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The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves.This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:


2010 Archives

Critiques of Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 11, 2010

I have written critiques of Barack Obama's acceptance speech for the 2009 Nobel Peace. I have also critiqued the announcement by Secretary Geir Lundestad of the Nobel Organization.



This award is a total insult to myself and this area. It is sure that none of the past five presidents have any accomplishments that I would argue preserved the Owens Valley.

Also of interest is that this month I am attempting to focus on Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, and Stalking.

THIS IS CATACLYSMIC FOR THIS REGION. This is an informant based system of harassment and will be synonymous for the Owens Valley. There are victims here and worldwide. There are online support groups and one would be wise to research.

Systems and Transformations in History

Big Pine CA

May 8, 2010

There is very little doubt that this attack was designed over Owens Valley and in particular Inyo County. I have also been able to witness perhaps the birth and graduation of students through the school system. At times it appears that a town the size of Big Pine is lucky to sustain it's own high school.

LAPD has finally admitted that I have the strongest a fortiori presentation to date. Systemization will come later. Legal recognition will also provide for the United States, California, and LAPD positions.

The first two entities are the manifest function when criminality is discussed. LAPD is the latent function.

The residents of Owens Valley and especially Big Pine and Bishop should prepare to be studied as was the Donner Party. This is very true of Delaware where I grew up.

The victim, myself here, is the most likely person to step forward. This has created a mythology for many important and prominent parties.

The only manner that I will respond is to a legitimate party. If one has children that were are young, you should have filed criminal complaints. I have a strong record against public officials. I am OPEN CLEAN HARD.

I have no money to speak and barely survive.

This area is my first choice to prosecute criminally than San Luis Obispo.

Many family and business reputations are at stake here over Chemical Assault, Stalking, and GAY BAITING. The area is under Scorched Earth. The recent Gulf Oilspill looks suspect to me. The Panhandle of Florida has a poor reputation concerning these same issues.

To make matters worse it is possible that a Dust Bowl is forming in the western United States.

Open Letter To Bud McKeon R CA

Big Pine CA

May 10, 2010

Bud McKeon

Bud McKeon

Dear Representative McKeon,

I am once again in Big Pine, CA. The area is an ECOLOGICAL DISASTER!

The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth persists through the also on going Gulf Oilspill.

Inyo County is my personal choice for opening prosecution against sworn officials and agents in committing systematic Stalking and Harassment in concert with the attack supra.

It is clear from my perspective as all the lakes in the region are despoiled that the Owens Valley in general was chosen for this type of assault against our freedom.

The Owens Valley is also been chosen for attempt to sanitize LGBTi or same sex persons who are STALKING. Heterosexuals are also involved.

I am making my legal stand as a Ritvik member of the Hare Krishna Movement. I am independent and not aligned with any formal group.

Hridayananda Dasa a guru, who pertains to ISKCON is also continually put forth as a religious authority over me which is FALSE.

LAPD is being accused of running these acts. These officers have continually questioned my courage here which is bogus. I have created more records here than in most any other location and do it criminal penalty.

No one else from the Owens Valley has any public presence that I am aware of.

It is clear that I posit that all five presidents since June 17, 1987 have acted under the color of law. They are criminally negligent in defending the rights of individuals here.

You are required by law to recognize criminal acts. The events against me here in your District are grievous.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

May 10, 2010

Story Board Half Life

Big Pine CA

October 2, 2010

I have returned through Inyo County from Westwood, CA. This as through Reno Carson en route to the Salton Sea. Officially Big Pine has been my main residence this shifting to the Salton Sea.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male. The alienation of my United States Constitutional rights is due to this fact. LAPD is composed of Male Same Sex Males MSM. This polarization is quite prominent and naked. Some of the most important realizations over what is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against humanity have been made here.

Big Pine is not a large town with maybe 1500 residents. The problem of Gang Stalking is a major problem. Harassing people with the LAPD is a black eye for Inyo County.

Their appears to be a large bisexual population that is recruited to harass here. This appears to be heavy on white 60 plus year old males.

I represent the heterosexual paradigm in my writings. I have openly challenged the University of California and Cambridge University. Cambridge is rated number 1 worldwide this year and UC Berkeley 49.

The restaurant in town usually attracts the worst stalkers.

Overall there are three criterion which LAPD at present can not cap:

Develop a criminal court case for the LA County DA

Develop a History class at the UC level

Develop a movie about Gov. Schwarzenegger

The latter concerns a summary judgment that defines the governor as the worst in US history.

The Right to Marry is a focal issue this year as Prop 8 has been overturned.

Open Letter to Meg Whitman

Bishop CA

October 7, 2010

Dear Meg Whitman,

am writing you from Bishop, California. This town in Inyo County has endured what is a CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH AGAINST HUMANITY since 1990. It therefore contains individuals who have witnessed directly the attack which is imposed over me. The Scorched Earth damages the environment and tangible property. The culture is informant based and the main behavior is Gang Stalking against myself.

This is directed by a cell of LGBTi militants run out of LAPD. I am a lifelong heterosexual male in confrontation with this element. If one would invert my United States Constitutional Rights you will discern the intensity of my alienation.

I have also been a member of the Hare Krishna Movement since I was 16.

This is a religious and gender based HATE CRIME.

These are the four regulative principles of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

No meat eating

No illicit sex: heterosexual sex only for procreation

No drug, alcohol, or marijuana use

No gambling

Vegetarianism is being targeted. I believe I am cleaner on drugs and alcohol than all the candidates. I do not use drugs, alcohol, or marijuana.

I am aware of some of the scripting and entrapping being carried out by LAPD. There are three tasks that the cell of militants lead by a supervisor codenamed Dodo cannot carry out: The first two appear objective the third is subjective and a type of summary judgment although in a criminal sense against Governor Schwarzenegger.

Develop a criminal case and turn it over to a prosecutor

Develop a history class at the university level

Develop a movie about this event

The defection model is embedded within the LGBTi paradigm.

Proposition 8 was overturned on August 4, 2010 both your and Obama's birthday. Don’t Ask Don't Tell was overturned later in August. The subject of LGBTi persons in the military is soon to be debated.

My right to marry as a heterosexual male has also come under consideration. I have filed a complaint against the governor to the United States Attorney General.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the target and you or Brown will be in 2011.

Here is copy and paste storyboard against the Governor:


Bishop, California is my first choice for criminal prosecution. The Gang Stalking here is severe. The damage to both individuals and businesses here is quite severe. An expose on using stalkers at the workplace and to harass persons at work will damage LGBTi law enforcement.

LGBTi persons are the only group to date to fail at law enforcement.

There is catastrophic conflict between LGBTi officers and my person (heterosexual).

The History Of Inyo County reflects the Stalking ON CUE by LAPD.

I am making a legal and historic stand protecting my person, United States Citizenship, and my ritvik Hare Krishna faith against Gang Stalking by LAPD and their informants here in Bishop and other area of California that would directly concern you.

Thank you for you consideration.

Radhe! Radhe!

David Nollmeyer

October 7, 2010

Bishop CA

Chemical Spill in Hungary

Big Pine CA

October 8, 2010

Chemical Spill in Hungary

Big Pine CA

October 9, 2010

Today is the Birthday of my maternal grandmother Anna Maisch. I am using this date to discuss very disturbing trends that occur in the zeitgeist of the Right to Marry. This has been the domain of Same Sex or Gay Marriage. Two other externalities have occurred.

They are Outing and Gang Stalking.

Last month when Radhastami, which is Srimati Radharini's Birthday Los Angeles Police Department attempted to Out me.

I am a strict heterosexual male. I am actually a Pure Heterosexual Male. All this means is that I have had zero same sex partners and zero same acts.

I converted to Gaudiya Vaishnavism on August 2, 1977. I became a vegetarian the same year. I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. Barack Obama was born one day later on August 4, 1961.

Proposition 8 was overturned on August 4, 2010. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the United States military was overturned in late August also.

Because of the concept of Sri Krishna being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has Rasa Lila with his wives. I was attacked because I strive to advance in Madhurya Lila.

Hence this means transferring to the Goloka Vrndavana as a gopi.

The officers of LAPD are Glass Closet Bisexuals. They demonstrate a deep inferiority complex which is narcissistic. This lends to what is known as displacement or the attack of substitute targets as myself and others. They are ashamed of being Gay or Male Same Sex Males MSM. MSM is being used by the medical profession increasingly in a behaviorist manner.

I have enjoyed being a heterosexual male for all 49 years of my life. I am extremely confident, clear, and strong knowing that it is the correct support for my rasa and advancing in the mood of Srila Prabhupada who I regard as my spiritual master.

Recently several young persons have been stalked, committed suicide or raped because they were Gay.Other persons were OUTED. Rep. Asburn of California came Out after being exposed for opposing Gay Rights while being Gay. Preacher Long of Georgia is facing four allegations of same sex and lawsuits in tandem.

Tyler Clementi of Rutgers has committed suicide during the same time LAPD attempted to Out me. Another young lady has tied a bed sheet to her bed post and jumped out her window after being stalked for being Gay. Two recruits of a Latino gang who alleged to be Gay were sodomized with a foreign object in New York City.

I do not approve of OUTING. The police and radical element of the LGBTi platform work in tandem to OUT and Stalk.

Here I would be like Representative Asburn.

If anyone can out me I would openly join the Gay And Lesbian Vaishnava Association or GALVA. I also belong to Amnesty International and they contain the largest LGBTi advocacy group in the world. I could even get a paid job with my education!

The Vedas do not support euthanasia or suicide. This is because the gopis are too attached to servicing Srimati Radharini. They are too smart and devoted to her. They are always wishing for another service opportunity. This is why they LIVE!!!

Persons who are in the LGBTi platform have to realize as the Right to Marry moves forward Outing of perceived HYPOCRITES will likely continue.

The Hare Krishna Movement, Christianity and conservative Republicans and Democrats are most likely on the hit list.

I am socially conservative and trained in the social sciences. I wrote this because I wanted to. This also provides safety to Be Out Straight. I have found that as a conservative Vaishnava I am more open to discussing these issues them many LGBTi persons.

LGBTi persons should consider coming out in my opinion instead of degrading into hypocrites and stalkers. The Straight community are not exempt either. I put myself forward.

So it is a defeat for the Glass Closet officers of LAPD who image themselves as heroes in the LGBTi platform. and the so called Triumphalism that they themselves do not represent. If I was MSM I would step up and lead according to my ability.

As the Right to Marry goes forward LAPD is being identified for what they are.

Radhe! Radhe!

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA

October 9, 2010

Chile Mine Disaster Ends...

Big Pine CA

October 14, 2010

Kroni Revisited

Big Pine CA

October 15, 2010

My earlier research on Kroni was deleted by uncompetitive LGBTi male police officers or the proxies. This is what is being demonstrated. This is an inferiority complex in same sex males which leads to displacement. If you are Gaudiya Vaishnava working on the Yellow Brick Road. This is sahijayism.

Interloper and LGBTi Law Enforcement

Below are some of the definitions of the term interloper. If you are on the web and harassed and here this term it is most likely LAPD.

This is a very unique imitation developed by virtual game developers who are using real natural persons for profit.

I have been under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico. I am an independent ritvik Hare Krishna who accepts His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta as my spiritual master. I converted on August 2, 1977 from atheism. I follow a fairly Orthodox reading of Gaudiya Vaishnavism from Original Books by Srila Prabhupada.

In Ayyavazhi Mythology which is in the Tamil language Kroni is one third an emanation of Kamsa, the main asura or demon. Fragments of Kroni explain the Yugas. Mayon is Krishna in this system. Based on what I is see this is a variant of Sri Sampradaya or the Lakmsi Sampradaya.

Wiki presents Mayon as someone who undergoes austerities to become pure. This would not be the Krishna of the Bhagavad Gita.

Ayyavazhi mythology is the mythology of the growing South Indian religious faith and a sect of Hinduism known as Ayyavazhi. The main source of Ayyavazhi mythology is the Ayyavazhi scripture, Akilattirattu Ammanai, and it's supplement, Arul Nool. The Akilattirattu Ammanai is a recitation by Mayon (the Tamil name for Vishnu, or Lord Narayana) to his consort Lakshmi. It is divided into three sections: pre incarnational events, incarnational events and post incarnational events.

Ayyazahi Mythology (2010). Wikipedia. Retrieved from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayyavazhi_mythology

My grandfather was adopted by the Nollmeyers. My germaine last name is Kronin derived from perhaps Chronus a Titan (Saturn) or Kronin.

Bristle Cone Pine

Bristle Cone Pine

I live in Big Pine, California. The area is home to the Bristle Cone Pine Trees. They are about 4770 years old They were just being born as Krishna advented. Based on the concept of sva dharma I am exposing the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Lakes from Oregon to the Salton Sea are attacked. Tap water is also contaminated.

Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is north of Lone Pine. Narayana Maharaj has a commune west over here across Yosemite National Park from here.

In Big Pine people water their yards from garden hoses as I walk by. The water is poison. Land here is over $100,000 acre. The average household earns $20,000.

In the current zeitgeist a Capstone Position is desired if one follows The Script.

LAPD's LGBTi militancy will fail into the bottom ten percent. Here is the outline.

Develop a Criminal Case and turn it over to the District Attorney

Develop a History Class

Develop a Storyboard about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's term of office.

The actual title that LAPD is using are using is Storyboard Half Life. I am an open source advocate. Gaudiya preaching is not for profit and socialism is not either.

Wish You Were Here...

Half Life is a science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Software and the company's debut product. First released by Sierra Studios on November 19, 1998, the game was also released for the PlayStation 2 on November 14, 2001. In Half-Life, players assume the role of Dr. ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interloper_(chapter)

I am a lifelong or pure heterosexual male. There is a very intense duel or tournament between bisexual male officers and myself.

I have had zero same sex partners and zero same acts my entire life.

LAPD's signature fallacies are they will ask you if you wish to prosper. The result is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. As Gang Stalkers they will ask you to slam a car or trunk door near a target. This is one of this region's and United States History’s and LAPD's greatest tragedies.

The other issue that they will attempt Gay Bait straight males.

All this is initiated by prisoner’s dilemma. This is blackmail and extortion ring comparable to The Wizard of Oz.

I am very confident heterosexual male who is LGBTi friendly within a Vaishnava context and Federal Law.

The panorama here in the Sierra Mountains is Brokeback Mountain.

The local men and women contain the the LGBTi population.

Here the LGBTi same sex content in the defection model is generated same sex males from LAPD. When they use the term Gay they refer to same sex females which are usually attractive bisexuals who they call lesbians.

What is totally disturbing is that when I refer to a female friend especially on Facebook, LAPD attempts to state they are male homosexuals. This is also an abstraction used to shield a roster of same sex males who are not competitive is a sexual sense with these females. This was targeted in Westwood, Lassen County. It also prevalent here in Big Pine and Bishop, Inyo County.

I have about 5500 Facebook friends

This is highly damaging to LGBTi Homeland Security Officials. Don't Ask Don't Tell was just repealed and the Obama Administration is requesting a lifting of the injunction by Judge Phillips.

The Interloper is a homeless male who practices same sex. This model does not remotely my sexual preferences. LAPD is heavily involved in Gang Stalking and harassment. I am not part of the LGBTi platform.

The men and woman here are doing a weak job of defending and promoting who they are.

It is disturbing to trace how the Gay Militants emerged in Los Angeles County and those Stalkers here.

Governor Schwarzenegger is going to be extremely damaged by this and so will Cambridge Law School. UC California and all the major universities are damaged.

Definitions of interloper on the Web:

intruder: someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

The Interloper is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a member of the Eternals. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interloper_(comics)

Half Life is a science fiction first person shooter video game developed by Valve Software and the company's debut product. First released by Sierra Studios on November 19, 1998, the game was also released for the PlayStation 2 on November 14, 2001. In Half-Life, players assume the role of Dr. en....wikipedia.org/wiki/Interloper_(chapter)

Slipknot is the debut album by American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was released on June 29, 1999 by Roadrunner Records, after a demo containing a few of the songs had been released in 1998, and was reissued in December 1999 with a slightly altered track listing and mastering, as a result of ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interloper_(song)

An interloper is an unlicensed or illegitimate trader; One who interferes, intrudes or gets involved where not welcome en.wiktionary.org/wiki/interloper

Interlopers is a 2001 science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster. The story centers on Cody Westcott, a young archeologist, who returns from a dig at Apachetarimac having studied the Chachapoyansthat race. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlopers

The Interlopers, first published in 1969, was the twelfth novel in the Matt Helm spy series by Donald Hamilton, which began in 1960. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Interlopers_(novel)

interlopers Metacom (or Metacomet), whom white colonists knew as King Philip, was a war leader of the Wampanoags, an Algonquian speaking people who lived in present day Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Metacom was a member of the third generation of Native Americans since the arrival of English colonists. ...www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-2536600372.html

I am part of small group of victims that are constantly stalked by the police and persons they recruit. This is gradually being exposed especially under a large scale chemical assault:


Here is an excellent resource for stalking: http://samvak.tripod.com/abuse18.html#stalkers

Inyo Recapitulated

Big Pine CA

October 17, 2010

Two Separate Eternities Can Not Exist. This case is considered here at the non mechanistic or transcendental level. In other words there can only be one God or higher substance. This is what is intended in western political philosophy where this phrase is most often encountered. In math number series as 2, 4, 8, 16... are considered eternities. There are infinite number series as there are separate points between 0 and 1.

In the Social Contract Theory which is the correct theory of constitution rights are enumerated and signed into law by the sovereign. This is known as the General Will. In the United States this means that the United States Constitution is the artificial body politic. The Bill of Rights and the United States Federal Code are it’s genetic base and mind as a corporate person. President Barack Obama is the sovereign (General Will) and the citizens are called subjects.

The 200th Birthday of the United States was June 17, 1987. Los Angeles Police Department had began stalking me earlier on April 16, 1986. This became a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the Birthday of the Constitution. The exponential function is a Chemical Assault against the Human Race. This is a crime against humanity. I am in Big Pine, Inyo County, California. The subjective content and work differentiation (job tasks) performed by LAPD is a Red Herring Strawman. The Gay Militia repertoire is Joe Virus and is targeted against a top ten percentile performance by a bottom ten percentile performance. This structure contains several cells. There may be 300 to 500 members. The main cell that attacked with the full Chemical Assault, about 25 officers, here in the United States are being entrapped themselves as well as their accomplices who are essentially informants and what is popularly called Gang Stalking.

The exponential function of the Chemical Assault is objective to all observers.

This is being organized out of Los Angeles Police Department by a LGBTi militancy. On about February 12, 2007 this cell of Gay Militia (their choice of identity) contaminated all the surface water in my vicinity. This is code named Radhanatha an ISKCON guru. This is a fallacy called Poison in the Well. This began in Earp, California. This is north of Blythe and the Colorado River was hit which runs into Mexico. Such supplies the drinking water to Southern California. Arizona, and Mexico. Tangible goods are also contaminated from the factory.All the bottled water is contaminated. There are several bottled water companies here in Inyo County and this was as good as Evian because it was fresh.

As seen my alienation is due to my being heterosexual male over my entire life. The format was based in part by philosophy professors at Trinity College (The Philosophy Theology School of Cambridge UK.) There is open experimentation on humans as to their fitness as to whether such can be blackmailed and extorted. This will result in criminalization from a socialization standpoint. There is an inferiority complex in same sex males that this driving displacement. Displacement is an attack of substitute parties. LAPD is running a RICO or Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. A corrupt organization is identified as an enterprise.

One cannot:

Participate or join the enterprise

Receive or donate to the enterprise

Instruct or guide the enterprise

The RICO statute Title 18 1961, was designed to prosecute traditional mafia gang structures. This would be the ideal code to prosecute the Wizard in the film The Wizard of Oz.

LAPD and their Gay Militancy are a Good Ol' Boy network. They will organize marriages, businesses to crime. They are Glass Closet Bisexuals who are involved heavily in OUTING persons especially males.


The Origin or authorship has designed this as a Decathlon. Athletic, Academic, and Theological fitness are inclusive. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been censored worldwide. The other remaining cells behind the cell that attacked are announcing a number count about 2310 days and less, to near about Valentines Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, or Martin Luther Kings day in February 2017.

I may be able to walk out or crawl out of the end of the tunnel then with no official reorganization by the President of the United States whomever that may be. Whatever damage was done to you or your family is done.

Welcome to the Machine

I am constant in this Maze Theory based defection pattern. Maze Learning is predicated on the ability of a bilateral symmetry based life form, flatworms and up to navigate a T Maze to a reward or punishment. Once the reward is achieved by per se turning right a electrical shock is replaced at right and so forth. The defection pattern is biased towards LGBTi persons. The police will clandestinely contact and attempt to favor such persons. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is the electrical replacement. It is 100 percent imposed over my natural person and marginally over other persons throughout the world and here in the United States. If you are a target in my vicinity you are being hit twice. It is based on nodes radiating from Buckingham Palace. By process this is probably Scotland Yard and LAPD. Cambridge Law School has designed most of the attack based on prisoner’s dilemma and Greek Tyrannies. If one has seen a spider plant one will be able to understand the structure of this deviant association that is a competitor to the United States Constitution here in this country.

The health and tangible property in the Owens Valley, about Mono and Inyo County is suspect. This area is a Cornerstone for Criminal and Civil prosecution. The Valley is heavily despoiled. Lake Mono, made famous by the Pink Floyd Album Wish You Were Here is wrecked. I am within a few hundred yards from the Owens canal. The hay bales here will Burn Your Hand to the touch. There are small arroyos that flow from the Sierras. This could be right through your yard. They are all poisoned. When I watch someone water their yard with a hose the water is poisoned.

Here is some psychology from LAPD. This reflects the socialization of Gay Families. In males have you ever had a reunion with your grandfather, father, and you as a son where you acknowledge your same sex orientation homosexuality or bisexuality LGBTi? Consider this also for the females.

This for me has clearly never happened. I am purely heterosexual over 100 percent of my life. This will be especially true for the San Diego, Oakland, and Berkeley California area between 1989 and 2007. The construction of a Red Herring, a distraction for a crime of this magnitude by male LGBTi officers of LAPD is catastrophic for their platform. If I am charlatan and have practiced same sex than I a gay male that has an inferiority complex. I AM PEACEFUL IN MY PERFORMANCE THROUGH A CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH.

I represent the heterosexuals at the natural law level and the ritvik Hare Krishnas at the spiritual level. I am competitive at this threat to my life. Take not this population is Gang Stalking Heavily. There are only 20,000 persons in Inyo County, 5000 in Bishop and 1500 here in Big Pine. The authorship or higher cells wish for a temporary Capstone for 2010. Previously you would have had to perform same sex or stand near someone who did to hear this.

For LAPD and their day shift leader

Develop a criminal case and turn such over to the District Attorney

Develop a History Class at the University Level

Storyboard a movie from July to the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's term

This would focus on the repeal of Proposition 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT

Here LAPD and the cell that struck will get prosecuted and or exposed.The complete panorama is that the surviving members of their families, they all appear to be LGBTi and from Los Angeles County will probably meet the families that are the victims of that have been Chemically Assaulted and stalked.

In a objective linear or exponential quantitative analysis, what is the number and domain of LGBTi victimization? In particularity will be the HIV AIDS population. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth debilitates the environment. LAPD is attempting to earn historical status by attacking the legacy of Ronald Reagan. They have also destroyed Barack Obama.

George W. Bush at present has the worst legal status. LAPD wishes to protect Bill Clinton. This area and New Mexico will be devastating for his legal and historical standing. The panorama here is one family takes on the whole town as in a Western B movie. By observation in Bishop and Big Pine there are 6000 people who will stalk against 1500 attempting to make a stand. This is about the rule of law and moral integrity as human. At the upper boundary Steve Fosset, a billionaire and world class endurance crashed and died while attempting to fly here. The lakes and streams here were poisoned. I was sitting in a pasture within site of the Bishop Airport. Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the best athlete in the world in the 1970s.

We both attended Santa Monica City College. Arnold graduated from Wisconsin with a BA in Business. I existed as senior status at Columbia College Missouri. At the level of a decathlon performer his moral and intellectual ability is suspect. In degree this is his political will to do the right thing. I will argue that his United States Citizenship will stripped due to his corruption and total victimization in California alone which is now 38 million. Some of the schools in this valley are small. In traditional sports as football 6 or 9 man football is possible. Conversely Rodeo and Target Shooting are sports. The Police are Fatalistic and their Victims dependent. Wherever my name David Nollmeyer is discussed so will LAPD and the Gay Militia.

I am the main opposition figure and the ritualized violence here is severe. What is unique is that Narayana Maharaj arguably the most advanced Vedic Scholar alive (Gaudiya Vaishnavas Hare Krishna) is nearing death in India. He maintains a large commune about 40 miles west of here in Badger. This would be a serious hike through about Kings Canyon or Yosemite National Forest. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is also 40 miles south on 395 a very nice drive south north of Lone Pine.

Narayana Maharaj is a LGBTi diksa guru who claims to be ragatimika guru. This states he is an expert in the analysis of the rasa lila or the conjugal affairs of Radha Krishna. This is known as Asta Kaliya. The Gay Militia of LAPD is vulgar and their speech or katha in Vedic Science is polymorphic perversity. This is a very obscene use of sexual language to defend one's self ad hominem against another.

LAPD as same sex men will always use female bisexuals and call such lesbians to defend themselves. They will also call such Gay excluding same sex men. They will state if you do not like Gays you are a same sex male.If one examines the subjective content here against a linear objective existence of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth one will discern the boundaries of a Joe Virus. Hence a bottom ten percentile performance attacking a top ten percentile performance. Here Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Narayana Maharaja's legacy are under attack.

This is a clear indication of an inferiority complex is same sex males causing displacement. Handing of this data to researchers as Robert Hare (psychopathy) Adrian Raine (neural structure) is a goal.

Reiterated prisoner’s dilemma can be similar to a game of Cutthroat in billiards. Three or more people attempt to knock in their opponents balls then the object ball to win. The cell of LAPD militants now lead by Dodo believe they can orchestrate play between three persons from outside the game. They do not realize the impunity they now possess will end as costs rise against other cells of their Gay Militia.

I am socially conservative and straight. I have survived every attempt LAPD has made to OUT me. I am clearly heterosexual and strong and clear about this. I will reiterate my claim if anyone can OUT me I will join the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnavas Association and or Courage Campaign. I will then support Gay Marriage. I will also clearly expose LAPD as containing a Gay Militia. I will still be the main opposition leader AGAINST AN OPEN CHEMICAL ASSAULT AGAINST HUMANITY.

I am writing this because this area and population is increasingly important. Criminal prosecution and academic research will be much simpler here. LAPD attacks through associations. They are obsessed when someone fails. They do not realize that they are the largest failures. The presidents, governors, and other sworn officials are next. By going public I contrast my output, created under extraordinary cruelty, as a heterosexual male Hare Krishna maturing under Madhurya rasa against anyone else. I do not claim any special spiritual qualities. I put on my shoes in the morning the same way anyone else.

The Gang Stalking network is the next closest group to perform. I will relocate to the Salton Sea area. This is the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs. This area will also be exposed to the exponential function and the subjective Joe Virus.

If anyone in the Owens Valley, High Sierras, or California wishes to go public on concrete conditions to promote and to defend should be aware that I have a modest legal history that I cannot change. I have worked very hard in Inyo County.

I am now arguing that MOEC or the Chemical Assault is an exponential function or a power to a base. Christianity argues creation and history as linear. The Vedas argue such as cyclical. This detail may clarify any equivocation. (DWN July 19, 2016).

Open Letter to Bud McKeon R CA

Desert Shores CA

October 26, 2010

Dear Representative McKeon,

I am writing you today to help define the ongoing stalking zeitgeist in the United States and here in Owens Valley in the Eastern High Sierra. Since first coming here in about 1981 after Bill Clinton won the presidency the small towns in Inyo County, Bishop, Big Pine, Independence, and Lone Pine have fiercely harassed me on cue from LAPD.

This is a gender based Hate Crime with serious Faith based repercussions. Identity is fueling a conflict that will surely destabilize the trajectory of this country. LAPD contains a Gay Militia, their choice of words. They are operating a RICO styled blackmail and extortion ring. They are Glass Closet Bisexuals. I am purely Heterosexual. This is inclusive of my entire 49 years of life.

During September when I was in Westwood in Lassen, LAPD made a very serious attempt to OUT me which failed. Since the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, I have maintained strict celibacy under my Hare Krishna Faith. There is a ksatriya or soldier administrative spirit that is integral to a gradual spiritual awakening.

My spiritual commitment to upholding the United States Constitution is superior to their careers as LGBTi Homeland Security officers. The destruction in the Owens Valley is quite pervasive as is the stalking that natural persons undertake there.

Since July about 5 LGBTi youths have committed suicide. Rep. Asburn R- Bakersfield was also OUTED successfully.

There is a noticeable Gay community in the Owens Valley. They if they are about 10 percent of the population are over represented in the Stalking of my person.

Laying in wait in cars to slam doors at the local markets, gas stations, and post office is their signature behavior. This is False Imprisonment and Torture. A unique facet of this behavior is that a 20 year old citizen in 2010 has a very strong likelihood in being subpoenaed under oath. This would result in one having to testify against one’s family and friends. As you are aware of all the towns here are about 5000 persons or less.

Stalking is a serious crime that divides the unity a political body needs to sustain itself. As the LGBTi platform emerges and demands rights it must be made aware that not all of their community members wish to struggle within the law. The Outing situation leads to blackmail and extortion. This is VIOLENT. It is driving the stalking and retaliation here and elsewhere in California.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Writing from near the Salton Sea


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Birther Revisited

Bishop CA

May 5, 2011

Barack Obama has recently had to refute Birther Conspiracy Theories. Below are copies of his certificate and one of mine. We are separated in age by one day. I am one day senior being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell NM. Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. On May 1, Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

In this manner Obama has obtained a substantive refutation to a Red Herring Strawman.

This entire charade since June 17, 1987 is a Cultural Singularity in a symbiotic relationship to debilitate Technological Singularity. This will be the new in continuo theme.

Here in the Owens Valley the economy is hit quite hard with fuel near $4.75 for premium.

The return to the Inyo County further defines the culture of impunity and sanitization. The arc of lifespan also is dictating my behavior quite strongly as I approach 50 in August. Inyo County was and is the most ordered jurisdiction due to it's size, about 20,000 persons to prosecute.

I have frequented the area since 1991. Stalking and harassment are still manifest. This is imposed over the Chemical Assault and Scorched Earth.

Osama bin Laden has been killed. The paradox of patriotism and treason is well mocked here as well as historical mythologies of heroes and villains.

I still maintain a strict heterosexual posture within Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

The hoax to front me for the LGBTi approach damages this group.

I will play the end of my life quite strongly. This means maintaining focus here.

Obama Certificate Nollmeyer Certificate

Travel to Mt. Shasta

Big Pine CA

June 16, 2011

I am currently studying harassment in Management at Columbia. Hence a movie North Country has been assigned. The overt pattern of harassment here reflects this film. The absurd repetition of MSM same sex culture creates a hostile environment as done the stalking and door slamming.

I do not do drugs. The reverse sting drug culture here is a problem also. Any attempt to aggrandize this culture in a movie will be an embarrassment. This activity will be pressed against both LGBTi and straight groups who feel they are developing leadership from Reagan to Obama.

I am mentioning this in brief. Tomorrow will be the 24th Anniversary of MOEC.

Open Letter to Representative Bud McKeon R CA

Big Pine CA

May 29, 2011

Big Pine CA 2011

Big Pine CA

Dear Representative McKeon,

Once again history has turned an Inyo and Mono Counties are being subjected to intense Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Make no mistake about legal presence. This district is a focal target and Inyo County is by far and away the easiest location to prosecute.

The Salton Sea has been subjected at least twice to these attacks and also is a legacy to Hate Crime.

The difference between the Town and Country is diminished when one considers the informant based culture that has supported over 24 years of persecution. I have frequented and lived in the area since the 1990s.

President Barack Obama and I are separated by only one day of age. Vice President Joe Biden and I lived in Rodney Village a housing development in Kent County, Delaware. I can remember wrestling some of the neighborhood kids in his backyard. I can remember him peeking out of the window at us and seeing Hunter walking on his tiptoes through the street. I met his first wife at an envelope stuffing during his first senate campaign.

She and one of their children were killed in an auto accident that year.

This event has been planned out well in advance.

It is a Cultural Singularity designed to be an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity.

In short Barack Obama is playing out both his legacy and legal standing.

I will attempt to prosecute from this jurisdiction.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Big Pine CA


McCloud California

McCloud CA

July 29, 2011

MT. Shasta CA

MT. Shasta

It took much effort but I am in McCloud. I have completed Columbia Summer Session with two A grades, one in Criminal Law and the other in Cross Cultural Management. Procedures of Criminal Law and International Business are next.

The informant based antisocial system in place clearly places the well being of the individual in one's own hands. The sworn officials are guilty for non intervention. The individuals clearly lack a conscience as to what is right or wrong, or legal and illegal.

The hepatitis situation may emerge as game modifier as up to 3.2 million persons may be infected.