016 to the campus Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, according to Gilmore. The Committee on Privilege and Tenure within the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate heard the case. Afterwards Chancellor Carol Christ made a recommendation for the removal of Searle's emeritus status to the UC president.

"Sexual harassment and retaliation have no place in the UC Berkeley Community," Gilmore stated in an email. "We understand that such actions have the potential to cause great harm and are fundamentally detrimental to our educational mission."


Lisa Piccirillo

Lisa Piccirillo

Piccirillo Knot

A 50 year old problem concerning knot theory has been solved by a then graduate student. The exotic field has been lightly touched upon in my perspective of MOEC Theory. As such we can discern how entanglement occurs at every level of society by defection.

Lisa Piccirillo has solved a 50 year old problem that arises from the Conway knot (Klarreich 2020).

The question asked whether the Conway knot discovered more than half a century ago by the legendary mathematician John Horton Conway, is a slice of a higher dimensional knot. Sliceness is a property of that knot theorists investigate about knots in higher dimensional spaces. Mathematicians had been able to answer it for all of the thousands of knots with 12 or fewer crossings except for the Conway knot, which has 11 crossings.

Piccirillo had discovered her answer in one week: The Conway knot is not slice.

"I don't think she'd recognized what an old and famous problem this was," Gordon said.

Piccirillo's proof appeared in Annals of Mathematics in February. The paper, combined with her other work, has secured her a tenure track job offer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that will begin on July 1, just 14 months after she finished her doctorate.

The question of the Conway knot's sliceness was famous not just because of how long it had gone unsolved. Slice knots give mathematicians a way to probe the strange nature of four dimensional space, in which two dimensional spheres can be knotted, sometimes in such crumpled ways that they can not be smoothed out. Sliceness is 'connected to some of the deepest questions in four dimensional topology right now,' said Charles Livingston, an emeritus professor at Indiana University.

"This question, whether the Conway knot is slice, had been kind of a touchstone for a lot of the modern developments around the general area of knot theory," said Joshua Greene of Boston College, who supervised Piccirillo's senior thesis when she was an undergraduate there. "It was really gratifying to see somebody I'd known for so long suddenly pull the sword from the stone."

But our world is four dimensional if we include time as a dimension, so it is natural to ask if there is a corresponding theory of knots in 4D space. This isn't just a matter of taking all the knots we have in 3D space and plunking them down in 4D space: With four dimensions to move around in, any knotted loop can be unraveled if strands are moved over each other in the fourth dimension.

Piccirillo had to move her object into 4 dimensional space and by tracing found an equivalent solution to the knot.

To make a knotted object in four dimensional space, you need a two dimensional sphere, not a one dimensional loop. Just as three dimensions provide enough room to build knotted loops but not enough room for them to unravel, four dimensions provide such an environment for knotted spheres, which mathematicians first constructed in the 1920s.

It's hard to visualize a knotted sphere in 4D space, an aid is to first think about an ordinary sphere in 3D space. If you slice through it, you'll see an unknotted loop. But when you slice through a knotted sphere in 4D space, you might see a knotted loop instead (or possibly an unknotted loop or a link of several loops, depending on where you slice). Any knot constructed by slicing a knotted sphere is said to be slice. Some knots are not slice, as the three crossing knot known as the trefoil.

Slice knots "provide a bridge between the three dimensional and four dimensional stories of knot theory," Greene said.

Coach Joe Purzycki entered the restaurant. He is able to hear almost the entirety of MOEC after Captain Marvel and Coach Larry Stith. In this nexus of Searle and Piccirillo, a roster of titled chess players were named. Now GM Bryan Smith was mentioned being paired with Penn State. Penn State under Coach Joe Paterno received one of the stiffest punishments every dealt out by the NCAA.

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal concerned allegations and subsequent convictions of child sexual abuse committed by Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky, for over a period of at least fifteen years. In early November, 2011 Sandusky was indicted on 52 counts of child molestation, resulting from incidents between 1994 and 2009. Sandusky was ultimately convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse on June 22, 2012. He was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of 60 years in prison.

Three Penn State officials, school President Graham Spanier, Vice President Gary Schultz, and Athletic Director Tim Curley were charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, failure to report suspected child abuse, and related charges.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA imposed sanctions on the Penn State football program: a $60 million fine, a four year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, and a vacating of all victories from 1998 to 2011. These sanctions are among the most severe ever imposed by the NCAA. NCAA President Mark Emmert stated that the sanctions were designed "not to be just punitive, but to make sure the university establishes an athletic culture and daily mindset in which football will never again be placed ahead of educating, nurturing and protecting young people" (Penn State 2020).

I have GM Bryan Smith's DVD on the Beating 1.E4 With the Classical Sicilian or the Richter Rauzer (Bryan Smith 2020).

There are six more events which I will list that were also heard: 1. Meritocracy 2. Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way (Ted Turner) 3. Renaissance and Decadence (Rock Group) 4. MySpace (Social Media site) 5. It Takes a Village Hillary Clinton 6. Spain Invertebrated (Ortega y Gasset).

There are two final positions that I will mention and defend. World Champion Magnus Carlsen is being paired with Charles Gary Sampson, Federalsburg, Maryland whom was the victim of homicide in the case cited. Another individual, Gary L. Sampson September 29, 1959, is substituted by LAPD as a trap in an attack aimed in part at GM Smith, is an American murderer who killed three people and was sentenced to death by a federal jury in Massachusetts, United States. The electronic surveillance on my person is quite severe. I believe Carlsen has had the name Charles Gary Sampson place around him as an aural stimulus. This is a form of threshold training (Magnus Carlsen 2020).

If need be I may state Sampson's name to him. He is a part owner of Chess24. He streams live also to premium viewers. I can talk to the players.

Ian Nepomniachtchi, a Russian Super Grandmaster has his person placed in the vehicle with a shotgun being handed around the individuals (Nepomniachtchi 2020). Is this a reverse sting drug ripoff? If three persons are in a vehicle and a shotgun is passed around all three, when the gun is in your hand can you tell another person to get out of the car and run? This is a variation of the police relay or stoning. This is discussed in the Position Papers. Number 4 takes a stone threatens 3. Number 4 and 3 then take stones and threaten 2. Numbers 4,3,2 then threatened 1. 1 attempts to retaliate in kind and gets killed by the other three. In law all are guilty. Number 4 is worse (Nollmeyer 2013a).

The above material is a spurious repertoire that could be found in a dormitory in State prison. As stated there are 2 million prisoners in the United States with an 8th grade repertoire.

Andrew York, a member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet was mentioned. I am totally certain that the design for the cover of Lumen was mentioned. He is also a leading modern composer. I have purchased Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat DC with my Stimulus Check.

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Gesang der Jungerlinge is the Official Music of MOEC. The three album live record Yessongs by Yes would follow. Cambridge is represented by the Rush classic Hemispheres.

When I was in kindergarten or 1st grade in Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, I believe that Gestang der Jungerlinge was played for the students. During my three year stay there, from about 1965 to 1967 at the base, I only had about an hour of TV time per day. There was a program Kracko the Clown made by Airman John Gutherie as Kracko. I attended one of the tapings. I totally argue that the names GM Larry Kaufman and Roman Dzindzichashvili were mentioned (Dzindzichashvili 2020). I also believe that violinists Hao Zhou a prodigy violinist whom I follow on Instagram was mentioned. I state this because he plays Old McDonald with a squeaky chicken toy sometimes on his Instagram page. I follow him online. This event triggered my autobiographical which I am trying refine. He was 22 years old when he won the 2019 Concours Musical International de Montreal. The children myself included were seated in a small bleacher with ascending rows. I was near the bottom. Kracko, I believe could hear the entrapment over him. He manipulated a chair. I believe this to be a Storyboarding to hear the cover of the The Yes Album which would eventually feature guitarist Steve Howe. It is quite possible a reference was made concerning Tom Hibdon a music teacher of whom I would eventually take a course by at Laney College in Oakland, California.

The Beatles classic Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band was released during my stay in Puerto Rico. Karlheinz Stockhausen is fourth from the left in the first row on this iconic cover. The Beatles made this album in part due to the realization that the tour of the first album was a charade and that they were treated poorly.

Walter H. Breen Jr. (September 5, 1928 April 27, 1993) an American numismatist, writer, LGBT rights activist and convicted child sex offender, and the husband of author Marion Zimmer Bradley was also mentioned. His coin manuals are highly regarded. They are the standard for many areas of the numismatics. Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins defines Breen numbers which are widely used to attribute varieties of coins. He is also known for activity in the science fiction fan community and for his writings in defense of pederasty.

Breen was convicted of child molestation or lewd behavior in Atlantic City in 1954, resulting in probation. A further molestation conviction may have occurred in 1964. Breen was arrested on child molestation charges in 1990. He accepted a plea bargain, which resulted in three years probation. A year later, he was charged with eight felony counts of child molestation involving a 13 year old boy. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1992,and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Breen died in prison in Chino, California on April 27, 1993 (Walter H. Breen 2020).

Colonel Ned Green was a businessman of poor reputation. He inherited a fortune from his miser mother Henrietta Hetty Howland Robinson, the Witch of Wall Street whom was obsessed with micromanaging him. Green was able to assemble one of thw world's most impressive coin cabinets. Jeff Garret has written:

Many of the great coins in the Newman Collection trace their origins to the collection of Colonel Ned Green. The Green Pedigree is noted on the NGC label on many of the certified coins in the Newman Collection. The Green Pedigree is probably best known because of the association with the 1913 Liberty Nickels. Green owned all five examples (Garett 2013).

There is a mythology as to how only five coins were struck as the Indian or Buffalo nickel was begun in this year. Many persons argue a clandestine strike by a Samuel Brown (1913 Liberty Head nickel 2020).

At issue is the sankirtan or collecting of donations by the Hare Krishnas. There was a practice of purchasing oil paintings from factories in East Asia. The devotees would often sign the paintings themselves. At many art shows the art must be originally produced. I believe some of the devotees from the craft circuit entered who actually were sankirtan devotees. There was a devotee who was an expert candle maker whom had a female mataji do the signing on paintings.

The popular 1973 film The Sting was also mentioned.

There was also banter made concerning what is a Called Shot entrapment. It appears that this material in a court room is no more difficult than taking candy from a baby. A reference was made to a future box set by Gentle Giant, Unburied Treasure. The set was released in 2019 and limited to 3,000 editions. Box sets are quite elaborate with CD, DVD, LP, posters, and book formats. The manner in which the items are packed and retrieved from the box is also quite intricate. I had seen Gentle Giant once during the Free Hand tour.

This event reflects a challenge my ability to retrieve and compile this information accurately.

At one point in this event the papal bull was mentioned. A papal bull is a type of public decree, letters patent, or charter issued by a pope of the Catholic Church. It is named after the leaden seal bulla that was traditionally appended to the end in order to authenticate it. In this consideration, we are discerning the magnitude and binding power on the subjects of the proclamation. It appears that any issue the Pope deems fit may be sealed by the Bull.

Two texts were mentioned, the imitative Butterfly Revolution, which I had read was a fiction about summercamp youthes whom take over the camp in a failed revolution. The classic Lord of the Flies also was described. The novel highlights British boys stranded on an uninhabited island. The two protagonists become isolated by the lesser apt majority of youthes after forming tribes in a disastrous attempt to govern themselves. Jack and Ralph lead the two main tribes. Jack leads the hunting tribe. Piggy an early leader whom becomes isolated with Ralph is killed. The killing turns Jack and the hunting tribe on Ralph whom is eventually saved by the military after a warning fire spreads through the island (Golding 1954).

A reference was also made to Gautama Buddha whose father arraigned for elaborate enticements to dissuade him from asceticism so he could become king.

At this point I was motioned to leave the restaurant. I was instructed to cross the parking lot to Route 13, the major north south highway that bisects Delaware. I believe that Officer Darling was in the parking lot as I stood nearly adjacent to the highway. I was told that I heard MySpace. This was going to be large and that I was hearing such before it happened.

From my position looking west, I believe I saw Joe Biden and Scott Valeski on what is Nathaniel Mitchell Road. I would also argue that the name of IM Anna Rudolph was mentioned. I could hear the song One is the Loneliest Number. Of interest was the mention of Tina Strong. She was also a resident of Rodney Village at this time. Debbie, her sister and Tina are direct cousins of Princess Dianna. Debbie, Dianna, and I are all cohorts born in 1961.

Of interest is that Atillio's was previously the King of Pizza which was owned by members of the Gambino Family of Philadelphia and New Jersey. Emmanuel Gambino's uncle in part was the role model for Mario Puzio's The Godfather novel.

This material is being recovered by the use of autobiographical memory a psychological technique.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The Holon

In the trajectory of History, the contestation over the ownership of the Origin GUI has unfolded under the instigation of the Irrationalist Gay Militia of LAPD. This is resulting in a very decisive treatment of the circular argument, the infinite loop virus, and taking the bull by the horns to defeat such. Obstruction of Justice is the only structure that continues supporting this action, not intellectual ability. The Lieutenants are clearly being profiled to define the Strawman in History.

I will repost a paper that I wrote that deals with Deindividuation. This psychological theory forms the core of the concrete circular argument that LAPD and the Lieutenants use to entrap the titled Chess Players.

It is clear that a PhD chess engine coder clearly would need to understand System Theory, Black Box, White, and Grey Box Testing to understand the Origin GUI (GUI 2019). It is a Prisoner's Dilemma variant and a multiple factor AVOVA model. It is possible to load the model with the content of multiple domains. My personal presentation is social science.

As of July 5, 2020 18 months have transpired since the beginning of the so called titled chess players entrance whom have been brought in as kibitzers. These actors have been clearly routed in a demonstration of MOEC Studies. One can not learn MOEC or chess by osmosis. This is beginning to define the so called Tournament. It is a FARCE. The next Black Sox Cheating Scandal is unfolding. There are 12,000 FIDE Titled players. This population of players are most likely no more than a blasting cap in a logic bomb. This has forced me to rewrite, cut, copy, and paste part of the text. I believe this artist tyranny is based on the Conway Knot. The Computer Science and Math Stack Exchange site was mentioned. I have already visited their site in the past: mind you this discussion at Atillio's Pizza was in 1978. Giacomo's is a pizzeria that started in Dover at another location later in time. The Stack Exchange had offered to help on other related problems I might posit. Hence if I present a problem that the staff or forum members can not solve, they will hire an expert to do so.

This yields a parity to any persons working on chess AI engines. If this is needed, I would doubt that these actors are on the same level as those operating Stack Exchange.

My position in supporting that all persons attempting to expound on MOEC receive a 1200 ELO based on the average 12 year old in 6th grade is vindicated. My position that 15,000 hours within 10 years to gain expertise is also strengthened over the 10,000 hour Pareto model.

Dehumanization: Psychological Symbolism and Deindividuation to Commit Violence

Dehumanization is a term that is used to denote a psychological process where one's opponent is viewed as less than human and not deserving of moral and legal consideration. This activity results in strained relationships between the two parties with hatred and alienation towards conflict. Exclusion is often the result of the Dehumanization process (Maiese 2005). Social scientists cite dehumanization as a support for war. Democracies often present enemy soldiers as less than human to gain electoral support. Dictatorships will dehumanize a population to prevent oppositions from forming. The definition and diagnostic of Dehumanization are not professionally described, but the results are easily quantifiable (Srobl 2000).

Psychology describes the formation of this enemy image. This is the use of the stereotype. The need for group identity is often an unmet in the formation of these images. There is an exclusive disjunctive contrast in the formation of enemy images. Concrete actions of opponents are thought to reflect fundamentally evil traits or motives. Communication between the two parties becomes problematic or non existent lacking in commonality. Circuitous thinking and irrational loops of thought are used to handicap rational thinking that supports obtaining victory at all costs to punish or destroy the enemy (Pruitt & Rubin 1994).

One of the consequences of the axiology of dehumanization is that the oppressed must learn not to become the oppressors. In this connection the tactics used by oppressors to create the lesser of two evils to justify a replication of their psychopathy will not be directly addressed here.

Paulo Freire has philosophically pursued the axiological and historical context of dehumanization (Freire 1993):

Because it is a distortion of being more fully human, sooner or later being less human leads the oppressed to struggle against those who made them so. In order for this struggle to have meaning, the oppressed must not, in seeking to regain their humanity (which is a way to create it), become in turn oppressors of the oppressors, but rather restorers of the humanity of both.

Freire discusses a great humanistic task of the oppressed to liberate themselves and their oppressors. The oppressors "cannot find the power or the strength to liberate the oppressed or themselves." The false charity of the oppressors is only used to continue the oppression. The unjust social order that arises manifests itself as the dispensers of false generosity "become desperate at the slightest threat to it's source." Freire also states the assessment, "They will not gain this liberation by chance but through the praxis of their quest for it, through their recognition of the necessity to fight for it" (Freire 1993).

An emerging concept that is integrated with dehumanization is deindividuation. Postmes states,"Deindividuation theory is a social psychological account of the individual in the crowd. Deindividuation is a psychological state of decreased self evaluation, causing anti normative and disinhibited behavior"(Postmes 2001). This theory is related to anomie. A historical briefing will help clarify it's role which is emergent without a large amount of empirical study.

Gustave Le Bon, 1895 1995 wrote in his book The Crowd describing how an individual in a crowd becomes psychological transformed. Le Bon posits a psychological crowd. Within this dimension, the collective mind takes control of the individual. Anonymity, suggestibility, and contagion contribute to this transformation. This individual is irrational, fickle, and suggestible. This submerged person is capable of being a mindless puppet controlled by the leader, and performing any act whether heroic or atrocious. Le Bon's theory has been criticized as being a cross between psychology and politics (Nye 1975).

Social psychology revisited Le Bon's work in the 1950s. The unaccountability of pertaining to a crowd was considered a consequence of reduced inner restraints and increasing behavior that is inhibited. Other contextual factors were also incorporated as reductions of responsibility, arousal, sensory overload, a lack of contextual structure or predictability, and altered consciousness due to drugs or alcohol (Zimbardo 1969).

Deindividuation theory also states that the loss of personal identity is not replaced by a collective mind that guides one's action. Postmes argues that "the loss of individuality leads to a total loss of control, and releases a person from internalized moral restraints to produce emotional, impulsive, irrational, regressive and intense behavior" (Postmes 2001).

In the 1980s self awareness has become one of the underpinnings of submergence in the group as the support for deindividuation. This replaced the feature of anonymity and accountability in the group. Self awareness is directed to one being the object of one's attention (Diener 1980, Prentice Dunn & Rogers 1982). The synthesis of all historical and contemporary theories concur that deindividuation brings about antinormative and disinhibited behavior (Postmes & Spears 1998).

The current diagnostics of deindividuation theory are now not closed or will ever be. In lieu the theory sheds increasing light on the manipulation of behavior and the killing off of conscience. Postmes and Spears conclude, "Classical and contemporary views agree, however, on the main thrust of the deindividuation hypothesis: The psychological state of deindividuation brings about antinormative and disinhibited behavior."(Postmes & Spears 1998).

I copied the GUI down in 1997 in Chipley, Florida as I was preparing my Supreme Court case. I have used such in numerous court cases (GUI 2019). It is a staple of my Open Letters. I have seven Open Letters text books to date. In brief in the unfolding of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack, LAPD has attempted to state that GM Larry Kauffman (PhD MIT) and Roman Dzindzichashvili of Komodo Chess Engine are the true owners and creator (Dzindzichashvili 2020). Hence was he bequeathed this artifact from Cambridge? I own the copyright free and clear. This is a swindle which has already been explained. The embedding of this event within the Monalisa Perez Reverse sting pairing such with the Charles Gary Sampson homicide in Delaware is disturbing (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n).

Does a FIDE GM Title at 2500 ELO guarantee concrete performance? Since January, 2019 various chess players, some are titled and perhaps untitled have been brought in to facilitate the Greek Gift component. After 18 months or five percent of the 2020 decade, the chess players have lost RESOUNDINGLY. Origin represents a very sophisticated ontology of Prisoner's Dilemma which I claim controls the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. I clearly state that the University of Cambridge which has over 250 domains is the Origin and Authorship.

What is a System? It is the highest level of organization. Origin is a Black Box. Every input will create an output. Reverse engineering will permit one to examine the components of a system. This can be used with Black, White, and Grey Box testing. These tests are pervasive in software development. All these subjects are taught at MIT.

The claim is spurious. It is a pure Strawman. It defames the LGBTi Community and Movement. Under cross examination at an expert witness in limine hearing, this would be busted. If Komodo owned by the two mentioned GMs called PhD Kenneth Regan, a mathematician, an IM, and the world's expert is statistical modelling on chess cheating; I would not question his skill as a computer science teacher. His cross examination to establish his expertise as a computer scientist and statistician would implicate that MIT graduate Kaufman could not be the creator of Origin nor has he worked on or with such over the past 33 years.

The United States is now surpassing over 50,000 COVID 19 cases daily with a total of 130,000 deaths.

I have also recollected events from the Golden State Serial Killer, a police officer whom I may have met who has plea bargained in the last week.

The inclusion of the trajectory above supports my claim that George Stone, cohort music student Chris, and my person's music skills are trivial. George Stone is a MA Music and skilled jazz arranger which is not trivial. Chris was a 2.79 University of California Santa Cruz Biology student (George Stone 2020). His main role is designed as a witness. The only chance in my opinion he has in being an expert is in MOEC Studies. Stone, Chris, and the Baroque Counterpoint class were all exposed to MOEC materials in 2007 in San Luis Obispo, California. These persons should be able to produce academic papers on the subject.

Currently I am writing in Big Pine, California on what I believe to be Paiute Indian Reservation land. Trump on July 4, 2020 signed an Executive Order to create a National Garden of Monuments for American Heroes in response to the recent destruction of statues. This is a form of American Iconoclasm similar to ISIS is the Islamic world. I have been told that a chess table with a code embedded could be erected on this location. Hence one could scan their phone or Occulus glasses to call more information on the site. There are locations worldwide where such is now possible. This is consistent with emergence of AI and universal mapping of our Universe as a system.

On the side road to the wheat field where I am writing GM Smith's name is mentioned. The names of IM Daniel Rensch, James Taylor, Andrew York classical guitarist and composer, GM Gawain Jones, John Deshayes musician and cohort, and John Williams world's number 2 classical guitarist have their names mentioned.

Cv. 99-5539, Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.

In re: Doe Novella, Doe Pied Piper of Hamilton.

Third Circuit Court of Appeals

In the final consideration I did file an Amicus Curiae on behalf of Charles Gary Sampson which necessitated an eventual Mandamus by the court to have it consider such. The Amicus was refused. However the mere fact that I did such severely would confound one's ELO or score in the so called Tournament. The Mandamus is the strongest order a court may issue.

A writ of mandamus is an order from a court to an inferior government official ordering the government official to properly fulfill their official duties or correct an abuse of discretion. (Cheney v. United States Dist. Court For D.C. (03-475) 542 U.S. 367 (2004) 334 F.3d 1096.) According to the U.S. Attorney Office, "Mandamus is an extraordinary remedy, which should only be used in exceptional circumstances of peculiar emergency or public importance" (Mandamus 2020).

The discovery and revisiting of material necessitates further time for development. I will continue to post rough drafts due to conditions created by COVID 19 that I have no control over.


Riemann Hypothesis

A defining component of MOEC is the creation of a Perfect Crime. In this sense MOEC is only perfect in that it's Authors, Principals, Accomplices, and Accessories are not being identified through Official Recognition and formal prosecution through the appropriate legal jurisdiction. Joseph Stalin and the USSR are the standard model for modern totalitarianism.

Under severe scrutiny is the components of the so called Perfect Circular Argument proposed by the Gay Lieutenants of LAPD.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a concocted artificial ideology devised by University of Cambridge Law School actors. This facilitates the entrapment of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack.

The following subcomponents of this false system are: 1. tabula rasa and Moral Relativism 2. Phenomenology and Consequentialism. 3. Appeals to Informal Fallacies.

A total ruse used by the Lieutenant(s) is The Riemann Hypothesis. Numberphile a popular YouTube Math site has two excellent videos on the Riemann Hypothesis and the L Function. I had to explain this to the so called Gay Militia of LAPD. Memorizing these videos does not equal Calculus or Algebra. In my opinion one would be more mathematically astute to pass Algebra 1 and demonstrate the manipulations than descriptively memorize all the conjectures and other math concepts presented. Brady Haran, the owner of the site also explains the ELO Formula.

The Lieutenant(s) also claim to be the Doctor Ruth of Sexology. The latter is a Materialist Neo Freudian Marxist treatment of the sexual emancipation of youths by Wilhelm Reich that is anti Fascist based. His main text The Mass Psychology of Fascism. The Gay Militia are clearly not graduate school level and a total farce as PHds. The use of ad hominem sexual attacks on a person based on LGBTi Sexual Behaviors is very crude and the Color of Law.

At this point in time I would argue that the attack against Roman Dzindzichashvili is severe. In the future he and the employees at as Danny Rensch should consider obtaining real lawyers. I am stressing Real Lawyers. The ad hominem attacks and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are beyond defamation, libel, and slander. The police are totally fraudulent on computer science and mathematics needed to be proficient at Artificial Intelligence. One would need to hire a team of specialized experts to only hold not necessarily win the type of arguments that emerge. I am referring to a level as the staff at MIT, Stanford, or UC Berkeley.

It is very clear that the spurious claim by the Lieutenants to Riemann is based on an attack on the College of Maths and Sciences. This is paired with MIT GM Larry Kaufman and Komodo Chess Engine developers. Komodo is a UCI chess engine developed by Don Dailey and Mark Lefler (Komodo 2020).

The Doctor Ruth claim to leading the LGBTi Movement to sexual emancipation is an attack on the College of Arts and Letters. This is paired with IM William Stewart whom has a BA in Psychology from the University of Georgia.

Under the Ontology of History, Conservation and Conflict are elemental themes of the human condition. In the watershed event of MOEC these factors are highly Scripted from classical to modern sources in attempt to write a story or History for a LGBTi Civilization. The Ex Deux Maquina has clearly ruined any positive outcome in their weaving of a Gordian Knot (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). A war of attrition that has killed off conscience with a near cult like Belle Indifference of the masses has prevailed.

As part of the Tournament, a challenge similar to the mythical Called Shot of Babe Ruth is laid down concerning the creation and development of the Origin GUI (GUI 2019).

The George Floyd homicide has resulted in worldwide demonstrations and must be included in MOEC Analysis.

Babe Ruth's Called Shot was a home run hit by Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees in Game 3 of third inning, of the 1932 World Series on October 1, 1932, at Wrigley Field, Chicago. During Ruth's turn at bat he made pointing gestures which existing film confirms are cryptic as to his intentions. Ruth was being heckled by the crowd. Ruth had exchanges with them. Charles Root was the White Sox pitcher. With the score tied 4 to 4 in the fifth inning of game three, Ruth took strike one. Ruth held up his hand, pointing at either Root, the Cubs dugout, or center field. Ruth repeated this gesture after taking strike two. Ruth then hit Root's third pitch hit at least 440 feet to the deepest part of the center field near the flag pole.

Joseph Stalin is figured in MOEC to be the most successful despot to have never been caught in modern times. The USSR is the standard model for modern totalitarianism in political science. The Great Purge, were three widely publicized show trials and a series of closed, unpublicized trials held in the Soviet Union during the late 1930s. Many prominent Old Bolsheviks were found guilty of treason and executed or imprisoned for alleged crimes that challenged Joseph Stalin. The evidence presented in court was derived from preliminary examinations of the defendants and from their confessions. It has been historically established that the accused were innocent. The cases were fabricated by the secret police (NKVD), and that the confessions were procurred under duress of intensive torture and intimidation (Great Purge 2020).

The current trajectory projects hypothetical formal civil and criminal proceedings. The persons involved are natural and are sworn officials. The main ontology would be a formal War Crimes Tribunal (War Crimes 1998). To date the texture is open and no formal proceedings are evident. The main focus is therefore Legal Recognition and Justice.

In this nexus, I overwhelmingly will accept any Called Shot by any or all 12,000 Fide Titled Players wish to make. It would be easier for a 2000 ELO Expert to learn MOEC Studies then for someone as myself to achieve 2000 ELO. I am a Fair Warner. This is a Swindle. All persons are subject to formal and informal punishments. I am currently finishing this chapter in mid July, 2020 with temperatures well over 100 degrees and a United States daily COVID 19 infection rate of 60,000 persons per day. The target here is the web server, Komodo, and a circle of Twitch streamers. This will be further developed in the next chapter that focuses on events at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singular Experiment.

I clearly wish to move this event into a court system in an appropriate jurisdiction.

In early October severe Chess Cheating Scandals erupted at


10/5/2020 The final of the Pro Chess League was overshadowed by a cheating incident. The Fair Play Team came to the conclusion that the Armenian Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian, who played for the Armenian Eagles, the team that had won the finals and the tournament, had used computer assistance in the final. The Armenian Eagles were deprived of victory, and Tigran Petrosian was banned for life from playing on the server.

Greg Shahade of banned Tigran Petrosian as result of Wesley So's complaint in the game supra.

The Saint Louis Arch Bishops are the winners of the 2020 PRO Chess League championship. The Armenia Eagles have been disqualified from the 2020 season due to fair play violations.

After a thorough investigation,'s Fair Play team determined that GM Tigran L. Petrosian, who played for the Armenia Eagles, violated fair play regulations during games in both the semifinal and final matches that took place on September 25 and 27, respectively. and the PRO Chess League have issued a lifetime ban against Petrosian for his actions, and per section F of the league's regulations, the Armenia Eagles have been temporarily banned from participation in future PRO Chess League seasons.

PRO Chess League Commissioner IM Greg Shahade released the following statement:

"It's always unfortunate when the league is presented with evidence of fair play violations, but we stand behind the evidence presented from's Fair Play team" (Pro Chess Ban 2020).

Chapter 3

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

The Farowitsch Gambit

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC has sustained a Manifest Function since June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware. Then Senator Joe Biden would interrogate Oliver North in the Iran Contra Scandal. On November 7, 2020 major media declared Biden the President over Donald Trump whom did not concede. The result has been an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program imposed over only one individual, your author, Bhakta David Nollmeyer.

COVID 19 emerged in an exponential mode on July 15, 2019. There were 13,586,433 positive cases and 583,870 deaths internationally. The United States recorded 3,587, 219 positive cases and 139,681 deaths. In the last week the moving 7 day average approached 60,000 cases per day. Death Valley, California just east of Big Pine, California recorded a 128 degree day, one short of the world record.

The amount of formally recognized damage and injury recorded in Universal FBI Reports and CDC Surveillance Reports in the United States are a solid baseline to confront spurious actors (Uniform Crime Reporting 2020) (CDC Surveillance Reports 2021). The implication is that a legal intervention by sworn competent officials was and is prescribed but consequently has resulted in de facto and negligent officials and accomplices.

The ends should include Legal Recognition as a formal War Crimes Trial in the appropriate jurisdictions and restitution to victims (War Crimes 1998).

Would You Know How to Create a Government?

The continuum of the emergence and complexity of political science has resulted in no more than an Ecology of Despotism. This has clear antecedents cross culturally. In our instance, the Despot has erected a Theater of War, or Drama to surround himself and loyalists. In an act of Power and Control all events must be Eugenically Planned to support his or her criminal enterprise. It is concrete that the events since the Manifest Function of MOEC June 17, 1987 are highly centralized under the control of the police. There has been an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person. COVID 19 by August 19, 2020 has killed over 175,000 persons. Joe Biden is about to formally accept the Democratic nomination for President with Kamala Harris another Obama protégé as Vice President.

MOEC is a logical extension of a conflict to control the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. This resulted in the creation of the Ex Deux Maquina which reflects the archetypal patterns of Conflict Theory (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a).

Hence from a Supra Irrationalist position an individual fails at individual and collective moral philosophy resulting in an invertaebration of the Forms of Government into a Bodyguard of a Master Passion.

In the head of the argument Mechanism Versus Theism, Theism is used to reduce ambiguity because there are forms of Idealism which are mechanistic while others are theistic (Mechanism 2021) (Theism). The argument of whether matter is primary should use the terms mechanistic or non mechanistic to distinguish whether an object which may be a law, is made of matter and reducible to logic, math, and physics.

In MOEC, pseudoscience and informal appeals to individuals and groups are mainstays of circular arguments, red herrings, and strawman arguments. The fallacious avoid formal proofs and demonstration.

Consciousness is the Final Battleground

The creation of Buddha Fields and other higher dimensional organization abounds in a continuous versus discreet setting amongst the fallacious and fidiest. Fidiests believe that faith can exist without being logical or rational.

In the Maha Bhava of Srimati Radharini, a Person in the Vedic Godhead appears as the archetype. If Radha was a mundane woman she could be diagnosed with an Affective Disorder for her pursuit of her Paramour Krishna. Dementia Praecox was an earlier term used in the 1900s to describe teenager episodic infatuations with the opposite sex.

Hence is the field or level of organization mechanistic or non mechanistic? Consciousness is bound in Mechanism (Mechanism 2021). Bounded Rationality is a frequently used term in Artificial Intelligence. Theism cannot be bounded or it's appeal is a projection and fetish with an idol (Theism).

In the initial departure we deal with Western Civilization. However this is not totally sound as such will incorporate and fuse other cultural objects to survive.

The conflict between Homosexuality LGBTi and Heterosexuality opposite sex frame descending events. In this consideration their is no a priori defense once the University of Cambridge sets it's scheme in motion. The Bodyguard of the Master Passion and it's Greek Gift of the God's Attack purges are a Swindle.

Shakuni Swindles Yudhishthira

Shakuni Prepares to Swindle Yudhishthira

The Archetype is Yudhishthira losing the Kuru Kingdom to Duryodhana in a game of Paschi or Chaturanga. Shakuni played the game for Duryodhana. Paschi resembles the more modern game of Parcheesi. These games descend from Snakes and Ladders and are precursors to the modern game of chess. Almost all these game forms are represented in art and scripture as authorized.

The so called Tournament is a Swindle. As such if a policeman proffer themselves as a referee this is a dead giveaway to a purge in racketeering. The job of the police is public order. These officers need to arrest criminals. Instead this mechanism creates criminals in a Reverse Sting and takes credit for their elimination in a circular folly.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program has created a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity.

If the University of Cambridge is the Origin and they are recruiting and replicating their enterprise, there will be winners and losers under a scheme of General Equilibrium.

In this consideration there is a plan for supermapping of the culture. If the population of the world N is considered and the main prongs of the conflict are LGBTi Homosexual and Opposite Sex Heterosexuality then an array of individuals within the parameters can be arranged and tested over time.

The eugenics of the population can be mapped on a graph descending from the Origin. To confound Equal Protection and Due Process various stories from classics to sheer invention may be imposed over these persons. This will yield a vary spurious Mouse Trap or a Rube Goldberg machine.

MOEC is a system of leaks. After the Manifest Function occurred on June 17, 1987, the data has been converged over my person.

In MOEC's military strategy a Theater of War exists which is also the experimental space. This can be seen as Maze. The state planning is Scripted and imposed over the population. If one had the entire script of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and the strongest study guides one would be able to discern the correct analysis of the outcome of the play.

The predictability in MOEC is derived from defection patterns due to eugenic engineering or a Yellow Brick Road over the arc over one's lifespan. In contrast, those whom are not engaging in the same sex quid pro quo's will not optimize their Greek Gifts.

The salient feature of MOEC is that it is a Prisoner's Dilemma based variant. It is represented by the Origin GUI (GUI 2019).

Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Akbar

Lycurgus is characterized while I am under Electronic Surveillance and a Targeted Chemical Assault. Akbar is nuclear or the condition where I am subjected to a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The world has existed under Akbar since June 17, 1987.

There are three main components:

Components of MOEC

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

A major theme in political philosophy is the Sovereign Subject Relationship. This can be also be developed as the Individual versus the State formally or the Individual versus the Collective.

In the nexus of isolating one individual from the social body, as has occurred, we will also explore the Pauline Conversion or Transformation.

An axiomatic proposition that is a focus of MOEC's attack is:

If one person is alienated from their legal rights the whole will also suffer.

The issue at hand is how to remedy the use of Prisoner's Dilemma, or defection to cooperation under the rule of law.

The material that will follow will focus on the use autobiographical memory as I retrace my earliest memories and exposures to what are MOEC Sweeps or Lycurgus through Cuesta College to the present day.

There are approximately 7.8 billion persons alive worldwide.

MOEC is embedded in a Circular Argument. This basic informal fallacy would have an intellectual strength of no more than a 1200 ELO or the sixth grade.

There is an ongoing challenge to map MOEC and teach such at the PhD or grade 20 level.

Elementary School 1-6

Junior High School 7-8

High School 9-12

Junior College 13-14

Bachelor Degree 13-16

Master Degree 17-18

Doctorate Degree 17-20

The Swindle

The Challenge

John Nash Beautiful Mind

John Nash A Beautiful Mind

An animation depicting a disk of the complex plane acted upon by a range of polynomial equations.

For the most part, f(z) = z*(z^k - 1) for k=1 to 6.

The Challenge to The Swindle is to be able to develop a Universal Field mapping system using the Origin GUI as an Object in a Riemann Field or Geometry. One should embed the proof in General Systems Theory as to include consistent nomenclature across all domains.

Origin is a hybrid of Prisoner's Dilemma. One needs to place the GUI in a University of Cambridge Lawyer's office (GUI 2019). One will consider the earth as a sphere as Riemann Geometry deals with curves. One will attempt to map onto all objects as outputs on the range from the Image of X. Conversely one may also posit a counter example.

In mathematics the Image of X are the outputs in the Y range from the equation in X.

In MOEC, this is the replication of the conditioning created by the Authorship in the population N.

In essence this simple argument claims that there is a Greek Gift given from the Authorship. One should be able to map a system from the head of a graph, to hubs and nodes. A tree is only useful to study the structure and hierarchy of MOEC. MOEC contains loops and circuits. The Origin as a lawyer in his office, is often the beginning and end of a sweep. The summation of this graph or object can then be analyzed as P Versus NP. In this nexus one should be able to explain a singularity that is imposed over my person.

In the film A Beautiful Mind John Nash drops a Calculus in Three Variables textbook into the wastebasket. He is teaching from his notes from this point. The problem that Nash placed on the board is related to De Rham comohology which is a form of differential topology.

As I have travelled numerous times crisscrossing the United States, I am being pursued by the Gay Militia LAPD. Under these conditions I have organized MOEC Studies as an Approach. I am held under intense electronic surveillance. Many persons living in the same locations have been exposed to MOEC Materials to the degree where they could profess some expertise. In this instance we consider the multifactor ANOVA model and sibling cohort rivalries under crossectional and longitudinal conditions.

This is Impure Synchronicity. Even though the methods used and being opposed are not entirely scientific, there is an increase and corruption of skills ongoing that is demonstrable on the Gay Militia themselves and the general population. Hence there is an effect on individual scores which can be statistical measured, resulting in General Equilibrium. In this consideration, we have the entrance of the subset of FIDE Titled chess players which is thought to be about 12,000 individuals.

The conditions described will clearly have an implication on the externality that is incurred if one individual is alienated from their right to legal person before the government and court.

The Gay Militia proffers defection to the Script, the Yellow Brick Road, as a job. This is not stated in the positive nor is it legal. The invertebration of civilization into a Reverse Sting RICO Enterprise is an accurate observation to analyze this tactic and the rise of fall of civilization (RICO 1970).

The Tournament is being exposed as a totally Scripted corrupt staged ruse.

One would need to be a PhD par minimum or emeritus at a one of a kind world class institution to be able to profess MOEC Studies at the University of Cambridge lectern. Pedagogy across all domains is integral. Professing means lecturing without using the textbook.

A teacher directly teaches what one knows. Coaching means directing another in a closely related skill set. A soccer coach may be a midfielder by experience. He or she would coach the goaltender or defenseman.

Many guitarists prefer to study with a piano coach. They are choosing to learn their repertoire and skill sets with a coach on another instrument which is easier to sightread and has greater harmonic versatility.

In continuation, the creation of Artificial Intelligence from Natural Intelligence or even another Artificial Intelligence is a concern. An advanced Superintelligent System would consist of hardware, firmware, and software. Such may not be a closed local machine and may involve a topology. A case or argument from natural language would need to be converted into a formal logic, to a computer language, and finally developed into a finished software application.

The GUI of a program controls the subsystems designed beneath such (GUI 2019).

The Origin GUI is the object of a Swindle. The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack is the theme that the Authorship has chosen. There is a direct implication to all Fide Titled Players.

The innovative chess server is a particular target.

It appears prima facie that there is a Yellow Brick Road ongoing to social promotion across all domains.

Integral to this challenge is for the Lieutenants of LAPD who run the Gay Militia to be able to reflect my ability and defeat me in any domain of discourse. It is prima facie that the Lieutenants claim to have a BS in Computer Science from Cal State Northridge. In this consideration, I am clearly choosing the Great Books of History or any verifiable text. In focus I will also emphasize the STEM domain which includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

I am choosing this course of action to close the texture of the argument. The use of continuous events versus discreet objects proliferates in their fallacious repertoire.

MOEC As A War Crime

The two main groups at conflict are LGBTi Homosexual versus Opposite Sex Heterosexual. The argument that I am officially presenting is that Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom. It's Authorship was based out of the University of Cambridge Law School. It had a Membership that may or may not contain principals from other schools as Oxford.

MOEC extends universally through a hub and node topology through every police stationhouse worldwide. This is to facilitate a Eugenic Engineered Reverse Sting Operation.

I have claimed that I was presented a chronology that argues a distinct graph from the Sheifflin Plan circa the 1800s in continuo.

The Manifest Function of: 1. Electronic Surveillance 2. Stalking 3. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth began on June 17, 1987 while I was in Dover, Delaware.

I claim that a Gay Militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department lead this attack.

The Eugenic Engineering is Prisoner's Dilemma based and it's foundation is Same Sex quid pro quos for social advancement.

Mechanism versus Theism

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist At the Same Time

The Binary Universe






Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table

Two constants for all perspectivism, is the Hierarchy of Motility and the biological Hierarchy of Needs. The two structures are reflective of the materialist scientific argument with a varied degree of acceptance from theistic traditions. Both models may be used to argue sources of identity. The first structure, the Hierarchy of Motility is used to explain movements of all levels of life forms.

Hierarchy of Motility






Tropic Nastic Movements

Hierarchy of Biological Needs


Clothing Shelter




Does the Individual or the Collective have prominence in the advance of the species and civilization? It is clear that individuals occurred first. Humans ex posteriori developed informal and formal groups towards macroscopic governments. What role does primary law and secondary law perform? The first pertains to citizenship and rights, the second to duties and the sworn officials upheld to administer Equal Protection and Due Process.

The use of third party conflict is impossible to be falsified. I am clearly stating that the Origin or Cambridge has devised a War Crime and recruited natural persons, and artificial corporations to carry out a criminal enterprise (War Crimes 1998). These Actors have devised a criminal repertoire and imposed such over the persons in conflict with the artificial citizenship that state affords one.

Mechanism Versus Theism

The scientific method is the primary instrument for the discovery and development of knowledge in Mechanism (Mechanism 2021) (Andersen, H. & Hepburn, B. (2020). Since Mechanism is humanistic, knowledge in a pure sense does not exist without such being localized in the human mind.

However one can argue that 2 + 2 = 4 is a priori, since such is not an invention and did not come into existence when a human mind acts upon such. In analogy a blank computer using a Monte Carlo algorithm would only discover addition, not invent such. Hence some laws are a priori.

The following generalizations are important in an attempt for science to develop a coherent universal field theory which explains human consciousness and behavior.

The scientific method in a basic linearized format:

1. Define a question

2. Observation: Gather information and resources

3. Develop an explanatory hypothesis

4. Test the hypothesis by performing an experiment and collecting data in a reproducible manner

5. Analyze the data

6. Interpret the data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis

7. Publish results

8. Retest Peer Review and verification

The iterative cycle inherent in this step by step procedure moves from number 3 to 6 and returns to 3 again.

Other important definitions follow:

Law: The term literally is taken from the Latin legare to bind.

Scientific laws summarize the results of experiments or observations, within a certain range of application. The accuracy of a law does not change when a new theory of the relevant phenomenon is developed, but only the scope of the law's application, since the mathematics or statement representing the law do not change. Within scientific knowledge, laws do not have absolute certainty as mathematical theorems or identities have. It is always possible for a law to be contradicted, restricted, or extended by future observations. A law can usually be formulated as one or several statements or equations, in order that it can be used to predict the outcome of an experiment, under the circumstances of the processes taking place.

Theorem: A mathematical statement that is proved using rigorous mathematical reasoning. In a mathematical papers, the term theorem is often reserved for the most important outcomes.

Identity: A mathematical expression giving the equality of two often variable quantities. two examples are trigonometric identities and Euler's identity. In math the identity of addition is 0. In multiplication it is zero. In physics there is a problem with Identity as Schrodinger claims that subatomic particles do not behave according to logical identities.

Principles: Are ideas based on scientific rules and laws that are generally accepted by scientists. They are fundamental truths that are the foundation for other studies. Principles are qualitative.

Identity (Logic): In logic, the first of three laws. Identity states that each thing is identical with itself. The latter two laws are the law of noncontradiction, and the law of excluded middle. No system of logic is built on these three laws. None of these laws provide inference rules, such as modus ponens or DeMorgan's Laws.

In it's formal representation, the law of identity is written a = a or For all x: x = x, where a or x refer to a term rather than a proposition, and thus the law of identity is not used in propositional logic. It is expressed by the equals sign =, the notion of identity or equality. It can also be stated less formally as A is A.

Lemma: A minor result whose sole purpose is to help in proving a theorem. It is a stepping stone on the path to proving a theorem. Very occasionally lemmas can take on a life of their own, Examples are Zorn's lemma, Urysohn's lemma, Burnside's lemma, Sperner's lemma.

Axiom or Postulate: A statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments. Derived from the Greek axioma that which is thought worthy or fit or that which commends itself as evident.

The Theory of Mechanism states that matter is primary. As such all objects in creation are composed and reducible to matter (Mechanism 2021). These events can be explained by logic, math, and reduced to physics. Hence a unified field proof or solution pertains to the domain of physics.

The use of logical extension, expansion, and reductionism are valid criticisms of the efficiency of Mechanism.

Mechanism argues that an atom is the primary morphological unit of matter. A neutron is necessary for a nucleus to exist. A cell is the primary unit of life forms.

Is Man Good?

A very simple baseline of the Western Scientific Method has been presented. We will develop three arguments in the head. Two are rhetorical questions, the last statement is attributable to Plato.

We are arguing that MOEC is a War Crime and will examine how the Authorship designed their Perpetual Criminal Enterprise and imposed and embedded such in Systems across all domains in attempt to develop a Unified Field Model (War Crimes 1998).

One of the first basic fallacies these Actors made was to isolate my person from the collective inverting the Sovereign Citizen Model. This will create a Pole Singularity by defection where there is no Official Recognition of MOEC's Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program by any Head of State.

The main epistemological errors reflect the creation of the artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Descending from such are tabula rasa, Moral Relativism, and Phenomenology. These subcomponents are used as a defense of MOEC especially by the Lieutenants as a circular argument.

Continuum of History

To conclude the chapter I will peruse Autobiographical Memory to develop a focused line of argumentation from some of my earliest memories that involved Lycurgus Sweeps that I was not able to understand at that time to the present instance. This will involve my life from about 3 years of age. A few scenes from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, and a major scene from W. Reilly Brown School in the fifth grade which has been discussed that involves Helen Keller will be elaborated upon. This will develop to my study of music at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California. In this instance, we will study the divergent and convergent evolution of MOEC. Within such, Yellow Brick Road predictions concerning individual cohort performance are examined longitudinally.

Origin: The Etiology of MOEC

The Origin GUI has become the object of a Scripted Swindle (GUI 2019). The GUI easily is an object of convergence that attempts to unify the Mechanism versus Theism conflict (Mechanism 2021) (Theism).

A formal etiology is the study of the causes, origins, or factors behind a cultural event, structure, process, or the causal factors themselves (Etiology). An etiology is common practice in medicine, pertaining to causes of disease and in philosophy. It also has use in other domains as physics, geography, spatial analysis, theology, psychology, government, and biology, to define causation or origination of various phenomena.

The use of imitation or an Etiological Myth or Origin Myth is being claimed within to support a failed Gay Triumphalism being attributed to a Membership lead by Actors from the University of Cambridge Law School. This is represented as the Ex Deux Maquina or Ghost in the Machine (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a).

In a world of pre science, origin myths arise to explain social and natural phenomena.

Virgil's Aeneid is a national myth written to glorify and explain the origins of the Roman Empire.

In the instance of MOEC, the act of creation of the entrapment of the United States and Britain is defined in a riddle or puzzle that is to be solved through MOEC which is a Prisoner's Dilemma variant. A pole singularity of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been imposed over my person and undergoing in continuo Censorship and Sanitization. The remainder of the world's population are then Fractals of Kroni, whom only receive a partial of the treatment which has been imposed over my person.

The boundaries of the graph that I have chosen to explain and define are an interval between Franz Schubert and George Orwell. I am claiming that I have surpassed Orwell's 1984and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (Orwell, G. 1949) (Huxley, A. 1932). The materials on MOEC Studies are ontologically superior. These resources easily analyze these works and related studies across many domains within the University System and external systems. I am emphasizing the social sciences.

Currently MOEC is manifest with Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, COVID 19, and epic wildfires throughout the western United States.

In a synchronic manner, FIDE Titled chess players have been incorporated as of January 1, 2019. It takes 60 credits for a candidate to achieve a Certificate in the Administration of Justice which permits one, upon passing a state or other certification, to become a policeman or a homeland security officer as they are now labelled since 9-11.

The FIDE Titled chess players are losing badly in MOEC Studies. I am still performing at about 1700 ELO in chess. It is impossible for me to sustain any over the board skill with less than one hour of training. My abstract theory is increasing. The over the board practical component is not being reinforced. Osmosis will fail for the chess players for same reason.

The damage to the human race and environment is borderline cataclysmic. LGBTi History and chess are heavily damaged. The skill level of the actors involved will rise to impeachment in legal Frye and Daubert hearings at the domestic or international level.


Barack Obama is the Singularity Target

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment

A Cultural Singularity has been imposed over my person. This creates a conflict with Technological Singularity. Kurzweil has proposed AGI or Artificial General Intelligence will be developed by 2029. He prefers Accelerating Intelligence to define AI than the more commonly used term Artificial Intelligence. I consider both definitions as valid.

As individuals and machines increase their intelligence, they will converge on the two arguments proposed.

It is clear that the Authorship has embedded MOEC within a Theater of War. It is possible for MOEC to become the outer boundary of this system.

All increases in knowledge will converge on the seating of a War Crime Tribunal in the correct jurisdiction(s) (War Crimes 1998). In this regard, the case will focus on Barack Obama. Obama should easily live for 25 years or 2045, the beginning of the proposed Kurzweil Singularity. The externality that exists is if all prosecution in MOEC's enterprise target Obama, is the prosecution of substitute targets possible? This is exactly what is occurring. Just as Rob in The Dick Van Dyke Show is instructed to sit in place and endure the abuse sweeps, a police officer brings in a common criminal to justify the harassment. This is the alter ego of the game of Russian Roulette, when a criminal has to begin loading rounds into the barrel and take the turn of the czar.

MOEC is static in it's target selection. Barack Obama and I are not displaceable for the consideration of Lycurgus Akbar of which we are now living.

If the challenge is to profess MOEC as a concrete History of manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth at the University of Cambridge lectern, then by implication the entire structure and ecology of MOEC would be exposed identifying by name the professors whom are the Ex Deux Maquina, Authors, and form the Membership at the school (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a).

This should be replicated at all universities worldwide as University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard.

The Proximate Cause sine qua non Principals, Accomplices, and Accessories after the fact should also reveal a roster of sworn officials, natural persons, and organizations that are criminally culpable (Proximate Cause).

The challenge of University of Cambridge or MOEC is to use the Origin GUI to develop a Unified Field Theory thus mapping every object in existence in extension from such (GUI 2019). To date the mathematics is not in place to complete these operations. Quantum computing will likely be needed to discover the mathematical witnesses necessary to develop these methods.

MOEC is a variant of Prisoner's Dilemma.

Humans exist in a field of space and time. As a species humans require a basic minimum to survive:

Hierarchy of Biological Needs


Clothing Shelter




MOEC has a dimension of an epistemological trap. By using the theory of knowledge the design of a various array of objects may be invented from the manner in which the senses, one can include the mind as a sense, interact with the environment. This approach implies that an ecological system is desired.


LGBTi Pride Flag

The Gay Pride Rainbow Flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer pride, and LGBTQ social movements. Gilbert Baker, in 1978 has been attributed as the designer. The original flag consisted of eight colors. The traditional and most popular variant consists of six stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The flag is flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, reflecting a natural rainbow (Rainbow Flag 2020). I am arguing that University of Cambridge designed the LGBTi Gay Pride Flag. I am also stating that they are the designers of the Origin GUI below.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Origin of MOEC is being stated as a Membership of University of Cambridge Lawyers and possible Oxford and Polytechnic associates. There are 250 majors or domains in a University. The majors are divided into two colleges: 1. Maths and Sciences 2. Arts and Letters. In this nexus it is very clear to discern that the Lawyers are not omnipotent. They clearly lacked expertise across domains and had principals and accomplices in assembling MOEC and it's in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Absolute Morality is scientific, constructs models imposing such over oneself and neighbors and tries to remain close to Truth. Relative Morality chooses it's own life which leads to nihilism.


Domain Knowledge is defined as the knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline, profession, or activity. The term Domain Knowledge is used to describe the knowledge of specialists or experts in a particular field. This is in contrast to the general knowledge of lay persons. In Expert Systems in computer programming, human experts develop a part or whole of the domain of discourse that the application will use to solve problems. The computer system will then emulate the thinking of a human. Neural Networks or Deep Learning, and Monte Carlo systems that search recursively for knowledge acquisition currently have emerged as more robust in the development of Artificial Intelligence (Domain Knowledge 2020).

Deep Feed Forward Algorithm

There is a clear descent from Actors that has been hidden or obscured by what is called Higher Structural Levels of Cognition. This is a more scientific statement of the metaphor of the Blind Man and the Elephant. A Deep Feed Forward DFF neural network is a feed forward network that uses multiple hidden layers. The main problem with using a solitary hidden layer is one of overfitting. Overfitting is a modeling error that occurs when a function too closely resembles a limited set of data points. Overfitting causes the model to make an overly complex solution to explain idiosyncrasies in the data under examination (Overfitting 2019). Therefore by adding more hidden layers it may be possible to reduce overfitting. This results in improved generalization. Examples of applications that use Deep Feed Forward neural networks are Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, ECG Noise Filtering, Financial Prediction, and Data Compression (Iriondo, I. & Shukla, P. 2020).

In our instance this is inverted. The Membership whom wish to remain unseen have overfitted the so called facts they wish to present in their Prisoner's Dilemma Reverse Sting Operation. I am the main experimental target and am clearly dueling University Of Cambridge, and accomplices over 250 domains within the Anglo American certified system. The In Circulo Demonstrando is their main fallacy. It appears the Ex Deux Maquina, especially the faction with participation of the Math Department was extensively more advanced than the Lawyers (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). Their expertise is more scientifically objective. These actors as possible members of the Ex Deux Maquina are a Lesser of Two Evils. Their efforts are most likely correspond to the hidden layers that correct defects as an objective authority while the Lawyers are more spurious attempting to set traps.

walk in graph theory


Story Graph of Characters in the Iliad

Story Graph of Characters in the Iliad

The basic method of the entrapment is to construct a graph and tree of objects. The term graph is synonymous with a circuit or network as loops often return to the first vertex or node. In a tree there are no loops or circuits. In this presentation we will focus on natural persons. In essence one simply constructs a graph with a roster of individuals A, B, C... and imposes a narrative over the population. In the first instance we will use classics. The Cambridge King James Bible is the Latent Function or the actual beginning text. Currently during the Manifest Function of MOEC, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Cervantes is our choice. In the latter one can throw the kitchen sink and the garbage in. This is not being derogatory to Cervantes, however such reflects the actual concrete practice in the zeitgeist. The cue words of rudimentary knot theory as knot, twist, and weave are added. One has now created an extension of the Greek Spindle of Necessity. At the end of the circuit or final sweep the Cambridge King James Bible should return as the victor. This follows the model of a Sovereign leading his nation to the Final Coming of Jesus Christ.

Clique Graph Theory

Clique in Graph Theory

In mathematics, a clique is a subset of vertices of an undirected graph such that every two distinct vertices in the clique are adjacent; as such it's induced subgraph is complete. Cliques are one of the basic concepts of graph theory. In computer science the task of finding whether there is a clique of a given size in a graph, the clique problem, is NP complete.

A clique is a subgraph of a graph that is complete. Hence all it's nodes or vertices, are connected by edges.


Walk In Graph 1->2->3->4->2->1->3

A walk is a sequence of vertices and edges of a graph. Vertices and edges may be repeated. If one traverses a graph then one performs a walk. An open walk contains a different starting and endpoint. A closed walk contains the same beginning and endpoint (Walk Graph 2020).

Trail: A trail is an open walk in which no edge is repeated. The vertex can be repeated.

Circuit: A traverse of a graph is such that an edge is not repeated but a vertex can be repeated and is also a closed trail.

Path: A path is a trail in which neither vertices nor edges are repeated. The path is also a trail, thus it is also an open walk.

Cycle: Traversing a graph such that we do not repeat a vertex nor repeat an edge but the starting and ending vertex must be same. If one only repeats the starting and ending vertex only then the result is a cycle.

The research of MOEC is designed as Impure Synchronicity. Individuals are monitored as sibling and cohort rivals under Ideal and Natural Parents both crossectionally and longitudinally throughout their lives. One is competing to lead the human race to the Second Coming or final endstate. In this consideration one must examine the narrative that has been imposed over the individual and group as Conditioning in the psychological and behavioral sense.

At a lower level, but prominent, one is attempting to be a leader in the LGBTi Movement. This is differentiated as it is often illicit. An example would be if the persons surrounding Rob in The Dick Van Dyke Show were LGBTi and encircling him to obtain deals or Greek Gifts. In particularity this reflects the Lycurgus Sweeps.

This entire Reverse Sting Entrapment is known as the Script.

The Spindle of Necessity in the Greek Classics follows as such:

Lachesis is the Past.

Clothos is the Present and the Spinner.

Apropos is the Future.

This is the Cord of Life. One can also describe this in modern terms as the social fabric.

Many Were Called But Few Were Chosen...

An important consideration for the Authorship is the decision making that is used to choose performers in this Script. Do all persons have the same opportunity to achieve the highest or same goals as others? This is a simple restatement of the Equal Protection Due Process question. In the following the Sovereign issues an invitation to become a Christian as inviting persons to a wedding. This invitation may be accepted or refused under free will. This is a highly complicated issue and we pursue it here at it's face value.

Cambridge has designed a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. How does one qualify to rise to to the top or refuse to be in this system all together?

Standard King James Version (Pure Cambridge)

Matthew Chapter 22

Jesus Disputes with Pharisees about the Tribute Money

Matthew 22:15-22

1 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,

2 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,

3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.

4 Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.

5 But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise:

6 And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

7 But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

8 Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.

9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.

10 So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

11 And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:

12 And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

13 Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

In continuation, the construction of the Gay Militia and it's immediate actors in LAPD is based on the Red Herring Strawman informal fallacy. This is embedded in the circular folly or in circulo demonstrando. In computer science this is the basic virus that is first taught. A Red Herring is a related or unrelated distraction that is attached to the subject to deflect attention away from the real question. A Straw Man fallacy is a specific misrepresentation of another individual's position and arguing against that false position. It is very similar to creating a dragon and slaying such. The incessant ad hominem attacks against me by the Gay Lieutenants frames these persons as Strawmen. The repetitive conditioning of other informal fallacies gives substance to this position.

The following section on Informal Fallacies is an excerpt form Origin (Nollmeyer, D. (1997d).

A central theme is the linkage of informal fallacies, antisocial personality, psychopathy, and the creation of governance. As seen, both informal and formal rules and punishments will be addressed.

An argument is strongest when stated in the positive. An argument is valid when both it's subject and predicate are true. A case is sound when there is no negation to the subject, predicate, and conclusion.

The fallacy of arguments generally are considered fallacies of association. A system of false cases will form a circular argument. The use of language and definition are integral to a study of either informal and formal fallacies. Equivocation and the intentional misuse of similar words and phrases form a core of tactics used in Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

There are three informal fallacies that are at the core of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing: 1. ad hominem 2. ad populum 3. ad misericordium.

1. ad hominem: Against the man. This is an attack against the person. The issue at hand is not debated. The person arguing is attacked. Hence racial epithets, anger, and any reference to one's past history are used to undermine the person to halt debate of the actual case.

False Sets are a very heavily used fallacy which involve guilt by association. Simply knowing a thief does not make one a thief. Simply knowing a LGBTi person or having a LGBTi relative does not make one gay.

In law, civil rights and hate crime statutes prohibit ad populum under certain boundaries.

Testimony of Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. before the Senate Judiciary Committee

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, 18 U.S.C. § 249, was enacted as Division E of the National Defence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010.

Subsection (a)(1) criminalizes violent acts (and attempts to commit violent acts undertaken with a dangerous weapon) when those acts occur because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin of any person. This section of the statute has a broader reach than existing hate crime statutes.

Subsection (a)(2) of § 249 protects a wider class of victims. Subsection (a)(2) criminalizes acts of violence (and attempts to commit violent acts undertaken with a dangerous weapon) when motivated by the actual or perceived gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity of any person. It will also apply to violent acts motivated by animus against those religions and national origins which were not considered to be "races" at the time the Thirteenth Amendment was passed.

2. ad populum: To the gallery. This is an appeal to the audience. An appeal to the non place ingroups LGBTi (homosexual) and Straight (heterosexual) are part of this fallacy. Ad populum is a regular staple of entertainment and sports performers to support their actions vis a vis to their opponents. Wrestling entertainers can establish their careers through popularity over better trained athletes. Stump politics is very rich in appealing to groups in the abstract. A statement as, I know all families, workers, and patriots will support more foreign involvement... reflects an appeal to non place groups.

3. ad misericordium: To the misery of the people. An appeal is made to a group of persons in a location. Currently the Syrian population is undergoing an intense civil war. 140,000 have been killed, 200,000 are living under siege, 1,000,000 are refugees, and 1400 have been killed by a Sarin nerve gas attack. An appeal to create an irrational base of sympathy for the suffering falls under this category. Empathy is the rational response.

4. ad vericundium: Such is an an appeal to an important person. The appeal that the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program is part of an Attorney General Exception that President Obama has received is being used as a justification for those stalking on cue from LAPD. The argument that any substitute president proffered will be fallacious.

5. ad bacuulum: The use of force to win the argument. Joseph Stalin's response to Pope Pius over his WWII Strategy was simply, "How many forces do you have at the front?"

A historical framework of a King emerging and awarding peerage to create a House are integral to the theory of government. A duke or baron is a smaller king in the House. His charge are princes and princesses. A knight is one who performs notable exemplary service to the Crown.

In a monarchy rights are differentiated by birth. Hence there are nobles and commoners. Primogenitor is the right of the first born male. The arrangement of marriages, especially who may marry whom is integral to the trajectory of forms of Government.

Classical Forms of Government









6. True Chronology: History is a sequence. Hence if Jesus died 2014 years past his birth could not have predated Buddha or Plato. The dating of a Bhoddhi Tree in India is pushing Buddha's era close to 500 BC. Plato's birth is cited as 428 427 to 348 347 BC.

The core activities of MOEC are attributable to the 1930s. It is very likely that the Membership lived towards the 1970s. Much work may have been performed and handed off to Scotland Yard officers to blame such distributing implication in the conspiracy. Back dating events to the 1930s is also highly likely to create a false chronology and ad hominem.

7. Petitio principi (begging the question) conclusionary statement: The conclusion is given in the premise. The classical example is stated as, Have you stopped beating your wife? This fallacy is often used with logical extension.

8. Logical extension: The use of validity alone to establish a sound proof may result in this error. In math 2,4,6,8 is a correct series by n + 2. 2, 4, 8, 16 is correct by N squared. Arguing that Plato predicted socialism by extending some communalism in The Republic is false. Even though the USSR most closely resembles the text, his model is an Aristocracy. What is the world's oldest language and faith? The Aryan invasion of what is now India is being contested. There is a deep cognitive bias in the academic research.

9. Reductionism: This is the opposite of logical extension. Mechanism argues that reduction of all phenomena to physics. Such will have an equivalent mathematical proof. Attempting to reduce the cosmos to a universe, to a solar system, to an atom yields errors. Gravity holds the largest events together while quantum forces exist below the atom. Hence gravity does not explain quantum events.

10. False Cause: Mechanism states a structure and process model (Mechanism 2021). A structure is the most stable equilibrium of a phenomena. The visual cortex of the brain is in control of sight. This states that function is localized. If this structure is damaged one may become blind. Sight may be lost even if the eyes are 100 percent healthy.

11. Hasty Generalization: Conclusions are reached without due deliberation or consideration of the facts. Spontaneous responses may be attributable here. President Reagan's public persona was a result of deep preparation and theater. It appeared that he had very solid answers available to the press corps at will. The imitation of Reagan in this regards is also ad vericundium. This is a staple of Gay Irrationalism. Answers to many challenges are spurious at best.

12. Fallacy of Separation: This involves a ratio concept. Considering a 90 percent correct answer incorrect when it satisfies a boundary is false. On the contrary considering a 10 percent correct answer to be correct when 90 percent is wrong easily takes the subject out of context in order to reach a conclusion.

13. Atomization: This is the reduction of an argument to the lowest possible ratio, hence raking the leaves to build the house or sanding the body of a car to get the engine running. These ratio base qualifications are the staple of the Tournament. Hence Gay Irrationalism will skew demonstrable skill to a member of the ingroup stating that the outgroup is non performing the same operations.

14. Argumentum ad ignorantum: Appeal to ignorance. This is another staple of Gay Irrationalism. The baseline in MOEC is a Masters Degree or equivalence. This is not a legal standard. Fry and Daubert are the legal standards for expertise. An appeal is made to persons who are analphabetic or have never been exposed to a subject as chess. They will have no knowledge between what a Queen's Gambit is or a Ruy Lopez opening is. There are about 2000 FIDE Grandmasters who are titled having earned their norms and a 2500 ELO. The creation of an ELO system which is a player to player rating is a goal for determining the summon bonum in the Tournament.

The Totality of Circumstances Test is a United States Supreme Court measure designed to validate the information provided by an informant to police officers. There was a Two Pronged Standard in Spinoza that was refuted. The entirety of the circumstances and the quality of performance of the informant are considered as to whether the police are legally able to act on information.

President Barack Obama has stated that if Syria used Chemical Weapons this would change his calculus. This happened on August 20, 2014 in Ghouta, Syria. A Sarin attack killed at least 1400 persons. In an empirical context I was in Westwood, California. Lake Almanor, which is regarded as one the top three trout lakes in the world was despoiled. This staged theater has humiliated America and it's population from the President to a homeless person. The United States has clearly not responded to sabotage. The use of ad vericundium was present to argue that President Obama has an Attorney General Exception to not decapitate MOEC and bring those liable to trial. Obama is guilty of ad bacuulum to use the Office of the Presidency and it's powers to sustain a Crime Against Humanity. Obama's reference to calculus is one of ratio and easily a fallacy of separation.

15. Converse Accident Reverse Converse Accident: A converse accident occurs when the force of one actor is imposed over a subordinate. When a command level officer as a lieutenant orders a corporal to shoot to kill, the corporal under normal circumstances must follow the order. If the command officer miscalculates the corporal is still innocent due to a converse accident.

The Reverse Converse accident would occur if the corporal acted in a criminal manner to implicate the commander or other actor. The two fallacies can be restated as equivalences.

There are three legal instances which are prominently in concern: 1. Amnesty 2. Pardon 3. Statute of Limitations.

1. Amnesty: Amnesty occurs when the state refuses to prosecute a criminal or civil violation. Hence when a power concludes a war and consolidates territory or a population under it's jurisdiction, it must deal with the surrendered soldiers and civilians. Crimes against persons as murder should not be forgiven. Crimes against property can be. The end of Apartheid and the Nicaragua Civil War are examples. An Amnesty for unpaid taxes occurs in many states.

2. Pardon: A Pardon occurs when an individual has already been convicted. This person may be in prison. It is customary for the Head of State to free individuals on merit based considerations at the end of their term. Interestingly Billy the Kid has been pardoned by George W Bush to help his family in New Mexico. Alan Turing was pardoned in the United Kingdom for homosexuality.

3. Statute of Limitations: The Statute of Limitations defines a time period from when an offense occurred and when legal prosecution can begin. There is no Statute of Limitation for homicide. Property crimes may be prosecuted within 5 to 7 years depending on the jurisdiction. RICO Enterprises have a 10 year Statute of Limitation (RICO 1970).

16. Red Herring Strawman: A Red Herring is a distraction or deflection from the argument at hand. A Strawman is a misrepresentation of a person or argument. The two are often used together. Negatively calling one a Communist is ad hominem and also a distraction from real argument. In law a criminal can not legally advocate for a victim. A hostage taker can not legally represent the views of the victim he or she is imprisoning. Inventing a position as stating that Plato would have supported nuclear weapons because he believed Sparta was superior to Athens is a fallacy. Plato is dead. The use of logical extension and as ad vericundiumcreates a Straw Argument.

I clearly represent my own views. It is impossible for LAPD or any party pertaining to the Gay Militia to advocate or state that they express my views. I am anti nativistic, do not support ethnic nationalism, universal over particular, and wish to work from strong to weak in the first instance descending if it is possible. The use of the Red Herring Strawman Fallacy is a cornerstone of In Circulo Demonstrando in MOEC Studies.

A very compact manner to discern the content of the Script is to visualize a Square of equal sides as a jigsaw puzzle of irregular pieces. There are 100 pieces. Each piece represents 1 percent of the total puzzle. One is given 3 pieces to begin. One piece may be a corner. One may be an edge or of inner content. There may be clues from the color and object in the pieces as to what the whole comprises. This puzzle has an alpha level of 3. This model is analogous to the Blind Man and the Elephant. Of interest Alex Trebuck of Jeopardy! has just died.

MOEC also contains a system of leaks. These materials extend from the Ex Deux Maquina (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). Since the Manifest Function on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware, this information has been imposed over my person. I have been monitored by pirate radio and television. The main stream media MSM is in question on this issue as to their criminal liability. The continuation of the purge and trap involves both individuals, groups, and other objects as artificial incorporations.

At the level of human laws the attempt of this purge is to disrupt the concepts of Equal Protection and Due Process as provided in the Bill of Rights and the Second Protocol of the ICCPR.

With the condensation of the preceding materials, we have constructed a Master Passion and it's Bodyguard.

In United States law, the term color of law denotes the mere semblance of legal right, the pretense or appearance of right; an action done under color of law adjusts or colors the law to the circumstance, yet the stated apparently legal action contravenes the law. Under color of authority is a legal phrase used in the United States indicating that a person is claiming or implying the acts he or she are performing are related to a lawful role by his or her duty as an official actor of governmental power, especially if the acts are unlawful.

The United States Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution to construct laws regulating the actions of the law enforcement community. Under color of law, it is a crime for one or more persons using power given by any governmental agency, to deprive or conspire willfully to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Criminal acts under color of law include acts within and beyond the bounds or limits of lawful authority. Off duty conduct by officers can also be inclusive if official duty is asserted in some manner. Color of law may include public officials and non governmental employees who are not sworn law enforcement officers such as judges, prosecutors, and private security guards (Hate Crimes).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

U.S. Code as of: January 19, 2004

Title 18 Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title,or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

There is a Swindle to defraud my work on the Origin GUI (GUI 2019). The population of the world is approximately 7.8 billion persons. FIDE Titled Chess Players number about 12,000. There are less than 2,000 Grandmasters at 2500 ELO. MOEC has designed a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack as a theme. In this nexus under the Electronic Surveillance in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth we have Hate Based Stalking. This is contemporaneous with COVID 19. Over 51,785,368 persons have been infected with 1,278,394 deaths worldwide. The United States has suffered 10,554,190 cases and 245,746 deaths. On November 10, 2020 there were 130,495 cases recorded.

The setting in which a crime occurs can have a bearing on the punishment.

There is a polarity between LGBTi Same Sex and Heterosexuality Opposite Sex persons under MOEC. In this instance a conflict exists which is group or tribal based. Persons are placed in array in roster form, a Venn Diagram may be used. There are now two set of individuals that can now be scored. The FIDE Titled Players are a subset of N.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The alienation of one individual from their legal person before the court obstructs the Sovereign Citizen Relationship. Barack Obama and my person are born one day apart. I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico and he was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are therefore cohort rivals.

After my birth my military family moved to Camden, Delaware. MOEC monitors it's primary targets electronically nearly 24/7 365 days per year. Significant events as learning to speak or walk usually would invoke the presence of a LAPD officer. At this time period an officer acting as Periander would be present. My awakening to my social setting in my family was disrupted by one strong Lycurgus Sweep and other events that I can remember that were refreshed in my briefing after June 17, 1987. One Sweep involved the presence of my deceased uncle Gordon Maxwell III and a young Joe Purzycki. I had a toy canon. My uncle was holding me and I actually fell on the canon. I cried but was not hurt.

Another instance which occurred when our neighbors whom had a white horse brought their pet to the side of the house. The reference is to Alexander the Great and Kalki, an Avatar of Krishna. Imposed over this event was the name of Chess IM Daniel Rensch of Arizona. He is now Chief Chess Officer of LLC. (Rensch 2020). Also interesting is what I believe is the name of a Professor Owens at Redwood College of Del Norte whom was also a type of judge. I would eventually take Political Science 7 Contemporary Social Problems in 2002 at College of the Redwoods with him instructing. He taught from his notes, not the textbook. The power of Op Ed Journalism was a focus of the course as was the film Wag the Dog, where a President creates a fabricated pretense to fight a war in Albania to avoid scandal. The reference to Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox Scandal in baseball, considered to be the worst in History emerges.

Wag the Dog was released one month previous to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent bombing of the Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan by the Clinton Administration in August, 1998. These similarities lead the media to draw comparisons between the film and concrete history. Clinton intervened in the Kosovo War during the spring of 1999 initiating a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, which coincidentally bordered Albania and contains ethnic Albanians (Wag the Dog 2020).

After returning from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico back to Delaware, my family lived in Rodney Village in Kent County in the Caesar Rodney School District. This is also the same neighborhood where Joe Biden would later begin his political career. Biden has clearly won the popular vote in the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election. However incumbent Donald Trump has launched a very controversial series of lawsuits to prevent the certification of the vote. This may ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

My father would drive the family to see our grandparents in Oxford, Maryland some 50 miles away on the Chesapeake Bay. I can clearly remember the being pointed out to the pirate radio coming out of the AM only radio. We were always followed by the police and others on these trips. I am sure my father whom was a MP was aware of this. I would argue that the name of Daniel Rensch was mentioned again. Rensch was born on October 10, 1985. He was considered a chess prodigy. He holds the record for Arizona's youngest Master at age 14 (Daniel Rensch).

I can also remember the mention of the Zodiac Killer. After Akbar began I had to hitchhike past Lake Berryessa several times. The Zodiac Killer or simply Zodiac or the Zodiac, is the pseudonym of an American serial killer who committed homicides in Northern California from at least the late 1960s to the early 1970s. His identity remains unknown. The killer devised his name in a series of taunting letters and cards sent to the San Francisco Bay Area press. These letters included four cryptograms or ciphers. The crime scene in Napa, California involved Bryan Calvin Hartnell, 20, and Cecelia Ann Shepard, 22, whom were stabbed on September 27, 1969. Hartnell survived eight stab wounds to the back. Shepard died as a result of her wounds on September 29, 1969. Coordinates: 38°33′48.29″N 122°13′54.43″W (Zodiac Killer 2020).

An important consideration in MOEC Studies is that MOEC is designed across all domains in the Post Graduate PhD level or past grade 20. The P Versus NP, Riemann Hypothesis, and the Schrodinger Equation are the most advanced math problems I have referenced. Precalculus or Algebra 4 satisfies the Advanced Placement or AP sequence or Grade 12 in most states. Calculus with limits, derivatives, and integration are the beginning of Algebra 5 or the freshman first year of University. Trigonometry or the use of radians in the unit circle may now be taught in Algebra 2. The full course of Trigonometry is Algebra 3 level or the junior year of high school.

In the zeitgeist, the 340 Zodiac cipher has been cracked. This was announced on December 11, 202O (Zodiac Cipher 2020). In a video posted on YouTube, Virginia web designer David Oranchak states that the cipher was cracked with the assistance of Australian applied mathematician Sam Blake and Belgian Jarl Van Eycke, a code breaking software engineer.

Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher

Zodiac 340 Cipher

I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me that wasn't me on the TV show which brings up a point about me I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradice all the sooner because I now have enough slaves to work for me where everyone else has nothing when they reach paradice so they are afraid of death I am not afraid because I know that my new life is life will be an easy one in paradice death.

A lawsuit from the State of Texas was denied writ of certiorari by the Supreme Court on this date certainly ending Donald Trump's Quixotic Journey to a second term. "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts it's elections," the court wrote. Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, dissented that the court does "not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction." The two jurists argued while they would have allowed the filing of the complaint, they would not have granted Trump or Texas, any of the relief they sought (Texas Suit 2020).

The Tournament: In Circulo Demonstrando

Hellen Keller

Hellen Keller

As goodness stands in the intelligible realm to intelligence and the things we know, so the sun stands in the visible realm to sight and the things we see.

Plato The Republic VI (508c)

It is a concrete fact that the Tournament is a Swindle. Such is no more than a Prisoner's Dilemma based Power and Control trap. The Gay Militia are simply the Bodyguards of a Master Passion. In this instance we will follow Plato although his methodology is not exclusive to other touchstone methods outside of Western Civilization.

In Platonic Philosophy, a Theory of Forms exists which is a priori to what we experientially perceive ex posteriori. If an ideal tree exists then the tree we see through or eyes and senses descends from such.

In The Republic, Socrates presents the analogy of the sun (508b 509c), the allegory of the cave (514a 520a), and the analogy of the divided line (509d 511e). Socrates reveals the sun as this "child of goodness." He argues that just as the sun illuminates, bestowing the ability to see and be seen by the eye, with it's light, the idea of goodness illumines the intelligible with truth. He concludes that truth is not to be known through the senses. It is this goodness in which the other senses need to perceive the truth.

The Allegory of the Cave was presented in the The Republic (514a 520a) to compare "the effect of education παιδεία and the deficit of it on our nature." It is written as a dialogue between Plato's brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates.

In the allegory, Plato proposes that people untutored in the Theory of Forms are similar to prisoners chained in a cave whom are unable to turn their heads. Their visibility is limited to the wall of the cave. A fire is burning behind them. There is a parapet between the fire and the prisoners along which puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, manipulate puppets that cast shadows upon the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see the puppets, the real objects, that are being manipulated behind behind them. The prisoner's perceptions are only shadows and echoes cast by real objects that they do not see (Cohen, M. 2006).

Plato's thesis is that the general terms of our language are not objective names of the physical objects that we can see. They are actually names of things that we cannot see, objects that we can only perceive with the mind. The material world is only a perverted reflection of the Ideal World. The form of the Good is then the highest form.

The Divided Line

Plato's Divided Line

The Divided Line is presented at the end of Book 6 of The Republic, with further remarks in Book 7 (Rep 6.509d 6.511e; 7.533c 7.534b). Plato devises a line to categorize human knowledge into four levels, which differ in their degree of clarity and truth. This line is divided into two sections of unequal length. The upper level corresponds to Knowledge, and is the realm of Intellect. The lower level corresponds to Opinion, and concerns the world of sensory experience. Plato states only that the sections are of "unequal" length. The conventional perspective is that the Knowledge section is the longer one.

Each section is bisected producing four line segments which correspond to four cognitive states or modes of thinking. Proceeding from the highest to lowest, these are (Uebersax, J. 2014):

Noesis: immediate intuition, apprehension, or mental perception of principles

Dianoia: discursive thought

Pistis: belief or confidence

Eikasia: delusion or sheer conjecture

The Bacchanal which are Roman wine festivals are most likely derived from Greece are introduced. The Cult of Apollo entraps the Cult of Dionysus with wine. Dionysus is the God of wine, festivals, eroticism, and certain aspects of spiritual ecstasy. The workers are his followers. The workers of the field partake and enter into conflict with Artemis, (Diana) the Virgin Goddess of the hunt in Pursuit of Dionysus. She is invincible and tears the workers into shreds. Dionysus, being a God can not be killed. He is therefore bound for 1000 years. Subsequently he becomes free and havoc then reigns until he is bound once again.

The Conservatives and Republicans descend from the Cult of Apollo. The Liberals and Democrats descend from Dionysus.

Frederich Nietzsche is attributed to promoting the Apollonian Dionysian Dialectic (Apollo & Dionysus).

The Erlkonig

Erlkonig or the Elf King is a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The prose depicts the death of a child assailed by a supernatural being, the Erlking, a kind of demon or king of the fairies. It was originally composed by Goethe as part of a 1782 Singspiel, Die Fischerin. Erlkonig is considered Goethe's most famous ballad. The poem has been set to music by multiple composers, most notably by Franz Schubert (Purdy, D. 2012).

The poem narrates a story of a father riding with his young son on horseback to the German Hof which has a rather broad definition as yard, courtyard, farm, or royal court. It is evening and the weather is foul. The son claims to see and hear the Erlkonig or Elf King. His father claims to not see or hear the spirit. He attempts to comfort the young boy presenting natural explanations for the child's perceptions, a wisp of fog,a rustling of leaves, and shimmering willows. The Erlkonig attempts to lure the child into joining him by promising gifts, amusement, rich clothes, and the attraction of his daughters. Finally the Erlkonig declares that he will seize the child by force. The boy shrieks that he has been attacked. The father begins to ride faster to the Hof. Upon reaching the destination, the child is dead.

The Erlkonig's nature has been the subject of scholarly debate. The name literally translates from German as Alder King. The common English translation is Elf King. This is translated as Elfenkonig in German. It has been proposed that Erlkonig is a mistranslation from the original Danish Elverkonge, which does translate to King of the Elves. In the original Scandinavian version of the tale, the antagonist was the Erlkonig's daughter rather than the Erlkonig. The female elves or Danish elvermøer desired to ensnare human beings to satisfy their desire, jealousy, and lust for revenge (Erlkonig 2020).

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst composed the Grand Caprice on Schubert's 'Der Erlkonig, D. 328' Op.26 in 1854 for violin based on the original voice and piano. It is considered virtuostic in it's technical demands.

I attended Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California in Spring and Fall of 2002. I enrolled in six courses completing 16 units for a 3.625 GPA. I enrolled in Principles of Economics or Microeconomics 1 in the Spring. My other focus of study was Music 3C or Baroque Counterpoint which was taken with George Stone as the instructor in the Fall semester. The main issue at hand is that Chris, a cohort and past University of Santa Cruz student, was also in the class. There were 7 students enrolled in the Counterpoint class (George Stone 2020).

During my attendance at Cuesta College, I worked simultaneously on I was also engaged as a Freedom Writer for Amnesty International. I started my first webpage from a phone booth in Carlsbad, New Mexico in 1997. I began the site above in 2001. I have regarded my content, written under duress as the most direct effort by any individual or group to date to oppose and decapitate MOEC to it's Authorship. The domain is still being increased and maintained in spite of multiple attacks.

Chris was a biology major, violinist, and a vocalist. He has a trap imposed over him. He is a parity in a boundary. If he fails in his skill sets or if any individual surpasses him the Yellow Brick Road becomes despoiled. The same has occurred at a greater magnitude if I do not defect and become a LBGTi individual most likely as a Gay or Bisexual male. We are considering a transformation in a world population N of 7.8 billion persons in 2020.

During my Counterpoint class I pointed out that this trap was imposed over Chris by a third legislator. This is a clear violation of his Equal Protection and Due Process Rights. There is nothing he could do about this. He had attended UC Santa Cruz, the strongest school of any of the other students. It appears that if formal proceedings occur in the future, Chris and Stone are surely going to be witnesses. This facet was also ascertained during the semester.

I am sure that the class and others at Cuesta were aware of my work. I arrived at school by 8:00 am each morning and remained to about 4:00 pm each day working in the Computer Lab before catching the late bus back to Cambria.

In the following presentation Cambridge had desired that this material be heard on the Cuesta College Campus and not at any non academic territory. Professor Stone and the students in the Baroque Counterpoint were clearly able to hear material that surpassed what I was presented in 1987 to early 1988 after MOEC's Manifest Function began when I was in Dover, Delaware. Hence this created and approached a parity that was extremely difficult to foresee and predict scientifically. Originally it was stated that by Halloween or October 31, 1987 that Chris would have not been as knowledgeable in his skill sets as I was in MOEC after my initial briefing. I was sure by January 1, 1988 that I was in the top 100 persons in the world with skills in MOEC (Nollmeyer, D. (2020o).

LAPD had started what is the Pied Piper of Hamelin. In Delaware this sweep was named the Pied Piper of Hamilton in reference to Alexander Hamilton. Elizabeth Hamilton, a direct relative, was my class piano teacher when I attended Mesa College in San Diego in the early 1980s. This issue was heard by a huge portion of the school. There were members of the Economics I course assembled. I was in the central court area of the Cuesta as LAPD was running the surveillance and presenting a stream of data.

The Four Cardinal Virtues are arranged around the campus. They are Wisdom, Moderation, Courage, and Justice. Justice is the universal for all of the three previous Virtues. Justice is in the interest of the weakest.

Plato believed the world and cosmos to be a sphere, the most perfect shape. He has delineated a geometric model which all events may be projected onto. This is considered to be basic in geometry to formal mathematicians. This represents the classical view of the cosmos. Plato argued that "Each person in his own sphere" as a Statesman.

Stone gave A grades to the other 6 six students. I received a B. I went to office hours to point this out to Stone. I did not ask for a higher grade. There is no doubt that a B in Counterpoint is a solid grade. The professors and other students knew that this was not accurate. The class inclusive of Chris were aware that my work was equal to theirs. In the long run I am a journeyman musician. In my opinion it will be my completed compositions that will define my musical accomplishments. I still have hopes of completing more upper division music courses if circumstances change.

In the background outside while I was in Stone's office, I could hear LAPD narrate some of the political philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Justice is the lack of respect of persons. Justice is a matter of morality and righteousness. There was also a reference to Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. This focused on the Hobbesian State of Nature which he states as "the war of all against all." This is the condition that exists prior to government. Hobbes advocates absolutism or a Power to keep one in awe... I could also hear the names of chess GMs Larry Kaufman and Roman Dzindzichashvili. I am certain that FM Alexandra and Andrea Botez, YouTube chess influencers were mentioned. Alexandra is 24, born on September 24, 1995. She graduated from Stanford with a BA in International Relations specializing in China. Andrea is 18 and born in 2002. Her birth date is not available on the web at this time. I do not know if she had been born when I talked to Stone. The now FIDE World Champion Magnus Carlsen was heard driving around in a Tesla.

MOEC's Manifest Function coincided with 75D/Kohoutek, a short period comet discovered in February, 1975, by Luboš Kohoutek. The comet had only an apparent magnitude of 14. 75D/Kohoutek should not be confused with the much better known C/1973 E1(Kohoutek), 75D is a repeat visitor to the inner Solar System, with a period of about seven years. It passed 0.143 AU (21,400,000 km; 13,300,000 mi) from Jupiter on July 28, 1972. Apparitions have been dim, with the brightest being in 1988 at about apparent magnitude 13. I personally remember viewing the comet in New Mexico.

Halley is the only known short period comet that is regularly visible to the naked eye from Earth. It is the only naked eye comet that can appear twice in a human lifetime. Halley last appeared in the Solar System in 1986 and will next appear in mid 2061. It is possible another Akbar event is scheduled at this time.

It was argued that Cambridge had prepared a rough 1000 pages in the original briefing I received in 1987. This estimate was heard along with a prediction of how long it would take to prepare a text. The arc of lifespan of many persons were given.

The descriptions of the Hero Twins from the Popul Vuh were mentioned. The text is the Mayan Bible. The name translates as Book of the People. The narrative was originally preserved through oral tradition until approximately 1550. It was then documented by the 18th century Spanish Dominican friar Francisco Ximénez, whom prepared a manuscript with a transcription in K'iche' and parallel columns with translations into Spanish (Christenson, A. J. 2007).

In the Mayan faith Hunahpú and Xbalanqué are the second pair of twins of three, whom are preceded by Hun Hunahpú and his brother Vucub Hunahpú, and precursors to the third pair of twins, Hun Batz and Hun Chuen. In the Popol Vuh, the first set of twins, Hun Hunahpú and Vucub Hanahpú were invited to the Mayan Underworld, Xibalba, to play pelota, a precursor to lacrosse, with the Xibalban lords. In the Underworld, the twins faced many trials filled with trickery. They eventually fail and are put to death. The Hero Twins, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, are magically conceived after the death of their father, Hun Hunahpú. Later in time they return to Xibalba to avenge the deaths of their father and uncle by defeating the Lords of Xibalban. In pelota, a rubber gum ball is hit with a stick. The players pursue the ball and play is continued. In practicality, the game was training for war and most likely very aggressive.

It is generally believed that Ximénez borrowed a phonetic manuscript from a parishioner for his source. Néstor Quiroa points out that "such a manuscript has never been found," and thus Ximenez's work represents the only source for scholarly studies (Popul Vuh 2020).

This story represents a creationist account of the universe or an etiology. I had already read the text. It was one of the first books I attempted in Spanish. The name Xbalanqué (pronounced [ʃɓalaŋˈke]) has been variously translated as Jaguar Sun (x balam que). The head of Hunahpú is used as a variant sign for the 20th day in the day count or tzolkin. (Maya Hero Twins 2020)

Stone and I were able to hear LAPD deliver what I discern as conditioning in the territoriality of the school. This is in contrast to the trap of a contract or business agreement.

The popular TwoSet Violin classical comedy duo of Brett Yang and Eddy Chan were predicted. Brett was born in 1992 and Eddy in 1993.The duo are alter egos to Chris and myself.

There were predictions that I would post work on This is my actual site. I am using Notion 6 to create scores. There was also a prediction made that I would use Waveform 9 which I currently own. This is a DAW Digital Audio Workstation program. George Stone is a Pro Tools Certified instructor. Pro Tools is one of the most heavily used DAWs in the recording industry. The school used Sibelius Notation software. Avid manufactures both programs. The software that Cuesta uses and Stone teaches is slightly more expensive and resource heavy than the programs that I have.

David Keller is a past cohort of mine from Dover High School. He is a direct relative of Helen Keller who was born blind and deaf. I began playing the guitar in 1980. I have described this in Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV Chapter 4 (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n). Keller, I believe had been playing about 10 years at this time. He had used tabs. I am sure he had lessons, but I am not sure if he was a sight reading musician. At issue is that Chris has an AA in Fine Arts from Cuesta College and can read and analyse music. He has taken formal violin lessons. He would be theoretically sound at any four year university. The defection model used is that both Chris and I will fail in performance under Keller although we both hold AA degrees in Music. I believe a Lynyrd Skynrd tab book would be the victorious method. There is a roster of other musicians from Delaware whose performance levels are also predicted to be over Chris' work. Chuck Sapp, holds a BA in Music and MA in Political Science. He has quit his job as high school political science teacher. He now teaches at a music studio. Victor Ramage now works at a professional music studio in Baltimore. There is no necessity to provide a list of persons, although the arranging of persons in roster form is definitively being performed by the police. In my instance there are at least 19 million guitarists in the United States to consider in this aggregate of General Equilibrium.

I am operating under the axiom that a Segovia Schedule is a 5 hour per day, 3 to 2 hour split. It would take 20 years to master classic guitar. Pepe Romeo has stated that it would not be unusual for a professional to practice 7 to 8 hours a day.

The information on Plato presented above was heard repeatedly while students were in class in what appeared to be planned regular intervals. The analogy of the cave and the divided line were the focus.

One of the most important positions was the threat to my life if I used and published MOEC Materials. I have been writing since 1997 and have published online as powereality since 2001. The other students even without direct knowledge of MOEC could of been Freedom Writers for Amnesty International or other NGOs where lives were at stake. This would have increased their equilibrium in MOEC.

The front used is an extension from the fact that Mark Kraitchman, a UC Masters in Materials Engineering, a one time roommate in shared housing should be a parity. This is to protect Dodo. It also has a direct implication against the Lieutenants in the Gay Militia.

The Pauline Transformation was mentioned. The Conversion of Paul from a Jewish Christian Adversary to a Christian is important.

Several important texts from the Great Books tradition were mentioned. Saint Thomas Aquinas' Treatise on Law, A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume, The Social Contract by Jean Jacques Rousseau, and the 2nd Treatise on Government by John Locke, and Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes were some of many texts that have a strong imprint on MOEC's conditioning (Rousseau, Jean Jacques 1762). When MOEC began, I started purchasing used political philosophy texts to read at primarily used book and thrift stores. When I composed my papers I had usually read the entire text, not just chapters or search a term on the internet to build my citations.

The terms mimesis and diegesis were heard. Plato and Aristotle contrasted mimesis with diegesis (Greek: διήγησις). Mimesis shows, rather than tells by means of directly represented action of what is enacted. Diegesis is the presentation of the story by a narrator. The author narrates action indirectly and describes what is in the characters' minds and emotions. The voice of the narrator may speak as a unique character, may be the invisible observer, or the omnipotent observer whom speaks from on high in the form of commenting on the action or the characters (Plato 360 BC).

The question of learning occurs. Analphabetic, alphabetic, imitation, and mimicry are a concern. The four stages of Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theory are focalized (Piaget, J. 1968):

Piaget's Stages

• Sensorimotor stage: Birth to 2 years

• Preoperational stage: 2 to 7 years

• Concrete operational stage: 7 to 12 years

• Formal operational stage 12 years and up

The Preoperational stage is a focal system. The Symbolic Function Substage is 2 to 4 years and the The Intuitive Thought Substage is 4 to 7 years. In the Symbolic Substage children able to formulate patterns of objects that are not present. Concrete examples of cognitive ability are language and pretend play. As a child develops there are still limitations such as egocentrism and animism. Egocentrism occurs when a child can not distinguish between personal perspectives and of another. Children have a tendency to prefer their own view of what they see rather than the actual view shown to others. In an experiment performed by Piaget and Barbel Inhelder, three views of a mountain are shown and the child is asked what a traveling doll would perceive at the various angles. The child picks their own view compared to the actual perspective of the doll. Animism is the belief that inanimate objects are capable of actions and have lifelike qualities. An example is a for the child to believe that the sidewalk was mad and made them fall down (Santrock 1998).

During the Intuitive Thought Substage children begin the use of primitive reasoning. The emergence of reasoning and wanting to know why things are the way they are. The intuitive substage is named so because children realize they have knowledge of objects and facts but do not realize of how they know it. Centration and conservation are both involved in preoperative thought. Centration focuses all psychical attention on one characteristic in relation to the others. Centration is also contained in conservation as the awareness that the altering of a substance's appearance does not change it's basic properties. A child at this stage are unaware of conservation. In Piaget's most famous task, a child is represented with two identical beakers containing the same amount of a liquid. The child comprehends that the beakers hold the same amount of liquid. When one of the beakers is poured into a taller and thinner container, children who are younger than 7 or 8 years old may state that the two beakers now contain a different amount of liquid. The focus is on the height and width of the container compared to the amount of liquid. Piaget believes that if a child fails the conservation of liquid task, it is a signal that they are at the preoperational stage of cognitive development (Santrock 1998).

At least two prominent Administration of Justice professors and their texts were mentioned. They were Criminal Procedure: Law and Practice by Rolando Carmen and Criminal Law Today by Frank Schmalleger. The issue at hand is Under the Color of Law. The use of deception is both prescribed and proscribed by mainly federal court cases. It is possible for a local agency to have stricter standards as to what sworn officers are able to do. This is especially acute in entrapment and giving statements in the field and at the police stationhouse.

In economics two positions as the Little Picture and the Big Picture are presented. The short run is the former and the long run is the latter. LAPD was starting what is a circuit or loop in the entrapment. This consists of a briefing or leak. If one has watched The Dick Van Dyke Show where Robert Petrie is the target when these de facto sweeps pass through his employment and area. MOEC is identical but ontologically superior. What is also unique is that the Major Field Test for Political Science was being referenced. I do not know if these scholars are aware of or are being presented my MOEC Materials by LAPD. My work at this point in time was consistent with their content and still remains so. What is unique was that there were predictions concerning how many Citations I would use. They argued that at 100 references Chris would lose. Currently at the end of 2020 I have about 325. I am predicting about 500 for what is now MOEC Studies Version 2.

Chris no doubt would have had to have taken intensive Calculus courses at UC Santa Cruz. The class intervals of performance of the students presented were argued as Bounded Loeb, which is a component of Gödel's Theorem of Incompleteness.

If we speed up into the future, Andrew Critch of Machine Intelligence Research Institute MIRI has published a paper Parametric Bounded Loeb's Theorem and Robust Cooperation of Bounded Agents in 2016. His abstract argues that Loeb's Theorem and Gödel's Theorem make predictions about the behavior of self reflective systems with unbounded computational resources in which to write and evaluate proofs. His position is predicated that both agents have access to each others source code. In the concrete world, self reflective systems will have finite memory and processing speeds. Critch uses Loeb's Theorem to define powerful implications for the game theory of bounded agents who are able to write proofs about themselves and one another, including the capacity to outperform classical Nash equilibrium (Critch 2016).

It appears in hindsight that the emergence of Singularity was designed with either the isolation my person in Akbar, the Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth or without this ecology.

An interesting facet of MOEC is the use of the Maths and Sciences and Arts and Letters. I have considerable breadth in the Liberal Arts compared to an undergraduate 4 year university student. LAPD continued presenting material that Cambridge had prepared. The name of Anton Jutgar a Spanish socialist social scientist was mentioned. I have rough translated two editions of his Class Stratification in Contemporary Spain. These texts concern the Restoration of the De Bourbon Dynasty after Franco.

MOEC is embedded in Systems Theory. The classic text Human Behavior in the Social Environment A Social Systems Approach should be given emphasis. This text was purchased at a thrift store in Chipley, Florida about 1997 with The Social Contract (Rousseau, Jean Jacques 1762). Origin or the GUI of MOEC was also presented to me there (GUI 2019). I also prepared my Supreme Court Brief during this time period. I had read all of the texts stated above at least once. I have read this text backwards at least once. This book can be used as a template for developing the systems and components of MOEC, specifically the Organic Cell (Anderson, E. & Carter, I. 2008).

The first Spanish text I read was Spain Invertebrated by Ortega y Gasset. He has postulated a correct critique of art within as follows:

Sacred Art

Fine Art

Popular Art

An interesting artifact that was presented was the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. There is a link here to Lycurgus and the period of my youth when I lived in Puerto Rico (Nollmeyer, D. 2016f). The recent decoding of the Zodiac 340 Cipher has strengthened the convergent nature of the presentation. The artwork was created by Jan Haworth and Peter Blake. The pair won the Grammy Award for Best Album Cover, Graphic Arts for their work on the album in 1967. Blake stated that the intention was to show a new band surrounded by fans after a performance.

Karlheinz Stockhausen is the point of interest as the 5th person from the left in the top row. While alive he was considered by many to be the greatest living musician. His composition Gestang der Jungerlinge or Song of the Youthes is the Official Song of MOEC. It is about German youthes having to endure World War II. The composition contains children speaking in some parts, which was considered novel at the time. His music to many is a bridge between popular and classical music. There is a direct analogy to this exact sweep at Cuesta in Akbar.

The Pauline Transformation and Return of the Prodigal Son are integral to the mosaic in the social fabric that MOEC has entrapped. A paper or work at the University of Georgia was discussed.

The psychological skills of shaping were presented in Prisoner's Dilemma. LAPD is localistic and natavistic. I have never been endeared to describing myself as a local. I have lived in California most of my life and considered myself universal my whole life and spiritual since I was 16 years of age. Persons that are being recruited in one region or location are told to fight or attack others in another region or part of the world. While I am in San Luis Obispo, persons are told to attack persons in Delaware and vice versa. This is clearly irrational and disrupts Equal Protection and Due Process.

The Informant Ratio of MOEC was described. This is a mapping system of individuals, groups, and territories that are prescribed a number that is based on being an informant. An informant of level 10 would defeat and informant of level 8. As events escalate the Informant Ratio increases resulting in more than a drug bust or other criminal prosecution. A war is an outcome.

In this instance a figure that portrays Socrates is described. He is robed and in sandals. There are globes or spheres that collide and explode. This collision of spheres is what has resulted into what is Lycurgus Akbar. Akbar is Chemical Assault and Nuclear in magnitude.

The Collatz Conjecture and the Apollonian Spheres were described.

Other students were assembled. There is no doubt that harassment and stalking have been a problem in the Manifest Function of MOEC after June 17, 2017. In an exchange of banter with a student, I pointed out to this person that in the future this event is likely to be exposed. I was thinking that if this is 2002, and students are 18, by around 2030 when these persons are about 40 heading into the prime wage earning period some form of recognition would occur. This would clearly be a career ender.

At one point, Chris and I were standing next to one another. It was clear to me that at one point in time he may be able to use his witness of MOEC in a formal setting as a trial to achieve any parity against my output and others worldwide. The same is true for George Stone whom teaches and arranges for Hal Leonard Publications.

The Illustrated Man, the science fiction classic by Ray Bradbury was also described. This is a text of short stories that I read when I believe I was in junior high school. There is an individual whom is covered in tattoos. The tattoos come to life on his body enabling one to see the future. The chapters are the short stories. I have actually saw Ray Bradbury in the Santa Monica Library autographing his books during this event.

To surmise LAPD are using Chris as a human shield to deflect any effort to decapitate the Proximate Cause sine qua non to the origin (Proximate Cause). The repertoire of the Gay Militia and it's culture have been extended from the Divided Line and Analogy of the Cave. The culture of nativism and populism are bounded under the World of Appearances. This is in 2002. In retrospect my entire production of MOEC Studies is predicated on Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of war. I also do not smoke marijuana, gamble, and I have been or attempted to be a vegetarian since I was 16. I have played some classical guitar or nylon since I was 20 years old or 1981. The use of false sets and a lack of cardinality, especially when attempting to define natural persons is clearly a very incompetent error or criminally disingenuous.

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack is staged. Chess server, and Komodo Dragon, the company's propriety chess engine, and some of it's principals were mentioned. GMs Roman Dzindzichashvili, a founder, and Larry Kaufman an expert on the chess engine, and IM Daniel Rensch and officer were mentioned.

The introduction of FIDE Titled Chess Players was closely paired with the Administration of Justice. The Lieutenant believes he is equal to GM Larry Kaufman. Dodo believes he is equal to IM William Stewart. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, a founder, and Chief Officer IM Daniel Rensch were mentioned. Statistics and cheating expert and IM and PhD Ken Regan was named. He has worked with regarding cheating. He also believes P = NP which is going against the majority of high level mathematicians and computer scientists.

Chris has been predicted to achieve a 1650 ELO rating. This defines him as a hobby level club player. A club player is rated between 1600 and 2300.

Hladini devi dasi

Hladini devi dasi

David Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to his devotees. All glories to Sri Vrndavana Dhama.

Unfortunately I do not have any case numbers. The devotees in West Africa,

along with Bhakti Tirtha Swami reported the incident to officials at the US

Embassy in Africa. Hladini had the name Linda Richkin in her US passport. I

heard that shortly after Hladini's 'execution' (which took place in

Monrovia) Prince Johnson later went crazy and was placed in an insane

asylum. I also heard that he may have died there.

your servant,


Dated 3-28-06

The Killing of Hladini devi dasi, a Krishna devotee performing food distribution was recounted. She was killed in Liberia October 3, 1990.

Sunday, October 3, is the anniversary of the day in 1990 on which Hladini devi dasi was brutally gunned down by an extra judicial firing squad in war torn Liberia in western Africa. The death squad arrived at the Hare Krishna temple in the capital city of Monrovia in the early morning hours, and ordered the devotees to come out. Seven devotees, five men and two women, exited the temple and filed into the waiting jeep. They were driven a short distance to the Sturton Bridge, where the devotees were forced out at gunpoint and herded onto the sand next to the river. The leader announced that only the men would be killed. Thus Hladini, a woman, knew she would not be killed.

As the leader raised his weapon to fire the first execution volley, Hladini leapt forward and attacked him with her bare hands. She shouted, "How dare you kill the devotees of Krishna? Better you kill me than kill them!" Hladini was the first to be shot.

Memorial by Jalakara dasa

The Martyrdom of Hladini © 2000

Hladini devi dasi and her husband Mahananda dasa were initiated in Detroit on 29 March 1970. How she came to be in Monrovia, Liberia at the time of her death is obscure. Because she was aligned with the breakaway Kirtanananda faction at the time of her death she has never been given the recognition she deserved. Now that a general amnesty has long since been granted to the breakaway faction, and indeed as former breakaway members now serve on the GBC, perhaps her story can now be told.

By the time Hladini got to Monrovia, the various factions fighting in Liberia had gotten a reputation for bizarre behavior. They wore strange costumes like wedding gowns, Donald Duck masks, shower caps, or nothing at all. They fought in a drug induced frenzy. Many of these warriors were children who went into battle carrying teddy bears and baby dolls. Why devotees were there at all is an open question with mysterious overtones. The temple was in the capital, Monrovia, in an area nominally controlled by the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG). The Freeport area, which is about five miles outside Monrovia, was controlled by the troops of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), led by Prince Yormei Johnson. Prince Johnson was a notorious killer who had tortured and killed the former President Samuel Doe. The event was filmed on video and the copies sold in the marketplace. Johnson also was known for killing his own men at a faster rate than the enemy.

Lord Kåñëa is considered the original Purusha or Knower of the Vedas. Lord Brahma is the first material being. Since he was alone he was initiated by Kåñëa through his heart. Çruti refers to what is heard. Småti refers to what is remembered. Çruti means Vedic literature, which is traditionally, from time immemorial, is learned simply by hearing from authoritative sources. In the Çrémad-Bhägavatam in the First Canto, first verse, it is said, tene brahma hådä ädi-kavaye. Lord Brahma then became the original authority of Vedic literature. So the Lord Himself initiated. Kåñëa initiated Brahma Hådä, through the heart. Éçvaraù sarva-bhütänäà håd-deçe 'rjuna tiñöhati [Bg. 18.61]. The Lord is seated in everyone's heart. Tene brahma hådä. This also confirmed in the Bhagavad-gétä, that buddhi-yogaà dadämi tam, "I give instruction, buddhi-yogam, the yoga principle of intelligence or bhakti yoga." To whom? Teñäà satata-yuktänäà bhajatäà préti-pürvakam [Bg. 10.10]. One who is engaged with love and affection in devotional service, to him He gives instruction (Prabhupada 2 1968).

The diksa mantras that follow from Brahma are formally given as the guru whispers the prayers into the ear of the new disciple during a fire sacrifice. The new disciple is then given beads and vows to follow regulative principles. LAPD following Cambridge wished to present this data to Chris in imitation. Perhaps 100s of persons would of been able to hear this operation.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura was a Vaisnava Acarya or teacher and British Magistrate in India in the late 1800s. Thakura means having a body similar to God. He is arguably the most powerful figure in restoring Vedic culture. He gave the order to spread Krishna Consciousness in the west.

The books of Srila Prabhupada were presented. His main translations are: Bhagavad Gita As It Is, Srimad Bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrta, The Nectar of Devotion, The Nectar of Instruction, and Sri Isopanisad. He has translated or written at least 65 books. I had read nearly 100 percent of these by the age of 20.

Hridayananda das Goswami, an ISKCON devotee whom is liberal to LGBTi causes was mentioned.

Two other important Gaudiya texts are Manah Siksa by Srila Raghunatha Dasa and Bhajana Rahasya by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. This text is the advanced study of Manah Siksa. Ujjavali Nilamani by Srila Rupa Goswami is the most advanced text for Gaudiya Vaishnavism. I have been aware of all of these scriptures since my teens.

I have translated out loud the Spanish versions of Bhajana Rahasya, Manah Siksa, Bhakti Tattva Viveka by Srila Narayana Maharaja in the last year and half during COVID 19. It is now the Centennial of his birth.

MOEC is a three act play. I believe this to be an analogy to the Opening, Middle Game, and Endgame stages in chess. An Endgame in chess begins when both the opponent's queens have been removed from play. Raul Capablanca and current world champion Magnus Carlsen are considered to be the best Endgame performers.

Cognitive Inhibition Theory and Inhibition Theory are usable in developmental and survival theory. I have already stated that a graph of Absurdity and Violence is in play. I am assuming that Absurdity is X and Violence is Y. I will post a picture of the basic formula for Inhibition Theory.

Inhibition Theory

Inhibition Theory

LAPD are conditioned to be bellicose when defeated at the 6th Grade level to complete the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. They believe this to be a type of business deal or contract which is shallow.

The Deconstructionist work of Jacques Derrida was presented. His research was developed within phenomenology. Speech and Phenomena is considered to be his major work. Many consider such to be an alternative to the Platonic and Aristotelean Classical Methods.

In the continuation of the Tournament there is a challenge to proceed from a natural language, convert such into a formal logical system, and then code such into a program using a language as Python. I believe that this is a reference to the following course:

From Language to Logic

Stanford CS221 Spring 2018 2019

Owner CA: Ajay Sohmshetty

Stanford is offering this skill set at the 200 level or sophomore credit. Hence it would be an excellent course for a high school student to earn AP or advanced placement. I have no serious backend coding knowledge. At this point in time I was dabbling in an old Prolog text. Prolog most resembles Formal Logic and is used in program checkers such as spelling.

This example from Cuesta College was perceived by my person as part of the Cinderella Man model that was presented in Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n). It is actually ontologically subordinate to to the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting which others present likely were able to hear. This repertoire of intents and actions clearly breaks the legal guarantees of Equal Protection and Due Process under any standing acceptable legal system.

This Lycurgus Akbar sweep confirms the arguments I have presented as the creation of the artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The schools of thought that descend from specifically Mechanism, as tabula rasa, Relative Morality, Consequentialism, and Phenomenology, are Undermined by MOEC and and the recruitment by the Gay Militia primarily (Mechanism 2021). The Theistic traditions and Idealism are also attacked but are not as proximate to the criminal Authorship in Cambridge in this System. This will also have direct moral, legal, and historical implications for the natural persons involved and artificial incorporations.

The Langlands program was introduced. Such is a web of far reaching and influential conjectures about connections between number theory and geometry. Proposed by Robert Langlands (1967, 1970), this system seeks to relate Galois groups in algebraic number theory to automorphic forms and representation theory of algebraic groups over local fields and adeles. The Langlands program is considered to be the single biggest project in modern mathematical research. Edward Frankel of UC Berkeley describes this work as "a kind of grand unified theory of mathematics." The Langlands program would figure prominently in mapping out my travels during MOEC.

As stated I was severely threatened if I published what I know.

The Apollonian Gasket is a template. The United States, Russia, and China are the three main circles with their spheres of influence moving through Maze or spacetime. Each individual may be seen as a sphere. Prisoner's Dilemma argues that nationstates defect to one or many of the three main actors or subhegemons. This results in a tight billiard ball effect. Hence if spin is imparted on the break, this effect is imparted to the other balls in the rack. This may result in a war or other conflict.

Efraim Zuroff born August 5, 1948 is the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center office in Jerusalem. He is an American born Israeli Nazi hunter and historian whom has played a key role in bringing indicted Nazi and fascist war criminals to justice. He is also a leading opponent of Holocaust Denial. Zuroff first joined Simon Wiesenthal in 1978. In 1980 he aided the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations in preparing cases against Nazis in that country. He rejoined Simon Wiesenthal again in 1986 (Zuroff 2021).

In Africa and many other locations persons have been tortured and executed by having a tire placed around their body and then setting it on fire. This is called necklacing(Necklacing 2021). In a ritual similar to Russian Roulette, Dodo has his body inserted into a tire.

LAPD states, "That it would be like taking candy from a baby."

Luigi Boccherini's famous Fandango was mentioned. It appears that this composer has been criticized for not being concerned for leaving an accurate score for some of his compositions.

MOEC is the strongest variant of Prisoner's Dilemma ever devised. It expands and contracts the British Empire.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity. There is a convergent limit towards 2045, the date when Kurzweil has predicted Singularity will occur. In the short run he has argued that a Turing Test will be successful by 2029 completing Artificial General Intelligence or AGI. I argue this is impossible without Official Recognition of the in continuo Censorship and Sanitization of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.


Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Take Destiny into Your Own Hands.

On November 14, 2020, Barack Obama published A Promised Land, a memoir based on his ascent to and inclusive of his Presidency. In the Preface he discusses the polarity of the hypocrisy and quarrels that define America and it's contrast with it's projected ideals and values. He mentions slavery, the plight of Black Americans at the hands of the police, and the court not recognizing Native American claims to their ancestral land. He challenges the reader, "... do we really believe that our notions of self government and individual freedom, equality of opportunity and equality before the law, apply to everybody?" Is justice only for a privileged few (Obama, B. 2020)? Obama follows with the following paragraph which accurately portrays as to what I have been attempting to develop as MOEC Studies in regards to my person as being the world's most officially unrecognized human rights prisoner to date.

I recognize that there are those who believe that it's time to discard the myth, that an examination of America's past and an even cursory glance at today's headlines show that this nation's ideals have always been secondary to conquest and subjugation, a racial caste system and rapacious capitalism, and that to pretend otherwise is to be complicit in a game that was rigged from the start. And I confess that there have been times during the course of writing this book, as I've reflected on my presidency and all that's happened since, when I've had to ask myself whether I was too tempered in speaking the truth as I saw it, too cautious in either word or deed, convinced as I was that by appealing to what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature I stood a greater chance of leading us in the direction of the America we've been promised.

Obama concludes that he still believes in the ideal of America as a beacon on the hill for mankind, not inwardly for itself. His Preface mentions 178,000 dead due to the Pandemic, he does not state COVID 19. The opening to the text was dated as August, 2020 (Obama 2020).

The following is from my ICCPR Complaint.

3. Consider recent statements by President Barack Obama concerning Syrian chemical weapons: "We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized.""That would change my calculus," he added (Nollmeyer, D. 2008u).

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 30, 2012

Barack Obama is clearly playing the Power and Control paradigm to it's extreme. His concrete actions support the argument that he believes the Obstruction of Justice and Misprision of Treason will prevail past his natural lifetime and beyond.

The false appeal ad vericundium to Obama is a cornerstone in the in circulo demonstrando or circular folly that is designed to attack me personally and others whom fall victim to this ruse preserving the status of the LGBTi Authorship at Cambridge at the PhD or grade 20 level.

Efraim Zuroff is proposed as a parity in MOEC's Theory of General Equilibrium. He is clearly one of the most important Nazi Hunters in History. Hence are you the Simon Wiesenthal of your group? The LGBTi, Latino, especially concerning North, Southern, and Central American death squads, South East Asian, Islamic, and Russian despotisms should be contrasted with the justice provided to the Holocaust.

There is a direct comparison of the social science based ethnography I am making with the work of Roman Catholic Franciscan Junípero Serra. He was born November 24, 1713 and lived until August 28, 1784. He is credited with establishing the Franciscan Missions in the Sierra Gerda, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later he founded a mission in Baja California and the first nine of 21 Spanish missions in California from San Diego to San Francisco, in what was then Spanish occupied Alta California in the Province of Las Californias, New Spain (Junípero Serra 2020). The system of Missions or the Camino De Real are linked to the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, another interior system of highway which were trade route between Mexico City and San Juan Pueblo (Ohkay Owingeh), New Mexico, USA, from 1598 to 1882 (Snyder, R.L. 2008).

The use of a 1200 ELO and 12 years of age is confirmed. In the Preoperational Stage of Piaget, the quantification of LAPD membership and the Gay Militia culture as a criminal enterprise becomes focalized. The exact example is if one was presented one gram of water and the water was transferred to a 1 gram syringe or a 3 gram syringe the mass has been retained. Children judge the size of the new container. Hence the 1 gram syringe is tall and thin. The 3 gram syringe is squat. Chris is predicted to achieve a 1650 ELO. I am not even sure if he even plays chess. I have a 1700 ELO rating versus the popular Shredder App. Chris is being brought to life in a failed attempt at existentialism. LAPD has committed an error that begs the question and reflects regression or a childlike stage.

The schools or movements behind tabula rasa, Moral relativity, Phenomenology, and Consequentialism contain the defeated Gay Militia with the Origin in Cambridge.

There are about 19,800 certified universities in the world at present. This is in extension to MOEC Studies as an emergent social science. The lectern at Trinity College at the University of Cambridge is symbolic of the success of any attempt by any party to teach MOEC at this level. There have been some 12,000 Fide Titled Players. It is a refutation of the Gay Militia and the Fide Titled Chess Players to respond to an event of Mass Destruction where other natural chess players and the game's integrity is at stake. The lectern at the St. Louis Chess Club, home of the United States Olympic Team is also prominent.

As per Fraser's The Golden Bough, a new religion emerges after the slaying of a king (Fraser, J. 1922). World Champion Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian, one of the greatest players to never win the World Championship are obvious targets in the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack that Cambridge has invented as an artificial new religion.

The Queen's Gambit Accepted

On November 3, Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeated Republican incumbents Donald Trump and Mike Pence to win the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden defeated Trump handily in the popular vote by over 7 million tallies. Biden won 81,009,468 votes and 51.33 percent to Trump with 74,111,419 tallies and 46.96 percent. The results were records for a victor and for an incumbent. However the Electoral College was a concern. Biden was winning 306 to 232 surpassing the 270 majority of 538 votes.

Over 50 suits were filed. States crucial to Trump's path to the presidency as Georgia and Pennsylvania saw his early lead dwindle overnight to defeat. Mail in ballots from mainly urban precincts pushed Biden to victory.

A Stop The Steal protest occurred on January 6, 2021 to prevent Vice President Mike Pence from presiding over Congress certifying the Electoral College. The protest rapidly decayed into rioting. This event was the worse violence at the Capitol since the War of 1812.

Trump gave a speech at the rally before the protesters marched on Congress.

As a result of these events Trump was Impeached for the second time on January 13, 2021.

Trump protested until the end of his term on 12:01 PM EST. He did not attend the Inauguration.

On February 13, 2021 Donald Trump was acquitted of Impeachment by a vote of 57 to 43. A 9-11 styled commission has been created to investigate the protest and riot.

In our consideration of MOEC Studies we will argue a top down analytical argument from the Origin University of Cambridge. This is the attempted development of a Unified Field Theory that would argue from Substance or Spirit over Matter if the former exists a priori.

In the early 1900s Trinity Theologians confronted the Law School and lost a rigged Tournament. This creates the Ex Deux Maquina (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). These Actors are the hidden levers in analogy to a Fast Feed Forward Algorithm.

A System represents the highest level of organization possible. Efficiency is an important component of a System. The original subject is Rectus. MOEC uses a 1. Rectus 2. Inversus. 3 Retrograde methodology. There is a deep history regarding such attempts. Nebuchadnezzar is the Christian archetype. Hryanyakashipu is the Vedic archetype. MOEC is the adversary of Mankind.

A competitor should have a strategy and a plan. One wishes to implement their own plan. If an opponent has a strategy, they too wish to implement their plan. If a competitor can not implement their own strategy and plan, then one attempts to neutralize and defeat the opponent's strategic plans.

In this instance we observe mechanisms of The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. The use of tabula rasa, Relative Morality, Consequentialism, and Phenomenology are developed to create the Artificial Ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is Eikasia or the lowest level in the Analogy of the Cave in Platonic philosophy.

As many principals of the Membership are exposed, these persons are able to shake off the disruption and fortress themselves from total exposure. This results in the attack on then President Ronald Reagan and my person Bhakta David Nollmeyer on about June 17, 1987.

These Actors propose themselves as Iconoclasts. The tit for tat and Pavlovian Retaliation destroys many natural persons, cultural objects, ideas, and the environment of the world in which we exist. Hence the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is accelerated.

The first issue regards Eternal Law. Cambridge is attempting a deification of the LGBTi Paradigm. These Actors are attempting to devise a Universal Field Model descending from:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

This will instantly set in motion Conflict Theory between Mechanism versus Theism (Mechanism 2021) (Theism).

In reduction, we consider the morphology of systems. An atom is the primary morphological unit of matter. The cell is the primary unit for life forms. The use of the concept of a cell, it's expansions, and transformations are developed as tools to map out an ecology of a Unified Field System. This is expressed as Origin which is the Graphic User Interface GUI of MOEC (GUI 2019).



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The strategy at hand is to recreate an entrapment that replicates religion or theism. Durkheim's The Elementary Form's of Religion Life and James Fraser's The Golden Bough are principle points of departure (Fraser, J. 1922). Durkheim posits that there is no legitimate sociology that can exist over an error or lie (Durkheim, E. 1916) (Theism).

According to Fraser, kings are killed when they: 1. lose power 2. or by interval. Various rituals also emerge as dressing a pretender to the throne as a clown, permitting him access to the king's wives for a brief period of time, and then killing him (Fraser, J. 1922).

Uranus Gaia

A theme and hue of MOEC's Calendar are the beginnings of Western Civilization. This will involve primarily the emergence of Zeus, Apollo, and Dionysus.

Uranus, literally the sky or heaven, was the Greek God personifying the sky and one of the Greek primordial deities. Uranus is associated with the Roman God Caelus. In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, the primordial Mother Earth. In Hesiod's Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans. Thus they are the parental ancestors of most of the Greek Gods. No cult directly worshiping Uranus survived into Classical times.

Cronus or Kronos was the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans, the divine descendants of Uranus and Gaia, the Earth. Cronus is usually depicted with a harpe, scythe or a sickle, with which he used to castrate and depose Uranus, his father. After the overthrow he ruled during the Golden Age. Cronos was deposed by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus.

Cronus attacked Uranus and with the sickle cut off his genitals casting them into the sea. He thus became King of the Titans. Uranus made a prophecy that Cronus' own children would usurp his rule, just as Cronus had rebelled against him. Uranus' blood had spilled upon the earth. In following the Gigantes, Erinyes, Meliae emerged. Aphrodite arose from the sea from his semen or blood of his cut genitalia (Theogony):

... so soon as he had cut off the members with flint and cast them from the land into the surging sea, they were swept away over the main a long time: and a white foam spread around them from the immortal flesh, and in it there grew a maiden...

Cronus sired several children by Rhea: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, but swallowed them all as soon as they were born. He had learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overthrown by his son as he had previously overthrown Uranus, his own father.

When Zeus was about to be born, Rhea sought Gaia to devise a plan to save him. In this manner Cronus suffers retribution for his acts against Uranus and his own children.

Rhea gave birth to Zeus in Crete, handing Cronus a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes, which he immediately swallowed. Rhea brought Zeus to a cave on the island. He was raised by Amalthea. He masqueraded as Cronus' cupbearer. Since Zeus had been established as a servant of Cronus, Metis gave him a mixture of mustard and wine which Zeus presented to Cronus. The concoction caused Cronus to vomit out his swallowed children, whom were now grown. Zeus had freed his siblings whom he then lead in a war against the Titans.


Zeus then waged a war against his father Cronus with his siblings as allies: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. The Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes whom were imprisoned in the earth by Cronus also allied with him. The Hecatonchires hurled stones. The Cyclopes forged for Zeus his iconic thunder and lightning. Themis and her son Prometheus also sided with Zeus from amongst the Titans (Titanomachy).

The Titanomachy lasted ten years. Zeus and the Olympians were victorious. The Titans were imprisoned in Tartarus. The Hecatonchires were made their guards. Atlas was an important leader on the side of Cronus. He was given the special punishment of holding up the sky.

After deposing the Titans, the world was divided. Zeus was recognized as overlord. He was given domain over the sky and the air. Poseidon was bestowed the sea and all the waters. Hades was the Lord of the Underworld, the realm of the dead. The other Gods were allotted powers according to their nature and proclivities. The earth was common to all to do as they pleased, even as they ran counter to one another, being only subject to the intervention of the brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

The House of Pelops is another prominent genealogy that is associated with the Olympics that is present in MOEC's entrapment that is imposed over some natural persons (Russel 1945).

Hence this panorama gives rise to the Spindle of Necessity where the Cord of Life is woven by the Three Fates: 1. Lachesis The Past 2. Clothos The Present or Spinner 3. Apropos The Future.

Circe is an enchantress and a minor goddess in the Greek religion. Circe is the controller of potions and herbs. She could transform her enemies through the use of her potions, magic wand or staff, into animals. The best known of her legends is told in Homer's Odyssey when Odysseus visits her island of Aeaea on the way back from the Trojan War. Circe transforms most of his crew into swine.

"Circe's song and her weaving are an integral part of her character and denote her divinity: singing and weaving are her manner of being..." it is what she does when mortals are not entangled in her web. There is no doubt that her song, inextricably tied to her weaving, acts as a lure for her unsuspecting victims... Circe's song, like that of the Sirens, is a deceptive bait. It represents an alluring and comforting temptation... The Sirens' song is also perceived as a feminine temptation. Throughout the Greek faith, magic song, like weaving appears to be a feminine prerogative, distinguishable from the more instrumental music of Orpheus or the narrative of the bard. Circe's song, similar to Kalypso's, is a "song accompanied by the loom," and the medieval mermaid accompanying her song with a comb appears to be a descendant of this alluring combination (Rachewiltz 1987)."

The Sirens also are a prominent feature of the Spindle of Necessity which Cambridge has devised. These entities were dangerous creatures, whom lured nearby sailors with their singing and enchanting music to shipwreck on the rocks on the coast of their island.

Greek Neoplatonist philosopher Proclus, argues that Plato identifies three types of Sirens: the celestial, the generative, and the purificatory cathartic. The first were under the government of Zeus, the second under that of Poseidon, and the third of Hades. When the soul is in heaven the Sirens seek by harmonic motion, to unite it to the divine life of the celestial host. On earth under Poseidon their only job was to produce generation of which the sea is emblematic. In Hades it was to conform the soul to eternal infernal regimen.

In the Odyssey, Odysseus requested that he be tied to the mast of his ship to be able to hear the Sirens' Song without going mad. His sailors were told to place wax in their ears to avoid crashing the ship on the rocky coast.

In Jason and the Argonauts, Jason is told by Chiron that he will not be able to pass the Sirens encountered by Odysseus. With the aid of Orpheus he is able to sail past the Sirens. When Orpheus heard the Sirens' song, he began to play his lyre in a contest against the Sirens. His playing was louder and more beautiful. The Sirens were thus defeated. Jason was able to sail past the Sirenum scopuli, the three rocky islands which home to the Sirens.

One important facet is unique to the Sirens. If one passed by their song, the Sirens would die. It is believed that this occurred when Odysseus sailed passed the island of Aeaea.

As stated, my discovery of MOEC and it's Red Herring Strawman tactics has organized material as the Cinderella Man leading into this entrapment. In 2007 I heard a significant overview of this process unfolding in Big Pine, California (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n). In following some basal mathematics is descriptively employed to organize the various graphs and threads into the Cord of Life. I am certain that the Lawyers were no match for Cambridge or Oxford mathematicians whom allegedly placed them on the real number line. It is possible also to adjoin an Imaginary Y axis to create the complex plane which is used in the Riemann zeta function.

In the Mechanism versus Theism debate, Mechanism will argue from the tabula rasa (Mechanism 2021) (Theism). This states that the mind is a blank page on which the author is able to write upon. In the consideration of the scientist and engineer this also implies a system of substitution that permits one to create and interchange components. A requirement is that the scientist must be in control of the event from it's beginning as nuclear fission or chemical synthesis to it's final conclusion.

This thinking permits and supports eugenic engineering, transgenderism and sex change, GMO genetically modified food, and transhumanism.

As such social space is also experimental space.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization in it's current iteration is attributed to Cambridge Law School as a response to the Sheifflin Plan of Germany in the 1880s.

Luthar Collatz proposed what is now known as the Collatz Conjecture in 1937. Prisoner's Dilemma was created by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher while working at RAND in 1950. Albert W. Tucker formalized the game with prison sentence rewards and named it Prisoner's Dilemma (Maddux et al. 1997).

The formalization of cooperation or defection is not a means of confounding MOEC Studies as such is clearly evident in the Bhagavad Gita as Krishna and Balarama chose sides between the Pandavas and Pandus before the Battle of Kurukestra 5000 years ago.

Apollonian Gasket

Apollonian Gasket

A unique facet is the use of the Collatz Conjecture, Collatz Fractal, and Apollonian Gasket (Satija 2016).

The conjecture can be summarized as follows. Take any positive integer n. If n is even, divide it by 2 to get n/2. If n is odd, multiply it by 3 and add 1 to obtain 3n+ 1. Repeat the process infinitum. The conjecture is that no matter what number you start with, you will always eventually reach 1.

The point of view of iteration on the real line was investigated by Chamberland (1996). Iterating the optimized map in the complex plane produces the Collatz Fractal.

In mathematics, an Apollonian Gasket or Apollonian Net is a fractal generated starting from a triple of circles, each is tangent to the other two, and successively filling in more circles, each tangent to another three. It is named after Greek mathematician Apollonius of Perga.

The Apollonian Gasket is a packing problem.

In the consideration of a Unified Field Theory, Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is a System of a Despot imposed over creation intending to challenge Godhead in Heaven if needed.

What is at hand is a perpetual association or enterprise which desires to sustain itself unbounded.

The discussion of the Sphere of Plato lends itself to the Sphere of Influence theory in political science. A fractal will yield increasing detail into infinity as it is magnified. Hence by defection the expansion and contraction of the British Empire is based on mapping events which include natural persons and objects in these spheres within an Apollonian Gasket. This permits the addition of population and further events.

Apollonian Circle

Apollonian Circle

Apollonian Circles are used to embed objects within such. Points B and C can always observe the point H reflected on the circle as it traces the circumference. An Apollonian Circle will maintain a constant proportion between (Zilpa, Y. 2012):

Distance B H

Distance C H

A limit or a function may be embedded in the Apollonian Circle.


f(x) = 1/x

A point of interest are singularities as the Finite Time Singularity of Reciprocal Growth stated as f(x) = 1/x.

This function has a singularity at x = 0, where it seems to explode to ±∞ and is not defined. The function g(x) = |x| (an absolute value) also has a singularity at x = 0, since it is not differentiable at this point.

asymptote limit

In real analysis, singularities are either discontinuities or discontinuities of the derivative. At times discontinuities of higher order derivatives can be described as limits.

The value in the first instance is the value that the function tends towards as the value approaches from below. The value is the second case is the value that the function tends towards as the value approaches from above, regardless of the actual value the function has at the point where x = c.

During 2007 when I was in Big Pine, California a very compact and robust presentation was imposed over my natural person. I did not know that this material was developed under the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting. At the time I was heavily attempting to discern what exactly MOEC Studies comprises. I was deliberating the believability of it's content versus a strict Manifest Function presentation. This would heavily focus on the Electronic Surveillance, Stalking, and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. One in this instance confronts the duty bound officers of the United States, state, and local jurisdictions (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n).

The Membership in Cambridge are fatalistic attempting to reduplicate their image in the dependent population. This is the Image of X. The creation of the artificial ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing may organize consequent persons under this non place group regardless of their location. It may also organize a geographic territoriality. The Gay Militia is a non place group that exemplifies this type of Hybrid Gang.

In the United States this has resulted in LAPD operating a hub descending into nodes of all police stationhouses worldwide. There is a rank and file hierarchy at work. The Lieutenants refer to themselves now as Turing. The file members are Dodo. The Dodos are the fallguys for the errors of Turing.

Keywords that personify the entrapment of nativism and populism in the Western United States are Native, Local, Boy, Here, and Owning a Gun.

MOEC has a very prominent component of eugenics. This concerns the social engineering of a LGBTi Civilization. These activities above are a cord that is devised on a tree and graph. The imposition and interpolation of the rise of human civilization, in this instance Western Civilization is also entangled with other possible cultures and genealogies as the Kuru Dynasty of the Vedas.

In this entrapment both males and females are recruited on a Yellow Brick Road. The females in particularly are used as hostages to criminally entangle persons to save them by spurious and criminal means. The goal is to be able to defect and enact all of one's quid pro quosor deals. These career paths may be significant or trivial. Elton John and Pink Floyd, two of the most successful entertainers exemplify the culture. The migrants currently travelling from El Salvador and Guatemala attempting to apply for asylum now in late March, 2021 are stories of average persons. The females need to be concerned because the Principals of MOEC are Gay Misogynists.

Differential Association is a theory of Criminology that argues that crime is transmitted through language and that criminals can be identified by their use of language.

COVID 19 emerged in late December of 2019. In mid 2020 when I returned to Big Pine, I decided to remain there for the summer due to the pandemic. Wildfires broke out across the West especially in California, creating unprecedented smoke and heat hazards.

In return to this story line, we will review the trajectory into the present completing this text.

When I was composing Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV, Chapter 5, The Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting, there were salient and recessive lines presented. Chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian, of Armenia, Igor Stravinsky's The Rite Of Spring, and Tangent, a rock band were mentioned (Nollmeyer, D. 2018n)(Aronian, L. 2021). Also of importance was when Tulsi Gabbard was being discussed, Grandmaster Peter Leko his student prodigy Vincent Keymer, and Steve Arkowitz, an expert in violent sexual offenders at the Atascadero State Hospital were also presented (Keymer, V. 2021). I have been a student of Arkowitz at Colombia College in San Luis Obispo, California.

I had previously refrained from mentioning minors in my texts. These persons are being used as shields. Keymer 16, was awarded the Grandmaster title in 2020. His ELO in March 2021 is 2591. Keymer is obviously not infirm. I will only mention these persons in the public context of which they are already known. Many earn a significant livelihood from being a public person.

In continuation, in early 2021 Aronian has announced that he will leave Armenia and move to St. Louis, Missouri to play for the United States Chess Federation.

The theme we are concerned with here involves Stravinsky. He states in his 1936 autobiography (Stravinsky, I. 1935):

"One day [in 1910], when I was finishing the last pages of L'Oiseau de Feu in Saint Petersburg, I had a fleeting vision... I saw in my imagination a solemn pagan rite: sage elders, seated in a circle, watching a young girl dance herself to death. They were sacrificing her to propitiate the god of Spring. Such was the theme of the Sacre du Printemps."

Igor Stravinsky's birthdate is June 17, 1882. He died April 6, 1971. M.C. Escher, the artist also was born on June 17, 1898.

There is a link present to the Erlkonig story. In this nexus we examine a basal pattern of imposing historical stories over natural persons in the present to develop a criminal system of racketeering disrupting their lives. In review, we can claim an etiological linkage also of Orpheus and musical virtuosity to the Franz Schubert George Orwell interval of which I am following to develop MOEC Studies from an Approach to a System. This is not the only possible strategy. One has to consider that the University of Cambridge has taught over 450 majors or domains.

The other mainline I was presented was to resurrect the Manichean faith of which Saint Augustine pertained to before his conversion. His text the Confessions is very instructive. In the Preface he discusses Christian Analogies which are used in the Bible. The land is sin. The birds are good because they can fly in the sky which is closer to heaven. The trees are also good because the birds of heaven may nest there. The sea is good. These basic analogies were either used or rejected in MOEC's paint by number quantification of objects in their Book of Life.

At this time I recounted how individuals and their signature works were aligned and heard near the hub of the waterwheel near the wheat field where I was staying. I consider MOEC Studies to be the superior work presented on MOEC and the Origin GUI since June 17, 1987 (GUI 2019).

LAPD is attempting to deal off a patent to Roman Dzindzichashvili. I am not sure if the real Grandmaster or other chess players are being used. The entire frontline of are being discussed. IM William Stewart, and GM Bryan Smith are were discussed at this time. The developers of Komodo chess engine were also mentioned. They are Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, and Mark Lefler. Statistic and cheating expert, IM and PhD Ken Regan had his name heard.

IM William Stewart has a BA in Psychology from the University of Georgia. In Georgia the first step towards teacher certification is to complete a teacher preparation program that has been approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). An alternative path is available for teacher certification for those whom already hold a bachelors or masters degree who did not completed a teacher preparation program. This especially prepared for candidates who are looking to teach subjects considered high need areas. All candidates for certification in Georgia must hold at least a bachelor's degree. To become a fully certified teacher, candidates must also pass the same required examinations as traditional pathway teachers and complete one of the available alternative teacher preparation programs. Preparation programs typically take 18 months to two years for completion. These programs in either a post graduate certificate or a masters degree.

The four tier certification process for beginning candidates in Georgia includes a Pre Service certification, which is required for completion of the mandatory student teaching assignment. Candidates who successfully complete a bachelors degree, a teacher preparation program, and the Pre Service requirements are qualified for an Induction certificate for beginning teachers.

After three years of successful teaching, prospective candidates will are eligible to apply for a Professional teaching certificate. Five years later, highly qualified teachers who earn National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification or an advanced degree and who have high performance ratings in the classroom may qualify for the highest level of teacher certification, the Advanced Lead Professional in Georgia (Certification 2012).

One of the narratives imposed over natural persons is the Vuelos de la Muerte or Death Flights by the junta dictatorship during the Argentine Dirty War between 1974 1983. GM Damien Lemos, of Argentina, William Stewart's teacher is the first in the roster of persons to have In Circulo Demonstrando imposed over their person. This form of extrajudicial killing is practiced by military forces in possession of aircraft as the victims are dropped to their death from airplanes or helicopters into oceans, large rivers.

In the Argentine Dirty War, from 1976 to 1983 thousands of people disappeared likely being kidnapped clandestinely by groups acting for the dictatorship. Amnesty International estimates 20,000 are missing. Others estimate up to 30,000 persons. Many were killed in death flights usually after detention and torture initiated by Admiral Luis María Mendía. The victims were drugged, loaded into aircraft, stripped, and dropped into the Río de la Plata or the Atlantic Ocean.

Adolfo Scilingo, a former Argentine naval officer was convicted in Spain in 2005 for crimes against humanity under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction. He testified that there were 180 to 200 death flights between 1977 and 1978. Scilingo confessed to participating in two such flights, with 13 and 17 people killed respectively (Roth, K. 2001). He estimated that the navy conducted the flights every Wednesday during 1977 and 1978. 1,500 to 2,000 people were killed.

Victims were sometimes made to dance for joy in celebration of the freedom that they were told awaited them. In 1996, Scilingo said, "They were played lively music and made to dance for joy, because they were going to be transferred to the south... After that, they were told they had to be vaccinated due to the transfer, and they were injected with Pentothal. And shortly after, they became really drowsy, and from there we loaded them onto trucks and headed off for the airfield." Scilingo stated that the Argentine Navy was "still hiding what happened during the Dirty War (Death Flights 2020)."

In about August of 2019, one of the Lieutenants (Turing) attempted to teach Discreet Structures. This is a formal logic presentation that is part of a Math and Computer Information Science major. Two of the most important theorems are excluded middle and absorption. Discreet Structures are important in the study of graphs.

In September, 2020, it was reported that Rieli Franciscato was killed during April, 2019 while responding to a report of a sighting of an indigenous group in Seringueiras, in the northern Brazilian state of Rondônia. These tribes are still living in what modern civilization would refer to as the Stone Age. There are mining and logging interests in the area that are allegedly starting wildfires to push the indigenous off their land.

Rieli Franciscato, 56, was the coordinator of a team helping to protect uncontacted tribes' territories in Rondônia. He was struck in the chest by an arrow at the border of the Uru Eu Wau Wau tribe's territory. Franciscato had been summoned there after ranchers and loggers targeting the reserve stepped up their campaign in recent months, reported Survival, a global organization championing tribal peoples' rights (Mendonca, Charner & Spary 2020).

Officer Paulo Ricardo Bressa reported to Brazilian daily O Globo that he accompanied Franciscato to Line 6, a high conflict area in Seringueiras. "We started following their footsteps and got to the edge of the river, near the area protected by Funai. When we got near the border (of the protected indigenous land) we could see the sign there, 'this is a Funai reserve, no trespassing."

Franciscato started to climb a hill, with an indigenous escort with the police behind. "Then, we just heard the sound of the arrow, which hit him in the chest. He yelled and took the arrow out of his chest and ran back towards us. He managed to run some 50, 60 meters and he fell."

In a skit, GM Robert Hess, and IM Daniel Rensch attempt to teach the tribe chess. GM Bryan Smith shoots the arrow. This is the type of material that is concretely used but very hostile to rational methodologies.

The narcissism of whomever the so called Titled Chess Players are is poor. It is very clear that being a chess player does not make one a mathematician or social scientist. A Lieutenant had proclaimed himself equal to GM Larry Kaufman, a MIT PhD. He also proclaimed Dodo to be equal to IM William Stewart. I have been proclaiming that this Reverse Sting Entrapment is based on an average 12 year old 6th grader whose skill sets are equal 1200 ELO. The attempt of the LAPD's Gay Militia to train Roman Dzindzichashvili was a breaking point in exposing this Tournament Ruse.

Two new cheating scandals have emerged while finishing this chapter. The FIDE World Online University Championships had a change of results. Iulija Osmak scored 4.5/5 in the final of the Women's Rapid section of the 1st FIDE World University Online Chess Championship. Her score has been changed to 0/5, with Julia Antolak has been declared the winner. Osmak, 23, won the 2017 Ukrainian Women's Champion, stated she was disqualified based on a statistical analysis of her five games from the final. She has expressed a willingness to take a lie detector test to dispute the verdict. The Fair Play Panel of the event say 20 players in total were disqualified, but that they are not claiming "proof of actual cheating (FIDE Scandal 2020)."

The Fair Play Panel states it took more than 70 hours to analyse 5036 games. Their decision was based on:

statistical evidence

host internet platform (HIP) evidence

physical evidence

expert opinion

IM Lev Rozman, also known as GothamChess on YouTube, with 700,000 subscribers, was defeated on by an Indonesian player Dewa_Kipas. His followers reported the account resulting im Dewa_Kipas being banned. An uproar online emerged with Dewa_Kipas facing IM Irene Sundar in a 3 match tournament resulting in 1 million viewers, which is a record for chess. Dewa_Kipas went 0 for 3. stated his ELO for the series was 1160.

I have previously taken Copi's Logic at Laney College. At this point in time I realized that the Lieutenant had no idea of what formal logic is (Copi, Cohen, & McMahon 1961).

A correct study of logic begins with language, then equivocation, and informal fallacies. Venn diagrams and truth tables are then introduced. The formal theorems as Modus Ponens then follow. I though that De Morgans was the most important theorem after Modus Ponens. Most proof checker programs use the Horn Form of De Morgans.

The Law of Excluded Middle states that every proposition or it's negation is true, hence true or false. It is a tautology. Bertrand Russel has proposed a very simple P v - P.

Absorption states that if P implies Q, then P implies P and Q.

The Lieutenants believed that a circular argument is a proper object of Discreet Structures or Formal Logic by logical extension. This results in no more than a reductio ad absurdium. This is the inversus of logic and is irrational. This type of demonstration or lack of it is the worst defeat in the ruse Tournament which orretly is a Swindle. It is an outcome of the defense mechanisms of the Authorship. It descends through the Ex Deux Maquina as conditioning on a Yellow Brick Road or defection (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a).

The use of Numberphile's Riemann Hypothesis video by Edward Freckle is a signature defeat for the Lieutenants.

The other prong of defeat for the Lieutenants, and the Gay Militia is the Deification of the LGBTi Platform. This focuses on Sexology and Sexual Emancipation. LAPD is Scripted to attempt to reflect my knowledge and defeat me in superiority. This would have a boundary of a 12 year old with a 1200 ELO across all domains. If I choose Math, Dodo's skills in graphing are in the I Quadrant. He clearly lacks any concept of a quadratic as X square. Any attempt to explain to him that this is an inverted Bell Curve is met with an incompetent display of bending and twisting that is addition or logical extension. After this fails, the Lieutenant, whom at times is guiding or Dodo begins attacking with sexually loaded language which is misogynist. This is polymorphous perversity.

If I begin to close texture on this argument, I believe the Sexology foil will yield the worst results for the Gay Militia. This is due to Scripting, defection, and genetic incompetence. It appears extremely trivial but under scrutiny appears part of a plan.

It is clear that MOEC as a criminal enterprise is designed to radiate through LGBTi persons first and then to Opposite Sex heterosexuals secondarily.

The unprecedented 2020 Wildfires forced me to return to the Colorado River area near Blythe, California and Ehrenberg, Arizona in late October. This area is the poorest in the United States and academic achievement is commensurate. It is April, 2021. The United States has over 560,000 COVID 19 deaths. The CDC has extended the eviction moratorium until July 30, 2020. Over 8 million persons are behind in the rent.

One should attempt to turn the snake into a ladder, not a snake into an arrow. This analogy to the popular child game Snakes and Ladders is applicable. At this point in time it is clear that there is a purge or cull of the working class. The Wealth of the Nation lies in the management of it's labor. This famous quote of Adam Smith is a boundary to the Caveman Attack which pits the least intelligent against the highest intelligent. There is a targeting of both the the environment and natural persons. The profile of a person being told to be a local, native, own a gun, and being asked if they are standing in the air is a total statement of the culture of incompetence and corruption of the Gay Militia.

The informants are being built into the walls of the culture. Persons whom support a laizze faire position on gun ownership are no where to be found as patriots. The Colorado River Valley, Owens Valley, Siskiyou, Lassen, and Plumas counties in California are all gun ownership strongholds that demonstrate high levels of human rights abuse and Misprision of Treason.

After two years, one would have been able to pass an AA in Administration of Justice enabling one to qualify to become a law officer in most jurisdictions nationwide. This is prejudicial to the FIDE Titled Chess players. Conversely I am still playing at over 1700 ELO with decreased time, maybe only one hour per day. However my theory has increased as I have purchased multiple chess bundles since the Pandemic began.

The cognitive skill to comprehend the Riemann Hypothesis and the P versus NP problem are confirming my observation that the Lieutenants may be only 50 percent of skill level at MOEC Studies. This is occurring while they are proclaiming to lead and teach the FIDE Titled Chess Players and the population here in the Colorado River Valley.

In return, Fraser's theory states that religions begin with the slaying of a king. He argues that in the Tauric Diana worship at Nemi that a priest whom is also a murderer emerges. Within the sanctuary there was a tree of which no bough could be broken off. Only a runaway slave was permitted to break off a bough. If he was successful he was permitted to fight the king in one on one combat. If he was successful he was given the title Rex Nemorensis or King of the Wood (Fraser, J. 1922).

In their duel the Membership selected from the great masterpieces of civilization as upper boundaries in General Equilibrium. The King James Red Letter Bible is considered the greatest achievement of Cambridge. The school's work on the Platonic Tradition is also highly considered.

Francis MacDonald Cornford is presented as the Machiavelli of MOEC. There is no exact manner for my person to define this claim. It could easily be Benjamin Jowett of Oxford and or a composite of many scholars.

We should observe that the British School of Platonism is stronger than the German School. The reason for such is that the British take the original intent of the author at face value and then begin to examine such critically. The German School is more existentialist and treats works as a device to be interpolated. The Greeks and Russians also have weight in Platonic Analysis.

The Republic states a goal of creating a world of Philosopher Kings. To date the Inversus of this activity has occurred. The result is a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. This has resulted in the formation of the artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. tabula rasa, Moral Relativism, and Phenomenology support this pattern In Circulo Demonstrando.

This event is embedded in an Ecological Systems model. There is a theme of a Tournament which is a ruse. Hence more accurately stated this is The Swindle. The Archetype is the Kuru Dynasty of Maha Bharata or classical India under the Patriarch Drhtarastra whom was blind. Duryodhana swindled the Kingdom from Yudhishthira, the rightful heirs in a game of Paschi, which is a precursor to modern chess. Shakuni rolled the dice for Duryodhana. His dice were made of human bones and were loaded.

Previous to Yudhishthira's many gambling defeats, Draupadi was humiliated by disrobing in the assembly. Krishna intervened by providing her sari with unlimited cloth.

The issue of conflict is a Master Passion of LGBTi homosexuality versus Opposite Sex heterosexuality.

True Chronology is often the point of departure for successful forensic logic. Etiology or causation is embedded within a Hollow Earth model. Rationalism versus Irrationalism are a focus. Nativism and Populism descend into a set of natural persons. Common sense is seen as in Inversus to Technological Singularity. The Flat Earth Movement is a group which is being entrapped. The game of Chess has roots in Vedic Civilization which presents a cosmology of 14 planes of material nature in which the systems above our earth may be seen as Higher Dimensional Space HDS. These planes are considered to appear flat.

Fatalism and Dependence to the Despot is manifest. The Censorship and Sanitization of what are now 7.8 billion persons are in equivalence to Menticide or Brainwashing. The Rape of the Mind by A. M. Merloo is a focal text (Merloo 1956). The Stockholm Syndrome where victims come to identify with their oppressors is also a factor in nexus with Prisoner's Dilemma.

As many principals of the Membership are exposed, these persons are able to shake off the disruption and fortress themselves from total exposure. This results in the attack on then President Ronald Reagan and my person Bhakta David Nollmeyer on about June 17, 1987.

The Membership propose themselves as Iconoclasts. The tit for tat and Pavlovian Retaliation destroys many natural persons, cultural objects, ideas, and the environment of the world in which we exist. Hence the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is accelerated.

The entrapment concludes at a future time when MOEC Studies is in the curricula on the University of Cambridge's lecterns.

Lectern - Trinity College

Lectern Trinity College


Would You Know How to Create A Government?

The University of Cambridge has created a de facto and corrupt defection model named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is a clear attempt to eugenically design a LGBTi Civilization. This has failed resulting in a War Crime (War Crimes 1998). An in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program has been imposed over my person in a Manifest Function since June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware. I am arguing that the world's population is now 7.8 billion persons. COVID 19 has been extant since January 1, 2020.

The first act of Equal Protection and Due Process is to decapitate the Proximate Cause sine qua non Principals, Accomplices, and Accessories to the origin (Proximate Cause). In this consideration, sworn duty bound legal officials who are required to Officially Recognize this event are the first to confront. The clergy, academics, business, sports, and entertainment figure are of secondary importance. Every possible strategy has failed due to the Obstruction of Justice.

The critique of Mechanism is easier to peruse as it is more objective to all observers and does not require a qualification of faith (Mechanism 2021). One can argue a taxonomy of species in an Ecology of Systems format from subatomic elements to differentiate matter from life. Next would be lower plants and animals to humans. The following consideration are the outputs that humans create and leave in the social environment. Are these acts totally hard deterministic? What are the universal and particular considerations? In the particular how have Same Sex Male individuals and groups emerged in Cambridge to design a War Crime in plain sight imposed over one natural person your author? One may also posit a counterexample.

In a demonstration of Gay Irrationalism how have these Actors recruited individuals and groups in a hierarchy to be their defense mechanism and be subsequently purged by informal and formal methods?

The use of Same Sex quid pro quos creates the Yellow Brick Road. This attack on meritocracy is embedded in a Reverse Sting Operation. In particularity, Marijuana was the focal target. The pairing of Chemicals to all objects creates the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program resulting in double crimes if the object was illicit in the first instance. Same Sex persons are told if they deliver the quid pro quos they keep the air clean. This is a form of prostitution.

The Gay Militia of LAPD, particularly the Lieutenants are Scripted to reflect and defeat my personal repertoire in any domain. In consequence, I have surpassed any other person's attempt to Systematize MOEC into a domain. These actors leaked the data to me from June 17, 1987 in a hierarchical set descending from Franz Schubert to George Orwell. MOEC Studies has easily surpassed the works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. MOEC is the source of these author's output.

Under MOEC's purge, FIDE Titled Chess Players as individuals and a class have been converged in what appears to be an endgame in an Arc of Lifespan event. The Swindle over Origin, MOEC's GUI or Graphic User Interface focalizes the emergence of Technological Singularity (GUI 2019). The Manifest Function of MOEC is a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity. Origin also has been referred to as the Joe Virus. This is a clear extension of Eikasia and the artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The Scripted arguments of LAPD and the FIDE Titled Chess Players are static and many are solvable by a 12 year old 6th grader, or 1200 ELO. In the future the LAPD Gay Militia, their accomplices, and accessories will be defeated as MOEC Studies as will be taught from the 19,800 accredited universities descending into the elementary school system in many arguments that only reflect the elementary school level. The Pre Operant levels of Piaget, and the Oedipal and Electra complexes of Neo Freudian thought are modelled and entrapped.

MOEC is no more than University of Cambridge expanding and contracting the United Kingdom. This is escalated as the Membership do not appear to have anything to lose as they despoil humans and the environment. An example is that if MOEC chemically contaminants all the used books in stores, they will have to be destroyed. Hence there is a possibility that persons will need some type of electronic internet device to retain memory of the past. This is acute for the Jewish Community and Holocaust Remembrance. Jewish players have a significant representation in the 12,000 known FIDE Titled Chess Players. There is pathos and no accountability.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The Gay Militia lead out of LAPD are Irrational, Antisemitic, anti Latino, and anti African American. Their recruitment of LGBTi persons to join them is a hybrid crime structure. It forms a component of the Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. This is a mapping of the world population N and as such all are not LGBTi natural persons. The output of this racketeering is a war of attrition where the Authorship Cambridge has killed off their conscience as to what is right or wrong and has isolated my natural person to attack me. This also alienates individual citizenship. The accomplices as persons attacking are facing statutes of limitations. I do not support this Gay Irrationalism or any form of extremism that is lead by LAPD. I am old enough at 59 years of age to be the parents of many FIDE Titled Players. They are lightning rods in a purge of informants. I do not believe a real Turing Test will be completed by 2029 to create Artificial General Intelligence or AGI.

The Colorado River Valley, Owens Valley, Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou Counties in California contain the populations that are the most certain to face Misprision of Treason and other criminal charges. COVID 19 is approaching October 2020 levels. One should expect a major Open Letter in the next month.

As such, there will be a Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part VI. I will begin with events that staged Lycurgus Akbar or the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to the present instance wherever that location may by Fall of 2021.

Open Letter: Gavin Newsom, Agnes Calamard, Terry Tao, Gary Kasparov, John Searle, Ray Kurzweil, Southern Law and Poverty Center

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

P Versus NP

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Gavin Newsom Covid 19 2020

Gavin Newsom
Agnes Calamard 2020

Agnes Calamard

Terence Tao

Terence Tao
Gary Kasparov 2019

Gary Kasparov
John Seale

John Searle
Ray Kurzweil 2019

Ray Kurzweil

I am writing you today to call your attention to the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has been imposed over my person, Bhakta David Nollmeyer since June 17, 1987 under then President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George HW Bush, and Attorney General Edwin Meese.

I am alleging that this unrecognized War Crime is the Authorship of University of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. These actors are responsible for the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. This would include the planned Brexit should it occur October 31, 2019. I was informed through proxy LAPD of California, that this Membership had been involved in the legal work to authorize the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

It was also stated that this mechanism also set fire to Congress in the War of 1812. These actors allegedly met this prior authorship about 1880 when the present event began to take shape in response to the German Schlieffen Plan.

The naming of the present system is Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or the acronym MOEC for short. This would have implications historically, academically, and legally.

As seen the current de facto Censorship and Sanitization is a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity. The event is also developed as a Tournament that is inclusive of individual and class stratification.

Hence under conflict theory I am opposing Cambridge for authoring a War Crime. This conflict pits heterosexuality (Theologians) versus LGBTi (Lawyers).

A major component is Mechanism Versus Theism and Relative Morality Versus Absolute Morality.

A main consideration are subcomponents as ethical considerations concerning tabula rasa, and consequentialism versus and deontology.

MOEC is Prisoner's Dilemma based defection and is escalated by tit for tat and Pavlovian Retaliation. As in Plato one person emerges as the maddest madman of a Master Passion. The Master Passion at hand is Same Sex.

The Despot wishes to give a gift to every person. In this manner a Reverse Sting will develop under non merit based promotion. This is predicated on Same Sex quid pro quos. The government is prosecutable in the United States from 1971 forward under the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization or a Criminal Enterprise. Formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code (RICO 1970).

The beginning is everything according to Aristotle ad magistratum, hence obstruction of justice facilitates the invertebration of the state into despotism.

To understand events our solid Methodology permits us to analyze any object as a holon being processed within a System to obtain a solid analysis of any object at any level.

Paradigm of Laws

1. Eternal Law

2. Natural Law

3. Positive Law

Classical Forms of Government









Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Akbar.

Lycurgus is characterized while I am under Electronic Surveillance and a Targeted Chemical Assault. Akbar is nuclear or the condition where I am subjected to a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The world has existed under Akbar since June 17, 1987.

There are three main components:

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

MOEC, or the United Kingdom, has developed a hub and node system of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. This hub and node system is the object of competition between all governments.

Platonism or the worship of Zeus comprises part of what is considered a cornerstone of Western Civilization along with Christianity. The Republic and the Bible are the two touchstone texts (King James Bible 2020).

MOEC as the driver of the Anglo American Irrationalist Era has heavily Scripted individuals and culture in an epistemological trap in a Theater of War. This is reflective of the Greek Drama which is a polarity of humor and pathos. In the instance it appears that Francis Macdonald Cornford is being presented as the Machiavelli who exacts revenge on the other traditions for allegations of extincting Platonism. It is argued that Christianity defeated the Neo Platonists circa 3 AD. Cornford is figured as avenging this defeat nearly single handedly versus Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Vedanta, and Buddhism.

The Image of X is a composition of functions that replicates the Membership's Imprimatur on Civilization through cradle to grave eugenic breeding. This image is developed under Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. In the deliberation for equality, Straight Irrationalism Straight Know Nothing should be considered in a reflective mathematical manner.

The extensible tree of MOEC will postulate the Membership of MOEC, hence Cambridge Lawyers and Trinity Theologians as The Wizard of Oz. It is claimed here that the film was intentionally planted as Gemeinschaft culture. This is an analogy which is more folkish than the development of Gessellschaft culture or the development of all domains as a science.

MOEC is NP hard or an exponential time algorithm. If one could find a polynomial time algorithm and equate MOEC's system state tree to such by reduction, one has solved MOEC in polynomial time with a non deterministic algorithm. This would now be considered an NP Complete problem. We have Accelerating Intelligence or AI in the Kurzwelian sense.

Under the Merge Sort algorithm decision time is either yes or no. Optimization is min max or a scale as 1 to 20 in our case or elementary school to a PhD. One to 100 in percent should also be inclusive as the need arises.

The main algorithm is: United Kingdom, Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard. United States, Los Angeles Police Department, Delaware: Delaware State Police, Local Jurisdictions.

The handing off of the defection model is alleged to have occurred in the 1930s to LAPD from Scotland Yard

The Riemann Hypothesis is another advanced math and Clay Foundation problem with implications. The hypothesis is within a class of problems known as L Functions which have a critical line where known zeros exist. In the Riemann zeta function non trivial zeros exit on the complex critical plane at 1/2. Trivial zeros exist on the negative integers.

Idealistically I am protected by my citizenship as the Bill of Rights under positive which law in the United States is imposed over one from the government.

Many individuals under Prisoner's Dilemma have an L Function imposed over them. I would consider all persons mentioned here in this category, especially Terrence Tao whom is the leading expert in prime numbers.

I would consider my algebra, statistics, and chess trivial compared to Tao or Gary Kasparov. I play blitz usually in the 1650 to 1750 ELO range on the Shredder mobile app.

The Western modern scientific method has emerged from Platonic Philosophy (Andersen, H. & Hepburn, B. 2020).

The Allegory of the Cave is an analogy to various types of consciousness and intelligence.

The modern Western university contains two colleges: Maths and Science and Arts and Letters. There 250 majors in a catalog with 125 disciplines being taught in a four year cycle.

My briefing in June, 1987 was embedded within a Cinderella Man theme. At a higher level was the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting.

I was told that Dewey Decimal Numbers were already arranged for any texts should I write such.

On June 28, 2017 a Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend by shooting at an encyclopedia he was holding over his chest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez, 19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report. Monalisa Perez shot Pedro Ruiz III holding an encyclopedia in front of his chest from about a foot away with a .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol while they recorded the stunt with two cameras, according to court documents obtained by Heavy. Their 3 year old daughter was also in the room watching, police said.

Perez said Ruiz showed her another encyclopedia book he had shot and the bullet didn't go all the way through. Perez stated that she shot from about a foot away while [Ruiz] held the book to his chest, according to the complaint. She used a Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol, a powerful handgun, according to The Truth About Guns.

In my briefing I was presented material that was organized between Franz Schubert and George Orwell. MOEC is claiming to have organized 1984 by Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Another interesting text is My System by Aron Nimzowitsch which concerns chess. His hypermodern theory posits that the center can be controlled by pieces rather than pawns as in classical theory.

I have humbly claimed to have surpassed Orwell but as a musician could only likely only achieve a locally recognized level of skill at best. I could easily transfer to California State College but not UC California as a music major.

I have discussed the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting in Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV.

MOEC is designed as a Tournament. In analogy it most closely resembles the board game of Go. An interesting component is the inclusion of a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. Hence when one individual is isolated from the collective, the tyrant attempts to distribute at least one gift to all members of the population N. In this endeavor what is presently known as RICO Criminal Enterprise is formed in a circular folly (RICO 1970). The lower members of society attack the higher classes. All are transformed into informants through Prisoner's Dilemma.

The Classical Model of Tyranny thus becomes supported in a complex emergence that appears to be not linear but having an ecology of a cycle:


Secret Police


Prisoner's Dilemma and the play of defect becomes a concrete artifact in the development of history and political science.

The criminal knows his own crime. As the victim of this War Crime I am pitted in a Sovereign Subject confrontation with the President of the United States. There have been six Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump. The Salton Sea adjacent to where I am completing this letter has been chemically despoiled on the last three Presidential Elections, two in 2008 and 2012 won by Barack Obama and 2016 won by Donald Trump.

The Censorship and Sanitization of History is an unparalleled Cultural Singularity in opposition to Technological Singularity which Kurzweil predicts in 2045. Kurzweil has also predicted AGI for 2029 which necessitates a real Turing Test must be developed and passed by AI before this date.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an artificial or man made ideology that is derived from Ethnic Nationalism and Populism as a Source of War. Hence it's concrete social movement exists as a counterculture to civilization and expressively to the LGBTi Movement.

A central argument at focus is species life or the perpetuation of the human race at the level of homo sapiens. MOEC or Cambridge has utilized a defection pattern that is based on the Rasa Lila of Krishna, the eugenic mating rituals in Plato, and the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

In modern popular culture the film The Wizard of Oz, Underdog, and The Dick Van Dyke Show are reflective.

When I went to Caesar Rodney High School this type of police operation was carried out headed by Captain Robert Marvel of the Delaware State Police, Coach Joe Purzycki, and Coach and math teacher Larry Stith.

I am arguing that teen dating and beyound are Scripted with a LGBTi Civilization as a goal.

Another important facet in this event is a cold case murder that occurred of the Moose Lodge Road outside of Camden Wyoming, Delaware when I attended Caesar Rodney High School. On a certain weekend I was approached by friends if I wished to attend a Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band concert at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I did attend.

I had other friends that did not go but allegedly facilitated a small marijuana purchase. The activities transpired on the road described above. There were three individuals involved the purchaser was a black youth whom I had only casually met on a few occasions. The other had been close friends.

There was tension concerning being set up during this transaction. A shotgun was present.

If one individual points a gun at one or the other two individuals and then hands the gun to one of the other individuals and the gun is passed around. Does this person have the right to shoot?

It appears that the black you fled the vehicle and ran across a soybean field.

He was shot. The vehicle was set on fire.

In the subsequent days I was summoned to the field. Slightly south of me was Senator Joe Biden. The name, I am sure the name of Mark Dvoretsky, now deceased, whom was considered the second best endgame expert in chess was mentioned.

I was told by Delaware State Police Forensic Officer Voshell that the victim's footprints were nine feet apart. He had to be running extremely hard through soybeans.

Many years I attempted an Amicus Curiae or next of friend brief.

Cv. 99-5539, Nollmeyer v. Delaware State Police, et al.

In re: Doe Novella, Doe Pied Piper of Hamilton.

Third Circuit Court of Appeals

It was refused as the case was settled. One of the two alleged persons testified against the shooter to avoid a life or death sentence at that time. He took the stand in Superior Court. The alleged shooter was acquitted. He argued he was at the Caesar Rodney football game with his father.

Since he was acquitted the witness against him was also acquitted.

The witness spoke to me claiming the other had shot. This was claimed in my brief.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

February 6, 2020

Open Letter: President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump,

Vice President Mike Pence,

Vice President Joe Biden,

Senator Kamala Harris,

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Dear Candidates,

Since June 17, 1987 and the Presidency of Ronald Reagan in Dover, Delaware, I have endured Totalitarianistic Isolation from my Bill of Rights safeguards. I have endured in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I have argued that this Prisoner's Dilemma defection model is of the Authorship of University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. These actors are in charge of the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. This enterprise has it's own name as was designed by the Origin. Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC, it's acronym, has been a manifest function for over 32 years.

It's alienation of my Constitutional Rights has created six Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

These actors have a strategic mission of Gay Marriage. It is prima facie that their bellicose activities are predicated on a type of reactionary Gay Revolution. The University of Cambridge is the highest rated system worldwide. The Membership have created an artificial ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. It is rooted in nativism, populism, and ethnic nationalism as a source of war. The rule of law is substituted through defection with tabula rasa, relative morality, and consequentialism.

This entire content is embedded in a circular folly that is held in place ad bacuulum or by the use of force. Hence this is the Obstruction of Justice.

Joseph Stalin once took a chicken and stripped it of feathers in front of some associates. He offered the disoriented chicken food and it returned to him. He responded how easy it is to control the population.

The Police are Fatalistic and the Victims are Dependent.

The failure of then President Ronald Reagan to decapitate this enterprise to the Proximate Cause sine qua non demonstrates the power of defection.

The Principals have developed Origin which is a GUI General User Interface which I memorized in Chipley, Florida in 1997 (GUI 2019). I have copyrighted such in the United States and permit fair academic and legal use under Creative Commons internationally. I have used this material in several United States Federal Court cases.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Lycurgus is characterized while I am under Electronic Surveillance and a Targeted Chemical Assault. Akbar is nuclear or the condition where I am subjected to a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The world has existed under Akbar since June 17, 1987.

There are three main components:

Components of MOEC

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Walking in the steps of the Forefathers

An interesting facet is that FIDE Titled Chess Players have been brought in to facilitate a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. I am a poisoned pawn of which these actors should have not attempted to abuse.

LAPD contains a Gay Militia that operates a hub and node system of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. This ecology permits for the creation of history through Scripts which are Conditioning by function but called Deals by the Gay Militia.

It appears that the Original Covenant between God and his Chosen People, the Jews of the Old Testament and the Christians of the New Testament is broken and inverted by the attack on my person from the United Kingdom.

LAPD has brought in the FIDE Titled Chess Players. There are three parts of a chess game. The opening, middle game, and endgame. I am about 1700 ELO. develops the Komodo Chess Engine which is superior to world championship strength at about 3400 ELO. A human Grandmaster is 2500. World Champion Magnus Carlsen is about 2845 ELO.

The chess server is the target.

It takes two years to obtain an AA Degree. An Occupational Certificate in the Administration of Justice is equal. In January 2021 two years will have been transpired since the FIDE Titled Players have been involved.

A Farce Tournament is in play. A university contains 250 majors. I face a prepared battery designed by Cambridge to develop what is now MOEC Studies. It would be easier for an Expert 2000 ELO chess player to learn MOEC Studies than for a AA holder to learn to play chess at 2000 ELO.

A major scandal has erupted with Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian being banned from's Pro League. The team Armenian Eagles were also banned. It appears some type of electronic assistance was used in play.

I will now present allegations concerning the homicide of Charles Gary Sampson on Federalsburg, Maryland outside of Camden Wyoming, Delaware on November 3, 1987.

In 1978 I was asked by a friend if I wished to go see Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I agreed and a small group of friends attended the show. An archive states the date as November 4, 1978. In Delaware that evening an alleged drug transaction went sour. It is the common version that three persons in a car got into an altercation. One individual, a young black youth whom I had met, was the purchaser and had a shotgun. The gun was passed between the three in car. When the gun was handed to a certain person, the black youth was told to exit the vehicle. Charles Gary Sampson, a minor drug dealer from Federalsburg, Maryland, body was found in the vehicle. Later newspaper records state that four persons were involved and that Sampson's vehicle was used and set afire which is not what I have believed to be accurate.

On November 3, 1978, Charles Gary Sampson was shot to death. At a later date I was asked to go to the crime scene and responded voluntarily. I was brought to the side of the road. Also then Senator Joe Biden was present some yards south of me as I talked to the forensic scientist, an Officer Voshell. I would argue that the names of GM Gary Kasparov and GM Michael Adams were heard over Biden. At the crime scene an individual had raced through a soybean field and his shot body was found in a burnt vehicle along Moose Lodge Road outside Camden Wyoming. While beginning to leave, standing next to Officer Voshell, the name of Micky Adams, and his positional style of chess was clearly emphasized in contrast to previously hearing his name over Joe Biden. The name of now deceased chess endgame expert GM Mark Dvoretsky was mentioned.

President Trump had at one time wished to be a chess composer or designer of chess puzzles.

This trap is designed around the performance of the average 12 year old. This is demonstrated in MOEC by a 1200 ELO which is the default score where one either increases or decreases according to play.

The FIDE Titled Chess Players are clearly no better at MOEC Studies which I use mainly an interdisciplinary social science perspective than anyone else. I am arguing about 15,000 hours or five hours a day in ten years to achieve expertise in a domain. This is stricter than the 10,000 hours of Pareto Learning.

I am exactly one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

The endgame is formal legal recognition.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Since June 17, 1987 the world has witnessed Chernobyl, Fukushima, and COVID 19 which are Officially Recognized.

MOEC is not Officially Recognized.

Empires rise and fall through the creation of Informants and Traitors through a hub and node system through every police stationhouse or similar structure with routine policing powers.

The Manifest Function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is prima facie.



§ 2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Hence the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election is also the loser, as the criminal and civil liability of the United States increases.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe, California Ehrenberg, Arizona

October 27, 2020

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